My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 11 Recap


A budding love unfolds before our very eyes. 😀

I feel sorry for Yan Zi though. If only he didn’t fall ill, he’ll be keeping Jing Zhi for himself. But then again, we wouldn’t be having an Amazing Boyfriend for Jing Zhi, or a drama series even, if that that happened, neh? 🙂

Episode 11

Ling Qiao returns to the crime scene. I’m guessing he’s looking for the picture of the young man. But unfortunately, he didn’t find it. And basing upon the unopened milk bottles, he deduces that the killer disguised as the milk delivery man.

At the same time, Yan Zi looks at a map and traces his car’s locations for the past weeks. He takes note of the fact that the car has been to places where the couple lived and on the day of the murder, it was parked near the crime scene.

Jing Zhi casually watches TV at home when Ling Qiao returns. The smell of caffeine and disinfectant catch her attention. She guesses that Ling Qiao went to a coffee shop and a hospital. Ling Qiao is quite impressed, but her logic is only half-correct. Yes, he did go to a coffee shop, but the disinfectant, however, is because he returned to the crime scene.

While sitting opposite to each other and enjoying a cup of coffee, Ling Qiao relays that the enemy is desperate to cover his tracks, so he killed the couple just for the picture. He then breathes in the coffee’s aroma. Jing Zhi asks why he’s doing that when he doesn’t drink coffee at all. He simply replies that it’s for his own relaxation. Jing Zhi is sickened by his logic and wonders what other perverted thoughts he has. Haha!

Suddenly, the door rings. Ling Qiao knows that the visitors are Yan Zi and his partner, so he reminds Jing Zhi to just relax and tell them that she has never been to the murder scene. As expected, Ling Qiao is considered a person of interest in the double murder case and is brought to the police station for investigation.

At the station, Yan Zi interrogates Ling Qiao. It’s obvious he’s already dead-set on believing that Ling Qiao is somehow involved. But the latter is resolved to prove his innocence. Ling Qiao coolly states that he was indeed looking for the couple because he was trying to retrieve a family heirloom. A few days back, he got news from the auction house and learned where they lived but when he went to the place the couple already transferred. In short, he didn’t meet the couple and it was purely a coincidence that he was near the place where they were murdered. Yan Zi refuses to believe him and insists that he’s lying.

Before Yan Zi leaves, Ling Qiao boldly asks if it’s illegal to put a tracker on a car. Yan Zi dismissively answers that if it is someone else’s car, then it is. But since, it’s his car, then there’s no issue of legalities there. Ling Qiao can only chuckle at the lucidity.


Jing Zhi is clearly hurt by Yan Zi’s adverse action. She throws him the keys and dejectedly tells him to take it away. By that she means, both his car and his love because she doesn’t deserve any of it. Yan Zi is disappointed at her reaction as well and retorts that she has become blinded by love. She confirms. In fact, she loves Ling Qiao so much that she can’t even bear the thought of being separated with him. She can’t eat, sleep and her tears won’t stop falling if he’s not around. Yan Zi keeps his silence and calmly tells her to go home, guaranteeing that Ling Qiao will be released after 48 hours.

When alone, Yan Zi admits his fault but nevertheless stands by his decision without regrets because that was his only way of keeping her. Awww!

Jing Zhi worries for Ling Qiao. Dong Dong, however, remains a hundred and one percent unperturbed and reminds her that Ling Qiao has super powers. Obviously, he can escape from the station if he wants to. Still, she remains anxious and calls Xuan Xuan for some advice.

Sadly, Xuan Xuan doesn’t answer her calls because she has problems of her own. Ye Chen happens to be at the restaurant where she’s at and notices her foul mood so he initiates a conversation. They are having their normal teasing and bickering when Xuan Xuan’s mother called. Over the phone, she and her mom has a bitter spat over her arranged marriage with Shi Guang and vows to marry anyone, even a beggar, if he’s the one she loves. She hangs up and meets Ye Chen’s uneasy glance. They both laugh at the awkward moment. Xuan Xuan lightens the mood, saying that her life is just like those of a typical idol drama. She then bids her farewell.


