My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 17 Recap


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Episode 17

Ling Qiao stops Jing Zhi’s drunken blabbering with a ‘kiss’. She strongly struggles against it but later caves in. Kyaah!


Jing Zhi wakes up the next morning with hang over and unhealed broken heart. She calls Dong Dong, inviting him for another round of drinks but this time, he turns her down. In the middle of their conservation, Jing Zhi notices her wound miraculously healed. She puts two and two together and it’s enough to put her in high spirits.

Jing Zhi practices her lines as she plans to confront Ling Qiao for his bold actions yesternight. She insists that he explains himself on why he used his ‘healing tongue’ on her for too long and demands that he admits he likes her too. Of course, everything is just wishful thinking on her part. Tehehe!


Ling Qiao is out, signing an insurance policy. Coincidentally, Yan Zi is also at the same place, renewing his own policy. Guess, both men are on the same frequency because they chose Jing Zhi to be their beneficiary.

Meanwhile, the lucky beneficiary is busy thinking about her failed love life. Seems she can’t still get over it and concludes that Ling Qiao is only being cautious about love. Dong Dong is fast to pull her back to reality and tells her not to overthink again.

While walking along the sidewalk, Ling Qiao bids his goodbyes to the Mom and his son. The ritual pretty much includes a goodbye speech and an awkward hug. Jing Zhi happens to see them and instructs Dong Dong to park the car. On full battle mode, she walks toward the unsuspecting trio. She criticizes Ling Qiao for liking a plain housewife and he immediately chastises her demeaning tone, commanding her to apologize. Of course, Jing Zhi refuses to yield. And in fear of being recognized, Jing Zhi leaves as fast as she came. She returns to the car where Dong Dong waits. He then asks if she got the answer she wanted and she says yes, calling Ling Qiao a siren who lures people and eats them. But he finds her description odd since Ling Qiao is too lazy to swallow. Tehehe!


Jing Zhi invites Xuan Xuan to her home, supposedly to talk about her lover’s spat with Ling Qiao, but the latter doesn’t pay attention to her rants and instead, busily reads a novel. Turns out, it’s for her new drama entitled “Mismatched”, which according to her, best describes Jing Zhi and Ling Qiao. Jing Zhi agrees because she thinks he’s not good enough for her either. Heh? She asks if Xuan Xuan really thinks Ling Qiao loves her. Xuan Xuan confidently says she does and Jing Zhi can only hope that it’s true.


With the tiff between our OTP, Ling Qiao decides to run away from home and barge in Dong Dong’s crib. Like the OC that he is, he forces Dong Dong to clean up, wants everything in place and uses the bed. Later that night, Dong Dong receives a text from Jing Zhi, telling him to be at her house at 7 am.

The next day, Jing Zhi ridiculously sniffs Dong Dong like a dog. She’s trying to know if Ling Qiao didn’t do anything weird to him. Dong Dong confides that if forcing him to clean the whole apartment in the middle of the night, telling him to squeeze the toothpaste from bottom to top and making him sleep on the couch counts, then Ling Qiao did do something weird to him. Tehehe! But Jing Zhi merely laughs, telling that Ling Qiao is his responsibility now. She also reminds him not to have any indecent thoughts about him. Dong Dong asks why she’s being possessive of Ling Qiao when she already verbally announced she gave up on him, Jing Zhi just brushes it off with “if she can’t have him no one can”. Hah!

Jing Zhi continues to give Dong Dong a rundown of her instructions like serving milk and juice to Ling Qiao every morning, occasionally making soup for him and reporting his everyday affairs to her. Failing to do such means losing his job.


Xuan Xuan and Shi Guang meets at a cafe, having a good chat. Ye Chen and his aunt, happens to be on the same cafe. He interrupts Xuan Xuan and Shi Guang’s date, casually saying that Wednesday must be his lucky day because every time that he goes out on a Wednesday he bumps into Xuan Xuan.

Shi Guang invites him to join them but he refuses, saying that unlike Shi Guang, he does mind if his fiancé is sitting with another man. He boldly admits that he likes Xuan Xuan and excuses himself. Xuan Xuan smiles at his unexpected confession, commenting that she likes a man who confronts a problem head on.

