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Hapimari: Happy Marriage!? Episode 4 Recap


A jealous Hokuto is a cute Hokuto. Yay!

Demn, all those smooches! Not just a kiss but a truckload of them. ♥♥♥

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U Prince Series: The Handsome Cowboy Episode 1 Recap


I just recently watched my first lakorn, I Wanna be a Sup’Tar and surprisingly, it left a very nice impression. Though I’m already fond of watching and recapping Thai Movies, lakorn is quite new to me.

Anyhow, the said lakorn introduced me to Push Puttichai, who is (aesthetically speaking) the love child of Park Hae Jin and Yoo Seung-Ho. Haha! Truth be told, since I Wanne be a Sup’Tar, I can’t get enough of his handsomeness. And so, imagine my excitement when he starred in the first installment of the U-Prince Series. And hence, because of my great fondness for Push and because I’m liking how the series is going, I will be writing recaps for U-Prince: The Handsome Cowboy. However, I don’t know if I’ll recap the rest of the series.

In a nutshell, U-Prince is a 12-part series, each dealing with the love and friendships of 12 heartthrob ambassadors from different faculties of International University of Central Asia (IUCA). Obviously, each prince will have their respective princesses. So expect that this is a very long series. Tehehe!

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Hapimari: Happy Marriage!? Episode 3 Recap


I still love where the show is taking us. New characters are slowly being introduced. If there’s one thing I want to highlight is how the live action Hokuto easily gives out compliments compared to his drawn counterpart. He sure knows when to appreciate Chiwa’s hard work which is seldom in the manga.

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Far Away Love Episode 12 Recap


Welcome to my first episodic recap for Far Away Love. I suggest that you read my summary HERE so that you’ll have an idea of how this drama went so far.

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Hapimari: Happy Marriage!? Episode 2 Recap


This episode is freakin awesome! I love how they put twists in some scenes, making it somewhat new but still holds on to the core plot. As expected, Dean’s character stands out. The chemistry kicks in and romance definitely sparks.

PS: Dean’s lopsided smile near the end of the episode makes my heart swoon like a teenager. Eeeet!

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Hapimari: Happy Marriage!? Episode 1 Recap


As promised, here’s the first recap for ‘Hapimari: Happy Marriage!?’ live-action adaptation. The first episode lays down the basic premise: a man and a woman, who are on the opposite ends of the socio-economic ladder, meets in the most unconventional way. Destiny and circumstances force them to get married and eventually fall in love for real.

Though some details were changed, I believe the drama delivered quite well for its pilot episode. Considering that the plot and characters are already “TOO” familiar for most audiences, the challenge now, is how to keep the dynamics afresh.

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My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 18 Recap


Professor Li is evil! I hate him. -_-

This episode is quite emotional. I love Jing Zhi’s lines, specifically the part where she was delivering her farewell speech. Tehehe! I was extremely touched. I don’t know why. 😀

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