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BIG, BIG Announcement for My Amazing Boyfriend Recap

My Amazing Boyfriend

Hi there! It’s me zsa86. Of course, it’s me, I’m the administrator and sole writer here. Tehehe!

I have a sad news for everyone. Oh well, if you’re not a My Amazing Boyfriend Recap follower of this blog, then skip this one out because it’s not for you. Tehehe! You see, the main reason why I do recaps is that if ever I want to be reminded of how a particular drama/movie went, I can readily read about it. It doesn’t really have to be my recap, it can be anybody else’s as long as it’s on the Net and is available. Anyways, I will be dropping MAB for that reason. Yeah, I know I did say I will be recapping this drama to the end, but you see, other blogs which also featured this series are already done with their recaps, so, I don’t see the point of continuing.

The good news is, I will be recapping other dramas. I’m thinking Hapi Mari!? (if subs will be released), Sukina Hito ga Iru Koto (once vids are out), Far Away Love (if it’s awesome), I wanna be a Sup’star (since I don’t find any recap of this drama on the Net). This is pretty ambitious for someone as busy as me. But since, writing is my stress reliever, I’m going to give it a try. 🙂

Embracing THE Thai

It started with “A Little Thing Called Love” and now it’s more than that…

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I’m back!

Oh yes! I’M BACK!

Ahhhh, I super miss this blog! Expect updates soon. ^.^

If it’s not too much to ask, please-please suggest movies you want me to recap. Sadly, I can’t still get my hands on Flames of Desire. 😦 Now, no need to be sad. I’ll be working double time on Movie Recaps!

Be happy everyone! 🙂

Good news and Bad news!

Hello everyone! Yeah, it’s me zsa86. 🙂 Let me first extend my  sincerest apologies for the lack of updates in this blog. Sorry, but I’ve been super-duper busy. Hope you understand. 😦

Anyways, this is is just a very short post, and I only have 2 announcements (a bad and a good news) to make.

Let me start with the bad news. It breaks my heart to say this, but Flames of Desire recaps won’t be available anytime soon. Well, I’m  really trying my hardest to watch and draft the episodes, but things aren’t working well for me lately. Work demands much of my attention and I can’t find the time to sit, relax and make recaps. However, when things settle down, I might work on FoD again.

And now the good news. Compared to drama series, movies are by-far less demanding. Thus, I’m planning to post Movie Recaps. I’ll be adding The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and April Bride. I am considering a few more, but these two comes first to my list. You can also suggest movies  if you want. 🙂

That’s basically it! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year everyone.

Sad, sad day for team kevjumba :(

Let us offer a moment of peace…. and tons of happy, happy thoughts for team kevjumba… It really broke my heart to see them eliminated. Why Amazing Race? Whyyyyy?

So, basically I’m done watching Amazing Race for this season! Hmmp!

My Favorite Book is FACEbook?!

This is just a random post.

Nothing personal. Purely rants and raves.

A deviation from the usual Asian Dramas I write about. I just have to prattle about this issue bcoz seriously, this is going round and round my head lately that I can’t think straight!

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Announcement: 10-21-10

I had been very vocal with my opinion regarding 4 Gifts ever since. And I believe I’ve given this drama a fair chance to prove itself, however, 5 episodes passed but still… I can’t establish a connection. I was really hoping it would develop into “something”, but it didn’t, at least for me.

I know some of you may not agree. But I hope you understand that it’s just a matter of personal preference. Maybe I was just expecting too much coz every time I watch 4 Gifts (with the exemption of Episode 2, I always get frustrated. You know the feeling of almost being there, but then not quite? For me, it’s like anxiously waiting to taste my favourite Sea Food Curry only to find it spoiled.

Of course, this is just me. And I couldn’t possibly influence those people who don’t share my views. But then, having said this lengthy explanation, I am officially pulling the plug and will stop with Episode 5.

But for every sad ending is a new beginning…

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