Flames of Desire Episode 8

I find some scenes refreshingly funny and surprisingly cute. Weird! I never knew it’ll be possible to include even a teeny-weeny bit of  humor in FoD. Loving the almost levity!

Perfidious Alliances. Power Struggles. Inevitable Conflicts.

Of course, serious matters are still served hot and sizzling!

Episode 8

The first of the many stressful encounters…

InKi curtly denies the rumors. Besides, she knows too well that there’s nothing they could do about it. The more they explain, the worse it gets.  She halfheartedly says sorry for dragging his  son’s name in this mess and lazily walks off. But NaYoung ain’t done with her yet and comments that she’s “low”. This grabs InKi’s attention and tempers fly into rage.

This Ajhumma hired a lawyer, intimidated her manager and made a background check on her and still demands respect?! She swears on not knowing MinJae. They are just strangers who got photographed at the same place and time. And if Ahjumma really wants to live peaceably, she better stop bothering her already!

NaYoung mockingly smiles and calmly says that there’s no need to get so worked up. She has no intentions of threatening her, just asking a “favor”. MinJae is an innocent child and she wants to protect him as much as possible. If InKi says there’s nothing going on, then she believes her and further hopes there won’t be any rumors in the future.

InKi: Kim MinJae? He’s such a pitiful child…at that age.

Haha! I just love InKi’s parting line. And by now, NaYoung knows InKi’s not an easy prey.

It’s a fact that chaebols are really scary people when they get angry, and so Manager warns InKi not to stir pointless trouble with them. But bcoz InKi’s been stepped on, she just can’t let it go.

InKi: Let’s see who has the worst temper.

With the rumor popping from everywhere, Mother-in-law gets worried and reminds NaYoung to watch over MinJae properly or else… they could kiss the arranged marriage with the Shim’s goodbye.

Ae-ri’s dad, the Senator, visits his old pal and long-time in-law to make sure that the  latter will hand-over Atlantic Ocean to YoungJun. Of course, President assures he would… as long as the Senator helps him with shipyard thingy. Tssk… this old man is still tricky!

Did I say NaYoung is such an expert eavesdropper? She overheard this conversation again!

Our naive little MinJae is still up on the mountains. Oblivious to the rumors and all.

Ae-ri calls his dad and asks about the outcome of his visit. Dad is super happy to inform that President confirms he’ll give the company to YoungJun. Ae-ri is clearly  unsatisfied  and demands a signed document as proof. President is slowly going senile and it’ll be Dad’s fault if President backs on his words. But Dad is confident. Everything will go as planned.

Something tells me Ae-ri and DukSong aren’t just friends.

The money she was asking will be used to buy stocks from Central Ship Building (a shipyard company). Although  DukSong likes Ae-ri since college days, he isn’t that dumb to just blindly agree. Ae-ri, however, guarantees to re-buy the stocks from him and offers collateral (Atlantic Ocean shares). DukSong can’t directly says yes, but he’s still willing to take the risks. He invites her for dinner but she “graciously” declines.

NaYoung is surprised to know that Mother-in-law gave her shares to Ae-ri. At once, NaYoung detects a problem… for her. GeunHwa  is apparently ignorant of its value and even if she does, she’d rather let her sons take care of it.

NaYoung tells GeunHwa not to trust anyone, not even her sons. To justify her concerns, she cites another conglomerate that went bankrupt bcoz of greed. Mother-in-law chews on the thought and agrees she needs a strong hold for her future. But then, she can’t help but notice NaYoung’s intelligent words.  Snap! NaYoung smiles and says she just learned from others. When alone, GeunHwa: “It’s true that you can’t trust anyone”.

YoungMin warns NaYoung not to cause a fight among the brothers. Though he doesn’t really likes Ae-ri, he can’t still turn his back on YoungJun. His hyung must definitely inherit the company. And that’s the last draw for NaYoung. This husband of hers can’t possibly give up everything for YoungJun, his half-brother! YoungMin is shocked to know that she knows.

Yes. She knows! She wasn’t lazing around in the past ten years. In fact, she’s the busiest bee. She sees to Atlantic Ocean’s entire operation: the interconnected networks, sub-financial positions, politicians on the backseat, even the transactions and deposits. It’s all inside her head bcoz she can’t depend on YoungMin. Either ways, everything will be for MinJae.

