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Summer’s Desire 14 (FINAL)

I’ll just save my comments for later. You wouldn’t want me to spoil everything, right? For now, enjoy the recap. 🙂

Episode 14 Recap

And so, we find Ou Chen and Luo Xi warming up for their legendary heated argument. Nah, not really. They were just keeping it rather cool and calm. Haha! Back to the recap.

Before Ou Chen could actually disclose his real intent, Luo Xi scoffs first and arrogantly asks Ou Chen on what exactly does he wants now, considering that he literally owns the movie.Yeah, it was revealed that the movie is part of Ou Chen’s brilliant master-plan. Oh well, that’s what rich Young Masters do: produce a movie with just a phone call, invites an internationally acclaimed director to do the job, and start filming the next day.

Ou Chen is a tad surprised that someone discovered his little secret. And Luo Xi retorts that it’s quite obvious. Duh! The moment he read the script, he knew that Ou Chen is up to something. The scenes are just way too specific and personal to be purely coincidental.  What troubles him though is why Ou Chen agreed to let him act as Xiao Cheng. Ou Chen answers quite simply. Luo Xi knows Xia Mo very well and he won’t hurt her at all.

Luo Xi isn’t about to take Ou Chen’s word as it is, and provokingly asks if he’s not worried that he’ll snatch Xia Mo away. But our Ou Chen  is all grown-up now and replies that if being with him will help Xia Mo, then he will give her up. Ou Chen then pleads to keep this a secret and hands over Xiao Cheng’s letter. Together, they formulate a new plan.

Next, we see Xia Mo and Luo Xi doing a scene wherein, Luo Xi reads Xiao Cheng’s letter. Somehow, Xia Mo knows that this is no longer part of the script. She can feel Xiao Cheng’s presence. She can hear his voice and see his smiling face. She stood there  silently listening to his every word.

Xiao Cheng: Sister, if you’re reading this letter, that means I’m already in heaven.  Everything’s fine in here, except that I’ll be missing you sometimes.  Sister, please don’t be sad because of my death, ok? I’m only leaving you for a short while. In the next life, I will be back to your side. When that time comes,  I’ll be the one to take care of you. Sister, though you can’t see me,  I can still watch over you everyday. As long as I can see you smile, I’ll be a hundred times happier. When I see you sad, I’ll be a hundred times sadder. So, for my sake, can you be happy? You must be happy everyday, alright? I will love you forever… Your Xiao Cheng…

Xia Mo is trapped in an emotional whirlpool. Xiao Cheng, even to his dying days, still thinks of her happiness. He wants to see her smile. He just wants to see her happy. Xia Mo can’t contain her tears. She passes out. Standard Operating Procedure will tell us that Ou Chen will catch her. And yes, he did.

It seems that Xia Mo is not only suffering from major emotional stress.  She’s also carrying something wonderful, a baby. She’s pregnant! Ou Chen is taken aback. He didn’t just imagine things, right? He’s going to be a father? His tears begin to fall. His joy overflows. Ou Chen: “You heard that Xia Mo? We’re going to have a baby”.

Just then, Luo Xi arrives and accidentally overhears everything. He originally plans to check on Xia Mo, but hearing the  news, seeing Ou Chen’s elated expression, he just left without saying a word.

And Zhen En, the extremely reactive best friend, strikes again. Upon hearing the news, she  excitedly decides to shop and buy the baby his/ her very first gift. Of course, she plans on bragging about it afterward. She drags Pan Nan along, who is obviously not up to the task. And right then, they caught a glimpse of a very unusual scene:  Young Master Ou Chen busily shopping for baby clothes, shoes, toys. Even powdered milk? Haha. Take note: the baby is still 3 months old. It’s quite funny (and sweet). Pan Nan and Zhen En can only smile at the discovery.

Pan Nan teases Zhen En for losing the battle. Clearly, Ou Chen is already one step ahead of her. Pan Nan then raises her spirits and consoles that though she failed, it’s still an honorable defeat coz she loses to a reliable father.

Just like before, Ou Chen diligently and carefully prepares the food for Xia Mo. But when he didn’t find her in the rooms and can’t get a hold of her through the phone, he begins to worry (more like panic!). Thankfully, when he opened the door, Xia Mo is there. He instantly hugs her tight,  confessing that he felt so terrified thinking he’ll never see her again. His sudden action renders Xia Mo speechless for a while. Realizing her fault, she apologizes for not leaving him a note and thereby, giving him a fright.

Xia Mo then explains that she went to the hospital. She was in so much stress these past few months, and she’s quite concerned that it affected the baby’s condition.  It’s a relief that the baby is just fine. But still, the doctor advises that she always thinks positively and keep her emotions intact. This poses a problem though. Because of the movie, she’ll be into a lot of mood swings. However, if Ou Chen wants her to stop filming, she’ll respect his decision.

Ou Chen assures that there’s no need for her to quit. He already discussed this with Director Wu, and the latter agrees to finish her scenes first so she’ll be done within a month. Of course, Xia Mo is happy, but then worries that he neglected his other duties because of her. Ou Chen pays no heed for her concerns and just smiles reassuringly.

As expected, Ou Chen is greeted with tons of paperwork when he finally decided to report at the office. Nevertheless, he tries to finish everything and find some time to visit Xia Mo often And today, he plans on taking her to Xiao Cheng’s grave site.

Meanwhile, Xia Mo is busy rehearsing some lines. Before the filming starts, she never forgets to talk with the baby. Zhen En, on the other hand, is also busy capturing everything on tape. When Luo Xi happens to pass by, Zhen En reckons to give them some private time.

And so Ou Chen arrives at the set with a bouquet of flowers on hand.  Zhen En tells him  that Xia Mo went out and will be back after an hour. However, Ou Chen gets a little suspicious when he didn’t see Luo Xi around. And thus, Zhen En confesses that Xia Mo and Luo Xi went to Xiao Cheng’s grave together. Afraid that Ou Chen will throw an outburst, Zhen En immediately calls Xia Mo.  Ou Chen wasn’t planning on doing such things though (or anything for that matter), but since Zhen En already dialed the phone, he is forced to answer.

Xia Mo informs Ou Chen that she’s out to visit Xiao Cheng’s grave site. But then if he wants, she can return right away.  Ou Chen says that it’s okay. There’s no need to rush coz he’ll be going back to the office anyway and they can just meet up at home. And so, Xia Mo sweetly reminds Ou Chen not to wait for her and eat when he’s hungry. But Ou Chen stubbornly insists on waiting. After the call, Ou Chen just stares at the phone. His mind troubled.

At the grave site, Luo Xi shares that Xia Mo is already happy and peaceful with Ou Chen, and thus Xiao Cheng doesn’t need to be worried anymore.  Xia Mo isn’t about to be left out and  tells his little brother about her recent movie, and how one character resembles him so much.  And Luo Xi continues that he was the one who played the role, but since he’s not good at painting, they used his paintings instead. Xia Mo praises Luo Xi’s acting, and tells Xiao Cheng she’s pregnant. She promises to love the baby as she loved him. She’ll even let the child learn painting.

As they were leaving, Xia Mo asks about Luo Xi’s future plans.  And Luo Xi affirms that he won’t be taking other projects for some time. He still doesn’t know where to go. But as of now, everywhere is just the same. He always felt insecure before, always afraid to lose the people he loved the most, making him fragile and dangerous. That’s why he tends to hurt her in the past. But now he understands. To love a person, it’s enough to have her in your heart. The feeling inside won’t be taken away,  and you won’t be afraid of losing her. Knowing this, his heart is already contented and no matter where he’ll go, it’s all peaceful and serene. He then thanks Xia Mo for teaching him this important lesson and giving him a peaceful heart. And Xia Mo gives him Xiao Cheng’s recordings. I guess, this settles everything between them.

And the two walks off, unaware of somebody’s presence. Ou Chen just stares at the ex-lover’s from afar, obviously suffering from torment. He kneels and puts the bouquet on Xia Cheng’s grave. There, he pours his own sentiments.

Ou Chen: Xiao Cheng, I promised you before. I won’t make Xia Mo unhappy. Rest assured, I will keep my promise. But please allow me to protect her silently.

Back at home. Ou Chen wouldn’t let Xia Mo do any work. He even takes the most menial task of washing the fruits. And Xia Mo settles on drying his hand with the towel.  Ou Chen can just smile at her in blissful surprise. She smiles back and both laugh as they remember the time she dries his hair in high school. Ou Chen then states that because of work, he could no longer  accompany her on the film-set or rush home for dinner anymore. And so he suggests that they go back to the Ou mansion, of which Xia Mo willingly concedes.

As days pass, Ou Chen spends lesser time with Xia Mo. In effect, Xia Mo misses him more and more. Zhen En notices her uneasy demeanor and remarks that Ou Chen hasn’t been to the set lately. Xia Mo sadly conveys that she even rarely sees him nowadays. He always leaves home early and comes back late. Zhen En consoles that maybe young master is just too busy. Xia Mo smiles and says that no matter how busy he is, he never forgets to call her at 11pm and hurries her to sleep.  When she’s asleep, she can feel him sitting beside her. She wants to wake up, but her body felt to tired to open her eyes.

Zhen En can’t help but comment that lately, Xia Mo always talks about Ou Chen. And then Xia Mo suddenly remembers to call Ou Chen and checks if he already ate his meal, but this time, he chose not to answer.

Ou Chen is once again, putting up all work in front of him. But when he finds Xia Mo sleeping at his office, his instincts return to normal. He got riled up that his secretary didn’t even bother to cover her with a blanket. And so he removes his coat and covers her, but this just wakes her up.

He gently scolds her for not going home when she’s tired and for waiting when she have could just called him. Xia Mo reasons that she doesn’t want to bother him and happily reports that she finished filming the movie. Ou Chen looks at her in disbelief. She waited for hours just to tell him that?! But Xia Mo is serious. That means that from now on, she could focus on taking care of the baby, and can see him more often. It seems she didn’t see him in a long time. The baby already misses him and she misses him too. Ou Chen falls silent.

At home, Ou Chen puts Xia Mo to sleep.  He was about to leave when she holds his hand. In her sleep, she asks if he’s avoiding her. She knows she isn’t a good wife, but she’s trying her best.  She then urges him to look at the baby’s embryoscopic photos.

Ou Chen is mulling over things while staring at their wedding photo. Alone, he watches Zhen En’s videos of Xia Mo. He smiles seeing her lovingly talking with the baby. His smile fades when Luo Xi comes to view, and the two casually talks with each other. Oh man! But when the baby’s photo is shown, he smiles again and touches the screen. Basically, this scene is just about Ou Chen smiling, then not smiling, then smiling again.

Luo Xi listens to Xiao Cheng’s recording (The time when he brought some chicken wings) and thanks him for secretly putting Xia Mo’s picture in his bag when he left five years ago. Though Xiao Cheng may not know it, but that sure helped him a lot when he was abroad.

Shen Qiang joins in, gladly informing him that Ou Co. already retracted the case. Some of the company’s representatives even helped in the distribution of “The Worlds Greatest Event”. Of course, she’s pleased with the news, but wonders why Ou Chen changed his mind. She guesses that maybe, Xia Mo helped him this time. When Luo Xi remains nonchalance, she’s quite perplexed that he doesn’t seem to care. And Luo Xi answers without pretense: “No matter what has happened in the past, it’s no longer important to me.”

Back to Ou Mansion, Xia Mo is looking  for Milk, the cat, when she comes into a nursery room filled with girlish baby stuffs. She beams in delight, moved by his husbands obvious excitement.

Ou Chen then finds her watering the plants, and so he kindly offers to do the work. But she cheerily refused. Ou Chen blankly stares at her. She notices this and asks why he looks at her like that. Ou Chen lies, saying that he’s just too happy. Xia Mo cuts the chase and confesses that she already knows his secret.

Xia Mo brings Ou Chen to the baby’s room and wonders how he managed to decorate the room when he was with her all the time.  Ou Chen then jokes that it’s all in the secret of time management.  Xia Mo laughs, but reminds him that  they are still unsure of the baby’s gender. What would they do if it’s a boy? They couldn’t possibly let him wear pink.

Ou Chen takes her to the other room, obviously intended for a baby’s room. So, it solves the problem. Ou Chen prepared two rooms. The makes sense. It’s so nice to be rich. Xia Mo laughs, but still finds it odd that he bought these things too early. She’s busy appreciating the baby stuffs that she didn’t notice Ou Chen’s sorrowful mien.

Zhen En is super happy for the success of “Landscape Painting”. She praises Xia Mo for such an outstanding performance and asks if she already had the chance to watch the movie with Ou Chen. And Xia Mo sadly answers not yet. She knows that Ou Chen is very busy, but somehow, she feels that he’s just using work as an excuse to avoid her. Zhen En assumes that maybe, Ou Chen  feels jealous towards Luo Xi.

It seems that “The World’s Greatest Event” and “Landscape Painting” are both highly nominated movies for the upcoming Golden Deer Awards. When Xia Mo receives her invitation, she immediately asks Ou Chen to be her escort. But to her dismay, he automatically declines due to other engagements. Though disappointed, Xia Mo let it go, but next time,she’ll make it sure that he comes.

The Golden Deer Awards Night. Everybody’s quite busy again. Xia Mo arrives with Zhen En and Pan Nan. And the media people swoons over them, plaguing Xia Mo with questions. Rumors has it that Ou Chen already transferred some of his properties to her name. And people are  curious if they are planning to get a divorce. Xia Mo couldn’t seem to answer, plainly because she doesn’t have any idea about it.

Good thing, Hui Ni butts in. She begs Xia Mo to sway young master and stop him from issuing a red flag (ban) against her. Pan Nan counters that it’s her own fault. In case she forgot, she was the first to hurt Xia Mo. Hui Ni cries in regret. Xia Mo, however, offers her some tissue and wipes her tears. She makes it clear once and for all. Her husband didn’t block Hui Ni, she just did it to her self. Hui Ni is desperate. She doesn’t know what to do now. Her life is already in the ruins. Just then, the security people arrives and drags Hui Ni away.

However, Xia Mo stops the commotion, saying that Hui Ni is her friend and they’ll be walking the red carpet together. Zhen En isn’t too happy about it and tries to convince Xia Mo otherwise. But you know Xia Mo, if she made up her mind then that’s it.

Xia Mo readily smiles in front of the camera, but somehow she feels uneasy. She’s lost in her thought. She kept on feeling that something is wrong.

Her seemingly endless mulling is temporarily stopped when she was proclaimed Best Actress . The hall is filled with applause and everybody greets her in sincere congratulations. At home, Ou Chen smiles proudly for his wife. Luo Xi waits for her down the aisle and hugs her. Luo Xi:  “I’ve said before, you are the best”.

Hearing her speech, Ou Chen smiles contentedly. But before he could hear the rest speech, he turns off the TV, leaving a letter to do the job of bidding his farewell.

Xia Mo is still in the middle of her speech when she received Zhen En’s message. Young Master already left. She felt numb. She hurriedly runs off, not minding the people’s curious gaze. Not even noticing Luo Xi’s anxious call.

Xia Mo, when you’re reading this letter, I’m already on my way to France. I can’t say “I have to leave” in front of you, so I wrote you this letter. Recently, I look back to our past again and again. I can still remember the first time I met you.  The time when you showed your brave stature and blocks my car. Listening to this may sound funny, but from then on, the 14-year-old me loved you.

If I could, I wanted to take you away so no one could see you, so no one could control you. As you grow up, you glowed even more. I started to worry that someone could sway you and take you away from me. My worst nightmare came true. This person finally showed up. You and this boy named Luo Xi has an unexplainable relationship. I was very jealous so I made him disappear. I didn’t want him to be near you for more than a second.

Five years later, even though I didn’t recognize you, I was captivated and fell in love with you again. But still, I made the same mistakes. My possessiveness has not decreased. Instead, it’s stronger than before. I wanted to give you back your freedom. But when I saw your sweet smile and started to live together like a family, I was reluctant to give up. Even if it’s selfish, I still want to be with you forever. But I was wrong. If you had Luo Xi by your side, if you had the one you love to accompany you when Xiao Cheng died, you wouldn’t have been in too much despair.

But, the heavens still blessed a person like me. In your womb is my child, and this allows us to start anew. I now understand the meaning of family because of you, because of the baby. I wanted you to stay with me forever and  forget any signs of that guy. But you should stay with the one you love. Only then will you have complete happiness. That’s why I choose to leave. No matter what decisions you make in the future, you and the baby will always be the people I love the most.

Thanks to advance technology, Ou Chen is given the chance to listen to the rest of Xia Mo’s speech  via digital billboard.

