Flames of Desire Episode 22

This is insane! From scandalous extra-marital affairs to suicide attempts. Phew! Ah, don’t forget the possible conglomerate fall down! And in desperate times, who do we call? Well, I was thinking of NaYoung. Hah!

Bared Truths. Momentary Sympathies. Filial Betrayals. 

Sorry it took me this long to post. Work is work. 😦

Episode 22

NaYoung heard it right. The woman who seduced YoungJun IS Yoon JungSook, her sister. Even Ae-ri’s so overwhelmed that she can’t helped but laugh. The revelation caught NaYoung by surprise. That can’t be! Ae-ri must have misunderstood. Her sister is too cowardly to even think of having an affair with a married man. Yes, Ae-ri agrees. JungSook was too terrified that she didn’t even say a word. She just stood there crying silently.

NaYoung gets riled up. What right does Ae-ri have to brag about that? She’s a woman of noble family who lost her husband to a sushi woman! And from the looks of it, she’s more pathetic. Yes, her sister is ignorant and naïve as a kid, that’s possibly the reason YoungJun ditched Ae-ri and fell for JungSook. Ha! Take that Ae-ri.

For the last time, Ae-ri can’t win simply becoz she has nothing to lose. She doesn’t care if she goes back to being the blacksmith’s daughter. She’ll just say “thanks to you I had a great time” and restart her life from the bottom. But as for Ae-ri, well, she won’t be able to bear it. Too bad wounded pride can’t be restored to what it was once.

Ae-ri has a counter argument ready. NaYoung is acting like she doesn’t care, right? She wonders what would be YoungMin’s reaction when he’ll find out that NaYoung was pregnant before they were married. NaYoung is taken aback. That’s absurd. Ae-ri  is just making up lies. Ae-ri smiles and promises to peel every single detail of NaYoung’s past.

YoungDae throws in some theatrics and lies that he dealt with General Nam only to stop him from pestering the President. It wouldn’t even cross his mind to betray his own father. President Kim seems to believe him though. Nooo!

President Kim: Does it hurt?

YoungDae: No it doesn’t.

President Kim: You know I have a bad temper, then why did you sit close to me?

YoungDae: I’m fine. If that’s your way of showing love, then it won’t hurt no matter how many times you hit me.

Mwahahaha! Sorry, I just find this conversation funny. 😀

President Kim steps outside, leaving YoungDae with piles of “secret books”. Hmmm, something tells me President is up to something.

Ae-ri asserts her innocence. She’s siding with the Kim’s. In fact, she’s there to warn them that the prosecutor’s office will investigate in 2-3 days. GeunHwa starts to panic. President Kim assures it’ll be fine. Ae-ri agrees. They can’t pin down Presidents from large companies that easily. GeunHwa then suggests that Ae-ri talk to her uncle and persuade him to stop. President doesn’t like the idea and tells GeunHwa to have a vacation with him in Ulsan instead.

Inside President’s home-office,YoungDae happily busies himself looking through the secret books, unaware that the President is actually listening from the outside. Ahhh! The traitor is caught !

YoungMin apologizes to JungSook. She, however, isn’t a bit bothered. She knew that it’ll come to this. She was willing to face the consequences right from the start. Her feelings for the Director hasn’t changed. Besides, loving a person isn’t a crime. YoungMin is stunned. Yes it isn’t, but in the eyes of other peole it’s still wrong. JungSook doesn’t care. She couldn’t possibly explain herself to every person she meets. Before, she loved someone. But she wasn’t brave enough to tell him. This time, she can’t back down.

JungSook: Father, I did good right. From now on, I will be happy as well.

NaYoung is pissed! DukSong and his big mouth! She’s sure of it. He was the one who told Ae-ri about the baby. But then, DukSong swears he didn’t. Ae-ri just assumed, knowing that they dated before. He wouldn’t even dare talk about such things to anyone, especially to Ae-ri.

Speaking of the baby… InKi arrives. Family reunion everyone?! Ahhh… quite unexpected.

DukSong then calls Ae-ri. He warns her not to invent stories. He doesn’t even remember Yoon NaYoung that much. She should just be quiet and stop dragging him into this mess.

InKi is having her photo shoot. NaYoung contentedly oversees the activity and this is when MiJin comes in to ruin the mood. MiJin teasingly asks if NaYoung is willing to take InKi as her daughter-in-law. NaYoung laughs. Instead of snooping around other people’s business, MiJin should be mindful of her date (DukSong). He’s a family man with an infamous reputation. MiJin smirks. That’s why he’s handy.

NaYoung sends for MinJae. She arranged a lunch date. Only that, InKi is there as well. Ooohhh, this is going to be interesting!

