Hapimari: Happy Marriage!? Episode 2 Recap


This episode is freakin awesome! I love how they put twists in some scenes, making it somewhat new but still holds on to the core plot. As expected, Dean’s character stands out. The chemistry kicks in and romance definitely sparks.

PS: Dean’s lopsided smile near the end of the episode makes my heart swoon like a teenager. Eeeet!

Episode 2


Hokuto and Chiwa goes to the local registrar to hand in their marriage license application. After the transaction, Hokuto straightway bids his farewell. Chiwa voices out her disappointment, asking if they won’t go on date or something. Hokuto scoffs at her presumptions and says it is plain idiotic and a waste of time because they both know the real deal. They are not real lovers so to speak. He then gives her a cellphone. Chiwa can only look at his retreating back with dismay, feeling saddened that her soon to be husband didn’t even noticed she dressed up and tried to look pretty for him.

At home, Dad is pretty excited about the wedding. In fact, he’s too excited that he bought a foreign food catalog, thinking that the wedding will be held overseas. Chiwa, however, bursts his bubble and tells him to stop with the illusions because everything’s not certain yet. No one knows about the future so he better shape up and stop wasting money for gambling. But Dad is already convinced nonetheless. While alone, Chiwa looks at her ring. She reckons that in order to avoid complications, she mustn’t wear the ring at work and takes it off.

It’s another day’s work at Yamaguchi Electronics. Two of Chiwa’s co-workers invite her to a group date, saying that she may be able to find a capable guy there. But Chiwa politely declines which leads her co-workers to believe that she already found a guy. Chiwa denies such things and maintains that she’s just not in the mood. Yagami overhears the conversation and smiles.

Yagami talks with Chiwa, lauding that unlike others, she does things without being told. Chiwa relays that she prefers to do things on her own. This pikes up Yagami’s interest even more. He sees her as the kind of person who chooses happiness over personal convenience. And he happens to like that kind of people. His not so subtle hints puzzles Chiwa. She then wonders if he likes her. She looks at her ring finger and traces an imaginary band. In voice over, she says that Yagami is wrong, in order to make her life easier, she chose to marry.

The Manager then invites them for a karaoke night out. Seems they will be entertaining a very important client. Since other co-workers refuse to go, he asks Chiwa in their stead. Chiwa makes up some excuses but Manager insists, pointing out that because she worked as a hostess before, her people skills will come in handy.

The client turns out to be a complete douche. Chiwa tries her best to act cheerful but she’s had it when the jerk gropes her butt. She pushes him quite forcefully and runs off. Manager and Supervisor Oiwa runs after her and compels her to apologize. However, Chiwa is resolved no to do so. Manager then threatens to fire her if she insists and Chiwa confidently counters that it’s okay. Manager continues to argue that she has no right to act tough now. Without skills and distinguishing traits, she cannot find another job. Chiwa stands her ground, it’s fine, declaring that she’s going to marry someone who earns 50,000,000 a year!

Chiwa is so proud of herself for telling them off.  She passes by a shop and is mesmerized by its displayed wedding dress. She imagines being happily married to Hokuto. In sheer excitement, she takes a picture of the dress. Unexpectedly, her co-workers see thisand assumes she’s getting married. Out of nowhere, Hokuto appears. She begins to introduce Hokuto to them but he unceremoniously steps on her foot and acts like a random guy. He then drags her away.

When they reach the corner, Chiwa pulls her hand and asks what the heck his problem is. Hokuto answers that he’s preventing her from telling her friends that he’s her fiancé. Chiwa is rather confused since there’s nothing wrong with telling them the truth. Hokuto explains that he’s been featured as the ‘Handsome Bachelor Company President in various business magazines worldwide. If someone knows he’s getting married to an ex-hostess, debt-ridden, poor girl his reputation will be tarnished. Chiwa can’t possibly argue with that and instead ask why he knew she’s there. He replies that the phone he gave her has GPS on it. He then tells her to keep her schedule free tomorrow.

Convinced that dressing up for Hokuto is pointless, Chiwa wears a simple sweat shirt and tattered jeans for their meeting. Of course, Hokuto finds her garbs lame and takes her shopping ala Pretty Woman style. He buys her clothes, shoes and to complete the overall attire, a necklace.

Turns out, they will be dining with the Mamiya family. But the atmosphere is hostile and it’s obvious they don’t want Hokuto there, treating him like an outsider. The Chairman comes to the rescue and tells them he invited Hokuto. After Chiwa introduces herself, Hokuto announces that she’s her fiancée. Chairman then reveals that he gave Hokuto half of Mamiya Holdings’ stocks. And because Hokuto’s dad (Seiji) is ill, Hokuto will be acting as the company’s new President. Hokuto is surprised to learn that his Dad is sick and ask how he’s doing. Chairman refuses to answer and advises him to personally visit Seiji instead. But Hokuto declines, telling them that it’s better not to because his Dad doesn’t want to see him there.

