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Drama Previews: My Amazing Boyfriend

My Amazing Boyfriend

Howdy! I originally planned on taking a leave from writing drama recaps. It has been 6 years since my last drama recap post. And yeah, it’s a considerably long time. But after watching the trailer of My Amazing Boyfriend, I’m having second thoughts. It’s a rom-com with a touch of supernatural, or supernatural with a touch of rom-com, either way, I like it. I’m interested with the plot and I want to know how it’ll end for an immortal and a mortal. There’s a 70% possibility that I’ll be making recaps for this one. Hopefully, it’ll be entertaining as I thought it’ll be. Fingers-crossed.

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Drama Preview: 4 Gifts (Updated Part 2)

Just as I promised, here’s a detailed character description for Queen not Getting off Work, I mean 4 Gifts. Again, these are rough translations from Baidu. Yeah, I filed this under the preview category but I won’t be linking videos in this post. Just refer to the previous 2 4 Gifts Drama Previews for vids.  🙂 If you think, I made some mistakes in the description, please inform me.


Ren Shao Ting (Nicholas Teo) – The Famous Fashion Designer.

His cold semblance masks a hardcore perfectionist. He may look carefree and laid-back, but he sure has an impossibly meticulous taste. He lives by his standard: “Do not fight if you have no chance of winning!” He is a well-known fashion designer in the industry. His puffed up self-confidence is a product of his undeniable ingenuity and creativity. These qualities, thereby, gets the attention of an equally arrogant fashion editor, Ruo Wei. And the two overconfident fashion icons continuously collide, producing a rather brilliant spark!l

Tong Jia Liang (Xiu Jie Kai)- The Police Officer.

Calm, easygoing, uninhibited. He has a strong sense of justice, faces each matter seriously and exudes a lot of “charm”. Haha!
When he was young, Jia Liang loved a girl named Irene. When Ren Shao transferred to his school, they became instant friends. And from then on, Jia Liang, Ren Shao and Irene (and some other buddies) were always together. Conflict and misunderstanding arises between Ren Shao and Jia Liang when Irene accidentally died.
After his father passed away, Jia Liang fulfilled his father’s dying wish and became a just and principled Police Officer. However, he’s seemingly ordinary life turned upside-down when he met a courageous public prosecutor (Ruo Tian). The two kept on bickering one day after another, totally unaware of a love that starts to bud.

Zhang Ruo Wei (Wang Xin-Ru)- The Fashion Queen.

A self-confident, optimistic, modern woman. She believes that beauty is also a weapon to succeed. Fashion, for her, comes as natural as drinking water. She knows how to appreciate beauty, which she may have inherited from her mother. Just as her motto implies: “There’s nothing I couldn’t do, unless, it’s something I don’t want to do!”, she is indeed undefeated and successful in everything. Until, she met Ren Shao.

When her “reputation” was challenged by the stubborn fashion designer, she immediately did everything to win the game. And to everyone’s surprise, the two unlikely couple fell in love. However, their love story may not be a smooth ride. As it happens, Ruo Wei’s younger sister, Ruo Yin, also liked Ren Shao. Caught in the middle, Ruo Wei must choose:  must she fight for her love or just give up?

Zhang RuoTian (LiKangyi) – The Justice Queen.

A brilliant, strong, and independent Prosecutor. She can’t stand injustice, and thereby, puts her heart and soul in her work. She already had the perfect life plan: pass the public prosecutor’s exam with flying colors, become an outstanding prosecutor, get married with her long-time boyfriend, then years later, have several children.  But somehow, her picture-perfect life may not be a happy ending after all. She may be competent at work, but she’s just another desperate lovestruck woman. She clings to an insincere love and “refuses to give up until all hope is gone”.

Due to a case, she met Jia Liang, and her squabble-filled days  with him begun. Days passed, and the bickering couple find themselves enjoying the sugar-coated wrangling routine.

Zhang Ruo Yin( Lu Jiaxin)- The Average Queen

Unlike her other sisters, Ruo Yin considers herself, rather ordinary. She doesn’t have big dreams or high hopes. She just wants to stay at home, do house chores and take care of her father. She has a good friend named Josh, who untiringly listens to her problems and  complaints, not knowing that Josh had always loved her “ordinariness”.  She likes Ren Shao. And together with Ruo Wei, she completes the complicated love triangle.

Zhang Ruo Yu (Suki Low )- The Imagination Queen

Kind, straightforward, eccentric. Since young, Ruo Yu always had a limitless, over-the-top viewpoint in life.

Drama Preview: 4 Gifts (Updated)

Here’s a longer synopsis from Baidu. 🙂 These are just rough translations though. 🙂


The Zhang family has four daughters. When their mother passed away, she left behind four special gifts for each of her daughter: Scarf/Handkerchief, Mirror, Suitcase, and Pen.