She wants to make some amends. MinJae is clearly annoyed. How could Mom deliberately insult InKi? He can’t do this! He storms out without even looking back. Huh! Boy, you should have taken InKi with you. Tsk! NaYoung is a bit distraught. MinJae is becoming more and more stubborn by the day. This is why she needs InKi’s help, especially this time when his father is going to be the heir to Atlantic Ocean.  InKi’s the only person MinJae listens to.

NaYoung changes the subject and asks if she already told  InKi that she was a blacksmith’s daughter. Apparently, she did. She grew up facing hardships and hated her father all her life, though no one really knows why. InKi is still luckier. She doesn’t know his Dad and Mom, so she has nothing to remember. What’s that? A tear? NaYoung is crying?

Yes, she is. InKi can’t help but feel sorry for the Great Madame.  If she had a father, no matter how she hated him, she’ll miss him too. NaYoung laughs. Nope, she doesn’t miss dad. Aw. Denial much? For a moment there, InKi and NaYoung liked each other. For a moment, it was peaceful. InKi proposes a toast for Madame’s tears. Even if it’s crocodiles tears, she wants to  believe it’s real, even just for today.

MinJae is still angry. But in the end, he’s still FORCED to say sorry to Mom. It was not his intention to express his displeasure. It’s just that InKi must have been humiliated. NaYoung understands but MinJae must also realize that she’s just worried becoz he’s so kind-hearted. MinJae’s temper flares again. How could Mom confidently say that. She doesn’t know him. He even spends more time with strangers! And again, she must stop treating him like a child!

YoungMin is back in Seoul. He wants to help with the business crisis, but the President instructs him to stay away and take a trip to America instead. Once the investigation starts, it’ll get messier. If he really wants to help though, he better call YoungJun and let him handle the problem.

NaYoung goes to Ulsan and gives her sister a thorough dressing-down. Without beating around the bush, she wants JungSook to stop seeing YoungJun. There’s a lot of men out there and she just have to have an affiar with her brother-in-law?! But, JungSook ain’t a bit intimidated. She can’t break-up with YoungJun. If she can’t see him, she’ll die.

NaYoung gets angrier. Is this JungSook’s revenge? Is this about what happened to JunGoo and father? It’s JungSook’s turn to be furious. NaYoung has no right to talk about father like that. Everyone knew she hated him when all he did is  just love her in return. Why does she hate him anyway? NaYoung is losing control over her emotions.  Becoz their mom committed suicide becoz of him! JungSook doesn’t need to know about that. It’s all in the past. The more important thing is for JungSook to stop her affair. JungSook remains firm. She can’t sacrifice her happiness for NaYoung anymore.

What does she mean by that? Does JunSook thinks she’s happy? She’s surrounded by people who wanted her to fail that she can’t even breath properly. One wrong step and she’ll fall off. She’s barely holding on. So how could her sister do this to her? All the things she worked for could crumble into pieces. If JungSook won’t stop this nonsense, then she’ll just have to kill herself. She begs JungSook for this last favor. When YoungMin becomes President, JungSook could do whatever she wants.

MinJae is thinking hard. And in the midst of that, InKi calls. She’s rather disappointed of how he acted, leaving her alone with his Mom. MinJae immediately says sorry. He wasn’t thinking straight back then. InKi sets the limits, they should maintain an older sister-younger brother relationship from then on. He can come to see her on the set though and hangs up.

JungSook is once again convinced by her selfish little sister to avoid YoungJun. Later, when she learns that YoungJun is going away for a very long time, she runs after him but he’s already gone. 😦

The Prosecutor’s Office strikes! A group of men forcefully confiscates boxes and boxes of documents from the President’s office. Good thing the President was informed of the raid earlier and kept the more important docs at home. Lawyer Hong reports the incident to YoungMin, who also phones YoungJun.

NaYoung arrives from Ulsan just before Ae-ri could get inside the house. And of course, the bickering starts again. It goes on until Ae-ri put an end to it, realizing that it’s not good for the daughter-in-laws to argue in perilous times like this. NaYoung is confused. Ae-ri informs her that the Prosecution has already made their move.

President Kim asks for forgiveness to the family. He’s sincerely sorry for letting them down. All this while, he took them for granted. He’s such an insensitive grandpa to his grandchildren and a terrible father to YoungShik. Now, that the conglomerate is experiencing a setback, all they could do is support one another.

Now that NaYoung confirmed the affair between JungSook and YoungJun, she vows to solve the problem. YoungMin, however, isn’t buying the act. She has no qualification to talk to her sister like that! She’s responsible for her sister’s misery to begin with.

JungSook waits for YoungJun outside his apartment. She must confess her feelings now or she may lose the chance.  The last time, she didn’t fight for her love that’s why she couldn’t hold on to him. She can’t make the same mistake twice.

But fate isn’t kind to her this time too. The situation demands that YoungJun leave. He may not come back any time soon. Well, JungSook’s decision can’t be swayed. Even until the days she dies, she’ll wait for him

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