Flames of Desire Episode 16

Ahh, the pain of the very first heartbreak.

Despair. Sacrifices. Betrayals.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, this show sure knows how to make complicated  things far more complicated.

Episode 16

Oh darn! It would have been nice if MinJae learns about his birth secret right then. But he didn’t. Is he deaf? What a bummer! But I have to admit, seeing NaYoung in a dumbly terrifying situation is somehow entertaining.

MinJae gives InSook a bouquet of flowers in front of NaYoung, which thereby, intensifies her anger. If NaYoung could choose, she’ll definitely drag her son away in zooming haste, but MinJae grew courageous overnight and refuses to go with her. Though clearly detesting the idea, NaYoung concedes.

Thinking all the while that InSook will fully support him, MinJae confides that Baek InKi is back in Seoul and he’s seeing her. But he’s wrong. It seems his only “friend” dislikes the idea of him dating a scandalous actress too. Despite InSook’s disapproval, MinJae’s feelings won’t budge.

MinJae: The more my Mom hates it…the more I like Baek InKi.

Feeling down and disappointed, MinJae went home. NaYoung’s nagging about meeting with Madam Shim’s granddaughter, MiKyung, incites his irritation even more. He packs his bag for yet another nature-trip, but this time around, NaYoung insists that he stays. MinJae is resolved. He doesn’t want to meet the girl. Period.

NaYoung: Why aren’t you listening to me? Do you want to see me die?

MinJae: Then what about you? Do you want to see me die?

On impulse, she slaps MinJae. She’s rather appalled for what she just did and immediately says sorry.

MinJae, once again, begs that Mom let him do what he wants just this time.

NaYoung reckons that InKi might be the reason why MinJae is behaving odd and so darn disobedient these past few days. She calls Gangster Leader to make sure InKi is still in Hawaii. Gangster Leader confidently says that she is.

Without wasting time, MinJae rushes to InKi’s hiding place, only to be direly disappointed bcoz she isn’t there.

And so it seems, InKi already changed her mind. She’ll be breaking up with MinJae. Though I find it rather confusing. Did they really hook up? Anyways, she won’t be seeing him anymore. She really has nothing that she can do well, but acting. And being with MinJae hinders every opportunity that may come. But truth be told, InKi is doing this painful sacrifice to protect MinJae.

NaYoung frets every time she thinks of InSook, but that doesn’t mean she lost focus.  MinJae must marry MiKyung! They need the Shim’s  for some backing up later on. And since MinJae isn’t listening to her anymore, she vents all the nagging to YoungMin.

Thankfully, President opposes her whims. He’s much more open-minded and urges that she let MinJae decide whom he likes to marry. He even prefers that none of his grandchildren marry into a rich family. Besides, they must learn to share their wealth for the economy to survive. Heh? Fair enough.

He understands that she meant well. But she’s wrong to say that they need the Shim’s money and influence. Has she forgotten that she was poor when she married YoungMin? People thought he was crazy to allow the marriage, but he didn’t care. He chose her not only bcoz he wants to fulfill his promise to her father but bcoz he sees her determination to survive.

President Kim: You need to raise MinJae well so that a shadow isn’t cast upon him bcoz of your greed.

Honestly, I didn’t quite get what he said, but it seems cool. NaYoung sheds one or two crocodile tears and apologizes for acting foolish. Yeah, that glaring eyes says she’s sorry!

NaYoung expresses her real opinion on the matter to YoungMin. She can’t raise MinJae like that. No matter what happens she’s going to make MiKyung her daughter-in-law. YoungMin contends that she already gained the things she could and there’s no point in wanting for more. NaYoung is determined. She wants something greater.

YoungMin: Greed is like ocean water, the more you drink the thirstier you get.

She remains indifferent. Tsk, greed how frightening thou art.

InKi arrives at the villa and pronto! Her tears brim, her heart breaking  as she saw MinJae waiting for her out in the cold, flashing his brightest of smiles.

We all saw this coming, right?

InKi acts all too indifferent and cold, hardheartedly pushing MinJae away. Since he already knew the real reason why she went to Hawaii, she might just as well tell him the truth.  She’s not the kind of person he thinks she is. She’s not dating him bcoz she liked him but bcoz she’s too naive to imagine that she could be a chaebol’s wife. It was a useless dream of course. She could never compete with his Mom. And if this relationship continues, she’ll be thrown in the swamps (not literally!) so he better stop lingering around her!

MinJe couldn’t believed what just transpired and cries.

JinSook drives MinJae home. She tries to comfort him, saying it’s a good thing. Kids like InKi are ambitious and vain. MinJae thinks otherwise. He grips the stirring wheel and runs back to the villa. JinSook could only sigh in disbelief.

Bonding Time. President shares that to be successful YoungMin  there are things he should and shouldn’t learn from YoungJun. Like his hyung, he should be humane (both in business and personal dealings) to gain the trust and respect of his subordinates. However, being humane is also the very trait he should avoid. When it comes to money, people doesn’t respect you bcoz you’re humane. You’ll be seen as a pushover and later on people will take advantage of you. Running a business is a battle, that’s why he must properly use his hyung’s weakest and strongest points.

