Flames of Desire Episode 17

Sorry for the late update. Most Asians celebrate the holidays in the fanciest of ways so  December has been a very busy, busy month for me.  Lots of parties and reunions to attend to, plus, year-end reports. I hope I could really catch up soon.

Forgiveness. Separation. Moving on.

Actually, I already drafted this episode long way back and thanks to CreamyCandy12 I found the motivation to finish it. 🙂 However, I can’t promise for the rest of the episodes.

Episode 17

NaYoung won’t be tossed around. In a calm and merry voice, she denies  InSook’s allegations. InSook is rather a hundred and  one percent sure. She could never  be mistaken and she could never forget! Thus, she hates NaYoung to death. But then again…

InSook: You love MinJae more than I do. Every time I hate you, I kept on remembering that fact.  You don’t know how tormented I was. Sure… I would have done the same. To protect my child, I would have killed too.

She couldn’t possibly have any affection for that child. The moment he was born, she already gave him to someone else. But now… it’s different. Now that she’s dying, she wants to give everything for MinJae. She practically begs NaYoung to let her spend the remaining of her days with her beloved son.

And NaYoung, being the NaYoung that she is, rejoices at InSook’s unfortunate demise. Okay, she believes her alright. She’ll fulfill her last wish… but for a price: InSook must tell her all of  MinJae’s secrets. Also, she must never, ever accuse her again! InSook could only take the demands in hopeless resignation.

When alone…

NaYoung (to NaYoung): I shouldn’t have run away like that. You should have made sure you fool.

After having that heart-to-heart talk, NaYoung gladly tells YoungMin that she already took care of Yang InSook’s issues. She fully understands everything now and she’s willing to bend her own rules. He can even  meet with InSook if he wants. One thing though, YoungMin must never give InSook money behind her back.

NaYoung and MinJae comes to an understanding. He says sorry for being stubborn and she says sorry for taking him for granted before. They should call it quits  then.

Things are going back to how they used to be. Even InKi returns to the crazy world of showbiz, which of course, made NaYoung super angry.

YoungJun will be attending a very important Board Meeting at Seoul. But of course, he won’t leave until he could bid his goodbyes to JungSook. Well, it’s apparent there’s a spark between them. And the funny thing is they both knew it, but for some unknown reasons they like to beat around the bush!

YoungJun promises to persuade the BODs in transferring the shipyard to another location. JungSook gets worried. There’s basically no need for him to do the extremes. But YoungJun sure is determined. He’ll protect this village no matter what. JungSook then gathers her courage and apologizes for acting weird and uncomfortable in front of him. In truth, he makes her happy. It’s just that she’s used to being alone and she has this tendency to be dependent on people. JungSook’s confession just made YoungJun so freakin’ inspired. Ha!

And the most awaited part… the juiciest catfight!

The new discovery (Episode 16) throws Ae-ri in hyper mode.  She gives NaYoung a friendly visit and pryingly inquires why the latter pretended not to know DukSong.  NaYoung  coolly retorts that it’s understandable. Of course, DukSong can’t remember her.  She’s just a lowly worker. But nothing can’t fool Ae-ri’s intuition. She feels it in her guts. The more she digs deeper, the more it gets interesting. NaYoung has so many secrets and she’ll uncover every little thing.

NaYoung: Before that happens, this fight will be over.

President Kim wants to rush things. He’s only planning to live 3 more years, that’s why.  Ha! YoungJun makes his move, proposing that they relocate the shipyard to a more suitable place. Needless to say, President is overly furious.

YoungMin warns YoungJun not to rile the President. But what is done is done. YoungJun: “It’s useless working like this. Do what you want becoz I’m going to do what I want”.

After hearing about the commotion, General Nam is fairly satisfied. This might just be the perfect time to cause some more mayhem in Atlantic Ocean. YoungDae gets anxious.  What if there will be an adverse effect if they act now. General Nam differs. They must strike now! General Nam is cooking something wicked. And when it’s all done, President Kim TaeJin will end up in prison!

Ae-ri learns about YoungJun’s brave performance and thus, she went to nag him. Why is he sabotaging everything? YoungJun simply answers that it’s becoz his father’s era must end now.