Xia Mo: Lastly, I want to thank my husband. When I was in my most downhearted times, you stayed with me day and night. Even when it was difficult, I can still feel you holding  my hands tightly, not letting me go, not leaving me alone. I knew, even when I fall into hell, you would disregard everything else and stay with me. I wouldn’t be back to being my old self if not for you. Thank you Ou Chen.

Ou Chen is actually moved by her confession. But then again, he must act stupid and therefore, must continue to go away.

Xia Mo finally arrives at the airport. She immediately looks for Ou Chen. I believe she’s already in a panic coz she didn’t see Ou Chen standing behind a group of people in front of her. Ou Chen sees her though. In a moment, he thought of calling her, but then, stupidity  takes control again and he turns to leave.  Xia Mo almost gave up the search, but somehow she senses Ou Chen’s vibe. And when she turned back, yepee, Ou Chen is there. She calls out and rushes towards him.

Ou Chen pretends annoyance. But Xia Mo holds her ground. She had read his letter. And honestly, she can’t quite get it. It’s so not like him to leave her like this.

Ou Chen misinterprets. What is he like then?  A control freak who always try to run her life? A selfish person who wants to keep her all by himself? Then, that’s just the person that he is.

Xia Mo is baffled. That’s not what she meant! Haven’t he heard her speech? Maybe, he thinks she lied? Well, he’s wrong.

Xia Mo: Ou Chen please don’t leave me.

Ou Chen: Xia Mo, I have already committed so many mistakes. I can’t continue doing these sort of wrongs things anymore. Only when I leave you, then can I only attain true forgiveness.

Xia Mo: But I’ve also done a great deal of wrong things too. I didn’t even tell you that I want to be with you forever. The thing about Luo Xi is in the past. Right now I am your wife. And I have already fallen in love with you.

Ou Chen is dumbfounded. He stares at her in complete shock. She’s crying?! She’s for real. He holds her close, cuddling her in a tight embrace.

Ou Chen: If you’re lying to me, then that is your most cruel mistake.

But Xia Mo is adamant. She loves him. Perhaps he doesn’t believe her now. But in time, she’ll definitely prove it to him. And they seal the promise with a kiss.

Months later, Xia Mo and Ou Chen organizes an exhibit for Xiao Cheng’s paintings. And it proves to be a success. Xiao Cheng’s dream finally came true. People loves his painting and sister is proud of him.

As a father, Xia Ge didn’t forget to support his son’s own exhibit. In fact, he wants to buy Xiao Cheng’s self-portrait. And Xia Mo regretfully informs him that the paintings are not for sale, but she can give it to him. Xia Ge thanks for everything. Actually, he’s a tad ashamed that he didn’t do anything for his sons. Xia Mo assures that he doesn’t need to blame himself anymore coz it’s all in the past.

Ou Chen sees them and joins their little reunion. And Xia Ge reverts to being the ordinary friend and casually asks about the baby. Xia Mo willingly supplies the details, saying that the baby’s  a boy and she’ll be due next month. Xia Ge then reminds the couple to let him know the moment she gives birth, and he’ll buy the baby a gift.

Ou Chen must have known who his real dad is coz as Xia Ge walks off, he mutters to himself: “I will surely let you know”.

Ou Chen takes Xia Mo to their old school. They reminisce the old times, recalling that walking to school has always been peaceful. Life was simpler back then. Ou Chen adds that someday they’ll be walking their child to school too. And then the song, “Milk the Black Cat” plays in the background. They see Luo Xi blowing bubbles and playing with some kids. Luo Xi smiles in acknowledgment. And the couple smiles back.


Well, I was hoping for a happy ending. And I had it. But then, if I’m going to use the standard happy-ending gauge, the drama only falls on the plain/ordinary type. I was hoping too much, I guess.

Summer’s Desire Episode 13

For starters, I already cried a handful of tears while reading the novel recap, I never thought I’ll be crying some more when I watch this episode. I basically know what will happen, but my tears just kept on coming! It’s just too sad.

I’m glad they added Xia Ge’s scene. What could be more heartbreaking than a father’s pitiful cries of regrets? 😦

Episode 13 Recap

The couple was informed that Xiao Cheng collapsed, thereby, putting an abrupt halt to their much-needed dialogue. Putting their half- misunderstanding half-confession aside, Ou Chen and Xia Mo rushes Xiao Cheng to the hospital.

Meanwhile, we see a comeback appearance of Luo Xi’s awesome, top down luxury car. He prepares to leave and drives off. I guess this time, he’ll be gone for good. Blocking his way though, is none other than the infamous Shen Qiang.So, she really does love Luo Xi after all?! She’s even willing to give up her career. Too bad, it’s one-sided.

Xiao Cheng is finally awake. Now, we know something’s really wrong. His lips are pale and he can barely say the words. But despite his weakened condition, he tried to ease his sister’s obvious anxiety. In a small voice, he assures Xia Mo that he’ll be taking a nap only for just a sec, and will  surely wake up soon. Hearing his words, Xia Mo nearly faints. She understands what he truly means. She knows.

Xiao Cheng’s inevitable death is laid down for us to be depressed upon. The doctor explains  that though the kidney transplant was a success, it only extended Xiao Cheng’s life. His other organs are still deteriorating. At this point, surgeries and treatments won’t help. The least they could do is make him comfortable in his remaining months.

But the doctors are optimistic. Who knows? There migh be a miracle. Xia Mo is quite perplexed. Miracle? Does it mean that Xiao Cheng’s life only depended on this word? Just to convince herself, she reasons that since she never believed in fate and miracles, maybe Xiao Cheng will have all these. Ou Chen can only agree.

Back to Luo Xi and Shen Qiang. Well, they arrived safely at Luo Xi’s place abroad. But apparently, he’s a tad unhappy that she tagged along.

Ou Chen can’t seem to accept the doctor’s findings. He demands that they try even harder. But the doctors stood by their medical conclusions. Xiao Cheng can’t be helped, a hopeless case. It’s even a miracle for him to get this far.

Ou Chen: I don’t believe he’ll die. He’s only 20. How can he have no hope anymore?

He then instructs them not to let Xia Mo know about Xiao Cheng’s real condition. But  I’m afraid it’s too late. Xia Mo already overhears everything.

With Xiao Cheng’s fated death, the couple feels each others pain. Ou Chen maybe a rich and powerful Young Master, but he still has no power over death. In a short period of time, he already treated Xiao Cheng as family. He may not know Xiao Cheng as his half-brother, but he loved him as much.

All the while, Xia Mo chokes down her fears and pain. She’s actually scared. Xiao Cheng is the only she had left. He’s actually her strength to live. It was all for Xiao Cheng. He can’t die. He just can’t leave her alone. She hides in a secluded stairway and cries with all her heart’s content.

Ou Chen finds Xia Mo cheering Xiao Cheng up. Cheerily, she tells him not to worry coz  he’s just undergoing a temporary setback, and the doctors already found a solution. Though frail, Xiao Cheng agrees.  Their family will always be together. Xiao Cheng sees Ou Chen and calls out for his brother-in-law. Ou Chen forces a smile.

Xiao Cheng then asks that Ou Chen help sister tie their love memento, the legendary green scarf.  And Ou Chen willingly grants Xiao Cheng’s minor request. Just to talk privately with Ou Chen, Xiao Cheng asks his sister for some juice.

When they thought Xia Mo was already gone, which she was not coz she’s listening by the door, Ou Chen thanks Xiao Cheng. Hmm, I don’t why, but I’m guessing he is grateful that Xiao Cheng goes along with Xia Mo’s beliefs. Xiao Cheng smiles and says that he still has one more favor to ask. That is to help Xia Mo return to the entertainment circle. She has a talent for acting,  and Ou Chen Ge must let other people see it. Without thinking twice, Ou Chen consents and promises to  let Xia Mo shine.

Xiao Cheng: If one day, I can’t stay by your side, you must help me tell sis not to be sad.  I didn’t leave, I will be by her side forever.

Ou Chen: Don’t say these kind of things to me. Listen, nothing will happen to you.

Xia Cheng: Brother-in-law, before I disliked you. I didn’t accept you. Please forgive me. From now on, I leave her in your hands. From now on, take care of sis. I know that you love her. When I leave,  the only person she can rely on is you. Sister isn’t as strong as she appears. I’m really scared. I’m scared when I leave.

Ou Chen’s tears fell. Cloaked with grief, he can only assure Xiao Cheng that  he’ll take care of Xia Mo really well. With Ou Chen’s promise, Xiao Cheng smiles contentedly. Outside, Xia Mo silently cries.

Back to Luo Xi and Shen Qiang (part 2). Even at the other side of the world, Luo Xi can’t seem to forget Xia Mo. He sings “their song”. Shen Qiang listens from afar. She knows she can never hold a special place in his heart. Well, not as special as she holds him.

The time has come. Xiao Cheng has yet another “setback”. The doctors rush to his aid, used the defibrillator even. But still, his vital signs are falling below normal. And as Xia Mo watches the whole fiasco, her hands tremble. When the heart monitor shows a cardiac flat-line,  time stops. There was silence.  After several failed attempts, the doctors decided to give up.  Xiao Cheng died. But Xia Mo, somehow imagines a different ending. In her disillusion, she sees Xiao Cheng wake up.

She comes to his side, smiles and lovingly strokes his hair. She sits him up and hugs him close.

Xia Mo: You finally woke up. I thought you died.

Xiao Cheng: I won’t die. I would never leave your side.

Xia Mo: Of course, I remember. Look, I didn’t even cry. I never believed in their lies.

Xiao Cheng: I won’t die. I can’t bear to leave you.

Xia Mo: I know you won’t die. God is fair. He will always give before He takes something away. He didn’t give you anything in the past, so He won’t take your life away.

Xiao Cheng remarks that with sister hugging him like this, he is reminded of the time when they were still young. She used to rock him to sleep. Sings for him and cooks his favorite braised chicken wings. Xia Mo then asks if he wants to eat some. But Xiao Cheng won’t let her leave.

Listening to Xia Mo’s delirious talk, Zhen En cries and Ou Chen can only look away.

Xiao Cheng’s death proves to be a devastating shock for Xia Mo. She doesn’t talk. She doesn’t sleep or eat. She chooses to lock herself inside. Little by little, her sanity is pushed to the edge.  It’s like she’s in a deep slumber. She’s physically alive, but emotionally dead.

Ou Chen can only opt to sedate her. With Xia Mo’s worsening mental condition, Zhen En worries exceedingly.  No matter how she tried to convince Xia Mo to talk, she only replies with a distressing silence. Zhen En is scared. If things continue like this, Xia Mo might die. Ou Chen tells Zhen to shut up and stop crying. When they were alone, Ou Chen worriedly caresses Xia Mo’s face. He decided to take her at their old place. There, nobody will disturb her moments of grief.

Ou Chen: Xia Mo, do you know that I’m scared as Zhen En is. I’m afraid that you would leave me. If you really leave, I will leave with you. I won’t let the two of us separate again.

Next , we see Xia Ge visiting the grave of his lost son.  This, I love for the simplicity of it.

Xia Ge: I now have the courage to face you. I have received your letter. At the time that your body was suffering the most, you actually wrote me a letter. But I couldn’t help you in anything. Son, dad is sorry.

Xiao Cheng’s letter for Dad.

Uncle Xia, hello. I am Yin Cheng. Even if you don’t know who I am, I’ve never forgotten you. I know that your business is doing good and I’m very proud of you. My health isn’t that great. Maybe, that’s why there’s no way I can’t protect mom’s most important possession. Mom, she sang a song entitled “Diamond”. She sang this song for you. So, I’m giving you the music sheets. Although mom left already, we all know she was seriously in love with you. So, we, as her children, didn’t forget you.

Okay, so it’s weird. Xiao Cheng actually recorded his and Xia Mo’s daily conversations. How did he do that?! I don’t know if it did Xia Mo any good, but all she did was listen to the recording. How could Xiao Cheng die? He’s just here. Talking. Smiling. Laughing like he used to. She remembers everything, his voice, his face. He was so real, so alive. He can’t be dead.

As she listens, flashbacks begin. Xia Mo says sorry for hitting him and asks if he’s mad.  Xiao Cheng smiles. It’s absurd. How could he be mad at sister? He tells Xia Mo to stop saying sorry or he’ll be sad. He then happily relays that he is taking up fine arts, just like what sister likes. And he will definitely make sister proud.

Ou Chen sees Xia Mo and listens as well.

Flashback again. This time, Xiao Cheng and Xia Mo laughs at their childhood pictures. Xiao Cheng was small back then. Xia Mo was even afraid he won’t grow up. But now, he’s taller than her.  Xiao Cheng tributes that it’s because of sister. She always gives him good food.  And he remembers that he used to stick to her like a glue. She always protected him.

Zhen En is overly outraged at the circling news that Xiao Cheng died, and Xia Mo is  going insane. She’s quite appalled that Jang Jin Hua still managed to publish the report, even though Ou Chen already blocked any media leaks. Pan Nan then asks if  the reports were true. Though reluctant, Zhen En confesses that Xiao Cheng is gone. Knowing this, Pan Nan demands to see Xia Mo. But Zhen En is resolved. It’s useless. Xia Mo still believes that Xiao Cheng is alive. She still cooks dinner for him everyday.

Pan Nan can’t believe Zhen En’s words. Xia Mo has always been so strong. She then tries to inform Luo Xi, but Zhen En talks her out of it. Xia Mo is already married. And seeing how Ou Chen loved Xia Mo, she is touched. What Xia Mo needs right now, is Ou Chen.

Meanwhile, Ou Chen tries every possible way to solicit some response from Xia Mo. He brings her to an empty movie house, fulfilling their plan to watch movies together as a family (Episode 12). He carefully sits the zombie-like Xia Mo, saying that they’ll be watching Xiao Cheng’s favorite movie.  And next time, they’ll watch her fave. But still, silence.

As the movie plays, Ou Chen remembers Xiao Cheng’s last favor. Help sister return to the entertainment circle. He then calls Xi Meng and asks for some help. He’s quite desperate now. He knows that his favor isn’t easy, but he’s willing to try whatever it takes just to make her better. What could it be?

Then, we revisit Luo Xi. He reads about the news. I really don’t get it. Do newspapers travel abroad too? Anyhow, he won’t be stopped now. He’s going back! ASAP! Shen Qiang, sees his sudden backpacking and is completely confounded. She notices the newspaper and reads. Xia Mo again?! Now, Shen Qiang had it. Enough! She finally decides to stop the fruitless feat. Shen Qiang: “Promise me one thing. Let me leave first. At least, let me feel that you didn’t give up”. As Shen Qiang walks off in tears, Luo Xi can only look at her receding back. Luo Xi: “Shen Qiang, in my heart you are still a very important person”.

Pan Nan asks Zhen En if Xia Mo is getting better. But it’s quite the opposite.  However, Zhen En assures Pan Nan not to worry, since she already think of something to wake her up.

And the brilliant idea? Throw away the chicken wings. And when Xia Mo notices that there were no more chicken wings, she panicked.  She ransacked the whole ref and without saying a word, tries to go out and buy some. Zhen En stops her. With Xia Mo’s mental instability, she’s not safe to go out.  Zhen En spits that Xiao Cheng is dead and no matter how many chicken wings she’ll prepare, he won’t come back. But Xia Mo seems not to hear anything. She continues her stride. So, Zhen En offers to buy the chicken wings herself. Good thing, Ou Chen shows up and catches up to her. Just when Xia Mo opened the door, Luo Xi was there.  He was literally stunned seeing Xia Mo in this state. He stood there unmoving. But, it seems she didn’t see him at all. She walked pass by him. Ou Chen holds her tight and pulls her close.

With some more convincing from Zhen En, Xia Mo is finally calmed. Luo Xi prepares to get in, but Ou Chen blocks him. However, Luo Xi is now determined not to be set aside. He helps Xia Mo prepare the chicken wings. It was then that Xia Mo smiles. Ou Chen wonders, Can Luo Xi wake her up?

Luo Xi is quite angry. Outside, he punches Ou Chen. Clearly, Ou Chen’s way of protecting Xia Mo isn’t enough. He firmly declares that he’ll be seeing her often, and Ou Chen better not try any tricks to stop him.

Lady Manager, I really forgot her name, informs Zhen En that Director Wu (a famous international director) wants Xia Mo to audition for his latest movie. Zhen En is quite apprehensive. On any given days, this could have been a good news.  But the Xia Mo right now may not be suited for the limelight. Lady Manager is suspicious. Is Young master hiding Xia Mo? They haven’t heard of her after the wedding. Maybe it’s true that Xia Mo is crazy. Of course, Zhen En denies the reports and condemns the media people for writing such a terrible lie.

