My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 12 Recap

I will be skipping my usual introduction, because frankly, my mind is completely blank and I can’t think of anything right now. Tehehe!

Episode 12

The previous episode ends with Shi Guang giving his statement for the road incident. Before the policeman leaves, he asks when can someone file a missing person report and the policeman answers that a person must be missing for at least 48 hours. I believe Shi Guang is referring to Xuan Xuan’s disappearing act. Tehehe!

Jing Zhi pampers herself with a very relaxing bubble bath. She thinks back to the time when Ling Qiao brushes of her hair and giggles. She’s feeling “hot” all of a sudden, evidenced by the blush creeping on her cheeks. Hmmm! -.-

Wearing only a towel, she goes to the kitchen to drink some cold water. Maybe it’s to “cool” down. Hmmm! She’s startled when without warning something flashes out of nowhere. Turns out it’s only Ling Qiao, liberally taking pictures of her using the new phone he bought for her. Jing Zhis is fuming at him for taking liberties, but he defends that the sales lady told him the phone is best for taking pictures and just wanted to try it out. Besides, he wasn’t complaining when people took pictures of him in the museum, so it’s basically a no biggie. Jing Zhi argues it’s only because he was sleeping all those time! Haha!

The next scene, we see Jing Zhi draped in layers and layers of clothes. It’s to prevent Ling Qiao from having dirty thought she says. Tehehe! She warns him not to make compromising promises to her parents anymore, because eventually, he won’t be able to retrieve it back. She also reminds him to do things for her like; knock, come in through the front door and make sounds when he walks.

Because of the recent accident, Ling Qiao tells Jing Zhi no to involve herself in finding the enemy anymore. However, she misinterprets and gets upset, asking if the phone is meant to be a break up gift. Ling Qiao grabs her wrist and promises to pretend as her boyfriend until they find the enemy. It’s just that he wants to keep her safe. Quickly, Jing Zhi’s anger disappears and somehow she’s hypnotized by Ling Qiao’s angry look. Haha! Ling Qiao can only flick her forehead to get her attention. Haha!

Xuan Xuan, finally calls Jing Zhi. She tells her that she was with Ye Chen and they watched the sunrise together. Jing Zhi whines that while she was having her second near-death experience, Xuan Xuan was just playing around and having a fine time with her ex-boyfriend. Xuan Xuan isn’t a bit interested with her melodramatics, saying that since Jing Zhi’s complaining endlessly, she must be fine and hangs up. Haha!

At the dojang, Ling Qiao and Shi Guang talks for a little bit. Ling Qiao probes if Shi Guang has offended anyone. Shi Guang relays that it’s inevitable since he’s a businessman, but he believes it’s not that severe to the point of killing him. However, he reveals that he has a cousin who just returned from the States. He doesn’t want to think bad about his cousin but the latter will inherit everything if he dies. Anyways, it’s only a suspicion and he doesn’t have any proof. He turns the table and ask if Jing Zhi has ever offended anyone. Ling Qiao remains silent with that thought.

Jing Zhi will be going to the police station for her statement. Ling Qiao volunteers to come with her, but she declines. She suggests that he lie low for a while since Yan Zi and Ye Chen are hot on the trails. It will do him good if he stay away or better yet, just don’t leave the house. Adding that she’s already tempted to buy a dormant corpse for Ye Chen, just to stop their searching. Haha! But Ling Qiao differs. He will only raise suspicions if he does that. The best way to hide is live normally. Like now, he has a reasonable background, a beautiful girlfriend, and an ordinary life. Who would suspect him? Jing Zhi agrees that he has a sound reasoning, especially the part the he has a pretty girlfriend. Haha!

Ye Chen and Yan Zi meet once again up for their regular dormant body updates. Yan Zi frankly tells Ye Chen that the case is getting cold. It happened months ago, and hence, no one will remember. Anyhow, if Ye Chen is correct in inferring that the dormant body awakened, then it must be long way gone by now. Ye Chen then criticizes Yan Zi’s lack of enthusiasm in solving the case. The latter retorts that it’s not that he doesn’t want to help but rather, he doesn’t find enough reason to look for it.