The eldest daughter, Ruo Tian, a young workaholic prosecutor, received the scarf/handkerchief. The second daughter Ruo Wei, an arrogant assistant editor of a fashion magazine, a best-selling author and a fashion queen, received the mirror. The third daughter Ruo Yi, a plain and ordinary Office Lady who looks after household chores, received the luggage. And the fourth daughter Ruo Yu, a university philosophy student who always had strange ideas, received the pen.

The daughters don’t have the slightest idea of what these gifts mean. Their dad confessed that according to their mom, they will only understand the significance of these gifts when they experience happiness. But what is happiness? This is the mystery that the four daughters seek to find the out….

Dedicated queens fight hard, but how do they find a tough enough man worth of being their other half?

Additional video links from tudou. Just copy-paste. 🙂

Additional video links from youtube.

I’ll be posting a detailed character description soon.

P.S. I’ll be using “4 Gifts” from now on. “Queen not Getting Off Work” is just too long.

Drama Previews: Gloomy Salad Days aka Death Girl

This ain’t your typical idol drama, neh? I can’t even decide if it’s a fantasy-romance or a fantasy-melodrama or a fantasy-melodrama-romance. Haha!

Well,  I wasn’t really very excited when I heard about this drama (at first). It pokes my interest but on a so-so level … until I saw the trailers. They were awesome! And now, I can’t wait to take the first glimpse. Somehow, I felt that the concept and effects might just work for me. I can’t even believe that a Death Girl (Serena Fang) could be cute. This just topples the universal notion that the Guardian of the Abyss a.k.a Death God a.k.a Grim Reaper is one scary chap, cloaked and holding a  scythe. See?

This is the synopsis from dramawiki.

This drama involves 12 different stories which happened to teenagers, taken from real life social cases. Shen Qi (Aaron Yan) is a student who has a brain tumor, giving him the ability to see Death Girl (Serena Fang) when no one else can. As he witnesses her task of ferrying different people to the afterlife, he gradually falls in love with her and begins to understand the transition between life and death.

What intrigues me the most is the fact that there’s an element of romance. We’ve seen many paranormal love stories before; vampire and human, werewolf and human, even ghost and human. But NEVER between a death god and human. It’s kinda new and bizarre. And the very thought intrigues me. I mean, who would fall in love with “somebody” who literally delivers soul to “the hereafter”? Besides, could it be done? How would you act lovey-dovey with a not-so human life form?

All in all, Death Girl may just be a good diversion to the usual Tdramas. It  may not be a feel-good drama, but it sure has depth and profundity. As they say, to appreciate  life, we must first understand death.

Here’s the teasers:

Drama Preview: Queen not Getting Off Work aka 4 Gifts

With approximately 1 week before the premier, here’s the teasers and trailers for Queen Not Getting off Work aka 4 Gifts (Nu Wang Bu Xia Ban).

I must admit. The synopsis for this drama is 100% nonspecific. All we know is, it’s going to be an action-romance idol drama that deals with the life of  “hardworking queens” and their “worthy other half”.

From what I’ve seen so far, there will be two main couples in the drama: (1) Tong Jia Liang (Xiu Jie Kai) and Zhang Ruo Tian (Li Kang Yi), then (2) Ren Shao Ting (Nicholas Teo) and  Zhang Ruo Wei (Cynthia Wang). I guess, there wouldn’t be any love triangles this time around. Of course, I could be wrong.

Couple No. 1 – Tong Jia Liang and Zhang Ruo Tian.

Ruo Tian, the eldest daughter, is a a clever, strong-willed and devoted prosecutor. She believes that women are as capable as every other man. And maybe, that’s just the reason why she’s up to do a “manly” job. Clearly, she’s somebody that won’t be hiding in any man’s back.

And who else is tough enough to be at par with such an overwhelming woman? None other than  the equally “manly” and daring police officer, Jia Liang.

With Ruo Tian’s pride and Jia Liang’s bravado, we’ll sure expect an interesting battle of the sexes from the two.

Couple No. 2 – Ren Shao Ting and Zhang Ruo Wei

Ruo Wei, the second eldest daughter, is a certified fashion queen and works for a fashion magazine. She’s into the girly stuffs, and therefore, the complete opposite of her elder sister, Ruo Tian. She will be the love interest of Shao Ting, a rich and genius designer who demands perfection in everything.

Later, we’ll see how their love story unfolds.

Then, there’s also the third daughter, Zhang Ruo Yi (Lu Jia Xin). Nothing much is said about her though, except that “she has nothing to do on holidays”. 🙂

This new drama is scheduled to debut on Sunday, September 19th.


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