My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 5 Recap


My heart flutters for this episode. In fact, I love this episode so much that I won’t get tired watching this over and over again. Kyaaah! With that said, I will definitely recap this show to the end. Yeah, I know that the male lead is not the most impressive actor out there, but who cares? As long as the OTP delivers the heart melting goodness, nobody’s complaining. Right? Right!

Episode 5


Jing Zhi patiently fans heat inside the elevator. Several hours after, Ling Qiao’s iced up body is thawed and he regains enough strength to lift the trap door before succumbing to unconsciousness. Of course, the enemy is undeniably angered by the news of Ling Qiao’s escape.

Because Jing Zhi was up all night, running around and trying to save Ling Qiao, she catches a cold. She expresses her regrets for helping him and stresses on the fact that he has failed in his promise to protect her. Tired of her whining, Ling Qiao pins her down the bed and kisses her, or more like force-feeds his healing blood using his tongue. I know it’s gross but that’s how things are in this drama. Haha! When Jing Zhi recovers from her initial shock, she pushes him away and starts beating him. He catches her hand and reiterates his promise. He will surely protect her and as proof, he unwraps her bandage to show her healed hand.

Jing Zhi is bewildered by this and makes a summary of his “powers”. First, he’s the fastest being on earth. Second, he can fill his lungs with helium, allowing him to jump higher than an average person. Third, his blood can cure any illness and injury. She then realizes that his “healing tongue” was the reason she survived the accident.

While they are talking, Ling Qiao hears some people outside and so, Jing Zhi panics and tells him to hide. It’s her Mom, Xuan Xuan and a nurse. Mom and Xuan Xuan worries for her so they brought a nurse to change her bandage. Jing Zhi struggles to keep them from seeing her “wounded” hand. Thankfully, Ling Qiao passes by and she signals him for help. He readily obliges and aims his sweatshirt button to break the iodine bottle.

Now that her visitors are gone, Jing Zhi dubs Ling Qiao as the pervert who stole her precious first kiss. Ling Qiao defends that he only did what he had to do to save her, so by default, her first kiss is still intact. However, she contends that he can always cut his finger to give her blood. He dryly looks at her. He then cuts himself with a knife and the cut vanishes in mere seconds. Again, he reasons out that his tongue is the only part of his body that takes time to heal. Jing Zhi can only grumbles “That’s just so great. This type of vulgar skill really is a good news for a pervert”. Haha!

Jing Zhi is enraged and thinks of ways to kick Ling Qiao out of her house. She tries calling some of her friends. First, she thinks of Xuan Xuan but decides otherwise because she will only treat Ling Qiao like a pet. Second is Ye Chen. But she imagines him bisecting Ling Qiao for his study and deems the act too cruel. Last is Yan Zi. But after visualizing Ling Qiao breaking his neck, she changes her mind. As her last resort, Jing Zhi thinks of the Master (Xuan Xuan’s fortune teller).

The next day, Jing Zhi pays the Master a surprise visit. But he is clearly unhappy to see her. Haha! She begs that he gives her an amulet to drive out an “evil spirit”. Sadly he refuses, saying that he’s too old for that stuff and concludes that the only way for her to get rid of the “evil spirit” is to fulfill its wish.

Jing Zhi thinks about the Master’s advice and finally accepts that it’s her fate to help Ling Qiao. She asks him about his mission and he willingly relays he’s out to find the person who wanted to kill him. He initially suspected Professor Li, but it turns out, he’s not the enemy, though it’s quite evident he has involvement somehow. Speaking of Professor Li, Jing Zhi shares that the Professor is being suspicious the other day. He was being desperate to get a sample of her blood but thankfully, she was being smart and refuses.

Ling Qiao then reminds Jing Zhi to be careful because the enemy is just around the corner. It’s basically the reason why he insists on living with her. Jing Zhi’s quite surprised hearing that because she assumes he’s attracted to her that’s why he is being incessant in his attempts to live together. Haha! He confirms her belief with a passive “You’re okay. Good enough”. Ling Qiao adds that she can help him by being his link to Ye Chen and Yan Zi, the key individuals for his case. And because she has no choice, she agrees.

Yan Zi calls Jing Zi for a friendly date. He asks about her health and she dismisses his concerns, saying that he doesn’t need to act worried for her because she’s a strong woman who never gets too depressed after a break-up. Yan Zi falls silent and is saddened by her blunt speech. He proceeds to show pictures of her after the accident and given that evidences are inconsistent, he probes to know if she remembers something out of the ordinary that night. However, she lies that she doesn’t know anything.

While having a bath with Xuan Xuan, Jing Zhi receives a text message that her credit card debt suddenly ballooned. She immediately goes home to confront Ling Qiao about the recent credit transaction. Ling Qiao enlightens that he used the card to purchase a camera and some lenses. Jing Zhi angrily replies that he has absolutely no right to touch three things; her body, her money and her boyfriend. She then calls him a thief. Ling Qiao is offended by her accusations and to resolve the issue, he writes a promissory note. Jing Zhi then realizes she went overboard and says sorry for being mean. To make it up to him, she thinks of a way for him to earn money.

Jing Zhi recommends Ling Qiao to Guan Zhang, her former Taekwondo teacher and an owner of a Taekwondo Gym. Consequently, Ling Qiao is hired as an instructor and proves to be good at teaching kids. Guan Zhang who initially thought that Jing Zhi and Ling Qiao are an item, is actually relieved to know that they aren’t or else it’ll be tough for Jing ZJi, pointing to the girls smitten by Ling Qiao’s handsome looks.

On the way home, Jing Zhi meaningfully stares at Ling Qiao. He’s rather bothered by her knowing gaze. So she teasingly warns him not to smile at random women because surely, they’ll be infatuated by his charm. Ling Qiao then ask if she encountered the same predicament with Yan Zi. She’s suddenly not in the mood to talk and tells him not to mention her ex. Her annoyed expression makes him smile. And Jing Zhi points out that it’s juts the kind of smile she was talking about. He cutely asks if she likes it and she doesn’t bother to deny, inferring that everybody likes beautiful people. He differs. Her being pretty isn’t the main reason he’s helping her but rather because she’s kind. Aww!

Realizing that he’s the one driving, Jing Zhi panics. But he tells her not to worry because he has a driver’s licence. He got one for free because the establishment making fake IDs had a sale. Haha!

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  1. Thank you for the recaps

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