Ling Qiao returns to the scene where Jing Zhi and Shi Guang was attacked. He may not be very vocal about his feelings, but he sure is pissed that his enemy stroke when he was unavailable. He can only hope that Jing Zhi will be fine while he’s looking for the enemy.

Jing Zhi had a really bad nightmare. She dreamt of a young Ling Qiao having a happy family of his own, while she on the other hand has grown old. She wakes up and falls on the bed. When Ling Qiao helped her get up, she starts to strangle him. Haha!

The next day, a new car is parked outside Jing Zhi’s house. She tells the driver to park somewhere else, but to her surprise, it’s Dong Dong. Turns out, Ling Qiao bought a new car for her. Since she returned Yan Zi’s car and has been using taxi for transport, people are suspecting that she’s broke and is paying off gambling debts. Unlike before, Jing Zhi remains calm and unresponsive with the rumors and dismisses it with just “people will believe rumors than the truth”. Dong Dong is taken aback by her statement and remarks that she’s slowly adopting Ling Qiao’s uncaring attitude.


Jing Zhi thinks of ways to thank Ling Qiao without prompting any romantic hopes him. After setting with “thank you but we are not suitable for each other”, she phones him. But then because of his passive, cold behavior, she can’t seem to bring herself to say those lines. Tehehe! After the call, she wonders why she ever liked a 500 year old nerd. She then justifies her feelings as gratefulness and vows not to let him find out or he will never leave. Conceited much! Haha!

While waiting for her shoot, Jing Zhi waits inside her car. Some actresses happen to be passing time near the area and begin gossiping about her. She isn’t really interested with their chinwags but when they talked about Xuan Xuan having an intimate photo with another man, she riled up. Dong Dong then calls for her and the actresses became aware she has been eavesdropping. She comes out of the car and yells that they are so good at making up stories that they should be scriptwriters not actresses. Haha!

Jing Zhi phones Xuan Xuan, supposedly to warn her of the brewing rumor. But then, she’s too late because paparazzi already flocking outside Xuan Xuan’s house. Jing Zhi suggests that they go abroad, but Xuan Xuan uncaringly dismisses the thought because this is her life as an A-line actress. Jing Zhi rolls her eyes at Xuan Xuan’s snootiness. Somehow Xuan Xuan knows what she did and tells her not to roll her eyes or someone will take her picture. Haha!

Jing Zhi goes to the dojang to visit Ling Qiao. There, she discovers her fake boyfriend is a popular attraction for the taekwondo gym, evidenced by girls swarming over him, equipped with placards and all. Haha! She meets with the owner (forgot his name) and has a nice chat with him outside.
Jing Zhi is clearly being possessive of Ling Qiao as she denounces the owner’s plan of opening a new all-female class and using Ling Qiao’s good looks to attract students. But the owner defends it’s all just for the sake of business.


Jing Zhi comes back to the dojang just in time to see Ling Qiao sending off a mother and her son home. Of course, Ling Qiao already knew she was shadowing them all the way to the house. When Jing Zhi returns to her tracks, she finds Ling Qiao waiting for her on the stairs. He’s quick to clarify that it was an innocent act and she’s just overthinking things. But Jing Zhi remains that for a man who lived for a considerably long time, he must have known that sending someone home has another meaning. But he ignites the fire, telling him that it doesn’t matter if ever indeed it has, since the Mom has no husband. Hmmm!

Meanwhile, Yan Zi is starting to believe that Ling Qiao might not be involved in the murder after all. Ling Qiao’s alibis add up and there is no compelling evidence to implicate him with the case.

At home, Jing Zhi is still not over the sending off issue and is seething that Ling Qiao acts cool and insensitive about it. She undoubtedly woke up in the wrong side of the bed and finds every possible excuse to start a fight with him. For instance, she scolds him for not waking her up. Of which, he calmly answers that he just wanted to have some more peace and quiet in the early morning. She then yells at his annoying way of squeezing the toothpaste from the middle.

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