My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 9 Recap


Finally, our OTP has patched up. More sweet moments ahead. Kyaah!

Episode 9

Dong Dong confronts Ling Qiao about his seemingly close relations with his student’s mom. Ling Qiao, however, cannot fathom where he’s coming from and chides on modern human’s “possessiveness”. Dong Dong wrangles that being possessive is a normal human’s way of showing he cares. Ling Qiao then admits he is alien to such human behavior as he doesn’t feel the same deep concern for him or for Jing Zhi. Ouch! Dong Dong gives up and warns him not to tell those cutting words to Jing Zhing. For sure, she’ll be hurt as she worries for him the most. In fact, she has probably fallen asleep, waiting for him.


At the beach, Ling Qiao mulls on the thought alone. He’s convinced that he must distance himself sometime or else he’ll be someone’s possession. He also finds it hard to believe that Jing Zhi awaits his return. But when he did go home, he finds her sleeping on the couch while the TV is on, an evident manifestation that she cares. He carries her to her room. She wakes up but keeps her silence. The next morning, he’s gone.

Xuan Xuan visits Shi Guang to personally have him sign an important document. Shi Guang’s secretary then politely interrupts their conversation to tell him that Chairman Hong Shi Long has returned. It appears that Shi Long is Shi Guang’s cousin who claims he indecorously snatched the company.


The OTP is set to visit Jing Zhi’s parents. Dong Dong and Jing Zhi waits for Ling Qiao outside her parent’s house. There, Dong Dong inquires if she plans to marry Ling Qiao for real. But she dismisses the idea, saying that there’s a huge gap between human and monster. Dad then sees her car (more like Yan Zi’s car since he lend it to her) and shouts for them to go out. Jing Zhi calls Dad and together they wait for Ling Qiao’s arrival. Dad is starting to get suspicious of Ling Qia’s absence, but right on cue, he appears on a very expensive luxury car. Much to Dad’s delight, the car is actually Ling Qiao’s gift for him!

Jing Zhi assumes Ling Qiao acquired the car via loan and so she complains that she’ll have to accept a commercial gig just to pay for it. But Ling Qiao swears he bought the car and already paid his debt. She’s rather flabbergasted by his pronouncements and asks where he got the money. He casually announces that he robbed a bank. She’s undeniably horrified and Ling Qiao can’t help but chuckle. Obviously, he didn’t rob a bank, though it’s very possible he can. She then violently strangles him for scaring her. Just in time, Dad knocks and when he opens the door, Jing Zhi is sweetly sitting on Ling Qiao’s lap, pretending to look at her baby photos. Haha!

Ling Qiao then gets a call from the police station. There, Grandma clears his name. She even reprimands Yan Zi for not identifying the bad guy from the good. Further emphasizing that Ling Qiao is too handsome to be the assailant. Haha!

On the way out, Grandma prods for her granddaughter and Ling Qiao’s possible relationship but Jing Zhi is quick to stake her claim and dashes to hug Ling Qiao. Grandma and Yan Zhi see the possessive gesture and dejectedly leave.

When they were alone, Jing Xhi is first to reconcile. She even suggests that they should call it quits since both of them are at fault. Ling Qiao agrees in exchange of a cherry juice. Haha! Cute!

The enemy was informed of Ling Qiao’s recent good deed and comments that the monster is as helpful as ever. He recalls the time when he was just a child who was running away from the police with his sickly Mom. He was so happy that Ling Qiao helped them escape. But when he learned of Ling Qiao’s healing abilities, he blamed him for his Mom’s demise.


Ye Chen visits Jing Zhi at the film set. He tries to convince her become a part of his experiment. But she dodges his jabs, saying that she has no plans of becoming his ‘guinea pig’ and warns that if he insists, she’ll shout rape. Haha!

Shi Guang is too early for his taekwondo class so he passes time talking with Ling Qiao.  He shares that the exercise greatly help in improving his health. He is amenable that because of his inborn health frailties, his life is short. He has long embraced that fact. The only thing that matters to him is that every moment he spends is spectacular. Ling Qiao admires his positive outlook  and remarks that not all people realize that. Some just neglect what they have in their desire to chase the things they don’t have.

Ling Qiao prepares the ingredients for his dish. Jing Zhi, on the other hand, puts on his apron, intentionally or unintentionally embracing him in the process. He then jokes that he can’t cook properly if she’s hugging him. She immediately pulls away and while Ling Qiao is busy with his task, Jing Zhi muses  on adopting more monsters. Haha!

Once he’s done cooking, he proudly spoon feeds his dishes to Jing Zhi. So as no to hurt his feelings, she pretends to like the meal. But he misinterprets and forces her to eat some more. Haha!

Ye Chen teams up to solve the missing corpse’s case. They talk with the driver who first was first on the scene but the driver cannot remember anything suspicious that night. Ye Chen then shows him the picture of the corpse’s suit and the driver confirms it’s the same garb the pervert was wearing. This is the confirmation Ye Chen was waiting for. Jackpot! Ye Chen is more convinced that his theory is correct. He believes that Jing Zhi’s blood awakened the corpse and in return, the revived corpse saved her. He also adds that the corpse’s blood has self-repairing characteristics that needs to be studied. Still, Yan Zi finds his outrageous theory impossible to believe.


That night, Yan Zi calls Jing Zhi and cautions her to be careful. He shares that though he doesn’t believe Ye Chen, all evidence supports that there might be monster on the loose.  This statement obviously raises alarm.

And because of the dishes Ling Qiao cooked, Jing Zhi suffers  from food poisoning. Ling Qiao quickly comes to her side to give her the ‘special cure’ but she insists that he brings her to the hospital instead. Seems she wants to save her third first kiss for her real boyfriend. Haha! But Ling Qiao didn’t adhere to her wish and continues to force feeds his blood. After she’s healed, Ling Qiao notices her erratic heartbeat and her obvious blushing. He then concludes that she’s a real woman. Haha! Jing Zhi agrees, saying she’s not only a woman but a goddess. Haha!

Jing Zhi pushes him away and tells him to refrain from doing it again because Ye Chen and Yan Zi are getting closer to the truth. It’ll only be a matter of time before they discover that he is the dormant body. But Ling Qiao isn’t a bit bothered because the worst that will happen is they’ll hide in the deep forest and she’ll live like a boor. Haha!

Next, we see Jing Zhi ridiculously posing for the camera at an old mansion. Ling Qiao complains that she’s acting silly again. Jing Zhi then probes why he took her there. He explains that this is one way of retrieving his memory. He shares that he feels a sense of familiarity when he saw the woman and her child. He presupposes that maybe he helped the same kind of pair before. Basically, what they are doing there is reliving his past, so he urges her to be serious in her poses.

Okay, so basing on the sample pictures, how is this picture taking serious? Haha!


Looking at the grand manor, Jing Zhi guesses that Ling Qiao’s death was a crime of passion and his wife might have killed him. But Ling Qiao is fast to negate her assumptions as he is sure he’s not married due to the absence of female items in his house. Jing Zhi tries again. This time, maybe he was not married to a woman, but a man. Haha! Ling Qiao then begs her to maintain a normal thinking. Haha! He assures that he doesn’t have that kind of inclination. In fact, he doesn’t like anyone anymore. He sadly confesses that his long life destroyed all of his affections and passions. Jing Zhi tries to lift the sad mood and tells him to be more optimistic because good things are bound to happen as long as he lives.

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