Luo Xi serenades Xia Mo with the immortal song “Cat named Milk”, but still Xia Mo remains silent. He desperately convinces her to talk to him.  Luo Xi: “I won’t selfishly keep you. As long as you live happily, I will be satisfied”. So, Luo Xi can’t persuade her either. Ou Chen just listens outside the room.

Just then, Zhen En arrives and shows Ou Chen the script. Initially, she thought to reject the offer right away, but Director Wu insists to get Xia Mo and once she read the script herself, she’s convinced that this may just be the key to break Xia Mo’s shell. The plot is just freakishly similar to Xia Mo’s life. It’s like it’s made only for her. Ou Chen remains  composed and replies that he’ll think about it.

Luo Xi overhears and strongly disapproves of the project. The media will only hurt her. But Ou Chen argues that the film maybe be an effective therapy for her. This angers Luo Xi some more. Xia Mo isn’t an item. She’s not a guinea pig that can be used for Ou Chen’s little experiment.

Zhen En refutes. This story is quite special. It’s about 2 siblings. The younger brother is an extremely talented artist named Xiao Cheng.  During his art exhibition, he was attacked by some thugs and died. After the sister knew about the incident, her spirit was broken. She only stares at his painting whole day. One day, a miracle happened. Xiao Cheng came alive and they live happily. Xia Mo, who seems too oblivious with her surroundings, seems to miraculously hear Zhen En. Her tears fell. And Ou Chen right then, felt this film might be the only way to save her.

Audition Day. Everybody’s quite busy. Wei Ann, Shu Er, Shen Qiang and even Hui Ni aspires to take the role. Ou Chen isn’t about to give up this chance either. He dresses her up and takes her to the nearby room.

One by one, the aspirants deliver the lines.  Each having their own touch. At the room, Xia mo passively listens through a TV monitor. The audition is about to end, but still, Xia Mo didn’t react. Ou Chen is really disappointed. Maybe, this is pointless. As he slowly drags Xia Mo away, she shoves his hand and walks straightly down the hall.

Suddenly, the door opens, and Xia Mo walks in. She delivers the line as if it was her own.  Zhen En helps her and reads out the script. Zhen En: “On that day, Xiao Cheng died. When the doctors said the treatments were not working, he already died”. Xia Mo fell silent.

Xia Mo: He died right? Back when he didn’t come to eat the dishes that I’ve made. Why is it that I’m the only one still alive? Xiao Cheng, no matter where you are, I will definitely find you.

Then Xia Mo suddenly the weariness, as reality crosses her mind. Her knees feebly shakes and she slumps to the floor. Ou Chen then catches her. Xia Mo finally spoke! Even if she still seems to linger in her shell, he is hopeful.

Everybody witnessed Xia Mo’s convincing portrayal of the role. They felt the pain, her pain. Needless to say, Director Wu was impressed. When, Ou Chen asks if she wants to accept the offer, she slowly nods.

Next, Ou Chen takes Xia Mo to a nice picnic. He patiently talks with her, saying he already marked her lines. And if she has time, she may take a look. He then leaves to gave way for her friends (Pan Nan and Zhen En).

Pan Nan and Zhen En cheerfully chats, but it’s as if she returns to her own world and won’t talk. Zhen En happily reports that people are already talking about her, and Luo Xi  already agreed to play Xiao Cheng. But the problem doesn’t lie on the issue about filming with Luo Xi but Ou Chen. Pan Nan drags Zhen En and reprimands her  for the candid remarks. Zhen En worriedly spurts that with Ou Chen’s personality, he might not permit Xia Mo to act. While they were busy talking, Xia Mo enthusiastically reads the script. Ou Chen sees this improvement and is quite relieved.

Shooting day. Ou Chen tenderly feeds Xia Mo her food, and thankfully she didn’t throw up. Ou Chen continues to shower her with love as he carefully changes her shoes at the shoot. And when it was time for the camera to roll, she diligently  delivers the lines.

When filming, Xia Mo is noticeably too absorbed to play her part. But right after the director signals a cut, she automatically turns silent and impassive.  She’s like this, day in and day out. Luo Xi notices her odd behavior and smiles in torment. Hurt that he can’t do anything for her.

Young Master never once left Xia Mo’s side. He’s like her shadow. Always following. Always looking at her in a mixture of concern and relief.  That night, he remarks that she’s quite happy meeting Xiao Cheng again. He bids goodnight and informs Xia Mo that he’ll be preparing some of Xiao Cheng’s paintings as props. She then suddenly holds his hand. He smiles and apologizes that he overlooks putting Xiao Cheng’s recording back.

Then another flashback. Xiao Cheng complains that he’s classmates demands too many autographs from sister. Maybe, she’s already tired. But Xia Mo assures it’s such a small thing, as long as they kept him accompanied. She notices that all his classmates who wants some autograph were females, and teases that maybe, among that crowd someone only uses her as an excuse to get closer to him. Xiao Cheng chokes. And Xia Mo laughs. He spills that there is one new classmate who shows some signs and then he instantly goes out, forgetting the autographs.

Meanwhile, Luo Xi is troubled. He deeply worries for Xia Mo. It’s like she splits in two different person. One is seriously engrossed, the other lost in a daze. As days pass, he’s becoming more and more scared. Xia Mo devotes herself with this movie. And he’s afraid of what will happened to her if they finish filming. But Pan Nan is more worried for him. Is he alright seeing Xia Mo?

Luo Xi bitterly smiles. Once, he badly wished to forget Xia Mo. He wished that he never met Ou Chen. Wished he never existed. But right now, he’s satisfied seeing Xia Mo alive, breathing and talking. Pan Nan then observes that Luo Xi has changed. He became a different person.

Ou Chen is struggling on his own. He wants his Xia Mo back. Her slow progress is a good sign, but he deems it’s not enough. He hides all his woes at Xiao Cheng’s room and  looks at  Xiao Cheng’s picture. He badly wants to ease her pain. What could he possibly do so  she’ll not re-live the pain of loosing a loved one anymore? And as he searches over Xiao Cheng’s things, he finds a letter. What’s inside?! Tell me. Tell me. Guess, we’ll  to wait awhile longer to find out.

Seemingly lost, Xia Mo looks at the sea. Her expression, bare. Her face,  blank. The winds blows strong, but she didn’t notice.  Ou Chen sees his wife, and takes of his jacket to keep her warm. When he was about to go near, but Luo Xi comes to her first. Luo Xi can’t take it anymore. Xia Mo’s depression is consuming her inside out. He then shares his favorite lines, which helped him in his desperate times.

Luo Xi: May God bestow upon me a peaceful heart, so I can accept those things I cannot change. May God bestow upon me courage, so I can change those things that cannot be changed. May God bestow upon me wisdom, so I can differentiate the two. Everything that could have been done for Xiao Cheng, you have done already. It won’t change anything, so accept it. For the sake of Xiao Cheng, could you please bravely live on.

Ou Chen quietly listens on the side. He then instructs Zhen En to call Luo Xi coz they’ll have something to talk about. Zhen En, with her over-the-top dramatic glands,  pryingly asks if  Young Master is going to punch Luo Xi and reasons that the two are seemingly close right now because of the movie, so he doesn’t need to get too jealous. But Ou Chen seriously retorts, “No”. He has other things in mind.

Summer’s Desire Episode 12

~This would have made a lot of sense if only Ou Chen was awake!~

Well, there were many minor loopholes in this episode. But it’s okay, since there were many Awww-moments as well. My only major disappointment however is that this drama is nearly coming to its end. If I’m correct, 2 more episodes and we’ll have our bittersweet ending. *Sighs…but happy*

Before we continue, WARNING: Parental Guidance is advised! Haha!

Episode 12 Recap

After a long and thorough push, Ou Chen finally gains  Xiao Cheng’s consent to  undergo surgery. When Ou Chen left (without even saying a word again!), Xiao Cheng stares at the divorce papers and thinks to himself: “Ou Chen Ge, you really love sister right?”

I don’t know what happened, but Luo Xi is out of coma! Physically weak and hopelessly drained, Luo Xi thinks about Xia Mo’s brutal words and wishes with all his heart to die that very instant. Pal, I know it hurts, but suicide is really NOT the best way to deal with heartaches.

On the other room, Xia Mo still lies unconscious. The donor (Ou Chen) and his recipient (Xiao Cheng) bids their “courtesies” before the surgery. Ou Chen sweetly takes Xia Mo’s hand under the blanket and promises that the surgery will go just fine. Then, they both leave Xia Mo to Zhen En’s care.

Though it may sound impossible, but Shen Qiang finds some decency to tell Luo Xi the truth. She relays that Xia Mo and Xiao Cheng went to visit him and the marriage was all just a deal. In exchange of a kidney, Xia Mo agreed to marry Ou Chen. And then, Luo Xi goes crazy! He painfully removes all the tubes (or whatsoever doctors call it) and tries to go to the Operating Room. To stop the surgery maybe?

He was still flimsy and brittle, so he ends up slumping down the floor. No matter how Jenny and Shen Qiang tries to stop him, he just stubbornly waggle himself out of the room. In the end, Shen Qiang could only agree to take him to the O.R. herself.

The operation has begun and it seems that Xiao Cheng might not be doing too well. Zhen En cannot just stay where she was and went to pry about the operation. When she was away, Xia Mo wakes up. Somehow, Xia Mo knows about the surgery and goes directly to the Operating Room. She was sleeping all those times, so why the hell would she know that they are in the O.R.? Why-oh-why?

She sees Zhen En crying and immediately presumes that something bad happened. Thankfully, Zhen En is only having her over-reactive emotional outburst! Argg, I don’t really hate Zhen En, but all her bleating is just freakin’ annoying! Just as Ou Chen promised, the operation went well and Xiao Cheng successfully passed the critical point. Ou Chen is the first to come out of the room. And just in time, Luo Xi sees Xia Mo worriedly walking the operated Ou Chen to his private room.

And next is one of the saddest scenes in the entire drama. Luo Xi extends his hand, hoping to get Xia Mo’s attention, but Xia Mo is too preoccupied and didn’t notice him at all. As always, the suppressed tears are just too heartbreaking!

It sure took Xia Ge a shorter period of time to comprehend things, as he solved the puzzle and figures that Xiao Cheng is also his son. Xia Mo takes things as calm as ever though and guarantees that he shouldn’t be worrying about it too much since all is in the past. Xia Ge can only offer some long overdue paternal assistance. When Xia Mo walks off to check on Xiao Cheng, Xia Ge enters Ou Chen’s room and looks apologetically at his son (Ou Chen).

Finally, Xia Mo notices Luo Xi waiting outside the O.R. Their eyes locked and a moment of silence passed. Shen Qiang tries to push Luo Xi’s wheel chair away, but he stops her. Zhen En then offers to take care of Xiao Cheng and let Xia Mo talk things through with Luo Xi. Luo Xi flashes a hopeful smile, but Xia Mo crushes that little spur of hope with a simple “No need” and walks off.

Looking at the soundly sleeping Xiao Cheng, it’s as if  Xia Mo has been relieved from the heaviest of yokes. Originally she thought that nothing favorable will happen and never did she expected that the operation will go on smoothly. She has nothing to ask for now.  Xia Mo sees Zhen En drowsing off, so she tries to send her home. With them gone,  Xia Ge takes a look at his other son (Xiao Cheng). Outside the room,  he sheds some tears for his two sons who will never know the truth.

After paying his obligatory visit to his biological sons, Xia Ge passes by Luo Xi’s room. Shen Qiang is a tad angry that he came way too  late to see Luo Xi.  Xia Ge reasons that he visited two of his “friends” first. Shen Qiang is appalled. Are the two friends more important than Luo Xi? Xia Ge regretfully replies that yes, the three of them are equally important in his heart. But Shen Qiang is more observant than we thought. She continues to remark that something is wrong with Xia Ge lately. He doesn’t look  at Luo  Xi as warm as before. Xia Ge answers that he’s just exhausted and walks towards Luo Xi.

The next morning, Zhen En is pretty hyped up. She decided to document the successful surgery and finds out that Young Master is not in his room. She  loudly looks for Xia Mo, but instead she finds the most Aww-moment ever! The new couple sleeps side by side, while Xia Mo holds Ou Chen’s hand.

Meanwhile, Luo Xi is still gloomy and depressed. Well, I think it’s more like paranoid. He’s totally trapped in his own little world. He only plays the piano all by himself  and doesn’t bother to talk. Shen Qiang can only sadly lay her head at his back for some comfort.

Shen Qiang(In voice over): Can  you please be not like this? So many people love you. Why can’t you think it through?

At the hospital, Xia Mo catches Ou Chen getting dressed. She sees the surgical wound and worriedly asks if it hurts. Ou Chen frankly says it does. And Xia Mo unexpectedly asks again  of what could she possibly do so it won’t hurt as much. Then Ou Chen slowly hugs her. Ou Chen: If it’s like this…it won’t hurt.”

At home, Ou Chen is quite disturbed when he sees the servants busily setting picnic tables. He irritably asks what’s going on, and when one maid answered that Xia Mo instructs them to set these things up, he was relieved and let them work. Xia Mo overhears his near flare-up and asks if he’s not asking her why. Ou Chen smiles and answers that as long as she likes it, then he’s happy.

All those preparations was all because Xia Mo cooked pigeon soup for Ou Chen and Xia Cheng.  However, she’s a bit apprehensive about the soup’s “taste value” since it wasn’t cooked using the clay pot at their old home. Xiao Cheng kindly differs, saying it’s already tasty as it is and jokes about her sister’s excessive nutritional perfectionism. She may even pass as a nutritionist now. Xia Mo plays along and agrees that she indeed wants to be an exceptional nutritionist to take better care of them.

He then asks if she’s quitting showbiz, and Xiao Mo happily replies that she is. She’s quite happy to be with them everyday. Ou Chen just listens to their conversation, a smile plastered on his face. In a moment, he wonders: If Xia Mo reads those divorce papers, will she still say these words?”  Of course, she would! Why wouldn’t she?!

Meanwhile, Luo Xi eats heartily at home. Of course with the presence of Shen Qiang. However, he seems too oblivious of her. She’s like a ghost, invisible and seemingly nonexistent. She can’t take the obvious rejection though and asks if he has  really nothing to say to her.  And as a straightforward disregard, he just smiles and continue eating. Feeling rather insulted, Shen Qiang walks out.

Ou Chen is out of his mind, as he gave Zhen En a job.  Dude, Zhen En is a nice friend, but as an employee? Well, I think she’s bad investment. Sorry, you may find me cruel, but she can’t even handle Xia Mo’s career well!

Ranting aside, since Xia Mo won’t be working in showbiz anymore, he takes it upon himself to provide Zhen En with a new job. Zhen En is shocked that Ou Chen remembers a nobody like her. And her bubbly attitude takes some action, as she gets “too” chummy and remarks openly that Ou Chen changed. Before, whenever he’s around, she always felt like walking in a landmine. She teases him further on that maybe it’s because he finds living with Xia Mo really…really great. Haha! Ou Chen is cutely embarrassed but he won’t just admit it, would he? And he shuts her up with his  infamous death glare. Haha! When Zhen En left, Ou Chen smiles by himself.

Zhen En happily relays the good news to Xiao Mo. And for once, Zhen En did a nice job of acquiring a letter from Xi Meng, which she believed would build a stronger relationship between the new couple. Along with the letter is the key to Yin Xia’s studio. And the story about the green lace unfolds.

Meanwhile, Ou Chen is on the way home. But then, he remembers the clay pot at Xia Mo’s old place and decides to take a quick detour. And there, an unexpected “ex-rival” awaits.

Dun..dun..dun… the face-off.

Without beating around the bush, Luo Xi bluntly expresses his anger, saying if  only it weren’t for Ou Chen’s surgery, he would have punched Ou Chen in the face. He used to think that though Ou Chen’s actions were overbearing at least he was fair. He didn’t think that Ou Chen would use vile means to get Xia Mo.

But Ou Chen is quick to retort. Luo Xi thinks he’s shameless? Didn’t he  try to commit suicide to threaten Xia Mo? Well, that proves Luo Xi’s just as wicked. Besides, Luo Xi is wrong to think he’ll play fair.  As long as he’s with Xia Mo, he wouldn’t care if the method is over and above despicable. And to agitate Luo Xi some more, Ou Chen confesses that all the things he told during the “Battle Flags'” were just lies. Xia Mo didn’t promise him anything, it was Luo Xi who didn’t believe her.

