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Announcement: 10-04-10

Here I am again- confused as ever….

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been constantly struggling in posting recaps for Queen Not getting Off Work (4 Gifts). I was barely doing well… until… October 2 and Flames of Desire premiered. It just so happened that I love heavy, dark and incredibly intense dramas, and Flames offered me that… and a lot more. Simply said, Flames captivated my heart with all its fiery glory.

By now, I guess you know that I can’t work with more than 1 recap project, right? I want to finish Queen’s but then, I can’t just Flames pass me by. And I also want to write articles for Gloomy Salad Days and Q10. This is so frustrating!

Honestly, my hands are itching to write a Flames recap! I know that sounds too ambitious. In fact, I find it quite out-of-reach too. Just imagine, 50 freakin’ episodes! I even wonder if this is just an impulsive and brash decision (which I often do BTW).

Back to Queen’s, well I’m not saying I’m dropping it either… I mean not yet. The 2nd Episode, in my humble opinion, was showing potentials but still not as great as I expected… and episode 3… was a so-so. 😦

After half a day of thinking and weighing things through, I’ve decided to showcase episodic HIGHLIGHTS of Queen’s and summary of Flames. I still don’t know if I can continue with this kind of arrangement though.  As I’ve said before, I tried multi-tasking… but then miserably failed. Hope this time, it won’t happen again.

PS: About Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac. I already started drafting the movie recap but then downloading is taking so much time. And I’m afraid, it’ll take me longer to finish the whole thing.

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