InKi is determined. She can’t be with MinJae and she’s leaving him right then, while he’s sleeping peacefully. JinSook tells her to set things straight and talk earnestly with MinJae.  Breaking-up like this only leaves foolish unsettled feelings behind.  But InKi isn’t that brave and walks off.

In desperation to ignite YoungJun’s greed, Ae-ri tries to wheedle him in joining her side of the ring. The truth is, she’s the only one he got. And if he just helped her out a little, she could have given him the president’s position. But then, YoungJun is adamant. He can’t sell  off his father for her. Ae-ri laughs. Isn’t this a world that can sell things more than that? She knows what he really thinks. Acting cool and unconcerned when in fact, he’s dying to be the owner of Atlantic Ocean more than anyone else. He’s even worse than YoungDae.

In reality, he doesn’t care about YoungMin. He’s only staying there to know what his younger brother is thinking. He’s not an idiot to just believe that YoungMin wants to be a University professor all his life. No one could resist wealth that’s in front of their eyes.

Ae-ri: You, YoungMin and YoungDae had no choice but become wolves in sheep’s clothing the moment you were born to this family.

She then tries to tempt him with a kiss but he just heartlessly turn the other way. Ouch!

Ae-ri: You’re so humane to others but you couldn’t even forgive your wife for having an affair once. Stop using me as an excuse! It’s your fault you turned out like this.

YoungJun: No matter what happens, I’m gong to protect father.

So after the fight, where do you think YoungJun went? To see JungSook! Heh?! Seriously, are we dealing with affairs here? JungSook somehow can’t cross the borders of morality. She appears awkwardly uncomfortable talking with him. He invites her for dinner, but she declines. He insists on waiting for her anyways. When at last she decided to go out and talk with him, he’s gone.

I’ve been saying that this lazy, blackmailing guy is InSook’s brother right? Well, it’s confirmed he isn’t. He was, in all intents and purposes, her ex-lover. Arg, I’m so slow. How come I didn’t get this?

YoungMin wants to get rid of this leech once and for all by sending him off to America, where he’ll be given enough money to manage his own business. But  this dude is sure greedy. He needs cold cash, not a business. Had YoungMin forgotten, if he doesn’t get what he wants he’ll spill the beans. YoungMin gets riled up. This JinHo must learn that he can make him vanish without anyone knowing.

InKi invites NaYoung for a dialogue. She begs and kneels for the Madame’s forgiveness. She promises to do whatever NaYoung wants just so she won’t block her path again.  NaYoung is still skeptical though. She can’t be deceived. Who does InKI think she is, a moron?

And now, it’s DukSong’s turn to be terrorized. Ae-ri  won’t let him go that easily. DukSong hides something from her and she’ll definitely find it out. After a long agonizing moment of talking with Ae-ri, DukSong finally blurts out that NaYoung worked for their bus company way back. And the only reason why he remembered her is bcoz she was such a diligent worker. Hmm, but Ae-ri suspects that their relationship is far more than that!

Drama, how long will you make this poor boy cry?

For countless of times, JinSook tells MinJae that InKi chose her career over him. It’s useless waiting for her. If he really wants to blame someone, then he should blame his Mom.

It seems Ae-ri ain’t the only one busy plotting something. NaYoung also has her set of evil ploys. These ladies sure have all the time, neh? Using the department store as bait, she’s forming a deadly alliance with the equally stubborn MiJin,

YoungDae is also making his move by conniving with the enemy,General Nam.

MinJae returns and NaYoung is very much pleased. He immediately declares he won’t be seeing Baek InKi again, so she must forgive her. This is the very same line InKi used. Now that her son finally comes to his senses, NaYoung is so relaxed. MinJae is rather insulted. If he wants him to return to being a puppet then fine, just as long as she won’t bother InKi again!

MinJae: You don’t know me Mom! What you know about me is just the MinJae you want to see. But this isn’t my real self… whenever I needed you, you were never  on my side. I had to handle problems on my own.

NaYoung: I know everything about you. What you’re thinking about, what torments you. I know it all.

MinJae: Then why did you pretend you didn’t know?

NaYoung: Bcoz i know you can handle it on your own.

But he needed her. He can’t even count how many Christmases he spends alone. At times, he even thinks she’s not his biological mother. Bullseye! Then slap! That’s two in a row.

NaYoung is freaking out. She must definitely send InSook away. She’s willing to pay an enormous sum if only InSook would go back to America. Huh? America again? Aren’t there any other country in the world? But then,  InSook isn’t a bit interested.

InSook: The person that can’t be trusted isn’t me but you.

NaYoung feigns ignorance. InSook was the one who stopped contacting her. InSook smiles and calmly tells her that NaYoung herself knows too well why. She clearly saw her face in the driver’s seat that night. NaYoung laughs. Is InSook implying that she hit her?

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