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Preview: Hapimari (Happy Marriage!?)


Yosh! The long wait is over! I really hope that this live-action doesn’t disappoint. I seriously love the manga and I seriously adore Dean. I also hope someone takes time in subbing this one. I’ll be writing recaps once the subs are out. Yay!

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Drama Preview: Q10

Undeniably, there’s a lot of good dramas to keep tabs on this Fall. I even doubt if I could catch up and  watch everything! But then, there’s this one jdrama which I find super interesting – Q10. With its unusual plot, I may be watching this jdrama all throughout. 🙂

Here’s the synopsis from tokyograph:

Sato plays Heita (Sato Takeru), an ordinary high school boy with a kind heart but no real interest in romance. His class is joined by a transfer student named Q10 (Maeda Atsuko), who looks like a girl but is actually a robot. Together, the two end up causing trouble at school, and Heita even begins falling for Q10. A kiss scene between the two is planned.

Well, it’s a bit similar to “Absolute Boyfriend”. But, who cares? I don’t.

And now, presenting the 15 second CM for Q10…

What really intrigues me in this CM is the freakin’ CORD. Even if I watch and re-watch it for a couple of times, I can’t really decipher the logic. What’s with the “orange” electric cord? Does it mean, Q10 must be recharged using a cord? Aren’t there any subtle ways? Besides, why does a robot need to go to school in the first place? Oh well, that’s just grabs my attention even more.

Q10 is set to premier on October 16.

Cr: Cube of Takeru

Preview: Joker Yurusarezaru Sosaken

Another Jdorama to set out this July is Joker Yurisarezaru Sasaken. Unlike Unubore, Joker is gearing towards the seriously intense detective arena. I dig crime and suspense dramas so the plot really catches my meticulous (Ahem!),  fussy (Ahem, ahem!) taste. I’ll be checking this one out.
Masato Sakai (36) will star in a new Fuji TV drama series titled “Joker: Yurusarezaru Sousakan,” playing a police detective. NEWS member Ryo Nishikido (25) and model Anne (24) have also been cast.

The story’s central character is a detective on the Kanagawa prefectural police force (Sakai). During the day, he is known as a “Buddha” for his gentle personality, pouring all of his energy into resolving each case. But at night, he transforms into a cruel punisher as his gentleness gives way to his anger towards the criminals. The series is said to pose questions about what justice and evil truly are.

Besides Anne (who plays Sakai’s rookie partner) and Nishikido, the cast also features Takeshi Kaga, Ren Osugi, and Ryo. “Joker” is set to air on Tuesdays at 9:00pm, starting on July 13.

Source: Sports Hochi

Here’s the trailer:

Preview: Unubore Deka

To all Ikuta Toma fans out there, this is definitely a good news for you. Toma-chan is back in the small-screen and far more than that, he’ll be in a detective comedy! Yeah, I know he’s not the lead but still, I’ve been waiting for he’s comedy-drama comeback since HanaKimi days. And personally, I prefer that he’ll make another drama in that genre. But sadly, a viewer like me can only wish for something like that. *Sigh*

Here’s the news update from tokyograph:

TOKIO’s Tomoya Nagase (31) is once again teaming up with screenwriter Kankuro Kudo (39) for a new drama series this summer. This will be their third one together, after “Ikebukuro West Gate Park” (2000) and “Tiger & Dragon” (2005).

Titled “Unubore Deka” (“Conceited Detective”), the show is an original comedy about an unusual detective (Nagase) who has a habit of falling in love with every female suspect, and his conceit leads him to believe that they are also in love with him. When he finds evidence of their crimes, he confronts them with an arrest warrant and a marriage proposal at the same time, giving them a choice between the two. Although his actual name will apparently not be mentioned during the show, he is known to everyone as “Unubore” for his conceit.

TBS says that they are lining up big-name actresses to play the guest role of the suspect for each episode. The network also hinted that there’s even a case where the guest will be a male actor.

The regular supporting cast features Toma Ikuta (25) [HanaKimi,Maou] as an actor who is Unubore’s friend, Mika Nakashima (27) [Ryuusei no Kizuna, NANA] as Unubore’s ex-girlfriend, and Toshiyuki Nishida (62) as Unubore’s father. The detective frequents a bar where he and a group of acquaintances are known as the “Unubore 5,” consisting of Nagase, Ikuta, Jun Kaname (29), Ken Yahagi (38), and Mitsugoro Bando (54).

“Unubore Deka” will air on Friday nights at 10:00pm, starting in July..


And here’s the trailer:

I’ll definitely watch the premier on July 9th. See you!

Preview: Hotaru No Hikari Season 2

Summer has finally come! Hotaru no Hikari is back! Weeee…. I’ll definitely write an episode recap for this one. Amemiya. Buchuo. Okaeri!

The drama’s pilot episode will air on July 07. And I’m so counting the days. I’m intrigue with Mukai Osamo’s character. I think he’ll be playing as Buchou Takano’s love rival. If that’s the case, it’ll gonna be a tough fight. I’m glad that they added Mukai in the cast. I really adore him in Seigi no Mikata. Speaking of which, there should also be a sequel for Seigi no Mikata, ne?

Here’s the news update form Tokyograph.

The popular 2007 drama series “Hotaru no Hikari” is returning for a second season, it was learned on Sunday. Haruka Ayase (25) will once again play the starring role.

Originally based on a shojo manga by Satoru Hiura, the first series told the story of a young office lady named Hotaru, who has no interest in romance and instead prefers spending her time lazily at home. However, her life changes when circumstances lead her to live under the same roof as her boss. Although the first series focused on Hotaru’s reawakening to love, “Hotaru no Hikari 2” will be more about her path towards possible marriage.

Naohito Fujiki (37) will also return for the new series. NTV plans to broadcast the show on Wednesdays at 10:00pm, starting in July.

Source: Sports Hochi

I’ve been trying to find a preview but unfortunately, all I get are promotional vids. 😦

And so, all I can do is link  music vids (fanvids) to refresh some memories or just to take hints, if you have n’t watch the first season.

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