My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 10 Recap


It’s official! Jing Zhi likes Ling Qiao. ❤ ❤ ❤

It’s plain as day and clear as sky, and no matter how many times she denies it, her actions definitely tells otherwise.

Episode 10


Ling Qiao takes Jing Zhi to Ling Nan Court, one of the many places where he hid his family’s relics. After finding the right coordinates, Ling Qiao starts to dig and this time, he exhumes a jade bracelet. He casually gives it to Jing Zhi, who is obviously awed. She then asks him how many did he hide and he nonchalantly tells her it’s enough to open a private museum. Wow! Ling Qiao is loaded!

Ling Qiao brings Jing Zhi to the stony beach. While she excitedly digs up ‘relics’ on the shores, Ling Qiao ‘talks’ with his imaginary friend. He tells his friend that Jing Zhi is his oblivious, luckless and stingy landlord. But even though she’s a pain, he is fully aware that she’s the only one who can help him find his murderer. Since the monster video plan is a failure, the only way now is to keep track of who sold his mom’s phoenix jade. He’s dead sure he didn’t sell it, therefore, the person who did may be the one who dried up all his blood.


Ye Chen learns that Professor Li left his company ID at the research facility. He finds it strange that the professor forgot to bring his ID when he is said to be attending a conference. Ye Chen decides to go to the professor’s house. It’s left unlock, so he comes in uninvited.

But unknown to him, some mysterious guy is already in there. He’s installing something in the professor’s computer. And while Ye Chen wanders around the house, the man immediately hides from sight and draws a knife, aiming at Ye Chen’s back. Good thing, the security guard comes by just in time which forces the man to return to hiding. Phew! After talking with the guard, Ye Chen leaves and the man resumes to his work.

Like what Ye Chen suspected, Professor Li is not attending a conference but is busy conducting his own investigation on the missing dormant body case. He talks with the man who was first on the scene and discovers that the reported pervert and the dormant body wore the same clothes.

Jing Zhi is having a difficult time deciding whether to return or accept Ling Qiao’s gift, so she turns to social media for some advice, but it proves to be an inept move when people bashed her instead. Haha! In the end, she returns the bracelet, saying that one cannot be too greedy. Ling Qiao agrees and tells her to use it as an additional funding for her well-digging activities. Jing Zhi is so overwhelmed that she unconsciously kisses Ling Qiao on the cheeks and promises to help him break into Yan Zi’s house the next day. Her innocent gestures brings out a blush from Ling Qiao. Aww!

Yan Zi takes on an indeterminate vacation leave and stays at home per his Captain’s advice. There, Jing Zhi pays him a ‘surprise’ visit. Well, not really a surprise since it is part of the break in plan. Hehe! Jing Zhi will serve as a diversion while Ling Qiao access Yan Zi’s computer. Dong Dong, on the other hand, will be the lookout.

Yan Zi is apparently happy to see Jing Zhi as he didn’t even bother to guard his emotions and gives her a back hug. Aw! Perplexed by his actions, Jing Zhi can only ask if something’s wrong. He instantaneously denies. It’s a shame he has a terminal illness.

Once Jing Zhi gives the go signal, Ling Qiao gets inside Yan Zi’s room. Luckily Yan Zi’s computer is already signed in at the police office’s data base. However, the site needs a password and inputting the wrong code will automatically shut down the database for an hour.

In the living room, Jing Zhi excuses herself to hide in the bathroom. She then tells Ling Qiao that her birthday has always been Yan Zi’s password. Thankfully, it still is! Phew! While Jing Zhi is busy secretly talking with Ling Qiao via an earpiece device, Yan Zi hears tapping from his room and walks slowly towards it, armed with a wine bottle. Seeing Yan Zi’s attempt to go to his room, Jing Zhi feigns to slip. Yan Zi dashes to the bathroom, giving Ling Qiao enough time to escape.

Right on cue, Dong Dong knocks on the door and reminds Jing Zhi that she still has a shoot. Yan Zi laughs at her ‘carelessness’.


