Flames of Desire Episode 18

It sure took me years to post this episode, neh? Sorry.

Half truths. Painful past. Human nature.

Seventeen episodes passed, and here I am still standing in the so-called endless void. Who’s the real damsel in distress? Who’s the evil witch? Who must we trust? Argg, confusing as always!

Episode 18

The news is out! Old news that is. InSook wants money. NaYoung  knowingly smiles. Ah, as always she’s right. InSook is still the same old money-loving woman from before. Rather insulted,  InSook feels hurt and infuriated. Yeah, like NaYoung changed at all.  She’s still the same evil woman who stole her son!

NaYoung smiles some more. InSook doesn’t need to act all innocent now. It’s not like it would be the first time for her to ask for money. Sarcasm everyone!

InSook is enraged. If that’s how NaYoung puts it, then she doesn’t need her money. And for the record, NaYoung could no longer step a foot inside her cafe! Ha! NaYoung remains composed. Okay, whatever. As long as InSook doesn’t reveal the secret, she’s totally cool with it. But InSook must be careful. There’s nothing money can’t do in this world and she has lots and lots of it.

InSook fully understands the risks.

InSook: But Yoon NaYoung, listen carefully to my words. I won’t die alone this time.  I can’t leave MinJae with a woman like you. I’m going to die with you.

And the most unfathomable thing happened! When the ladies were alone, they started to cry. Heh?!

InKi wants to go somewhere. JinSook tries to convince her otherwise but…

InKi: Starting from a certain point, everything has gone wrong. I fulfilled my dream but I’m not happy.

She must understand how her life became a complete mess.

InKi: I need to go back to the beginning… go back to where I started and think on how I became like this.

Amidst the havoc and soul-searching, MinJae is busy trying to work!

And yes, it’s official. It’s over between YoungJun and Ae-ri. He’ll be staying at Ulsan for the project, which by the way is a very obvious excuse to get the hell out of Ae-ri’s claws.

Ae-ri begs. She can’t (and won’t) let him leave. It’ll tarnish her “good” reputation. But it’s of no use for YoungJun. Ae-ri had it. Even if she’s begging like this, he still wants to go? Then she doesn’t care anymore.  He can do whatever he wants.

It seems Ae-ri ain’t the only one burning in fury. SungJae too has his say. If Dad runs away like this, MinJae will take everything from him. Jealous much!

SungJae’s unreasonable outburst riles YounJun. He has no right to say that! Why, this arrogant, good-for-nothing son did nothing but chase girls all day! YoungJun: Make your own living and don’t expect a free ride from life! And then, YoungJun went off, leaving Ae-ri and YoungJae sulking in exasperation. 

YoungMin suggested that they send MinJae abroad, since he’s just lolling around doing nothing. And NaYoung eagerly agreed, throwing me and YoungMin in complete shock. Heh? This is way too suspicious!

NaYoung then informs MinJae about InSook’s “extortion”, hinting that InSook can’t be trusted at all. Without wasting time, YoungMin went to have a word  with InSook.

He promises to take care of her… to give her money if that’s what she needs. InSook refuses. She already decided to put the cafe on sale and dismisses the concern. When did he start caring about her anyways?

Right then, JinHo comes in and harasses InSook. YoungMin gets irritated and drags JinHo away in violent haste. InSook tries to stop the brawl, but  weakly stumbles trying to catch up.

YoungMin angrily reminds JinHo that he needs to stop pestering everyone! JinHo argues that he can’t just disappear. Not with that tiny store in New York. He wants $1000,000 and then he’s off. What a leech! Don’t we all want this guy to just choke to death?! With that sum, he won’t show his face ever again. YoungMin is forced to concede. He needs one month to get the money ready.

Like me, I’m sure many of you are wondering why YoungMin suddenly cared. Personally, I think it would be for the sole reason that he’s hunted by guilt. He remembers the day when he told InSook he already married. She cried then. Wounded and disappointed.

As part of the soul-searching process, InKi went back to Ulsan… only to find “Mom” talking with YoungJun. InKi couldn’t bring herself to have a chat with Mom though… not now when Mom seems to have moved on.

Just when we thought, this scene would be just like those random missed opportunities… JungSook looks around… somehowt sensing her daughter’s presence. And bam! Regal shocker. There she is… her daughter… alive. She runs toward her, but then of course, InKi will find a way to hide.

