My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 6 Recap


This is the funniest and my most favorite episode yet. Now, I can say that I have no regrets watching and recapping this adorable drama. 🙂

Episode 6

Jing Zhi and Ling Qiao arrives at “their home”. Jing Zhi is in a relatively good mood and pleads Ling Qiao to take her on a flight ride. He is reluctant at first, but in the end gave in, when she used her puppy dog eyes. Tehehe! This goes to show he ain’t immune to her charms after all.

The two lands on the second-floor porch, where Dong Dong happens to be casually eating his dinner. The scene renders Dong Dong into a shock and Jing Zhi handles the current ordeal using harsh threats. But it seems her technique isn’t working, so Ling Qiao nonchalantly confirms that what Dong Dong saw was real and blames Jing Zhi’s low IQ for the accidental revelation. Jing Zhi counters that he’s the super idiot monster with amnesia who got his blood dried up and was trapped in a coffin for 100 years. Ling Qiao then reminds her that she’s the cursed woman who revived a corpse. The relentless bickering gives Dong Dong a summary of what is going on.

Meanwhile, Professor Li has acquired a sample of Jing Zhi’s blood. Yep, he was the one who sabotaged the prop on Episode 4. He then emails the results to somebody. I’m guessing that somebody is, of course, the enemy.

A new viral video of Ling Qiao jumping over high buildings circulate on the net. The owner of the video even threatens to release a high definition version if the views reach 5 million. While Dong Dong and Jing Zhi freak out because of the possible unveiling of Ling Qiao’s identity, the monster involved is seemingly unconcerned and even reasons out that there’s no law against someone keeping a 500 year old person. Haha! Angered by his calm demeanor, Jing Zhi storms out.

After awhile, Jing Zhi finds Ling Qiao intently watching Xuan Xuan’s new idol drama. She’s rather furious that he has time to watch dramas when the views of his video continuous to upsurge. She asks if he’s not worried at all. Indeed, he is. He’s worried for Xuan Xuan’s safety, referring to the murder plot against her in the drama. Haha!

The enemy’s assistant who goes by the name of Mr. Zhang wants to buy the source video. Seems his master wants the video deleted before the public learns of Ling Qiao’s identity.

Jing Zhi is doing a shoot with Xuan Xuan at the second floor of an abandoned building. Unknown to the director, Jing Zhi is afraid of heights. Xuan Xuan tries to suggest for a double but Jing Zhi insists on doing the scene herself. The scene turns out to be quite dangerous as the actor needs to push Jing Zhi to the edge. Ling Qiao feels the danger and comes to the rescue. He punches the male actor and hugs Jing Zhi, supposedly shielding her from the actor’s attacks. Haha! When Jing Zhi realizes what he’s trying to do, she whacks his head and says they are only taping and from then on, Jing Zhi bans Ling Qiao from talking.

While holding hands, Jing Zhi tells Xuan Xuan that Ling Qiao is her boyfriend. She met him at the hospital and they just hit it off. He’s a taekwondo instructor who likes parkour. And to justify his actions, she explains that he’s just jealous of the male lead. Tehehe! But still, Xuan Xuan remains unconvinced and is suspicious of Ling Qiao’s intentions. When Xuan Xuan’s gone, Jing Zhi finally allows Ling Qiao to speak. He smiles in delight and boyishly tells her that Xuan Xuan is prettier in person. Haha! And with this remark, Jing Zhi wishes to just die. Haha!

Jing Zhi can’t believe that Ling Qiao is causing her more problems than she could handle. She thought he was there to help, but she never expected, HE will be the problem. Haha! Ling Qiao eases her burden, advising her to think more positively about the situation. For example, because of their pretend relationship, she has become more popular online. Jing Zhi, however, can’t relax. If before, she was a criminal who is hiding a monster, now, the world will know her as the girlfriend of the monster. Haha! Ling Qiao then promises that if that happens, he can always take her with him.

In behalf of Ling Qiao, Jing Zhi says sorry to the director. He readily accepts and asks if Ling Qiao can play the main villain’s part in the drama. Of course, Ling Qiao agrees because he wouldn’t miss out the opportunity to work with Xuan Xuan, his celebrity crush. Haha!

Xuan Xuan’s fiancĂ© Hong Shi Guang (Lin Xin Liang) visits the film set. Though their engagement is purely business, they agreed to put up a show and meet every week. While Ling Qiao is practicing with the harness, he accidentally slips and falls right into Shi Guang. Basing upon Shi Guang’s terrified reaction, we get a hint that he may be the enemy Ling Qiao has been looking for.

After the shoot, Jing Zhi and Ling Qiao eat out for dinner. While Ling Qiao is parking the car, Jing Zhi goes inside the restaurant first. Surprisingly and coincidentally, Yan Zi and his friends are in the same restaurant to celebrate Yan Zi’s recent success in solving a major case. When Jing Zhi notices them, she decides to leave and bumps into Ling Qiao.

Looking at her teary-eyed expression, Ling Qiao suddenly grabs her hand and pulls her back inside. Jing Zhi tries to free herself from his grasp, but he remains firm. He boldly declares himself as Jing Zhi’s boyfriend and thanks Yan Zi for taking care of “his” woman. He then guarantees to love, take care and take responsibility for her. Yan Zi can only clench his fist to hide his jealousy.

At home, Jing Zhi locks herself inside the comfort room. Her deafening cries worries Ling Qiao. So he knocks on the door and convinces her to go out. But she won’t listen and continues her rants. Ling Qiao has no choice but break the door, which he did so effortlessly. Haha! He frankly asks how long she intends to cry for someone who abandoned her. His cutting words further upsets Jing Zhi. And she starts to throw random things at him.

Ling Qiao hears the arrival of Jing Zhi’s parents. He then pins her down the couch. I’m guessing he did that on purpose so that her parents will see them in a very compromising position. Tehehe! He then gives her a piece of his mind.

Ling Qiao: Are you done having your tantrum? I’m telling you I’m done watching this. If you stumble, it’ll be fine to just get up. Sitting down, crying and blaming the stone that tripped you is completely useless. I don’t even think you really wanted to get up. If you want to quietly leave after you meet his friend and avoid any places that he goes, that’s fine. Then you will never need to stand up again.

He finishes his speech with a concession. If she really hates him that much, then he’ll leave. He thanks her for letting him stay and hopes that she takes care of herself from now on. Hearing his farewell speech, Jing Zhi calms down.

And my intuition is right, Jing Zhi’s parents come in time to witness the “intimate” scene. Thinking that Ling Qiao was harassing her, they rush to her aide and start beating Ling Qiao to a pulp. Haha! Jing Zhi tries to clarify the misunderstanding but her parents ain’t listening. So in the spur of the moment, she shouts that she’s pregnant. Haha!

Now that everybody’s calmed down, Jing Zhi reaffirms her lie that she is indeed pregnant with Ling Qiao’s child. Her Dad can’t help but cry.  I’m not sure if it’s tears of joy or disappointment though. Haha! Her mom is furious and tells her to go to her room for them to speak with Ling Qiao in private.

After 20 minutes of gruesome waiting, Jing Zhi receives a call from Dong Dong, warning her that her parents already know that she’s secretly living with a man. Jing Zhi tells him that his call came too late and now she’s worried that her parents are skinning Ling Qiao alive. Dong Dong reminds her that Ling Qiao is the monster here and she should be more concerned if Ling Qiao already broke her parents neck. Haha! Realizing her mistake, she immediately returns to the living room and sees the most terrifying scene!

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