On the way home, Ling Qiao mulls over the fact that Yan Zi still uses Jing Zhi’s birthday as the password. But, Jing Zhi assures it’s only natural since she and Yan Zi grew up together and is practically family. This answers Ling Qiao’s speculations and he then treats Jing Zhi and Dong Dong for a midnight snack.

With their mission’s success, Ling Qiao gets hold of the phoenix jade current owner’s address. He advises Jing Zhi not to join him this time because she’ll only be in a harm’s way. But because she’s hardheaded, she still follows his trail the next day. So, Ling Qiao is forced to tag her along.

They find the address but unfortunately they’re too late. The couple are already dead and to prevent Jing Zhi from seeing the dead bodies, Ling Qiao pulls her for a hug.

After the news of the double murder breakout, Yan Zi volunteers to investigate on the case despite being on official leave.

At home, Jing Zhi cries from guilt and fear. She blames her bad luck for the death of the couple. Ling Qiao sympathetically disagrees, telling her that it’s not her fault and promises to keep her safe no matter what.


Later that night, Ling Qiao thinks by himself, asking the heavens how he can heal a heartache. Wounds are definitely a hundred times easier to heal. He feels that Jing Zhi is having bad dream, so just to give her a little comfort, he settles on hugging her tight. Awww!

Meanwhile, the enemy has been informed of Professor Li’s hunt for the monster. Because of that, the enemy warns the professor to butt off and stick to the scientifics or something bad will happen to his family.

The next morning, Ling Qiao makes Jing Zhi a drink. It’s supposed to be an energy drink I think. But given Ling Qiao’s horrible cooking skills, Jing Zhi tries to make up lame excuses just to avoid glugging down the dreadful drink. However, Ling Qiao insists and she’s forced to drink all of it. And yeah, she’s right. It tastes awful! Haha! Out of the blue, Ling Qiao wipes off the juice on the sides of her mouth using his thumb. This seemingly innocent but sweet gesture turns Jing Zhi into a disgruntled zombie. Haha!

Now back to the double murder case, Yan Zi and his team concludes that the culprit was after the phoenix jade. Ling Qiao learns that the niece of the deceased couple came to bury her relatives, so he pretends to be one of the police investigators in charge with the case. He talks privately with the niece and probes about the relic. The niece readily relays that the jade was pawned by a young man at her great grandfather’s shop. After the young man was gone, her great grandfather inspected the jade’s box and found a secret compartment. Inside was a picture of the young man and his mother. Since their great grandfather can’t bear to sell the jade, he kept it as a family heirloom. And if only her aunt wasn’t sick years ago, her uncle wouldn’t be forced to sell the jade.


Professor Li files a leave of absence from work. He spills his plans to Ye Chen. The truth is he didn’t really go to a business trip and only stayed at home. He already knew that the dormant body was the reason why Jing Zhi acquired the prefect enzyme, and he was trying to find the corpse by himself. At first, he was only driven because of scientific discoveries, but later, he became greedy and aimed on making a cure for his daughter using the monsters blood.

Jing Zhi is all giddy remembering Ling Qiao’s sweet gesture. Dong Dong then notices that she hasn’t wiped off her make up. She usually cleanses after a shoot. With Dong Dong’s comment, Jing Zhi realizes that she had been unkempt and messy at home. Haha! Her panic-stricken reaction compels Dong Dong to bluntly remind her that having romantic desires for Ling Qiao will end up with a tragedy. But Jing Zhi continues to deny liking him.


Ye Chen and Yan Zi meet up for their regular dormant body progress report. But sadly, there is nothing to report as their investigation arrives at a dead-end. While looking at his phone’s GPS tracker app, Yan Zi discovers that on the day of the double murder, the car he lent to Jing Zhi was parked near crime scene. Dun! Dun! Dun!

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  1. What is the name of the song when they three at the car??..please tell me

  2. What is the name of the song when they at the car??..please tell me

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