Hapimari: Happy Marriage!? Episode 5 Recap


Gewd! Chiwa’s Dad is so argh! If he ain’t bald, I’ll really pull all his hair out. He’s literally driving me nuts!

Now, that Chiwa and Hokuto finally  had an understanding of their relationship, I believe we will be seeing more angst and problems ahead. Tehehe!

Episode 5


For the first time, Chiwa wakes up a ‘satisfied’ wife. She happily looks at her husband and teasingly pokes his nose and cheeks to wake him up. Hokuto seemingly feels contented as well because he smiles and pulls Chiwa closer.


Chiwa is making breakfast and like usual, Hokuto never fails to compliment. He reminds her that their marriage will be formally announced during the Turn-Over Ceremony. In response, Chiwa informs that she’ll resign from work, making Hokuto undeniably glad. He suddenly hugs her from behind and it’s apparent she’s already comfortable with his advances. She then sweetly warns him not to have other lovers. Hokuto agrees and demands the same. They are about to conclude the deal with a kiss when Souma barges in, announcing that the Chairman summons Hokuto obviously in connection with the presscon.


Everyone is gathered at the Mamiya House and tense air envelops the room. Noticeably, Takayuki is in utterly good mood. He is convinced that Hokuto earned the ire of Chairman after he exposed the company’s “creative accounting”. But to everyone’s surprise, including Hokuto, the Chairman reacts contrary to Takayuki’s expectations. In fact, the Chairman lauds Hokuto’s decision, saying it was a bold resolve. He then identifies Takayuki as the main culprit and brands him sly for making his subordinate own up to the misdeed. Takayuki stammers to defend himself but his Dad shuts him up and forces him to apologize. In the end, the Chairman instructs Hokuto to save the company.

As expected, Takayuki is fuming mad at the Chairman and his Dad for siding Hokuto.

At work, Chiwa giddily announces that she’ll get married or rather she’s already married since they’re done processing their marriage license. Everybody’s quite surprised, except Yagami who wears a forlorn expression. Chiwa proceeds to tell the group that she will be resigning from work. But the manager and supervisor pleads that she stay for at least a month until they find a replacement. She agrees as long as they allow her to take a leave on the day of the Turn-Over Ceremony.

Co-workers are pretty envious and thrilled when they found out Chiwa is married to THE Mamiya Hokuto. But noticeably, Yagami doesn’t share the hype and avoids bumping into Chiwa.


Though heartbroken and disappointed, Yagami still can’t help not helping Chiwa. Like for instance when she was having trouble getting a new TV from the stock room, he readily lends her a hand. Chiwa uses the opportunity to apologize for keeping her marriage a secret. Being the ultimate nice guy, Yagami assures he’s fine as long as she genuinely loves Hokuto like she claims.

Souma is waiting at Hokuto’s loft to show Chiwa some pictures of clothes and accessories for the Turn-Over Ceremony. Chiwa gets excited and finds Michel Heart’s product line more appealing among the others.

Chiwa is already preparing a hearty dinner when she got a text from Hokuto, filling in that he can’t come home because of work. Having no choice, she goes home. Dad is pretty happy eating the delicious meal, noting that good things really happen when someone is married to a rich man. Chiwa rebukes him for thinking that and says he can always afford to buy delicious meals if only he’ll stop gambling. Dad proudly announces that he has taken her words seriously and he even started saving money. Chiwa is reluctant to believe him though.

Dad then asks when will they announce their marriage so he can attend. Chiwa answers that it’ll be during the Turn-Over Ceremony, but sadly, Dad can’t come because it’ll be an exclusive company affair. Dad doesn’t mind as long as they will be having “real” wedding ceremony someday. But then, Chiwa isn’t too sure if it’ll happen.


Hokuto and Misaki just concluded a business meeting. Misaki then notifies Hokuto that Chiwa will be going to her office to try her dresses. He casually tells her to recommend a nice outfit for his wife. Realizing something, he stops on his tracks and apologize for his insensitivity. Misaki brushes the issue and asks if she can organize the Turn-Over Ceremony, saying it’s her farewell gift. Hokuto concedes and gives her a go. Hmm, I’m having a bad feeling about this girl. 