Now, Luo Xi snaps. He gives Ou Chen a full swing punch. In anger, he spouts that Xia Mo doesn’t love Ou Chen. She never did and never will. But Ou Chen won’t be barred. Ou Chen scoffs that with Luo Xi’s emotional state, Xia Mo can’t endure him much longer. Luo Xi can only give her sadness.  He already lost the ability to love ever since he was abandoned by his mother. His heart was already dead. Besides sadness, what could he give her? Ou Chen knows his methods were unfair but at least he gave her the most needed kidney. Now calmed, Luo Xi concludes that what Ou Chen had said was all just excuses. Even if he does everything perfectly, Ou Chen would still find  a way to drag Xia Mo out of his grasps.

Ou Chen: Yes. Only I can protect her. Only I can give her happiness.

Luo Xi: Then…you think she’s happy now? Since young, Xia Mo has the ability to hide her feelings. The marriage was nothing but an act.  She treats you well? It’s only because she owes you. Because you gave that kidney, she thinks she needs to repay you. But, how can this count as real happiness?

Ou Chen: If  she’s not happy, I’ll give her another chance to choose.

Meanwhile, Xia Mo is bound to fulfill her new-found mission:  get Yin Xia’s (Ou Chen’s mom) portrait in the studio, thinking it would benefit Ou Chen. While she was looking at the pictures, Xi Meng’s voice over is played. He says sorry for what he’s done to Ou Chen. What he did is beyond repair and begs Xia Mo to save Ou Chen from his tragic fate.

It seems that Xia Mo has other plans in mind. She invited Xia Ge. And there, he confessed that Ou Chen is also his son. Xia Mo isn’t surprised. She was already suspicious when Ou Chen’s blood type proves to be a perfect match for Xiao Cheng. Just that she didn’t expect they are really brothers. She then offers to make some arrangements for the father and son. But Xia Ge politely declines.  He feels  sorry for Ou Chen and Xiao Cheng and he doesn’t have the right to be their father.  And so, to keep Xia Ge’s guilty heart at ease, she promises to take good care of them and hands in a duplicate key to the studio.

Bound to go home, Ou Chen mulls over on what Luo Xi said. And Luo Xi does the same.

Luo Xi: It was I who pushed you away. It was I, who using my own hands , destroyed our happiness.

Undoubtedly, Xia Mo is moved to see the clay pot along with the kitchen wares.  She looks for Ou Chen and smiles when she sees him reading some paper works. She grabs the documents out of his hand and offers him dinner.

But still, Luo Xi’s words kept hunting him. To confirm his doubts, he asks if  she doesn’t hate him  for forcing her to marry him. He demands to know what she really feels coz she appears to be too uncaring. Xia Mo smiles and says she’s not angry at all, but rather grateful that he saved Xiao Cheng. Ou Chen is clearly disappointed. So, it’s true. She’s only grateful? But all her pretensions isn’t doing him any good.  Her actions only makes him feel more he uneasy.

Xia Mo insists that she is indeed happy. Ever since she was twelve, so many things happened. And she made it through because he was always there. He understood. She doesn’t need to act happy in front of him.  On the contrary, she was always unaware of his affairs, even his work and family. Ou Chen is  shocked that she mentioned such a thing. And Xia Mo admits that Xi Meng told her his story, even the secret about  his parents.

Ou Chen is rather offended. He doesn’t need sympathy. And Xia Mo asserts that she’s not feeling sympathetic towards him at all. She just wants to tell him that though she  may not understand everything, at least she empathize with his feelings. They may have different story,  but they are both deprived of parental love.

Xia Mo: Our fate was all arranged. Lonely. Unsure. But all these have already passed. Now, we have each other. In the future, no matter what situation, we must face it together and overcome it. Find a solution together. We will always be one family.

Ou Chen: If we will no longer be a family, will you treat me like this?

Xia Mo: What are you talking about? I won’t let this family fall apart. We are already a family, so we must be happy. Okay?

Ou Chen concedes. Then Xia Mo shows him his mom’s picture, displayed at living room. She’s somehow proud of what she did. She comments that they really think alike. He gets her the clay pot, and she brings him the picture. All these while, Ou Chen remains silent. He looks at the picture with so much yearning that Xia Mo assumes it upsets him and suggests that she take it away.

Ou Chen: No. Her blood flows in my body. I’m just like her. If I can’t be with the one I love, I would also rather die. *Please not another suicidal!*

It’s cute how the “half-brothers” drink their medicines in synchrony. Xiao Cheng notices that he and Ou Chen Ge already have many things in common. Xia Mo cheerfully agrees.  And then the shocking news.

Luo Xi is backing out from showbiz. According to reports, since Xia Mo’s marriage, Luo Xi wasn’t able to land on new project offers. His manager then decides that the actor will lie low for a while. He is still not feeling well after the “accident” and will be back in three years. In a flash, Xia Mo reacted quite perturbed, and it didn’t escape Ou Chen, who intently waits to see her reactions. She immediately hides her feelings, smiles and volunteers to cut some fruits.

I don’t know where Zhen En came from, but she suddenly runs towards Xia Mo and informs her that Luo Xi will be leaving the country soon. We know that already! A farewell party will be held for him. Zhen En advises that he since Luo Xi still hasn’t able to forget Xia Mo, it may help that she talks with him to pull himself together. But Xia Mo cuts her off, saying that someday he will forget about her. Right now, all she has to do is stay away from him. And like all classic romance dramas, Ou Chen overhears again.

In a bar somewhere in Taiwan, Shen Qiang is drowning herself with liquor. She’s being accompanied by Xia Ge, who can only look at her in disgust worriedly. Luo Xi finds her in that horrible state and snatches the liquor away from her. Xia Ge reminds that she needs to take it easy and be more mature. And then,  all hell breaks loose.  All emotions explodes.

It hurts to admit that all these time she can only stand invisible between Luo Xi and Xia Mo. She can’t even set a tantrum. Xia Ge continues to reprimand that she calm down. But how can she calm down now. She turns a blind eye, knowing that Luo Xi only used her to agitate Xia Mo. She even begged Xia Mo to stay by his side just for him. And it’s quite understandable that she hates him to death. She walks out again. It’s funny that when she throws a feat, nobody cares. Not Xia Ge or Luo Xi. Not even me!

The next day, Luo Xi prepares to leave. But the preparation isn’t complete without him remembering the good old times again, as he looks at the lovey dove pics he had with Xia Mo.

Meanwhile, Xia Mo is busy being the doting sister and wife. She receives a text message, reminding her of Luo Xi’s farewell party. Just then, Xiao Cheng comes by and asks if she’ll attend the said gathering. Xia Mo deletes the message and says she won’t. And to fill up their schedule, Xiao Cheng recommends to watch some DVD’s. Ou Chen suddenly  butts in and says that he already rented a few DVDs for them. Xia Mo, however, refuses the offer since she must get Xiao Cheng’s clothes at their old place. Ou Chen offers her a drive but  Xia Mo declines the second time.

Next, Ou Chen finds Xiao Cheng painting outside. And he is quite happy to know that Xiao Cheng is painting Xia Mo. Ou Chen then asks for the said canvas. Xiao Cheng agrees. Before he goes inside the mansion, Ou Chen reminds Xiao Cheng not to tire himself and if  ever he needs something, he’s just in the study. Xiao Cheng sighs and jokes that what Ou Chen said are just repetitions of his sister’s dialogues. Ou Chen just laughs and continues to go inside.

Xiao Cheng stops him though. Little bro returns him the divorce papers, saying the he isn’t suited to keep those papers. Ou Chen is taken aback. He asks if Xiao Cheng wants him to give the papers to his sister instead. But Xiao Cheng honestly answers that he doesn’t know. Though Ou Chen’s method was extremely wrong, he also knows that Ou Chen loves  his sister very much. And lately, he notices that sister has been happy. Maybe, it’s because Ou Chen Ge was with her.  Xiao Cheng is rather grateful that he makes sister happy, and is proud that Ou Chen is his brother-in-law. That’s great! The “half-brother” blesses his “half-brother” in marrying his “half-sister”. And of course, Ou Chen couldn’t be more overjoyed.

Xia Mo is back to their old house. She gets some of Xiao Cheng’s things and along the way, she sees the key to Luo Xi’s place. She remembers that time that he gave the symbolic thing. But now, she’s resolved. She’s sorry that this time, she cant’ send Luo Xi off. This time, it’s really goodbye.

Now, I don’t know why the heck Luo Xi is waiting outside the house. Does it mean he ditched his own farewell party? Huh?

Luo Xi  did saw her come in, but thought he was just imagining things. Seeing the bags, he then hopefully asks if she’s leaving Ou Chen and decides to come back “home”.  She answers him with a meaningful silence. And thankfully, Luo Xi gets the message. He smiles and says sorry for saying something stupid. He slowly drags the trolley bag and offers a ride. But Xia Mo  automatically turns him down.

And then reality bites. At this point, he already has no right to send her back. Ou Chen won’t be happy and he apologizes for imposing. But Xia Mo gently replies that she was the one who did him wrong. Luo Xi, however, is being sorry not only for his stupid assumptions but for what had happened to them. That time, she went through the worst. Ou Chen kept on forcing her, and he on the other hand, kept on doubting. At first, he blamed her for not telling him. But thinking things over, he doesn’t have the right to demand her to trust him. But Xia Mo insists that he did nothing wrong and they would have broken up sooner or later.

Luo Xi: Must you be this cruel? You want to make it so clear to me? You really have to shatter my illusion just to be satisfied?

Xia Mo: I am already married. So for me, the most important thing after Xiao Cheng is Ou Chen.

Luo Xi: So, are you happy? The wedding was just a deal. If you’re unhappy…

Xia Mo: I am happy.

Luo Xi: Don’t lie to me Xia Mo.

Xia Mo: I’m not lying. I am very happy. This time, my days are very peaceful. It has been peaceful.

Luo Xi: Is peaceful happiness though?

Xia Mo: To me, yes.

Luo Xi: But you have loved me.

Xia Mo: Loved. *Emphasis on the past tense*

Luo Xi takes a deep breath. After a long pause, he tells her that even if she said that just to console him, he’s still very happy. She then wishes that he forget her.  Luo Xi assents. If that’s what she wants, then he will. But at least she must also promise not to forget him. Even when time passes, even if it’s just a little corner, she mustn’t forget him. For the last time, he embraces her and hopes that she finds happiness. Xia Mo kindly returns the good riddance.

This is the perfect time for Ou Chen to drop in. Why didn’t he just appeared when Xia Mo was confessing her feelings? Xia Mo is rattled. She tries to explain, but Ou Chen cuts her off. He drags Xia Mo away, and she looks over her shoulder to say her last goodbye to Luo Xi.

And next is a long, awkward silence ride on the way home. When they arrived, Xia Mo tries to explain straight away, saying the meeting wasn’t planned.  But somehow Ou Chen already knows.  Xia Mo then tentatively asks if he’s mad. In an indirect answer, he spits his stand: I forced you to split up with Luo xi, how can I be mad? And then she comforts him with a hug.

But still he refused to be comforted. Xia Mo explains that Luo Xi will be leaving and he will not bother them anymore. Thus, they should forget the past and live peacefully from now on. Ou Chen is quite reluctant. Is this the life she wants? Is she happy? And again Xia Mo convinces him that she is indeed very happy. But he really can’t bring himself to trust her and asks why. This issue is becoming a cycle! Ou Chen, she already told you she’s happy! Why can’t you just believe her?!

Xia Mo: Because I have a family. And I can be with my beloved family everyday.

Ou Chen: Would that be enough? Even if your family is me, you’ll still be happy? Even if I ask you to do things which you are not willing to do? Would you still feel happy?

His words seem to scare her. She can only stare at him. And Ou Chen takes her silence a confirmation of what she truly feels. She is NOT happy with him. He turns around and walks off.  Xia Mo stops him with a courageous “I can”. But then, when Ou Chen turns to face her, she instantly backs away. Seeing her response, Ou Chen tests the sincerity of her answer by kissing her. However, she isn’t ready for his forceful advances just yet. Thankfully, he has the strength to stop the savageness  and immediately feels guilty for what he has done.

Xia Mo: Sorry.

Ou Chen: The one that should be sorry is me.

Next is the famous bed scene. Xia Mo walks towards Ou Chen, takes her pj’s off. She even voluntarily undresses Ou Chen, who BTW is super stunned at her daring move.

Ou Chen: Do you know what you’re doing?

Xia Mo: Yes I do. I am your wife.

And next are scenes not suited for children. Haha! Skip…skip…skip…

The next morning, Ou Chen made a final decision.

Ou Chen (In voice over): I thought I could change myself. But in reality, I have always forced you time and again. All of these is because I thought I could give you happiness. But can I really give it to you? Perhaps you just need to leave me to be really happy. I am yours, and you are free.

He unties the green scarf from her wrist and walks off. So that’s it? Ou Chen are you just giving her up? This guy just wanted to get laid!

Of course, when Xiao Mo wakes up and sees the divorce papers,  she goes gaga and immediately looks for Ou Chen. She’s completely bamboozled and demands some explanation! Yeah, me too!

He can’t seem to  directly look at her and in a calm voice explains that  he’s just doing his end of the bargain. Xiao Cheng agreed to the surgery only because he offered to give her a divorce.  And he  was quite surprised when Xiao Cheng returned the papers to him last night. He felt like a death row criminal who got pardoned. But, his amnesty will only consequently extend her own sufferings. All these while, he’s really grateful  that she pretended to be happy for him.

Xia Mo can’t understand him at all! She was not acting last night. She was for real.  For the nth time, she insists that as long as he stays by her side, her heart is peaceful. In all sincerity she admits that she doesn’t want to loose either Xiao Cheng or him. But before Ou Chen could react, the dreadful news got delivered. Xiao Cheng collapsed. Noooo!

Summer’s Desire Episode 11

~Picture perfect!~

Love really knows no bounds. For love, Luo Xi tries to commit suicide. For love, Ou Chen uses such despicable underhanded means to keep his bride. And for love, Xia Mo can give up everything.

Last episode, it was established that Ou Chen and Xia Mo are definitely not siblings! So thankfully, we don’t have to worry about issues of incest or stuffs.  So far, we have resolved the following:

1. Xiao Cheng is Xia Ge’s son.
2. Xiao Cheng is Xia Mo’s half-brother.
3. But then, Ou Chen is also Xia Ge’s son.
4. Therefore, Xiao Cheng is also Ou Chen’s half-brother.

This drama is just plain twisted. I really hope nobody snaps and goes crazy in the end. Well, Xia Mo might. Who knows?

Episode 11 Recap

Sheng Qiang finally succeeds in striking a fatal blow at Luo Xi’s well-built walls. The harsh reality  sinks in. Now, he fully understands that Xia Mo is already somebody’s bride and he may lose her forever.  Without saying a word, he walks off. And right on cue, Xia Ge gets a call from Xi Meng.

Moved by his Young Master’s genuine love for Xia Mo, Xi Meng finally gives in and confesses to Xia Ge that  Ou Chen is his son. Of course, Xia Ge finds the revelation unbelievable as it is  senseless.  He gets riled up and warns Xi Meng not to make up some lies. But Xi Meng remains adamant, insisting that all of the news about Ou family were just fabricated lies.  And he decided to spill the beans coz he knows Ou Chen wants his “Dad” in this momentous occasion.

Meanwhile, Xia Mo and the rest of the gang are on their way to the wedding, when “somebody” blocks their way. And that somebody is…. (drum roll) Luo Xi.

And straight away, Luo Xi says his piece, taking all the risks and wishing for  some miracle. He knows too well that no matter how much he begs, Xia Mo won’t change her mind. No matter how hurt and miserable he might be, she won’t care. She won’t budge, not even a little.  But despite this, he hoped.

Luo Xi: I came to ask you to marry me.

Xia Mo: What are you saying?

Luo Xi: I came before you marry Ou Chen… to ask you marry me.

Xia Mo: Are you crazy?

Luo Xi: Maybe, I was planning not to come, because I knew that e it would’ve been useless. But last night I have a dream. I dreamed that… I died. Right before I die, I wanted to finish the things I want to do. Xia Mo, do you know a long, long, long time ago I already proposed to you?

Xia Mo: What nonsense are you saying? How can you die?

Luo Xi: Why not? Because in this world, there is nothing for me to live on for.

Xia Mo: Are you threatening me?

Luo Xi: If you  feel that way, then yes.

Xia Mo: But it’s useless because I love him.