And out of the blue, YoungJun blurts out that he wants divorce. He can’t continue living like this and it’s time to stop wasting their lives. Ae-ri is clearly shocked and hurt. She won’t allow it. Not until he becomes President. Doesn’t he consider her feelings anymore? What will become of her when they separate? It means she’ll have to give up her claim on Atlantic Ocean too! They should settle this… at least for the sake of their children. YoungJun made up his mind. He can’t.

Time for the daily habit.

MinJae went to InSook’s. He gets curious why she lives alone. InSook laughs. It’s becoz she only loved one person in her life, but sadly it’s only one-sided. MinJae then finds it a coincidence that they have the same fate. He’s referring to Baek InKi of course. He can’t figure out why she suddenly changed. InSook guesses that maybe InKi just wants to protect him. Maybe she doesn’t want to see him suffer when his family disowns him becoz of her.

MinJae: I wouldn’t like somebody if I wasn’t prepared for that.

JinHo conveniently comes in right when MinJae went out. He grumbles that YoungMin only gave him a tiny store in New York. How can he possibly live on that? InSook doesn’t care. She already made up with NaYoung and he can’t blackmail her anymore. He better go back to America and take YoungMin’s offer while he can. JinHo acts unaffected. Does it mean it’s fine to tell them that MinJae isn’t even YoungMin’s son?  What? Some more birth secrets! So, MinJae is not YoungMin’s son? InSooks violent reaction confirms everything.

Mother-in-law pesters President to give her the Department Store. However, President can’t be bothered by his wife’s foolish talks. MinJae walks in and President tells him to work at the Secretary’s Office tomorrow. And Nayoung dances with joy!

YoungMin tells NaYoung to stop what ever she’s planning. Why did she convinced Mom to ask for the Department Store anyways? NaYoung: “The Department Store is a dingy thing. I just want to set boundaries for your brothers”.

Late that night, YoungJun and Ae-ri talked. Huh! That’s a first. Mostly, it’s all about Ae-ri nagging him. It’s funny that she only remembered it’s their 24th Wedding Anniversary when he mentioned divorce.

Ae-ri: I wonder when you stopped seeing me as a woman.

But then, their marriage might never had any love to begin with. The only reason why she married him was becoz he’s the only man who didn’t want her.

YoungJun: You are a good woman. You’re not just the one for me.

He’s in love with someone else. JungSook perhaps?

Ae-ri goes wild. So that’s why he was so unaffected even when she had an affair! Didn’t he know why she did that in the first place? She wanted to see him mad from jealousy. At least, jealousy is a passion. If only he treated him with passion, she would have changed from being the arrogant and proud Nam Ae-ri to an ordinary woman clinging to her husband’s love.

Meanwhile, YoungMin and NaYoung are also having their talk.

NaYoung is happy that things are going well for them.  Of course, she’s sad for InSook. At first she didn’t believe her, but now she thinks her illness is for real.  When she heard of InSook’s situation she “feels like her heart is being ripped apart”. Okay! (I meant that in a sarcastic way).

The next day, NaYoung is extremely excited. MinJae, on the other hand, is awfully distressed. My, it’s MinJae’s first day at work!

Nervous much.

Something urgent came up and InSook called NaYoung for some help. Well, she needs cash ASAP. NaYoung laughs. She knew something like this would happen. InSook could never change. She still loves money that’s why she sold her son!

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  1. Thank you so much! 🙂 I was in for a surprise when I decided to visit your blog once again, and found out that you have posted Flames of Desire Ep. 17. I understand that you are very busy, so I won’t be expecting you to post these on time, or even finish recapping these. If you do have a chance of recapping Flames of Desire again I hope you will continue. 😀 I don’t know how to thank you for taking your time to post these as it’s hard for me to find subtitles for this drama. 🙂

  2. By the way, do you know where to find this drama with English subtitles? 🙂 I can’t understand Korean language which is why I love your recaps and find them so helpful xD.

    • hi there! i only watch subbed vids at vikkii. i think S2 fansub is doing it as a side project though. you can download .srt files and vids at withS2.com.

    • you can watch it on crunchyroll.com also with english subs

      @zsa86, thanks for the recaps. I love this show but sometimes don’t have the patience to sit through each episode!

  3. Thank you very much..I really love and appreciate your FOD recaps..:D

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