With Misaki’s help, Chiwa chooses a nice, purple dress for the Ceremony. Misaki shares that it was Hokuto who instructed her to help out when they were drinking and chatting last night. Okaaaayyy, she’s insinuating that Hokuto spent the night with her. She proceeds to spill that they studied in the same University together. Chiwa is taken aback and diverts the topic, asking if she’s popular back then since she’s pretty. Misaki quietly answers that more than popularity, a woman’s happiness depends on whether the person she loves will love her back. Chiwa agrees and based on her reaction, I think she’s already suspecting something.

At the board meeting, Takayuki announces that their share prices fell and blames Hokuto for it. Hokuto counters that the decline is just a temporary setback and they should focus on informing the public of the change in management. He also points out that the project with an overseas brand, Rene Claire, is imprudent and should be cancelled ASAP. Takayuki, being in-charge of the project, differs. But even so, Hokuto firmly asserts his decision and refuses to be swayed on the matter.

Chiwa excitedly asks for Hokuto’s opinion about her dress but he seems to be disinterested. After several tries, she gives up soliciting for his advice and asks if he is having problems in the company. Hokuto remains silent though, not even giving her a glance. Annoyed, Chiwa persistently demands an answer. Finally, Hokuto gives in and asks if she even watches the news or knows something about “Creative Acounting”. Chiwa sheepishly answers ‘no’. Hokuto sighs and says he doesn’t have time discussing the basics of economy with her and suggests that she just look it up in the dictionary.

Chiwa feels insulted by his response and taunts that it must be easier to talk with Misaki about these things because they went to the same University together. She then accuses him of lying when he said they are just business partners. Hokuto defends that they are indeed plainly linked because of work at the moment and tells her to drop the issue.


In the middle of their arguing, Hokuto’s phone rings. It’s Souma, informing him that a magazine company sent them a draft copy of the article they will publish. It’s about Chiwa being a former hostess.

Guess who the source is. Yep, it’s Chiwa’s Dad. And he did the exclusive interview in exchange of some random petty stuffs! Gawd, he didn’t even think about the repercussions of his actions. It’s his daughter’s reputation on the line and he’s still playing dumb! Gawd, I can feel my blood pressure rising. 


Chiwa apologizes to Hokuto for the trouble. She knows that he’s already in the middle of a company crisis and the article will only add to his mounting problems. She then wonders if it’s still okay to keep their marriage. Hokuto walks toward her and gently holds her face. He tells her not to worry about it, assuring that gossips will eventually fade and she should just stay the way she is. Awww!

The next morning, Souma calls Chiwa, telling her that the marriage announcement will be postponed. Chiwa can only look at her wedding ring in despair.


Meanwhile, Hokuto is at the Magazine company, practically begging the reporter to stop the article from being printed. But the reporter is being an ass and won’t budge. Misaki happens to be in the building and sees the commotion. She decides to help Hokuto by threatening to pull out her advertisement deals in the magazine. And right in front of Hokuto, she tears the article to shreds.

Yagami overhears Chiwa telling the Manager that the marriage announcement has been postponed. She’s obviously feeling down and not in the mood so Yagami attempts to comfort her. Before he can even talk to her though, she receives a call from Hokuto, informing that Misaki helped them cancel the article and hence, the announcement will push through.

After the call, Chiwa tells the Manager that she’ll be going on leave after all. The Manager agrees after Yagami volunteers to cover up for her. Chiwa thanks Yagami and immediately dashes to the Turn-Over Ceremony.

Misaki is outside the venue, waiting for Chiwa to arrive. Upon seeing her, Chiwa thanks her for the help and apologizes for having the wrong impression about her. Misaki then tells her that they will have to talk about it later because the Ceremony has already begun.

Hokuto happily calls Chiwa to join him on stage and proudly introduces her as his wife. He admits to the congregation that at first, he married her for the sole intention of fulfilling the Chairman’s wishes. But everything changed and somehow, he feels deep bond with her. He also believes that she’s his destined girl. Chiwa is utterly surprised and touched by his words. They smile at each other. And to prove their “deep bond”, they kiss in front of everyone. Of course, Chairman is happy with the development.

Outside, Misaki phones someone in the “editorial department”, saying that she has some juicy bits about Hokuto. She then leaves wearing an evil smile.

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