Xuan Xuan wanders around and finds Ye Chen waiting for her. Seems he decided to keep her company for the day and he’s wise enough to use blackmail on her so she’s forced to agree. Haha! Unfortunately, his car broke down somewhere along a secluded road in the middle of the night and she lost her phone. Yeah, and they keep on telling us that Jing Zhi is jinxed. Tehehe! Without nothing much to do, Ye Chen invites her to just spend the night and watch sunrise together. It’s cold so he puts his coat over her shoulders. Kyaaah!

The next day, Xuan Xuan is still unreachable via phone, so Jing Zhi goes to her home to check on her. But Xuan Xuan’s still not there yet. Shi Guang happens to pass by too so he volunteers to give Jing Zhi a ride.

In the car, Shi Guang shares that Xuan Xuan had a tiff with her Mom. She’s calling off the wedding and refused to marry him for money. Basically, that’s the reason why Xuan Xuan suddenly disappeared. Guess, love is much harder than charity or any business deal.

Out of nowhere, goons chase them and keeps on bumping their car. Fearing for dear life, Jing Zhi immediately calls Ling Qiao. But since he’s still under police custody, he can’t answer her calls. At the station, Ling Qiao feels her fears and tries desperately to get out of the detention room. He even reach to the point of kicking down the door. Police men assumes he’s escaping, so they point guns at him. He can only beg for them to take his call because Jing Zhi is in grave danger. Thankfully, Yan Zi’s partner gives him the benefit of the doubt.

And yes, he’s right. The police responded immediately and comes in time to save Jing Zhi and Shi Guang from the unknown attackers. Luckily, they escape from the life-threatening experience with just bruises and minor concussions.

Ling Qiao is finally released. Yan Zi offers to take him to the hospital where Jing Zhi was taken. He’s rather curious why Ling Qiao knew that Jing Zhi is in danger, why he’s so darn calm about it and why Jing Zhi chose to call him instead of the police for help. Ling Qiao simply says that he’s basing his reaction on Yan Zi’s cool demeanor and concludes that Jing Zhi is far from danger. As to why he knew she’s in danger, he call it connection between lovers. Lastly, she called him because she doesn’t trust the police. He may not be superman but he’s someone Jing Zhi trust.


When Ling Qiao arrives, Jing Zhi frantically calls for him. She gets all emotional and hugs him tight, crying like a child. She repeatedly asks him where he was and why he didn’t come sooner. She recalls his promise of protecting her, wailing that she waited for him to save her but he didn’t come. Her unexpected outburst even make the nurses and doctors cry. Yan Zi, who also witnesses the scene, gets hurt and leaves quietly.

When Jing Zhi has calmed down, Ling Qiao comments that he thought she had brain damage because of how she acted earlier. Haha! He then asks what happened and she answers bad guys were chasing them. She further complains that her bad luck has been upgrade. Ling Qiao smiles at her reaction and clips back a strand of loose hair. Aww! Both are taken aback by his unconscious gesture.

Ling Qiao diverts the topic, asking where Shi Guang is. Jing Zhi replies that he already left because of work. He then wonders who the real target is. Jing Zhi defends that she never angered anyone except him. Tehehe!

With the recent accident, Jing Zhi hopes that the media will be subtle in their reports. But it proves to be only a wishful thinking because right after she made the pronouncements, Dong Dong calls to inform her that she once again hits the headlines. Bashers and unbelievers deem the accident as a publicity stunt. Jing Zhi whines, asking where her real fans are and why they are not defending her. She looks at Ling Qiao for help but he just tell her he’s Xuan Xuan’s fan. Haha! She then murmurs that only parents’ love are real love. Speaking of parents, she suddenly remembers she has them and they sure know about the news by now.

Jing Zhi already prepared her most convincing crocodile tears when Mom and Dad arrive to check on her. She had it all thought out and cries that she lost the baby because of the accident. Dad sure is worried and tries to console her. But Mom has already uncovered her lies when she went to the hospital and the doctor said she wasn’t pregnant. Mom is pissed and in anger, she throws pillows at Jing Zhi and starts to beat her up. Jing Zhi runs for cover and just in time, Ling Qiao arrives to save the day. Tehehe! He tells them that Jing Zhi only lied because she was afraid they will not approve of their relationship. Dad backs his story, assuring that Ling Qiao has a tough body and surely Jing Zhi will get pregnant in no time. Ahaha! Mom seems to be appeased by that. Haha!


Before they go home, Dad reminds Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi to get married first before having a baby. Ling Qiao is somehow enjoying the moment and promises to work hard for it. Haha!

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