Embracing THE Thai

It started with “A Little Thing Called Love” and now it’s more than that…

So here’s the thing…

A couple of days ago, I’ve watched this superbly amazing Thai movie “A Little Thing Called Love”. And ever since that day, I’ve been craving for more… more of Thai movies that is. I’m such a late bloomer, I know. Sadly, English subbed Thai movies are rare and scarce. But I’ll guarantee that this minor problem won’t stop me from taking my dose,  especially now that I’ve made my To-Watch-Thai-Movie List. I’m pretty sure many of you share my enthusiasm and craving. 😛

I can’t really call myself a “critic”, but in my opinion as a movie buff, I can thereby shout to the world that Thai movies  are COOOOL! Beyond doubts, Thai flicks take the world by storm! My, it’s even comparable to Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese movies! I just love being Asian!

And yep! I’ll be doing Thai Movie recaps! You may check the latest Thai movie releases at this site.

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  1. Woah, someone’s on the same boat as me. Haha. My Thai movie/drama cravings also started with crazy little thing called love. Now I’m watching a lakorn or thai drama. Just wanna say thank you for recapping Thai movies, coz indeed, the copies of those are rare. Off to read your recaps now!

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