My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 7 Recap


There’s a noticeable drop in the level of quirkiness in this episode but I don’t mind. Over all, it’s still F-U-N!

Episode 7

The show opens with Jing Zhi witnessing the most terrifying scene ever!!! And that is seeing her parents drink Ling Qiao’s tea and calling him son-in-law. Haha! Before her parents leave, Mom threatens to sever their mother-daughter relationship if Jing Zhi gets dumped again. Haha!

Seems Ling Qiao is serious with his declarations. He already packed his bag and is very much ready to go leave. Now the table’s turned and it’s Jing Zhi’s time to beg that he stays. Haha! He relents. And as an act of goodwill, she drafts a contract. The contract states that she will never hit him and she will help him find his enemy. As for his part, he must continue pretending to be her boyfriend minus any hidden desires he may feel for her. However, he finds it childish and crumples the paper. For him, as long as she keeps her promise, he doesn’t need a contract.

Jing Zhi and Xuan Xuan visit Shi Guang at his penthouse. Jing Zhi can’t help but be amazed at how rich Shi Guang is. Xuan Xuan brags that once they are married, both Zhang and Hong Corp.’s stock value will rise. Jing Zhi then asks if she could buy their stocks. Xuan Xuan won’t let her  though. She reminds Jing Zhi that she’s downright unlucky and no matter how strong the stock fares in the market, it’ll surely drop if she buys it. Haha!

Moving on, Jing Zhi says sorry to Shi Guang in behalf of Ling Qiao. And because he has a weak physical condition, she recommends that he try taekwondo at the dojang where Ling Qiao works.

Xuan Xuan and Shi Guang attend the turn over ceremony for the Welfare Institute Shi Guang constructed. After their interview, Shi Guang feels compelled to tell her some personal information. He was an only child and his Mom died giving birth to him. He inherited the Hong company after his Dad, whom he never met, died. After hearing his story, Xuan Xuan feels sorry for him.

At the research facility, Ye Chen accidentally gets a hold of one strange blood analysis report. He talks with Professor Li about it and the latter confirms he conducted the blood test himself. Ye Chen is thrilled by this because the analysis shows that the blood sample contains perfect enzyme threads, just like the hair sample from the dormant body.

To find the enemy, Jing Zhi instructs Jing Zhi to visit Yan Zi at the police station. She will serve as the diversion while Dong Dong studies how the police servers work. She’s wary of the plan but after Ling Qiao convinces her that it’s the perfect avenue for her to exact her revenge at Yan Zi, she concedes.

The trio celebrates the successful execution of their plan at a bar. After a few drinks, Jing Zhi gets drunk. She’s starting to make a scene and Dong Dong worries for paparazzi. She excuses herself and to their surprise, she goes to the stage, singing her heart out. Just like what Dong Dong fears, her little stunt is published in the newspaper. Xuan Xuan goes to Yan Zi to show him the papers. She relays that Jing Zhi started to behave weirdly after she met Ling Qiao. She suspects that Ling Qiao is a con artist and so, she persuades Yan Zi to check on Ling Qiao. Yan Zi thinks it through and agrees to look into it.

Jing Zhi meets with Ye Chen. He’s rather confused why she wanted to meet all of a sudden and thinks she wants to brag about her new boyfriend. Jing Zhi denies having that kind of thoughts and offers her condolences because he lost the dormant body. Ye Chen doesn’t believe her though and ask what she really wants. She feigns innocence and probes about Professor Li instead. She tells him that Professor Li wanted to test her blood. Ye Chen finds it odd and he starts to suspect that Professor Li is up to something.


Ling Qiao’s taekwondo class is re-scheduled so he goes to pick up Jing Zhi at the film set. He asks her about the date with Ye Chen and she answers it’s a failure. She complains that no matter how much she talked about professor Li, Ye Chen can’t take a hint.

Ling Qiao is too engaged in the conversation and didn’t notice the car in front of them. He immediately steps on the break and because of that, Jing Zhi gets a little scratch. He looks at the wound, but she tells him she doesn’t need the special cure. Ling Qiao says it’s okay because his blood may still be in her system. He reminds her that she mustn’t let anybody get a hold of her blood, pointing out that getting her blood is easier than she imagined. Right then, he remembers Professor Li wanting a blood sample. And though she refused, she got hurt the next day. He puts two and two together and concludes that Professor Li was the one who sabotaged the prop.


That night, Ye Chen waits for Professor Li in the lab. He asks if the donor of the blood sample he tested was Jing Zhi and if he was responsible for hurting her. Professor Li admits to the misdeed. Ye Chen can only ask him “Why?”.

The answer is quite simple for the professor. He had so many sacrifices for this research. But still, even after 10 years, there’s no remarkable discoveries. He is frustrated and he’s resolved to grab every opportunity for a breakthrough. And so when there seems to be irregularities in Jing Zhi’s case, he investigates on his own. With Jing Zhi’s blood, he has proven that his theory is correct. The only downside is that the enzyme in her body is only a minimal trace, so even if they drain her blood the discovery is still limited. Ye Chen is disappointed at his professor’s declaration. On the verge of tears, he tells him that this is the only time he’ll pretend he doesn’t know anything.

At home, Jing Zhi mulls over the fact that Professor Li might have known that something is different from her blood. Ling Qiao agrees and adds that he probably knows the dormant body is revived. Jing Zhi panics and tells Ling Qiao that they must hide. Ling Qiao explains that if only she keeps her mouth shut, no one will know he is the dormant body. Haha! Ling Qiao reminds her again to distance herself from Professor Li. He may not be the enemy but there’s a big chance the enemy knows him.

Xuan Xuan invites Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi to a double date. Jing Zhi is pretty excited that she even buttons Ling Qiao’s shirt. Ling Qiao finds her actions cute and says that she’s already overdoing it. She defends that she just want them to look like a real couple for their debut date. In return he fixes her hair. Yay!


Xuan Xuan and Shi Guang are already waiting for them at the table. When they arrive, Shi Guang extends his hand to Ling Qiao. However, Ling Qiao holds his hand quite firmly which puzzles both girls and Shi Guang. After awhile, Ling Qiao tells Shi Guanghim that his hands are sweaty and he has a fast heartbeat which are clear signs for a fragile health. Shi Guang confirms his findings and admits that he needs physical exercise.

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