MinJae comes home terribly drunk. He’s been under President’s strict guidance, and apparently drinking alcohol is part of the training. NaYoung can’t help but smile though. Huh? First time, I see a mother so darn happy seeing her son dead drunk!

That very night, President finally announced that he’ll let NaYoung manage the mall. Good news for NaYoung, bad news for SongJa.

Being the weakest among the greedy daughter-in-laws, SongJa is starting to lose some confidence. She just can’t do it anymore.  No matter how hard she try, NaYoung kept on getting everything.

YoungDae  guarantees that not everything will go according to their plan. And to illustrate what he meant, he asks what’s the scariest thing in the world. And she answered “faceless ghost”. Not knowing someone’s face is the scariest thing and that’s exactly how she sees NaYoung. YoungDae laughs. Nope it’s not. It’s the tongue. Words could destroy everything.  SongJa doubts it. President will never blink an eye if she stirs trouble. YoungDae: “If a tree doesn’t fall over ten hits, all you have to do is hit it a hundred times”.

That same night (ha! this night sure is long) NaYoung can’t sleep. MinJae happens to see Mom crying over something. Mom lies that she’s just nervous about the mall thingy. And so, MinJae assures that she’ll do just fine. But then, the real reason why she can’t sleep is bcoz YoungMin didn’t go home. Oh well, he’s with InSook remember.

InSook cries over her misfortunes, he looks at her scars, they hug. What?! Is this love the second-time around? I hope not.

The next morning, YoungMin promised to help her look for a much better place to stay. And for his wife’s sake, it would do them good if InSook will sell off the cafe ASAP! InSook is hurt. So, everything is just for NaYoung?

Call it mother’s instinct but all of a sudden, it just strikes JungSook that HyeJin (InKi) might be at the beach… the place where her daughter used to play.

And the inevitable happened! JungSook bursts into tears. She had always believed that HyeJin is alive. And at last, her daughter finally came home. HyeJin couldn’t hold back her tears either. Mom doesn’t need to pretend. She already knew that she’s not her biological mother. She read her diary the day she ran away. She’s just an orphan. Though she’s really grateful that Mom raised her, she still wants to know who her real parents are. She only came back becoz she wants to know who she really is. In her heart, she wants to see the faces of those people who abandoned her! And if Mom remembers, it’ll be great if she ‘ll give her a call. JungSook breaks down. HyeJin knew!

MinJae went to InSook’s coffee shop and finds it temporarily closed. Hmmm… and where could she be?

Well, well, well… she’s having a good time with JinHo. Just when I thought this greedy woman turned a new leaf… darn! Those pitiful tears were just so  darn real! The ravening couple celebrates their success. This time, InSook hits the jackpot! But, she’s not finished yet. No matter what,  she’ll get  her son back.. and YoungMin too!

InSook: Until the day I die, I could never forgive NaYoung. I”ll torment her until she begs on her knees. No, even if she begs I won’t forgive her. Not until, Yoon NaYoung breaths her last breath!

YoungMin didn’t bother to make up excuses on where he slept last night. He was with InSook. NaYoung responds in the calmest of voice. Yeah, she knows. She’s actually relieved that he told her the truth. YoungMin feels sorry for InSook.

He didn’t know that InSook was living so poorly. Again, NaYoung passively confirms that she knows that too. YoungMin is surprised. She knows? Yes, she does! She needs to know what that woman is up to. YoungMin is pissed. Then, she must have known that there’s not a single part of her body that was left unhurt. NaYoung loses her cool. He saw her body too?! Of course,  they wouldn’t just stare at each other the whole night. YoungMin gets angry. She’s just having this crazy, dirty thoughts.

NaYoung: I clearly knew who my husband was sleeping with but I had to pretend not to know and I’m dirty?

And the woman they were arguing about… is happy drinking the night away! Ha!

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  1. finally… the 18th episode synopsis has released
    i am really really waiting for this
    i have watched until 32th episode but i don’t understand
    because it still on Korea language
    this synopsis helps me. thank you for continuing this synopsis
    do you watch this drama with korea language or with English language?

  2. n where do you watch it?
    i can’t find the website which provide the english subtitle

  3. I really appreciate your recaps ! Nice job ! I also love this drama beside the fact that Seung Ho is one of the leading actors but the drama itself is a wow. I don’t even know who tells the truth and who to be trusted but for sure it’s not Na Young !

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