And Xia Mo’s next words pierces through Luo Xi’s already broken heart. She spits that she indeed loved Ou Chen. Her feelings for him never wavered, never forgotten.  Besides, she already warned Luo Xi before. Everybody else deserves to be loved, but not her. She ‘s got a  heart of rigid stone and she will only hurt him more. Luo Xi refuses to believe such lies. He stood there, unyielding, firmly believing that Xia Mo loved him. It hurts to think that all those promises were lies.

Luo Xi’s tears falls silently. In a calm, dead voice he wonders if when he dies, Xia Mo will still marry Ou Chen. Now, it’s Xia Mo’s turn to get scared. Is he really going to die? Luo Xi flashes a mocking smile. He arrogantly assures Xia Mo that he won’t give up his life for her. The world is magnificent and beautiful, and she’s not worth dying for. He’ll definitely live well, patiently waiting for her regrets. So, she mustn’t expect that he’ll wish her happiness.

After Luo Xi went off, Xiao Cheng suggests that they tell Ou Chen to give her more time to think.  With his sister’s reaction, he senses that something is wrong. But Xia Mo shoves the topic off and smiles as if nothing happened.

Undoubtedly, Ou Chen is the happiest of all grooms. He is actually smiling now. Not the mocking, arrogant, forced smile but the real one. After a few more hours, she’ll be his wife. Finally, she’ll be with him forever. His vibrant mien is apparent for everyone to see.  He gladly welcomes every best wishes and congratulations. I really think he deserves to be happy! Team Ou Chen all the way!

While Ou Chen is exceedingly buoyant, Luo Xi is terribly suffering from hopelessness. He remembers every happy times, every promises made, every dreams built.

Like an excited little boy, Ou Chen runs towards his bride and carries her all the way through the long red carpet. But Xia Mo just can’t get Luo Xi’s words out of her system, as she appears troubled and disturbed. Ou Chen sees her puzzled reaction and assumes that she’s nervous like him. And so he shares that he’s actually tensed. He’s afraid that this is all just a dream. Xia Mo soothes his worries and consoles that even if it were a dream, she’ll stay by his side.

Luo Xi arrives at the shooting site and it seems he’ll be filming a very dangerous scene (they’ll be working with bombs and explosives).  Shen Qiang and other staffs continuously reminds him to be extra careful, but his mind  is  just wandering off to somewhere. To some wedding, maybe?

At the wedding, Xia Mo’s phone rings. Zhen En reads the caller’s name- Luo Xi. She just can’t let Xia Mo receive the call. Xia Mo can’t back out now. Xiao Cheng’s health is far more important.  With a heavy heart, Zhen En  rejects the call.

Ou Chen is much enthusiastic. If he could just fast-forward everything, he would. The ceremony is then momentarily interrupted by Xia Ge’s dramatic, slow-mo, shoes-first-then-face entrance. And when it was Xia Mo’s time to say her “I do”, the congregation fell silent. She seems so unsure and Ou Chen starts to feel perturbed. After a long agonizing minute, or two, Xia Mo finally drops the coveted two words.  Ha! Team Ou Chen wins!

After a few more failed calls, Luo Xi finally concedes defeat. His mind resolved. And then… BOOM! It all happened so fast. Luo Xi actually stepped towards the explosives!  The staff stood frozen looking at Luo Xi’s wounded and seemingly lifeless body. Shen Qiang’s cries echoes in the air.

Another picture perfect! The wedding ceremony is finally over.

Looking from afar, Xia Ge and Xi Meng discuss on what will happen next. Xi Meng asks Xia Ge  when will he tell Ou Chen the truth. But Xia Ge casually replies that they just have to keep it a secret. He resolves that Ou Chen is too high classed to have a father like him. And  besides, he was already used to being alone and he doesn’t know how to be in a family. Xi Meng can only stare at his retreating back. Xi Meng: “In the end, you could let it go easier than me”.

Wedding night. Okay, so this is awkward. Ou Chen waits inside the room.  Xia Mo just finished her bath and tells Ou Chen to prepare . But he has other plans. They won’t be doing “it” tonight. He’ll be staying at the next room. Xia Mo is taken aback. Xia Mo:  “You don’t have to do this”.  But Ou Chen already made up his mind. Since tomorrow is Xiao Cheng’s operation, they both need rest. And for sure, they’ll have more chances in the future.

Alone in the room, Xia Mo weighs if her decisions were right. She looks at Xiao Cheng’s photo  and is convinced that she made the right choice.

After hearing the news, Xia Ge anxiously rushes to the hospital.  Luo Xi is still unconscious and Shen Qiang’s becoming more and more hysterical.

Luo Xi’s words keeps haunting Xia Mo, even in her dreams.  She may not be the rigid stone that Luo Xi described after all. She constantly convinces herself that Luo Xi is just bluffing, nobody will die. Over and over she reminds herself that she is already Ou Chen’s wife and must not think of other people.

Day of surgery. Xiao Cheng is feeling confident and optimistic. He won’t die coz he’ll see Xia Mo and Ou Chen’s baby grow up. He then asks a favor from Ou Chen. He wants to know who the donor is and personally thank him for the kidney. But Ou Chen regretfully informs Xiao Cheng that the donor wants to remain anonymous. And maybe, it is the donor  who needs to thank Xiao Cheng for giving him a “chance”.

On the way to the operating room, the group bumps into the furious Shen Qiang. And out of anger, she tries to slap Xia Mo. Thankfully, Ou Chen blocks the hit. And Shen Qiang’s rage intensifies. She promises that she’ll never let Xia Mo live a good life. Karma will surely come. Hearing Shen Qiang’s spiteful words, Ou Chen then vows to make her regret everything she said.

But Shen Qiang is ready for battle. Nothing can scare her, not even Young Master Ou Chen. She directs her attention to Ou Chen and insultingly spouts that he was only caught in Xia Mo’s manipulative grasps. She didn’t marry him for love. Someday,  when someone wealthier and has higher status appears, she’ll definitely betray him. And by then, he’ll reap twice the pain that Luo Xi suffered today. This gets  Xia Mo worried. What the hell happened to Luo Xi?

Shen Qiang is quite surprised. Xia Mo is actually worried for Luo Xi?  That’s quite odd. And so she relays what happened. On the day she was married, Luo Xi got himself hurt during the filming. And it was all because of Xia Mo. He’s still unconscious and may not survive. He tried to call Xia Mo many times, but she never answered. If Xia Mo really had a heart, she must try to wake him up.

Knowing this, Xia Mo immediately prepares to leave, but Ou Chen stops her. With a determined look, Xia Mo brushes off his hand and goes to find Luo Xi.

Whether Shen Qiang acknowledges it or not, her last hope is Xia Mo. She’s hoping against hope that through Xia Mo, he’ll find the will to live again.

Xia Mo: How much do you hate me? Do you hate me this much that you have to use this kind of method to declare your victory? Do  you really think you’ve won? I didn’t care about you, even if you die, how would it hurt me? Can you really cruelly send me to hell like this? Wake up! Your lying here, not even moving, don’t you think you’re acting really stupid?

Hearing Xia Mo’s cold words, Shen Qiang is enraged. Just then Jenny comes by and overhears everything. Jenny defends that Xia Mo is also suffering, she’s actually hurt.  Shen Qiang is quite  sickened, how can Xia Mo be in pain ? She doesn’t even shed a single tear!

But Xia Mo is oblivious to her surroundings. She’s too preoccupied to hear Shen Qiang’s tirades.

Xia Mo: I know you’re just using death to get back at me. But you’re really being stupid, because even if you die, it won’t scare me, you know?

Guilt-stricken, Zhen En blames herself for Luo Xi’s attempted suicide. She knows that Luo Xi kept on calling Xia Mo’s phone. But then she never bothered to tell Xia Mo. She believed that Ou Chen can only save Xiao Cheng.  She thought that as long as Xiao Cheng is saved, everything is alright. But she ‘s wrong. Xia Mo married somebody she didn’t like and Luo Xi got in accident.

All the while, Xiao Cheng and Ou Chen overhears Zhen En’s emotional outburst.

Knowing her sister’s sacrifice, Xiao Cheng refuses the surgery. He’d rather die than suck Xia Mo’s happiness. Yes, he knows that her sister accepted the marriage coz she loves him very much, but nevertheless he won’t agree.

Xia Mo’s strength is drained. This is just too much! She breaks down and faints.

At the operation room, another soul is also torned.

Young Ou Chen: Where’s your family? Your family’s not here to accompany you? Besides that nurse there is no one. Didn’t you marry? Where’s your wife? There is still no one here. You are very immature to use this kind of method. Your last hope is also about  to be shattered. Even if you try your hardest, it’s all wasted energy. Just give up everything.  Accept your fate.

Ou Chen: No,  I won’t give up.

Just then, a frantic Zhen En bangs the door. Xia Mo fainted! The surgery is canceled. And Ou Chen instantly rushes to Xia Mo’s room. He’s a bit angry at Xiao Cheng’s  stubborn behaviour. But Xiao Cheng proves to be as hardheaded as her sister. Xiao Cheng: “I don’t want your help. I want sister’s happiness”.

Xiao Cheng walks towards Luo Xi’s room and apologizes. It’s all his fault. It was all  just a deal. In exchange of a kidney, Xia Mo agreed to marry Ou Chen. And now, sister is also sick. He touches Luo Xi’s hand, as if giving him support. Xiao Cheng: “You must get better and  take care of sister in the future”. And somehow Luo Xi fingers moved! Maybe, he’s not unconscious at all!

Outside the door, Zhen En and Shen Qiang listens to Xiao Cheng’s sentiments. Later that night, Shen Qiang sits beside the still unresponsive Luo Xi. Shen Qiang: “Luo Xi, if you never wake up, Xia Mo may not  also recover”.

Ou Chen holds Xia Mo’s hands. Ou Chen: “No, I’m not wrong. I won’t regret.  Xia Mo, as long as you wake up, I’ll do anything”. And just then Xia Mo awakens in tears. It’s as if she had been in the most horrendous nightmare. She calls out for her mother, begging her to save Xiao Cheng. He’s the only one she had left. And she’s scared to be alone.

Ou Chen lends his shoulders. He promises that he won’t let Xiao Cheng die. But somehow Xia Mo thinks she’s still in a dream. She sees him as Luo Xi. She stares right back at his face and in  misery asks for his forgiveness. It’s Ou Chen!!!

Of course, Ou Chen is hurt. He looks at her in pained disbelief. She continues her disillusions and remarks that maybe he’s punishing her. She hurt him for Xiao Cheng that’s why the heavens want to take Xiao Cheng from her.

Ou Chen: The one that must be punished is me. It’s me who used marriage so Lou Xi would get hurt. Xiao Cheng rejected the surgery. It’s all  because I’m too selfish.

Finally, she recognizes Ou Chen!

Xia Mo: The selfish one is really me. For Xiao Cheng, I know I would hurt Luo Xi, but still I broke up with him. I didn’t know marrying you can give the same amount of pain. I also knew that even with the kidney, Xiao Cheng can still die, but still I tried to follow that path.

Ou Chen: I don’t care. You weren’t wrong. The one who did wrong was me. It was I who wanted too much. It was me who was overbearing that.

Xia Mo: Maybe after I leave I could always be with mom and Xiao Cheng and Luo Xi, but only you Ou Chen. I’m sorry to leave you all by yourself.

This is just too sad. Everybody suffers from guilt. 😦

For Xia Mo’s sake, Ou Chen is driven to mend his selfish ways. He actually drafted and signed the divorce papers. This is funny. They just got married yesterday. And now, he’s actually planning a divorce? What’s this a 24-hour marriage? This is not Vegas people!

Well, as far as Ou Chen is concerned, a divorce is the only way for Xiao Cheng to agree with the surgery. But Xiao Cheng remains steadfast. He can’t agree to Ou Chen’s deal. He just can’t let him lose a kidney and lose Xia Mo too. It would be too unfair. And if Sister knew, she would feel worse.  And no matter how much Ou Chen tries to convince Xiao Cheng, he can’t seem to be persuaded. And all Ou Chen can do is beg for Xiao Cheng to save Xia Mo.

Ou Chen: All her pains were caused by me, and the only thing I can do for her is the surgery. I’m not asking you to understand me,I just wish that you would give me a chance. Give me a chance to pay her back.

Summer’s Desire Episode 10

This is the shortest episode so far. But the superb display of acting prowess sure compensates the brevity! Peter Ho really nailed this one! I’m already looking forward to the next episode. Yepee!

Episode 10 Recap

So the episode opens with yet another emotional moment for Luo Xi. He has been totally consumed with the news of Ou Chen and Xia Mo’s marriage. Can’t blame him though, her girlfriend got stolen from him right before his very eyes.

Jenny and Xia Ge worries for his emotional state. Like adding insult to injury,   Xia Mo and Luo Xi’s projects together vanished from the public eye. And Luo Xi can only resolve on playing that one song that Xia Mo loves to sing. Can’t remember the title. It has something to do with diamonds. Anyways, when Xia Ge hears him play, he was surprised that Luo Xi knows the song. Jenny answers that Xia Mo taught him that. Another hint of Xia Ge’s big connection to Xia Mo’s life.

Just as Ou Chen promised, Xia Mo’s ill  media reputation is  cleared. And Xiao Cheng proves to be the happiest to hear about it. But then,  he continues to wonder why the wedding date is set in a hurry.  And Xia Mo answers him with a blunt lie, saying that she loves Ou Chen. Xiao Cheng remains confused. Didn’t Sister swear that she’ll never forgive Ou Chen? Xia Mo smiles, assuring that the past should be forgotten and Xiao Cheng should be used to have Ou Chen around since he’ll be part of the family soon.

Ou Chen visits Xiao Cheng frequently. Each time he brings lots of art books. At this particular day, he finds Xiao Cheng  sketching some drawings. He thus, warns  Xiao Cheng not to tire himself or Xia Mo will worry. Xiao Cheng can’t seem to resist though, and frankly inquires Ou Chen  about the abrupt marriage. Ou Chen is taken aback and asks if Xiao Cheng already talked with Xia Mo about this. Xiao Cheng affirms that he did and Xia Mo says  it’s  because she likes Ou Chen. Ou Chen is quite caught in a happy surprise. And so, Ou Chen casually jokes that why else would they marry if the didn’t love each other.

Next, we see Xia Mo thanking  Ou Chen for “cooperating”. Ou Chen is baffled, hurt that while he was being sincere, Xia Mo is just pretending everything. Xi Meng overhears the conversation and calls “somebody” to publish Xia Mo’s dark past.

And Xia Mo’s complicated family background is released for public exploitation. The  tabloid magazine seems to have discovered everything, exposing every nooks and crooks of Xia Mo’s past.  Shen Qiang is clearly pleased with the news and prods Luo Xi about it. Luo Xi, who always appears  nonchalance in front of her, scoffs at her unprofessional attitude towards a fellow artist. He angrily retorts that though Xia Mo may not be perfect, but at least she doesn’t bad mouth other people behind their backs.

Shen Qiang is enraged! She can’t believe it! After being betrayed, Luo Xi still chooses to defend Xia Mo? Luo Xi refuses to hear her abusive nagging and walks away. All the while, Xia Ge overhears everything and  appears troubled and confused.

Just when the issue on “gold-digging” is tidied, another rumour appears again.  Somehow, Zhen En finds  it suspicious that Xia Mo is always being targeted by this particular reporter, Hua Jin. It seems that Xia Mo also notices the odd concurrence and feels that Hua Jin knows her personally. However, she can’t quite establish some connection.

At the Ou Co. Head Office, Xi Meng finds Ou Chen sleeping on the couch.  Xi Meng covers him with his coat just to give him more time to rest, but this just wakes Ou Chen up.  Without beating around the bush, Ou Chen instructs Xi Meng to buy out Orange Newspaper and Bao Magazine. Well, these tabloids published the news about Xia Mo’s background, so definitely they should be eliminated. Despite Xi Meng’s protests, Ou Chen is settled on doing the process.

However, Xi Meng can’t contain it any longer and expresses disapproval in Xia Mo’s complex family background. Ou Chen simply retorts that still, her family is not as complicated as his. Of course, Xi Meng is surprised that Ou Chen can say such ludicrous thing.

And so, Ou Chen asks if Xi Meng already told his parents about the marriage.  Xi Meng counters that this matter is very important and has to be discussed in an official meeting. Ou Chen smiles and boldly declares that if  his parents oppose the marriage, then he can just give up being the heir.

