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Flames of Desire Episode 23

I love this screencap. There’s just something about it, ne?

Shrewd Threats. Early Assumptions. Mutual Agreements. 

I’m such a loser. Yep, I know. I did try to finish this series but I don’t know… many things happened. It’s way too complicated to talk about. The more important thing is that Episode 23 is here. Tadaaa!

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Flames of Desire Episode 22

This is insane! From scandalous extra-marital affairs to suicide attempts. Phew! Ah, don’t forget the possible conglomerate fall down! And in desperate times, who do we call? Well, I was thinking of NaYoung. Hah!

Bared Truths. Momentary Sympathies. Filial Betrayals. 

Sorry it took me this long to post. Work is work. 😦

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Flames of Desire Episode 21

It’ll be an honor to wipe off the smug smile on her face, but then again, the reason behind it makes me think twice.

Giving up. Fighting on. Looking ahead.

Aaahhh! I demand MinJae-InKi lovey dovey moments! Seriously! Not that FoD’s becoming draggy or something, but romantic sparks from our younger leads sure give a lot more spice and sweetness, ne? Just saying.

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Flames of Desire Episode 20

As much as I would have liked to feature a happy screencap, I can’t. This is just too sad. 😦 I need a refresher course! I’ve forgotten how dark this drama tends to be.

Motherly love. Fleeting happiness. Vile intentions.

I’m actually trying my megabest to finish FoD this month. Please take my word on it. But if I can’t, at least I’ve tried.

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Flames of Desire Episode 19

This is, in fact, the cutest scene… ever. Kyah! MinJae, how fast you’ve grown! Ahh, I so miss Flames. It has been 2 months since my last FoD post…Sigh…I drafted this episode last January and it’s so hard remembering some of the scenes. Anyways, hope I get it right.

Abandonment. Surprises. Encounters.

This is one hell of an episode! Everyone, take a deep breath. Brace yourselves. Come and witness hate in immeasurable proportions, love in uncontainable depth and jealousy in its most frightening form!

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Flames of Desire Episode 18

It sure took me years to post this episode, neh? Sorry.

Half truths. Painful past. Human nature.

Seventeen episodes passed, and here I am still standing in the so-called endless void. Who’s the real damsel in distress? Who’s the evil witch? Who must we trust? Argg, confusing as always!

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Flames of Desire Episode 17

Sorry for the late update. Most Asians celebrate the holidays in the fanciest of ways so  December has been a very busy, busy month for me.  Lots of parties and reunions to attend to, plus, year-end reports. I hope I could really catch up soon.

Forgiveness. Separation. Moving on.

Actually, I already drafted this episode long way back and thanks to CreamyCandy12 I found the motivation to finish it. 🙂 However, I can’t promise for the rest of the episodes.

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