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My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 3 Recap


This is just a filler episode. Nothing much happened except for the setting down of a significant back story.

And hence, this may be may be my shortest recap yet. 🙂

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My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 2 Recap


Glad that this episode didn’t disappoint. It brought a lot of promising improvements in the bag. Hopefully, it’ll continue its comfortable, refreshing pace. And lastly, I just want to say, Ling Qiao is one super adorable “monster”. 🙂

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My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 1 Recap


My anticipation for this show went downhill after watching the first episode. 😦

Well it’s a bit cliché and draggy at times. The female lead’s acting went a little overboard and the chemistry is almost nonexistent. One thing I like about it though is the funny interaction between the female lead and the side characters. Despite my initial disappointments, I’ll continue to watch at most 5 episodes before I’ll make the decision of continuing with the recap or not.

For now, enjoy the pilot episode. 🙂

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Them K-Pop and K-dramas though.

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