At the hospital, Xiao Cheng insists on going shopping. Though Xia Mo is  reluctant, she is forced to concede. Xiao Cheng then brings Xia Mo to a fashion boutique and shows her  the custom-made wedding gown he designed. He then lovingly promises to make her the prettiest bride.

Coincidence or not, Luo Xi and Shen Qiang are at the same boutique, surrounded by a swarm of paparazzi. Shen Qiang sees the gown and desperately wants to buy it for herself, even to the extent of paying for it in ten times the price.  Of course, the shopkeeper says that it’s not for sale coz it was designed by a costumer. And so, it was discovered that Xia Mo owns the gown.

Shen Qiang then insultingly sneers on the irony of Xia Mo wearing a simple gown when she’ll soon be married to a rich family. And the paparazzi switches gear and now crowds around Xia Mo and Xiao Cheng. The siblings try to escape and avoid media attention, but somehow Xiao Cheng trips.

As Xia Mo struggles to pull little brother up, Luo Xi tries to help them out.  But Shen Qiang convinces him not to interfere since Xia Mo already chose to leave him. But habits do die hard, and Luo Xi instinctively  saves Xia Mo and grabs the attention with an inclusive interview.

But then an ugly reporter butts in. He harasses Xia Mo and accuses her for   being the rumored child prostitute. No matter how Xia Mo denies and warns the ugly reporter, he just keeps on pushing the line. But when he gets to insult her mother, Xia Mo snaps and  slaps his ugly face. This got ugly reporter so riled up that he vows to destroy Xia Mo.

But Xia Mo doesn’t care. She knows no one will believe him.  He’s just a bastard who talks rubbish. He ends up insulting her more, saying she’s  the real bastard. Her mother even committed suicide for a man. Thankfully, Luo Xi comes to the rescue and coolly calls for security. He reminds the paparazzi of the interview and adds that he’ll be  treating them for coffee. Before he leaves, he warns ugly reporter not to tag along  for coffee and for other future meetings.

When everybody else leaves, Fang Jin Hua pops out of no where.  Like all antagonists, she says her antagonistic lines and swears to put Xia Mo down. I still can’t believe after all those years, she’s still ugly. I wonder why she didn’t resort to plastic surgery? Haha!

Just then, Ou Chen’s hired driver comes in and offers a ride. It seems that Ou Chen already anticipated this sort of things and have a driver follow them around just in case. Instead of going back to the hospital, Ou Chen instructs the driver to bring them somewhere else. To their old school? I don’t know, but Xia Cheng seems happy to be there.

Ou Chen has been waiting for them there . He then talks with Xiao Cheng about Xia Mo’s gown. Ou Chen kindly agrees to use Xiao Cheng’s design, and guarantees to hire the best clothes maker in the country. Apparently, Xiao Cheng is much ecstatic to hear the good news.  It seems that Ou Chen readily consents, but  in one condition. What can it be?

Next, Xiao Cheng is in the boutique waiting for Xia Mo. So, we assume that the wedding gown is already done. Xia Mo is surprised to see little bro and so he excitedly replies that he  doesn’t want to be late in seeing Xia Mo wear her wedding gown than Ou Chen. Ahhh, so the condition was: Ou Chen wants to be the first to see Xia Mo wear the wedding gown.

Too bad, this scene wasn’t exaggerated. I though they’ll be having this in slow-mo. Haha! Anyways,  Ou Chen is awestruck seeing Xia Mo in the gown.  Looking at her, it seems that everything is real. Soon, very soon, she’ll forever be his wife.

And completing the beautiful gown is one of his family’s treasured heirloom, an elegant necklace. He then carefully put it on her.

Ou Chen: Will you regret it? Xia Mo, whether you regret it or not, in this life you are still my bride.

Xia Mo: Why do you treat me so well when I treated you that way?

And then silence. Feeling like in some sort of a trance, Ou Chen tips Xia Mo’s chin for a spur of the moment kiss. But Xia Mo is still too uncomfortable for such intimacy and stops him. Another failed attempt for Ou Chen!

After the gown fitting, Xiao Cheng and Xia Mo prepares to leave. Xiao Cheng volunteers to go back to the hospital alone and give the soon-to-be-married couple some privacy. Little bro seems to get used to Ou Chen already. Yay! He’s even pretty excited for  the wedding and wants to invite his classmates to see her beautiful sis and brother-in-law. Of course, the word “brother-in-law” warms Ou Chen’s heart. It would be the first time, somebody actually acknowledged him as part of the family.

Before they could leave, an unfortunate news report flashes on the screen. Ou Chen turns the TV off, but Xia Mo stubbornly turned it on again. With that, Xia Mo is once again haunted by the cruel past.  Five years ago, she was detained for injuring someone and was sentenced to at least 3 years imprisonment. Somehow, because of some connections, she managed to be pardoned. Even her records were erased, except for the personal items collection form.

Ou Chen then guarantees to take care of the fake news. But Xia Mo is already outraged, her hatred towards Ou Chen takes control.

Xia Mo: Perhaps you haven’t really fully recovered your memory?

Ou Chen: I don’t understand. Unless… you were really….

Xia Mo: Weren’t it all arranged by you or have you completely forgotten?

Xia Mo grabs Xiao Cheng’s hand and walks off, but Ou Chen blocks their way. He’s totally confused. He demands that Xia Mo tells him what really happened and why on earth is she blaming him again.

Xia Mo: Reclaiming the house. Chasing us out. Weren’t those arranged by you? You even  got those kind of people to humiliate me.

~Then Flashback~

Xiao Cheng survives the car accident. But somehow, the death of their foster parents isn’t the only tragedy the “siblings” has yet to face. With Xiao Cheng’s hospital bills, they are now completely broke. Worst, Ou Corporation issues repossession of their house and the court rules for immediate evacuation. That’s just great! They’ve already been orphaned for the 2nd time, they have no money and later, will have no house to stay! Xia Mo struggles to keep her composure intact. She can’t breakdown now. She knows Xiao Cheng needs her more than ever.

When they got home, some goons are already packing everything. Xia Mo is quite furious. They still have 1 more month to evacuate!  But the goons sure are ruthless and claims that all these were ordered by Ou Corporation.  When the gang leader callously harasses Xia Mo, Xiao Cheng tries to rescue her. The siblings finally succeeded to get away and run, but soon after, Xiao Cheng’s condition is getting a hold of him. He  looses his footing and the goons catches up to them.

This time, the goons try to hurt Xiao Cheng. Xia Mo then pleads to let Xiao Cheng go and promises to let them have everything. But gang leader refuses and  wants  Xiao Cheng instead. This can’t be! Xia Mo  stumbles upon a brick, and whacks gang leader in the head.

~End of Flashback~

After hearing the story, Ou Chen insists that he won’t do something like that. He may not remember everything, but he knows he will not do something that will hurt her. But all his denials fall in deaf ears. Xia Mo won’t waver.

When Xia Mo and Xiao Cheng were gone, Ou Chen immediately demands some explanation from Xi Meng. And without second thoughts, Xi Meng admits that he was indeed responsible for everything. Ou Chen is quite disappointed. Why would Xi Meng exert such efforts to hurt a pitiful girl?

Now, Ou Chen finally understands the logic behind everything. It was Xi Meng who pushed Shu Er to kidnap Xia Mo.  It was Xi Meng who instructed  Hui Ni to ruin Xia Mo’s reputation. And he even agreed to publish those negative write-ups! Xi Meng planned it all. Xi Meng doesn’t even bother to make up some excuses and lies. He did all those because  he didn’t like Xia Mo. She hurt Ou Chen in the past and doesn’t want her to be in his life again.

Ou Chen is beyond infuriated. All these time, Ou Chen has been giving Xi Meng chances, but still he didn’t tell him everything. Xi Meng still sets up so many things behind his back. Not only with Xia Mo, but also with the thing about his “family”. It seems that when Xi Meng was away, Ou Chen made an investigation on his family’s affairs.

He guesses that when he was sick, his “fake” parents used the time to escape. He found out that his “father” was a gambler and his “mother” has a lover. They were becoming a burden to Ou Co.  so Xi Meng drove them away. His “family” has already been destroyed a long time ago.

He reckons that his birthday presents and letters were just obligatory tasks and they’ve already lost their love for him. Xi Meng reasons that they just don’t know how to treat him. But Ou Chen angrily retorts that Xi Meng doesn’t have to do those things cause a love that has to be pleaded for makes him more pathetic. Xi Meng then is forced to tell the truth.

Then flashbacks of the time when the contract came about. It’s quite silly really. Every minor detail is put into writing. The bonding time, the vacation time, the living conditions. Huh?!

The truth really hurts. For a moment, Ou Chen can’t utter words. He  then asks who  his really mother is. Xi Meng is kind enough to show him the picture of the real Ou Xing Ya.  Xi Meng fondly relays that Xing Ya always tied on a green lace since her teens. It was her trade mark.And he never thought the Ou Chen would also make a green lace.

But sadly her life was a tragedy. She never accepted proposals of wealthy men, and fell in love with a Casanova. When she gave birth, she kept on trying to escape. In the end she took her own life, making Ou Chen the only heir to Ou family line and successor to Ou Corporation. And for Ou Chen to grow up happily, Old Master and Xi Meng arranged a fake family for him.

Ou Chen bitterly laughs in disbelief.

Ou Chen: This is the most ridiculous thing in the whole world. In order for me to get your so-called happiness, all of you lied to me?!

Xi Meng: We just don’t want you to grow up feeling alone.

Ou Chen: Since I was young, I felt something was strange,  I had so much, but I always felt so empty. My life is merely a contract penned by you. There is no highly regarded Ou Family. No Old Master and Madam. There isn’t even a family!

And to fully disclose the whole charade of lies, Ou Chen asks who is his real father. Even with Ou Chen’s pained expression, Xi Meng can’t seem to tell him. Though he’s terribly sorry for what he did, he still promised Old Master that he wouldn’t let Ou Chen know his biological father or acknowledge his presence.

Knowing the extent of how unreal his life has been, Ou Chen walks off and goes for an evening drive, only stopping at a seemingly isolated  site under the bridge. There, he lets go of all the suppressed  emotions.  He breaks down, helpless and fragile.

Young Ou Chen: I never though that I would become like this when I grow up. Ou Chen I really pity you. You’ve work so hard. But in the end, you’re still so tragic. You have no friends. No family. You even had to use underhanded means to get your wife. Why is your life so fake? So empty? Perhaps this is your destiny. You’ll forever live in a lie. You’ll never be happy.

Just to make things right, Xi Meng clarifies things with Xia Mo.  He spills the beans once and for all, owning up that everything was his decision. Xia Mo find it hard to believe him though. But Xi Meng insists and tells  her  that he saw what she did to Ou Chen the night they broke up. Ou Chen waited for her outside for hours.  And when he realized that she’ll never change her mind, he insisted to drive and later, got in an accident. Xia Mo is too shocked to comprehend. So, the accident  was not plainly a coincidence?

Xi Meng frankly tells her that she was the reason why Ou Chen almost lost his life.  Xi Meng adds that when Ou Chen met her, he also like her a lot. She changed Ou Chen. With her, Ou Chen started to smile. He always looked forward to meeting her and made small gifts. But that night, she was cruel and cold.  Ou Chen was in coma for 2 months and almost died.  So Xi Meng, decided to make her pay for what she had done. But somehow, he didn’t expect that his decisions will  cause  dire results.  Though it may be late to apologize, still he wants to extend his deepest regrets. He takes full responsibilities for what he did and begs that she believes Ou Chen won’t take revenge on her. Ou Chen loves her with all his life and wouldn’t   or rather couldn’t, cause her pain. So she must treasure his feelings and not hurt him again or he  won’t be able to stand it any longer.

After pouring out all emotional burdens, Ou Chen finally decides to come home. Xi Meng anxiously waits for him.  This time, Xi Meng knows that he couldn’t stay with his Young Master any more. Xi Meng, gives Ou Chen the key to his mother’s dance studio,  where the last of her memories remain. But Ou Chen just throws it away. Ou Chen  appears indifferent and casually accepts Xi Meng’s  resignation, and gives him his last assignment: bring his parents back immediately.

Meanwhile, at a bar, Luo Xi drowns himself in liquor.  Shen Qiang continues to pester him and sneers at his silly antics, saying that Xia Mo isn’t worthy to be depressed about, since she just used him, just like she used Shu Er and Hui Ni. The only difference is, Luo Xi’s the most pathetic of the three.  Luo Xi can’t even find the strength to defend himself and walks away.

He requested Xia Ge to push his schedule. Xia Ge readily agrees, but there’s one scene he must re-shoot for  the movie “The Worlds Greatest Event”  on the 25th. Luo Xi finds the  odds amusing. Why on the 25th? It’s set on the same day with Xia Mo’s marriage. Xia Ge apologizes for imposing and advises on not thinking about the dates too much. Luo Xi then, brushes the topic off and passively remarks that maybe the 25th is such a lucky day, both for filming and marriage. He takes the leave and walks off. Shen Qiang tries to follow after, but Xia Ge stops her: “some wounds needed to heal on its own”.

Alone, Luo Xi remembers Xia Mo’s lines about violence. That time, he didn’t get to know what really happened in the past.

Luo Xi: (In voice over) So you were detained. With your level of tolerance, you were really forced to hit someone. I want to see you. I want to know what happened.

And now for the moment of truth, Xia Mo comes by and tell Ou Chen of her decisions.

Ou Chen: If you came today because you can’t forgive me for the past, and you want to cancel the wedding, I won’t agree to it. I’ll compensate you for all the hurt I caused. I’ll make you happy. I wont’ let you be scared, sad or cry. I’ll do my best to make you the happiest person. *And then hugs her. Awww* So don’t cancel the wedding. Dont push me to hell just when I’m  finally within grasp of  a happiness that’s real in my life.

Xia Mo tries to pull away, but Ou Chen won’t let her. And so she tells him that she actually came to apologize.  She knows the truth and is sorry that she misunderstood everything. Ou Chen lovingly adds that the past is not important. She must only remember that he’ll do his very best to make her the happiest person in the world and promises that their happiness will remain real. Ou Chen’s pre-wedding vows somehow moved Xia Mo’s almost cold heart and smiled. But then again, she still lingers to her promises with Luo Xi and her smile suddenly vanished. Can’t get over with it, ne?

The next day (or the next scene), we find the fake parents feeling nervous and awkward facing their “son”.  He frankly tells them that they are already relieved from the contract and can now begin living their own lives. As for Xi Meng, though he did those cruel things, Ou Chen still thanks him for saving Xia Mo from detention.  He won’t arrange for  Xi Meng’s employment coz it’ll just be a humiliation to him. With Xi Meng’s ability, he’s sure that in no time they’ll meet  again in the business world. It really broke my heart when Ou Chen leaves and walks away. Argg, the controlled feelings are just unbearable.

The night before the wedding, Pan Nan greatly worries for Luo Xi and calls to check if he’s alright. Luo Xi sarcastically asks  if he says he’s not, will she accompany him tomorrow. Of course, she can’t. She’ll be attending the wedding of the year! But still, Luo Xi persists, begging that he just doesn’t want to be  alone. And so Pan Nan, reminds Luo Xi that he’s just out of love. It’s not like it’s the end of the world. Luo Xi sadly asks:  “What if it is? What if tomorrow really is the end of the world?” Then hangs up.

Back to the Ou mansion, Ou Chen sets for a solitary target shooting. Just to clear his mind for the wedding, I guess. Then he sees Xi Meng leaving. This separation is quite painful for Ou Chen too. Xi Meng has been a good mentor and “friend” since he was young. He may even be the only person he considered a family.  When Xi Meng’s car drove off, Ou Chen sadly stares at the car, looking disappointed and regretful.

Wedding day! Everybody’s pretty hyped up. Xia Mo looks glamorous as the blushing bride. Pan Nan and Zhen En, the ever supportive friends, are of course present for the big day. Xiao Cheng joins the group and happily wishes big sister a happy marriage.

Meanwhile, Xi Meng comes by the office for some last-minute check-up. Just then, a random employee hands over some stuffs, included is  a wedding invitation. It seems that despite everything, Ou Chen still looks up to him as a teacher and wants Xi Meng to witness the happiest moment of his life. Xi Meng can’t believe that Ou Chen can easily forgive him and cries in regrets .

Back to the Nagging again! Shen Qiang still plagues Luo Xi with her endless rants . She’s so worked up after knowing that the court  already issued the order for Luo Xi to pay the damages when he rejected the Battle Flags. Xia Ge  consoles that they should just think of future cooperation and projects.