Dong Dong does as he’s told and sees to Ling Qiao’s comfort. He even offers to help him find the enemy. Ling Qiao grabs the opportunity and asks if there’s a way to find someone using only a photograph. Dong Dong says there is. In fact, if they post it online, it’ll only be a matter of minutes to find out who that person is. Ling Qiao is surprised at how easily he could be out of Jing Zhi’s life. So,  purposely decides against it and says that doing so may have repercussions. Dong Dong reports to Jing Zhi that Ling Qiao has a photo of the enemy. This gets her riled up and instructs Dong Dong not to help Ling Qio no matter what.

With all her free time, Jing Zhi spends the day posting nonsense on her social media account. Xuan Xuan notices this and Jing Zhi justifies her action as a way of keeping her fans happy. Xuan Xuan, however, knows better, saying that Jing Zhi only wants to grab Ling Qiao’s attention.

Meanwhile, Dong Dong is at home, surfing the net when he read Jing Zhi’s posts. Ling Qiao is with him so he goes to the bathroom to call Jing Zhi privately. He tells her to stop posting useless posts because, quite frankly, Ling Qiao isn’t even reading it. Little did he know that Ling Qiao is secretly following Jing Zhi’s online updates. And because our monster is too fast to get caught, Dong Dong returns to his spot without even noticing what he did.

While Dong Dong watches Shi Guang’s interview, he expresses his gratitude towards Ling Qiao for saving Jing Zhi during the banquet. Ling Qiao replies that once he exacts his revenge and leaves Jing Zhi, she will not be in danger anymore. Dong Dong then wonders if he could really leave her. During Shi Guang’s interview, Ling Qiao notices Shi Long’s picture being flashed. He pushes Dong Dong, sending the latter flying to the bed, and looks intently at the picture.

Xuan Xuan and Jing Zhi are on set. They are filming a scene where Jing Zhi must slap Xuan Xuan for taking away her man. Jing Zhi gets into character too much that she slaps Xuan Xuan with more force than needed. Thankfully, one take is enough to call it a wrap.


Going against Jing Zhi’s instructions, Dong Dong helps Ling Qiao. Dong Dong is stressed out dealing with Ling Qiao’s demands and insensitive attitude so he takes a break to eat some noodles. Ling Qiao forbids him to eat instant ramen and offers him his cooked kimbap. He says it’s his thank you gift for letting him stay at his place. Of course, the unsuspecting Dong Dong doesn’t know that he’s a terrible cook and is super happy for the gesture. After a spoonful, Dong Dong realizes his mistake. He forces himself to swallow the cursed meal since Ling Qiao is obviously very proud of it. Haha!

Jing Zhi finds out that Ling Qiao cooked for Dong Dong and throws a fit. But surprisingly, he breaks down and tells her it’s the most terrifying meal he ever tasted. Jing Zhi comforts him, saying that Ling Qiao’s kimbap is actually the only dish that’s safe from food poisoning. Haha! She recalls the time she suffered food poisoning from one of Ling Qiao’s cooking and how he gave her the healing-tongue treatment. She can’t help but smile like a lovesick teenager on that thought. Dong Dong, who witnesses her bizarre reaction thinks she’s being weird again. Haha!

Professor Li sends an email to the enemy, informing him that he already discovered the monster’s weakness. But the enemy is not satisfied with his discovery because he wants to kill Ling Qiao and not just weaken him. Professor Li assures he’s already working on it but he needs another blood sample. The enemy angrily reminds him that he’s not in the place to demand, reminding him that he’s running out of time. In the end, the enemy yields, agreeing to send a sample one last time.

Ling Qiao meets with an agent who seems to be doubting his capacity to pay a very expensive antique. The only way for Ling Qiao to have a transaction with the seller is to have someone rich and capable vouching for him. And there’s only one person Ling Qiao can call to vouch for him, Shi Guang.


At the set, Jing Zhi asks Xuan Xuan if she can love a 500 year old man. Xuan Xuan answers yes and in return, she asks if  Jing Zhi will let her bestfriend and ex-boyfriend have a relationship. Jing Zhi also answers yes. Jing Zhi then realizes that the situation is about her and gets excited, forcing Xuan Xuan to spill the beans. Xuan Xuan then relays that Ye Chen confessed that he likes her in front of Shi Guang and that he invited her to have dinner but she rejected it. While Xuan Xuan’s busy talking, Jing Zhi secretly takes her phone and sends something.

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