As expected, the rest of the family abhors that news but Chairman sticks to his decision. Reiko, the grandmother, bluntly tells them that Hokuto cannot be the rightful successor because he’s only a son of a hostess. Hokuto’s cousin, Takayuki, laughs at the coincidence, spitting that both father and son seems to share the same taste in women. He did a little research and discovers that Chiwa is also a hostess at a local club. One family member jokes that Hokuto and Chiwa are a perfect pair. With all those insults thrown at him, Hokuto remains silent.

But unlike him, Chiwa doesn’t have the patience to listen to their pointless talks. She gives them a piece of her mind and calls them downright disgusting. A family ought to help each other but all she sees are people insulting and dragging Hokuto down. It’s true that she was a hostess but it doesn’t give them the right to disgrace Hokuto and his mother. More so, they have no right to judge because people working at the club have their own reasons. But seeing how conceited they are, she doesn’t expect them to understand that. She picks up her things and angrily walks off. After she leaves, Chairman silently smiles.

Hokuto runs after her but she refuses to go back. She finally understands why he readily agreed to marry her. He simply wanted to be accepted by the family. But unfortunately, it’s impossible for her. When he took her to buy clothes she was a bit happy. Going with a man to go shopping and telling her she looks good is a new experience. But now she realizes that everything he did was only to save his face. She’s upset that he didn’t tell her everything. He should have been honest in the very beginning. She takes off the necklace and engagement ring and promises to return the clothes.

Reiko confronts the Chairman about his decisions but the latter remains unconcerned. He calmly tells her that Chiwa is Yuuko’s grandchild and making Hokuto President is based solely on competency and skills.


Chiwa comes home and finds dad gambling again. She wonders where he got the money and is pissed to learn that Dad sold her most decent dress. Dad however, is unfazed since she’s marrying a rich man and she can just tell her husband to buy her new clothes. Chiwa tells him that she called off the wedding, and therefore, will be going back to eating one-meal a day. Dad then eyes her clothes but she insists that it’s definitely off limits!

Chiwa swallows her pride and returns to Yamaguchi Electronics. She humbly ask for forgiveness and begs that they hire her back. When the Supervisor asks if it’s true that she’s going to be married to a rich man, Chiwa admits that it was a spur of the moment  lie. Thankfully, Manager agrees in exchange of some overtime work. After work, Chiwa passes by the dress shop again, looking at the wedding dress with pure sadness.

Meanwhile, Hokuto tidying up his desk when he finds a picture of him and his Mom. His memory flashes back to the day his Mom died saving him and the to what Chiwa said at the Mamiya house. Without saying a word, he leaves.

While Dad is sleeping, Chiwa says sorry that they will go back to being poor. She then assures that they will be fine on their own. Suddenly, there’s a loud knock on the door. Dad panics, thinking it’s the loan sharks again. But to Chiwa’s surprise, it’s Hokuto.


Hokuto talks with Dad and formally ask for Chiwa’s hand in marriage. Dad is confused and ask if he’s the one who earns 50,000,000 a year. Hokuto confirms that indeed, he is. Hearing that, Dad resoundingly answers a big YES. Chiwa revolts and tells Dad that he can’t give her away because she was the one who turned down the marriage. Besides, she never said YES in the first place.

Hokuto then turns to her. He apologizes for how his family acted the other day. She was right. His family is a crowd of idiots and he’s going to fight them off one by one. By doing that, he needs an ally who can courageously shook off all insults and stand by him at all times. He properly proposes and puts the engagement ring back on her finger. Dad claps his hand in sheer joy and congratulates the newly-engaged (or re-engaged) couple.

Hokuto brings Chiwa to his home. Chiwa acts shy and bashful, sometimes giving him side glances. Hokuto notices her nervousness and teasingly smiles.

When Hokuto turns on the lights, Chiwa is shocked to see his home in a complete mess. Hokuto reasons out that he can’t help being messy because he’s a very busy man. Chiwa starts to clean up and gathers his clothes on the floor. Hokuto suddenly gives her a back hug. He then turns her around and leans for a kiss. Chiwa isn’t ready for that yet so she steps back. He merely smiles and leans even closer. She tries to avoid his advances and moves further backwards but he follows suit until she’s cornered.


With a wall behind her back, she runs out of room for escape. He grabs this chance and he leans closer, closer, closer… Kyaaah!

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  1. Armie G. Capatan

    Can’t wait for your next recap of Episode 3…thanks to you! God bless.

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