But Shen Qiang isn’t as optimistic. This may just wipe everything that Luo Xi worked for.  But the thing that she’s most angry at is Luo Xi’s relaxed and serene expression. She tries to put some sense in him and spits that he must deal with reality,  sacrificing won’t make Xia Mo change her mind. She is even going to be married to Ou Chen today!

Summer’s Desire Episode 9

The table is drastically turned! The once composed and calm Xia Mo is now filled with unfathomable fear and anxiety. The famous super star who always flaunts his arrogant smile, now cries with tears of dejection and hopelessness. Young master Ou Chen, who was merely a bystander before, now steps forward to reclaim his throne.

Episode 9 Recap

The Episode starts off with a straightforward continuation of the last scene. With Ou Chen’s absolute refusal, Xia Mo can only desperately beg. She’s quite distraught. Why can’t Ou Chen understand? What happened in the past is not Xiao Cheng’s fault.  If someone deserves some revenge, it has to be her. Ou Chen simply retorts that it doesn’t matter if she thinks he’s doing this for revenge or not, all he wanted is to hurt her the same way she wounded him under that cherry blossom tree. (Then flashbacks of the heartbreaking scene in Episode 7)

And under such terrible state, with Xiao Cheng badly needing a kidney transplant, Xia Mo swallows her pride and humbly kneels, begging… pleading for Ou Chen. Even with this, Ou Chen remains unmoved. Outraged, Xia Mo cannot think of anything else. She has nothing to bargain and he has nothing to lose…Unless… she dies.

Xia Mo: Since I’m the one who owes this debt, I should be the one paying. Or. Will you only be satisfied if I die? Is that the condition you want?

Ou Chen can’t think straight. Xia Mo can’t die! He’s even frightened with the slightest of possibilities. And now, here she is, boldly saying she’ll give up her life just to have that blasted kidney?

Ou Chen: Are you threatening me?… Marry me. Marry me and I’ll give my kidney to Yin Cheng.

Xia Mo walks away with Ou Chen’s proposal still bugging in her head. Will she take the offer? Is she that desperate?  Her serious daydreaming is then cut short when she saw Luo Xi waiting for her.

Acting cool and passive, Luo Xi asks why Xia Mo didn’t bother to contact him nor answers his calls. He tentatively probes if maybe, just maybe, she’s mad because of his scandal with Shen Qiang. Xia Mo smiles and assures she’s not minding the gossip at all. She knows it’s not true. But Luo Xi pushes her patience a  little more and implies that the gossip may not be fake afterall. Xia Mo has no time for such drama, so she brushes the topic off.

Luo Xi: Are you so confident that other than you, I won’t fall with another woman? Or to you I am someone who you don’t care about, so you’re so indifferent?

Xia Mo: Is it wrong to trust you?

Luo Xi mockingly smiles. Xia Mo explains that she’s just busy with some stuffs, and  thus, wasn’t able to pay much attention to the scandal. Luo Xi continues to flare up, tipping-off that she’s just playing around with Ou Chen. And so Xia Mo spills that Xiao Cheng has been sick these past few days.

Though worried for Xiao Cheng, Luo Xi still lingers on the fact that she talked with Ou Chen. Dude, give the girl a break! Her brother is dying! Xia Mo defends that she has some business with Ou Chen and swears that they have nothing to do with each other.

Luo Xi reveals the pictures of Ou Chen and Xia Mo (the one she threw away during the awards night), and the issue on trusting-not-trusting is again brought into argument. Xia Mo reasons that she picked it up just to avoid media controversies. But insecure little Luo Xi misunderstood again!

Luo Xi: Let’s break up! It’s always me that’s being abandoned. So, this time it’s my turn to take the initiative.

Xia Mo: But I like you.

Luo Xi: I don’t believe you. Yin Xia Mo, you think that I can’t live without you?

Without even looking back, Luo Xi left, leaving a brokenhearted Xia Mo behind. He practically gives her away! Someone’s going to regret this someday!

The news about Luo Xi and Xia Mo’s break-up spreads like a virus. The speculations on Luo Xi and Shen Qiang’s blooming relationship, and even rumours of marriage, have been circling around.  The funny thing is, Luo Xi just sets the gossip off, never clarifying or denying anything. Xia Mo is neither deaf nor blind, so basically she knows what’s going on, but still Xiao Cheng comes first. There’s no time to deal with some self-centred jerk, and his bratty self-confessed girlfriend!

Xia Mo is busy finding other ways of getting a suitable kidney, and somehow she has one person in mind. Who could it be?! Mystery waiting to be solved, ne? Fortunately, Xia Mo might get hold of that person in an upcoming party. Without second thoughts, Xia Mo grabs the chance despite Zhen En’s reminder that Luo Xi and Shen Qiang will surely attend.

At the party. Xia Mo immediately looks for that important person. Pan Nan and Shu Er worries for Xia Mo’s presence in the party though. With the reporters around, the scandal surrounding Luo Xi, Shen Qiang and Xia Mo may blow out of proportions. But Xia Mo doesn’t care. Somebody, please just give her the freakin’kidney!

And now, we witness another dramatic entrance from Ou Chen. Haha! This guy sure knows how to grab attention! It seems that the party is hosted by Ou Corporation. And of course, he’ll be there!

An unexpected and unwanted intruder then visits the party and makes a scene. An Hui Ni,this girl never learns! Ever the scene-stealer, she attacks Xia Mo with spiteful words. But Xia Mo just smiles, unaffected and uncaring. She advises Hui Ni to stop the nonesense. Instead of bickering with Xia Mo, she must focus on redeeming her career. An Hui Ni walks off, but not forgetting to spatter some drinks on Xia Mo of course. Ah, the classic antagonist move.

Now, this is the perfect time for Ou Chen to rescue Xia Mo, who doesn’t need rescuing if you’ll ask me. He drags her away and instructs his assistant to get a new dress for her.  When they were alone, Ou Chen frankly questions her decision of leaving her brother at the hospital. Xia Mo  defends that she’s just attending the party for Xiao Cheng. Ou Chen is quite confused. Obviously, she’s not there to see him, so who could possibly help her now? Xia Mo admits that she’s rejecting his proposal and she’s there to see Xiao Cheng’s biological father, Yin Xia Bo aka Xia Ge. Yes, Luo Xi’s manager. Small world!

Now properly dressed for battle, Xia Mo re-enters the party in another dramatic entrance with Ou Chen. Haha! Ou Chen informs Xia Mo that the person she’s looking for is already there. He further offers to make the introductions. Xia Mo is confounded. Why is he helping her? He knows that when she could secure the kidney from Xia Ge, she will not agree on marrying him anymore. Ou Chen remains silent and extends his arm. Xia Mo then takes the  generous offer. On the other side of the room, Luo Xi looks alarmed and clearly upset.

Question: Didn’t Xia Mo and Xia Ge already met? Luo Xi already introduced them, right? After the necessary introductions, Xia Mo instantly requests for some time alone with Xia Ge. However, Shen Qiang keeps butting in and won’t allow for some private talk. Things are getting out of hand as Xia Mo desperately wants to have a conversation and She Qiang keeps on opposing. Thankfully, Luo Xi decides to drag Shen Qiang away.

With Shen Qiang gone, Ou Chen opens the topic about Xia Ge’s health. It seems that Xia Ge is already suffering from minor kidney failure and thereby, can’t donate his kidney for Xiao Cheng. Learning about this, Xia Mo is both disappointed and frustrated. Back to square 1!

Just then, Xia Mo receives a panic-stricken call from Zhen En. Xiao Cheng fainted! Without delay, Xia Mo leaves the party and Ou Chen chases her. Seeing Xia Mo’s reaction, Luo Xi knows something is not right and follows after.

Luo Xi searches for Xia Mo, but she’s already gone. Pan Nan sees his downhearted mien.  She can’t understand him at all. It’s a fact that he loves Xia Mo, but why does he purposely pushes her away with those rumours? Luo Xi then realizes his faults. But sad to say, it’s too late.

Meanwhile, Xia Mo cries nervously in Ou Chen’s car. Ou Chen feels for her, but can’t really figure out  why she just can’t accept his proposal.

Ou Chen: Didn’t you say before, for Yin Cheng you can give up your life. Is getting married to me even harder than death?

But Xia Mo can’t  hear anything. Her mind is completely filled with fear.

At the hospital: Xia Mo is greeted by a terrified Zhen En.  But Xia Mo is more horrified. Her brother just can’t die! Good thing, Zhen En is only overreacting. She’s much frightened that she called Xia Mo hysterically. The doctors say that Xia Cheng’s condition is stable for the time being.

Though relieved, Xia Mo still greatly worries for Xiao Cheng. She knows this is not the end.  Without the kidney, Xiao Cheng’s health will continue to deteriorate. She can’t risk it anymore. She held his hand, crying. All the while, Ou Chen looks at her distressed state.

This would be the first time Zhen En sees Xia Mo with such nervousness.  Xia Mo has  always been composed. Something must be wrong! But no matter how Zhen En prods, Xia Mo assures that Xiao Cheng is fine. Somehow, Zhen En just can’t believe her. Something must be really, really wrong!

Ou Chen can’t take it any longer. He can’t bear seeing Xia Mo looking lost and burdened.

Ou Chen: I’m willing to give up the condition I suggested. Did you hear  me? I’ve lost. I don’t want to be the devil that tortures you. I take back the condition I set. I’ll do what you want.

Xia Mo: I promise you. As long as you’re willing to donate to Yin Cheng, then let’s get married.

Luo Xi, who has been wandering around looking for Xia Mo, finally catches after her. But unfortunately, he overhears the conversation.  On the other hand, Zhen En, who follows Xia Mo, is overly shocked.

Now, this is the perfect time for Luo Xi to emote, ne? Brokenhearted and emotionally drained, Luo Xi goes back to his house. He reminisce the happy times. I hate to say this, but it’s your fault!

Xi Meng is back, armed with new strategies to break Ou Chen from Xia Mo’s clutches. He introduces the idea of finding a suitable marriage partner for young master, of which the latter just laughsand takes it as a joke. Ou Chen already decided, he’ll definitely marry Xia Mo. But Xi Meng can’t just stand there and allow young master to suffer again. He’ll even prevent this tragedy to happen.

Ou Chen: Tragedy? Do you know I want to end my life’s tragedy that’s why I’m marrying Xia Mo. I’ll never allow anyone to control my life anymore…including you.

After, witnessing the terrible scene, Luo Xi lays sick for 2 days. When he woke up, Shen Qiang  brags that she took care of him all these time. She frankly tells Luo Xi to give up on Xia Mo and shows the newspaper about Xia Mo’s marriage with Ou Chen.

The news breaks that Xia Mo is just marrying Ou Chen for money. Xiao Cheng reads about the news and asks Zhen En of what is really going on. He knows that his sister will never marry for money. Masking the  truth, Zhen En lies that Xia Mo wants to marry coz she loves Ou Chen.  Afterall, he is her first love. But Xiao Cheng remains reluctant.

Meanwhile, Ou Chen accompanies Xia Mo in buying books for Xiao Cheng. This scene is cute. He even volunteers to carry the basket for her. Aww..that’s something young masters  don’t usually do nowadays. He’s just too sweet. 🙂 Somehow,  Xia Mo accidentally reads about the negative news, and her expression didn’t escape Ou Chen’s watchful eyes.

Back to Luo Xi. So, basically he got so riled up with the news and decides to wear himself out with projects. Xia Ge, however, isn’t convinced about this and advises Luo Xi to talk things over with Xia Mo. Luo Xi won’t waver and stubbornly replies that he learns about the news directly from Xia Mo. Xia Ge contends that maybe all of these are just misunderstandings. Maybe, Xia Mo wants him to be jealous, just like the scandal with Shen Qiang. But still, Luo Xi won’t yield.

And Xia Ge ends up telling what really happened in the past. He once met and fell in love with a special woman before. Her family was rich and is against their relationship. One day, she saw him talking with a bar hostess and misunderstood. She just walks away. It was clear  that her family orchestrated everything, but he was also angry so he never explained. He was confident she’ll never leave him. But from then on, he never heard of her again. He doesn’t want Luo Xi to suffer from the same mistake, so Luo Xi must definitely patch things up.

I have a feeling, Xia Ge is talking about Ou Chen’s mom. Ahhh… so that’s why Xia Ge, Ou Chen and Xiao Cheng have the same blood type! So Ou Chen is really Xiao Cheng’s brother?! This is getting more complicated. Anyways, for sure Ou Chen and Xia Mo aren’t siblings.

At the car, Ou Chen guarantees to take care of the rumour. Xia Mo assures it’s okay. She already anticipated it. She’s just surprised that  the news came too early and apologizes for demanding too much from Ou Chen. He’s not a relative, but still she forces him to donate his kidney.  Ou Chen is silent for a while. Is she warming up to him? He then suggests to postpone the wedding date. Maybe, after Xiao Cheng’s operation or after she truly accepts him. Xia Mo kindly refutes. She already agreed, and besides the wedding preparations have been set.

Watching Xia Mo walk towards the hospital, Ou Chen mulls over things. Could it be true? Is this real? Is she really going to marry him?

Xia Mo greets Xiao Cheng with her usual smile. But she senses something odd. Zhen En just stands there, looking nervous and disturbed. As she turns to see, Luo Xi is there sitting comfortably. It seems that this reunion is inevitable.

Luo Xi says sorry for not visiting earlier and says he’ll definitely come by often for Xiao Cheng. However, Xia Mo firmly declines. Luo Xi is furious. Is she afraid that he’ll bump with Ou Chen? Without another word, he walks away.

But he can’t just throw this opportunity away. He stops midway and again apologizes. He casually relays that he met with producer of Super Star earlier.  He tries to remind Xia Mo of the happy times and sings the song they sang together. I still don’t know the title for that song!

Xia Mo smiles at the thought. Luo Xi turns serious and sadly wonders why after all the things he’s been through, even now, he’s always the one being given up. Xia Mo gently replies that he was the one who wanted to break up. Luo Xi smiles and answers that it was only a lovers quarrel. He only said that out of anger. She shouldn’t have taken it seriously. He knows he’s at fault and just to end it all, he clarifies that the scandal isn’t true.

Xia Mo: Say that I believe those photos with her were fake but you hurt yourself. Maybe we really shouldn’t be together. You need someone who will love you with all her heart. Who will cherish you. Who will be jealous when you come home late. Who will worry and get angry.

Luo Xi: You won’t do it?

Xia Mo: I can’t do it. I won’t be jealous. If I believe you, I would make sure those photos were fake. If I didn’t, I would leave you. And in my life, there are too many other things that are more important than love. You aren’t my main focus.

Luo Xi: Then what is your focus? Is Xiao Cheng the most important to you?

Xia Mo: Yes.

Luo Xi: What else is there? Your work? Your friends, Zhen En? Pan Nan, Even Yao Shu Er? Wei Ann? They are more important than me, right? It’s alright. I can accept it all. I know that what I said before hurt you. I apologize. Xia Mo can’t you not be angry at me anymore? Can you not say the words “let’s break up” in anger? You’ll forgive me, right?

Meanwhile, Ou Chen decides to push the wedding date. He  then goes back to the hospital after buying the book that Xia Mo wasn’t able to buy for Xiao Cheng.

Luo Xi: Xia Mo could you forgive me? It was my fault. I liked you too much. I cared  for you too much. I really didn’t want to lose you that’s why I said those words the other day. But it’s the first time I made a mistake and still have a chance, right?

Xia Mo: I’m sorry. Even if you didn’t want to break up, I would have brought it up too.

Hearing those words, Luo Xi snaps. His anger doubles in intensity. She can’t break up with him! Ou Chen must have threatened him or she’s just mad because of the scandal. He can’t believe her. They won’t break up. But Xia Mo already made up her mind.

Luo Xi: You know how much pain is in my heart. This cruel woman, what  you said right now ,they are all lies right? My Xia Mo, you acted very well.*Then forces a kiss*.

Ou Chen sees the scene. Without any hints of emotion, he just looks at them.

Ou Chen walks steadily towards Xia Mo. He stares intently on her face, and she can only look away. Ou Chen then wipes her lips, as if its been dirtied. He casually informs that their marriage has already been booked and they’ll have it at the end of the month. Luo Xi just fell silent on the side. Ou Chen then puts his arm around Xia Mo’s shoulder, pulling her away from Luo Xi.

Luo Xi smiles bitterly. This time he knows, he looses this fight

Summer’s Desire Episode 8

This episode pretty much establish the common grounds, as well as, the major differences between Ou Chen and  Luo Xi. Now, we discover that both men suffers from abandonment issues and are equally obsessed, manipulative and madly in love with the ultimate heartbreaker, Xiao Mo.