NaYoung: You never really wanted something. You never experienced the hopelessness of not getting the things you want. Not once have I gotten what I’ve desired. Not even a piece of your hair is mine. MinJae is the only one I have.

Genetically speaking, MinJae could not also be considered hers and in due time, she must accept it and tell the truth. NaYoung is enraged and firmly resolves she’ll take this secret to her grave. So he better shut up and don’t tell anyone!

This is cute!

For the first time, MinJae gets to taste a Naejangtang, a Korean spicy soup made from beef entrails. And he nearly vomits when the Ahjumma tells him the soup got the tastiest organs: heart, livers, even ears! Haha!

NaYoung is still considering having a more couple-like relationship with YoungMin. She even tries to  doll up a little bit, putting a lipstick on. But she feels awkward and wipes it off right when YoungMin walks in the room.  Suddenly, he roughly drags her close.

YoungMin: You said I never wanted anything? Have you ever thought about how much I wanted you? You need to make me believe that you really do love me.

Eee! The manly bravado sure renders NaYoung speechless. Ha! That’s a change. And then, he hugs her. Double Eee! Camera zooms out… Triple Eee!

This is a fun way to use our imagination. YoungMin overslept! And that never happened before. Hmmm…  I wonder why?

President asks if the couple fought as they were so noisy last night. YoungMin could hardly mutter an excuse. And just then, President comments that they should have another child. Of course, the couple prefers to be silent.

Before YoungMin left for work, he gathers all the courage and asks NaYoung to transfer his blankets from the study to her room. NaYoung: “Just sleep in YOUR study room!” Haha! Acting hard to get?! YoungMin is dumbfounded. Inside the house, NaYoung sweetly smiles.

YoungMin is confused to see only Ae-ri, YoungJun and YoungDae when he thought it’ll supposed to be an executive meeting with all the shareholders and BODs. But Ae-ri reasons that the issue can only be settled by the family members. Since President wants to venture in the shipping industry, it’s time to elect a new management. YoungMin begs to disagree. That kind of concern still needs President’s consent and approval. Ae-ri then informs them that bcoz she has the largest share, she practically has a say in company policies and affairs. YoungDae insultingly suggests that she take over the ownership then if she’s so desperate. Ae-ri replies that if he’ll step out of the position, then she’ll gladly take the offer. Really hate this girl!

All the while, YoungJun is pretty pissed off with his wife’s insolence. Ae-ri: “Younger and Elder brother-in-laws need to be pushed aside when we have the chance. If you’ll give them time to even breath, they’ll think of something else”.

SoonJa makes her move too. She requested Mother-in-law to play cupid and introduce YoungJae (her son) to the Shim’s.  Mother-in-law automatically declines. And SoonJa finds Mother-in-law’s obvious negativity unfair. How come the latter willingly introduced MinJae but not YoungJae? If it wasn’t for her mom, “Unni”(GeunHwa) wouldn’t have married President Kim. GeunHwa remains unyielding.  President was still a nobody when she married him. And who would want to marry a poor widowed businessman with a son? She further reprimands SoonJa for calling her “Unni” when they are just distant relatives. Besides, why does SoonJa worry too much. President already promised he’ll give YoungDae half of the company.

SoonJa is still doubtful. Like her evil sister-in-law, Ae-ri, would let that happen? GeunHwa agrees and says it’s YoungJun’s fault to have such an unruly wife. He must have chosen someone like NaYoung. SoonJa: ” If Ae-ri is a sly fox, then NaYoung is a 100-year-old fox with tails”.

And since Ae-ri is a one tough wall, SoonJa and NaYoung form alliances. NaYoung, being the smarter one, cunningly gains SoonJa’s trust, insinuating that YoungDae should inherit a much bigger portion of the wealth. SoonJa reminds NaYoung not to let Mother-in-law know about the plan or they’ll be screwed.

When SoonJa left, NaYoung recalls last night’s incident.

YoungMin: You just need to say one thing. Ask me to love you and I would have gladly yield.  Ever time I come close to you, you always had this expression on. It’s not you, but me who doesn’t even own a strand of your hair! What in the world is Yoon NaYoung?!

Our lover boy grew manly by the minute! Haha! NaYoung brightly smiles at the thought.

JungSook comes to Seoul to visit NaYoung. On the way, she sees InKi being interviewed by a flock of reporters. JungSook must have felt some special filial connection bcoz she looks at InKi with apparent interest.