The difference lies on how they deal with their insecurities and obsessive behaviour. While Luo Xi is overly dramatic about his abandonment problem, Ou Chen on the other hand, tries his best to keep it inside. I mean he was a lonely child too, but did he whine like a girl? Well, they are both control freaks, but at least Ou Chen can give Xia Mo what she needs.

Sorry for the delayed update. I decided to take a break for my birthday celebration. 🙂

Episode 8 Recap

After hearing Ou Chen’s malicious “hints”, Luo Xi is clearly upset (more like threatened). Again, with the insecurities! His foul mood is very obvious that even Xiao Cheng notices the hostility. Xia Mo decides to decipher the bad humour, teasing him that if he’s not in good mood and doesn’t want to talk about it, he should at least be discreet in showing his feelings.

And so, Luo Xi bitterly conveys the reason behind his sudden fit of temper.  He angrily scoffs that Ou Chen told him that Xia Mo made a deal so he can return to “Battle Flags”. He desperately wants to know what the deal is, but Xia Mo is quick to deny any of those crap. Just to make it clear, she didn’t agree to anything, but not entirely denying that she talked with Ou Chen though. However, Luo Xi appears too reluctant to believe her.

Not bothering to defend her self, Xia Mo tries to walk away but Luo Xi grabs her hand, trapping her in a hug.

Luo Xi: I believe you.

Xia Mo: Luo Xi, in the entertainment industry, it’s hard to tell what’s real. We don’t need our eyes or ears, but mutual trust. If you couldn’t do it, it’ll only be a matter of time before we break up.

Luo Xi: I’ll learn to trust you. *You better be!*

And the next day, everybody is shocked that Luo Xi backed out in the “Battle Flags” project.  So much for being discreet! When Xia Mo learns about it, she settles on supporting Luo Xi anyway.

Ou Chen, on the other hand, is mad. Undoubtedly, Luo Xi’s decision leads to some financial distress for Ou Corporation. And even if they’ll sue him for breach of contract, he’ll have the means to bail himself out. In short, they couldn’t pin the man down, even if he drops the project.

Xia Ge, is of course, displeased with Luo Xi’s impulsive and unprofessional deed. Luo Xi reasons that though he’s quite sorry for Xia Ge, he can’t possibly retract his decisions and promises to take full responsibility. And as the ever loyal boss, this sounds ironic, Xia Ge agrees to help Luo Xi all through out.  He even has  a counterattack laid down for Ou Corporation.

And the two most powerful showbiz groups collide.  Xia Ge and Luo Xi bets on the movie “The World’s Big Event” as oppose to Xi Meng and Ou Chen’s “Golden Dance”. Needless to say, the noticeable showbiz power struggle catches everyone’s attention. Imagine two major icons, vying for supremacy and popularity. It’s gotta be interesting, right? And raising the bar higher are the female leads. Shen Qiang for “The World’s Big Event” (you know her right?) and Xia Mo for “Golden Dance”.

Zhen En is quite in panic mode when she hears about the news. But good old Xia Mo, remains  calm. Of course we know that she’s been keeping all her emotions under wraps, ne? There’s a lot going on inside that cool and detached appearance. However, when Xia Mo heard about the rumour of her and Luo Xi’s alleged break-up, she gets totally worked up. Actually, I find the gossips too harsh even for ice queen, Xia Mo. I mean publicly announcing that she’s a plain gold digger isn’t right!

Xia Mo tries to explain but Luo Xi is too damn idiotic to listen. He doesn’t answer her calls and doesn’t bother to open the door for her when she went personally to his home. When he finally gave in, Xia Mo already left. That’s what you get from acting hard-to-get!

Luo Xi: You’ve always been like this. You come when you want t. Leave when you want.

All the while, Xiao Cheng worries for her sister. Zhen En advises that he stop watching the news cause it’ll make him more depressed. She then realizes that he’s sick. Xiao Cheng, however, convinces her not to say anything about his health.  And she readily agrees. Zhen En is becoming more and more stupid, don’t ya think?

For some Ou Chen scenes: He’s been thinking about what driver Jiang said.  Xi Meng joins his solitary reminiscing and informs him that his “fake” parents wanted him to go back to France. He brushes the topic off and commands Xi Meng to come with him to a place.

Next, we see young master and Xi Meng looking at the “Blue Bubble”. He recalls the time when he  intentionally asked for  the yacht as a birthday present just to get his parent’s attention. And to his disappointment, his parents actually bought the yacht without even worrying for his safety. Good thing though that Xia Mo liked the gift.


I just have to include these screenshots. The kids are too adorable to be left out. Kyaah!

Young Xia Mo is quite happy and excited riding in a yacht. She even cheerfully mutters that Xiao Cheng should have been there to see  the nice view. However, Ou Chen looks sternly at her, as if angry that she even mentions Xiao Cheng. But young Xia Mo already knows how to handle arrogant young Ou Chen and pouts, prodding if he’s jealous at Xiao Cheng. Of course, young Ou Chen denies it. And so she continues to show her displeasure and ask that he avoid looking too formidable and strict all the time.

He diverts the topic and ask what does young Xia Mo receives as birthday gifts.  She then gladly answers that every year her Mom bakes her a  cake and later on the family goes to the cinema together.  And so, Young Ou Chen offers to lend one of their family owned cinemas if she wants to watch a movie. Young Xia Mo is quite baffled. She defends that the celebration is not about the cinema or the movie, but about the family loving each other and spending the time together.

~End of Flashback~

Back to the present, Ou Chen casually remarks that since he remembers everything now, Xi Meng must be relieved that he won’t purposely hide anything from him anymore. However, Xi Meng seriously wishes that Ou Chen won’t  linger on the past since he has a bright future ahead of him. Ou Chen then apathetically declares that he won’t be going back to France nor attend the annual meeting and orders Xi Meng to attend in his behalf. Xi Meng then volunteers to stay with him. But Ou Chen strongly disagree. It’s about time he gets rid of the butler. And then Ou Chen left!

With the exemption of Xia Mo, Zhen En and Wei Ann, the rest of SUN Agency gathers for  Ou Chen’s surprise birthday celebration. Cai Ni figures that every year Ou Chen rents a cinema all by himself and watch alone, so she plans to assemble the staff and artists to accompany young master. Hahah! Next are funny moments.

When the group happily sings the birthday song, Ou Chen just shoots them with his death glare. It was awkward and embarrassing at the same time. Hahah!

Meanwhile, Luo Xi is still acting down and grumpy. Duh! Shen Qiang sees him and tries to engage him in a friendly conversation. I don’t really like the girl so I won’t be too detailed when she’s on the scene. In the end, Luo Xi informs her that he already wrote a song for her. Guess what? Yeah, the song he’s been singing  in high school, the one with black cat and milk.

Unexpectedly, Xia Mo visits the set. The media people swoon over her, asking her about the alleged break-up. Luo Xi then come to the rescue and  kisses her forehead, a supposed evidence that they’re still together.  Shen Qiang can only stare at them with disbelief and jealousy.

Next, the lovebirds are alone. Xia Mo casually chats about the fruits she brought and some sushi she made. All the while, Luo Xi acts cold and nonchalance. I don’t really understand Luo Xi at all! He already said that she trust her, but now?! Argg!

Luo Xi: Xia Mo. Do you know that I fear that one day you’ll be especially nice to me. Once there was a person, who gave me a big and sweet popsicle, but after I ate it she disappeared. It seems that every time when happiness reaches its peak, the nightmares will start again. Translation: Don’t be nice to me!

Xia Mo hugs him and promises that he won’t leave him. Still, Luo Xi is hard-hearted and says that he doesn’t trust her anymore. Xia Mo insists that the reports aren’t true and she didn’t lie. Luo Xi, however, coldly counters that though she didn’t lie, she chose to mislead him. She didn’t agree to any deals but still, she went to see Ou Chen. Xia Mo reasons that’s its unavoidable coz she work for the man. The issue stands that she broke her promise on not meeting Ou Chen. She even accepted the “Golden Dance” offer in a blink of an eye. He even suspects that she met with Ou Chen for her own selfish reasons and not because of him. He spits that in her heart, there is no love, just the drive to succeed. Xia Mo doesn’t want to hear those hurtful words and walks away.

After the movie, Shu Er gives Ou Chen a bouquet of flowers, but once again he dismisses her with the death glare. And so, the rest of the staff went out and leave the young master on his own.

Ou Chen is thinking by himself when Cai Ni suddenly pops in, informing him about the company meeting. He then orders to push it for an hour. Damn! He’s waiting for Xia Mo to come. But our little heartbreaker is too uncaring to bother, so don’t wait Ou Chen! Again alone, he sees himself as the young Ou Chen on the screen and he laughs bitterly. Young Ou Chen:  “You’ll always be alone”. Then cue music: Peter Ho’s, I remember I once loved. 🙂

Luo Xi is still not getting over his trust-not-to-trust issues. So when Xia Ge invites him for some merriment, he agrees to go along.

Then we spot Xia Mo going home, still worried about her conversation with Luo Xi. Just then, she finds Xiao Cheng lying on the floor. many scene editing.

Back to Luo Xi: He Constantly thinks of Xia Mo. He even imagines her singing on stage. Shen Qiang then sneakily gets into the picture. I just hate that kind of flirt. So unladylike! She tries hard to get his attention but she earns nothing but cold treatment. Luo Xi offers to take her home but she refuses and stops him midway.

She begs and angrily sprouts at the same time. She demands that Luo Xi notice her and break-up with Xia Mo. But Luo Xi just confidently insists that they won’t ever break-up. Shen Qiang is quite appalled that Luo Xi would choose Xia Mo when in fact she knew and loved him first. Okay, another An Hui Ni moment.

Luo Xi calmly and arrogantly retorts that the time of knowing each other doesn’t entirely affect the depth of relationship. Now enraged, Shen Qiang spits: “The feelings Yin Xia Mo has for you, can’t even compare to one tenth of what I feel”. Luo Xi is now annoyed with her revelations. I think because it has some truth into it.

She then proves her overflowing feelings and forces a kiss. Girls in this drama sure are violent. It wasn’t long ago when An Hui Ni nearly raped Ling Hao. And now… Shen Qiang? Girl, just so you know, this method has zero-success rate.

And then Luo Xi is gone from annoyed to furious. He’s quite alarmed that the media people would make a feast  out of it.  And that means, he’ll be having lots of trouble with Xia Mo yet again. But Shen Qiang is still not finished. She screams and yells. Damn! She’s sure getting all the attention now.

Shen Qiang: For you, I can give up my fame. Can she do that? every time it is you, who saves her. What has she ever done for you? She’s only using you for your status in the entertainment industry so she can get famous!

Luo Xi can only walk away from her immodesty.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Xia Mo is burdened with another crisis. This time, it’s serious! Not about Luo Xi’s self-centered dilemma. Xiao Cheng is going deaf (as it shows, it’s because of Xia Mo’s slap). And to make matters worse, his kidney is fastly deteriorating. Without a kidney donor, it’ll be impossible for him to live for more than 3 months. Since,  Xiao Cheng’s blood type is quite special, finding an appropriate kidney proves to be difficult. Xia Mo is caught in a dead-end. This will be the very first time she showed deep concern and fear. I think.

When she went to see Xiao Cheng, she acts as if nothing terrible has happened. Xiao Cheng assures her that his illness is not that serious and there’s no need to panic coz he’ll definitely regain good health quickly. He even jokes that he can still live healthily until he’s 80. Xia Mo smiles and says that she’ll only stop worrying  if he rest and sleep. Xiao Cheng then insist that there’s no need for her to take care of him coz he can be by himself. But  Xia Mo is also persistent to be by his side and has already decided to cancel 3 days of work.

Zhen En then pays a visit to Xiao Cheng. And forever the bearer of bad news, she accidently drops the newspaper with Luo Xi and Shen Qiang’s scandal. Xiao Cheng and Xia Mo caught a glimpse at it. Xia Mo acts as if not bothered, but Xiao Cheng is clearly curious about the news. He worries for her sister and Luo Xi’s relationship but Xia Mo just shoves the topic off.

It seems that Xia Mo is also resolved in declining the “Golden Dance”. Zhen En is quite stunned that Xia Mo would want to throw away a very important project and probes if her abrupt decision concerns Luo Xi. Xia Mo immediately refutes and says that she just wants to take care of Xiao Cheng.  And since Xia Mo has already expresses her refusal, Zhen En can only concede and support her. When Zhen En ask about Xia Mo’s opinion on the rumored relationship between Luo Xi and Shen Qiang, Xia Mo casually answers that the press just  have to ask the parties themselves.

Next scene: Zhen En informs Ou Chen of Xia Mo’s  decision to decline “Golden Dance” because of her brother’s deteriorating health. But no matter what Zhen En says, Ou Chen is still mulish to continue the filming. When Zhen En went away, he calls someone to investigate about Xiao Cheng’s medical records. Dun…dun…

There are some filler scenes here. Just about Luo Xi’s insecurities and Shen Qiang’s flirting galore. No need to be too hyped up with it.

Some bro-sis moments: Xiao Cheng says sorry for not telling her of his condition. He knows she’s angry at him and is  quite remorseful for that. Apparently, she’s hurt that Xiao Cheng hid something as crucial as his illness. She fears that he won’t  pull this situation through,  and when it happens she has nothing to blame but herself for not taking his health seriously.

Xiao Cheng reasons that he has been a burden to her since he was young, and he  reckons that by not telling her, she wouldn’t be too burdened anymore. He even wishes that Xia mo can smile happily like Zhen En. Xia Mo gently scolds him, saying that she’s already happy when he’s with her and she can’t possibly be angry at him. If there’s someone to be angry at, it’s her. She made his condition worse by entering the entertainment circle and she’s the reason why he’s going deaf. Xiao Cheng consoles that it doesn’t matter coz he already memorized her voice in his mind. Awww. He promises to get better and have an exhibition of Xia Mo’s portraits in the future.

Xiao Cheng then reminds Xia Mo to call Luo Xi. As she’s about to press the call button, the nurse arrives for Xiao Cheng’s hearing aids. On the other end of the line, Luo Xi decides to call her himself, which of course is not answered coz she already took off with Xiao Cheng.

And then the good news and the bad news arrive. The good news: They already find a suitable donor for Xiao Cheng. The bad news (well, not so bad!): It’s Ou Chen.

Without any other options, she gathers up her courage and went to meet Ou Chen.

Xia Mo: I beg you as long as you’re willing to donate one of your kidneys to Xiao Cheng, I’ll agree to whatever conditions.

Ou Chen: No matter what conditions? What do you think you still have, that’s worth it for me to exchange one of my kidneys for? Could it be that you think that after being betrayed by you like this, I would still like you? And would give up my health for you? Yin Xia Mo. You think highly of yourself.

Xia Mo: Please tell me what your conditions are. No matter how much money you want or whatever you want me to sign, even if it’s taking on “Golden Dance”, I’m fine with it all.

Ou Chen: Indeed, in your heart, Yin Cheng is always the most important. For Yin Cheng’s sake, even if it’s competing with Luo Xi’s  new film you wouldn’t mind, right?

Xia Mo counters that Luo Xi wouldn’t mind if she do those things. And so, Ou Chen pushes her a little further and dares to set conditions that Luo Xi would mind, like kissing her perhaps? And yes, he did try to kiss her, which she avoided. And since she can’t even consent to a simple kiss, Ou Chen drives her away. So Xia Mo decides to give in and kiss him. Just when she’s about to, her phone rings. Haha! Talking about wrong timings. Xia Mo disregards the phone call, and there’s a momentary awkward moment.

Xia Mo: Even if I really kiss you, you still won’t agree to donate a kidney to Xiao Cheng right?

Ou Chen: Yes.

Xia Mo: Then what should be done so that you will agree?

Ou Chen: If I tell you, no matter what you do, I still wouldn’t would you believe it?

Xia Mo: No.

Ou Chen: So confident.

Xia Mo infers that he has been waiting for her to come. He knows that he’s a suitable kidney donor for Xiao Cheng. And knowing that, obviously he needs something.

Ou Chen affirms that he already knew she’s coming, but even so she can’t agree to he wants. I think being with him will be a more decent way of saying it. They were talking about mature stuffs in this scene. Well, he just confidently thought that she wouldn’t agree too easily, that’s why he was shocked when she goes along with it.

Ou Chen: Such a noble sister, but you guessed it wrong. I’ve waited for you to come, just to tell you that no matter what you do, I will not give my kidney to Xiao Cheng. I waited for you to come, just so you could hear me say this.

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