During the interview, InKi reveals she’s an orphan. She never knew how it happened and that’s all she could remember. Manager gets mad that InKi willingly exposes her life’s deepest secrets to the media. But InKi uncaringly assures she revealed only a part of her past.

NaYoung meets JungSook in this shabby restaurant. It’s their first ever reunion after 10 years and NaYoung comes up with tons of excuses for not visiting her sister. JungSook kindly smiles and guarantees it’s fine. She lived well and there’s no need for unnecessary guilt or pity. NaYoung says sorry for being such a terrible sister and mindlessly asks about JoonGoo. Heh? She forgot he got executed? And this ruins the mood. And to make amends, NaYoung promises to call JungSook often.

Time files and NaYoung must go home for supper. She hopes that JungSook stay longer but JungSook refuses, saying that old people are waiting for her at home. She has to take care of them… for free, NaYoung is horrified. Surely her sister isn’t crazy?! Why is she giving away money when she has an adoptive daughter to support. JungSook, however, can’t tell NaYoung that her precious daughter committed suicide.

With a heavy heart, JungSook said her goodbyes, turns around and walks off at a snail’s pace, still hesitant to leave. NaYoung can’t contain the emotions anymore and runs after JungSook, embracing her in a tight hug and cries like a child.

NaYoung: Unni, I lived my life thinking of you. Whenever I want to die, I think of you and got right back on track.

YoungMin advises YoungJun to concede with President’s decision. But YoungJun continues to resent the idea. Financial traps and economic sabotage (President Kim’s favorite tactics) are not really his thing. He wants to change Atlantic Ocean’s corrupt ways and he’s starting with getting rid of  his Father-in-law’s hold of the company. YoungMin  reasonably rejoins that one can’t always do business under morals and ethics and YoungJun must bear with the current situation for the mean time.

YoungJun can’t believe that YoungMin said such words. He is even hopeful that YoungMin will help him “rebuild” Atlantic Ocean. YoungMin is indeed prepared to help. But it’s still not the right time to take action. President’s era will soon come to its end. And when it does, YoungJun can do whatever he wants then.

It’s settled. YoungJun will have to conform. YoungMin  reminds YoungJun that after the company’s issues are resolved, he’ll be going back to teaching as he has no plans of working with Atlantic Ocean for long.

MinJae is back! President is so happy that he literally spoon feeds MinJae with his specialty. I think it was Maeuntang, not sure. Anyways, it’s made up of fish internal organs. Good thing, MinJae already had Naejangtang during his trip. Eating this kind of stuffs will already be as easy as pie! President is so proud that MinJae is like a real Korean now!

After supper, MinJae immediately went off to somewhere. His odd behavior makes NaYoung rather uneasy, especially when President reminds her to raise MinJae well, unlike his other cousins who had been in the headlines from time to time.

MinJae returns the thermos and coffee beans to InSook. Our little boy scout wasn’t able to make brewed coffee using  make shift materials. Haha! And next, they had mother-son bonding time. Though the son didn’t know it yet.

NaYoung waits anxiously at home. She probes if MinJae has any secrets or whatsoever he wants to tell her. The innocent child shakes his head. NaYoung then straightforwardly asks about Baek InKi. MinJae is perplexed, reacting like he never heard that name before.

NaYoung provides the basics: she’s an actress, they had pictures together and she freakin’ wrote her name on his necktie using a lipstick. MinJae laughs.  He remembers. She was the girl who begged him to pretend to be her boyfriend. She wanted to give him an autograph as token of gratitude, but he had no pen so she used her lipstick.  But this isn’t laughing matter for NaYoung, who is clearly very upset.

MinJae: I won’t date a person unless she’s the one I want to marry. Mom, I’m only going to love one person in my lifetime.

Somehow, NaYoung is quite happy with the reassurance and contentedly settles on burning the tie. MinJae instantly disagrees, almost too fast that its suspicious. SungJae happens to offer a handsome price for the tie. NaYoung smiles and says she should just buy it then.

Meanwhile, InKi thinks of the occurrences the past few days. And a mischievous plan comes into mind.

MinJae is so curious to find out what’s going on. He goes online and sees for himself. And it is indeed severe. MinJae: “Oh my god!”  Haha… he really had  an American accent!

NaYoung visits Ae-ri at work. Guess who’s there? Dun… dun… dun… DukSong!  I don’t know,  but these two acted like they didn’t know each other.

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