Flames of Desire Episode 15

Concrete example of So near yet so far. No worries. It won’t stay that way!

Secret Meetings. Intentional Accidents. Looming death.

It’s about time we feast over those longed for lovey-dovey moments! I just love how this kdrama concocts every tricky life situations there is.

Episode 15

Ae-ri finally finds a way to redeem herself. And it’s by guaranteeing YoungMin’s position in the government. Of course, President won’t let this offer pass him by. Having a politician in the family will surely strengthen their family’s social, and not to mention financial, influence. But in return, President must help her pay off half of the promissory notes. President agrees. Mission accomplished!

Nope, you’re not hallucinating or anything. Believe it or not, after all those bickering, backstabbing and backbiting, these women are enjoying each other’s company. Heh?!

Upon learning his wife’s plan, YoungJun instantaneously gets riled up. For a husband, why is he always kept in the dark?

President relays the new progress to YoungMin, who is obviously reluctant to  venture in politics but plays along just for the sake of his “sickly” dad. Yup, I refuse to believe that President Kim is physically unwell. Feigning illness may just be one of his devious ploys.

General Nam is still fuming mad about his recent defeat. Ae-ri laughs at her uncle’s foolish and violent ways of dealing with the “setback”. It’s the 21st century and  aggression is already out of fashion. They don’t need strength but rather intellect! She will definitely make YoungJun the next President. When that time comes, she’ll have full control over Atlantic Ocean. Cue evil laugh. Bwahaha! Oops, got carried away again.

YoungMin was informed that MinJae went to the countryside for some nature seeing. He didn’t bring his cellphone and thus, there’s no way to contact him. Smart boy! Just to check if InSook has nothing to do with MinJae’s sudden “vacation”, YoungMin decides to make an appearance in front of the coffee shop. He still doesn’t have the courage to talk to her in person, and so he decided to call. InSook then confirms that MinJae didn’t come that day. She still wants to have a nice long chitchat with him, but obviously, he’s not in the mood and hangs the phone right away.

Nature-tripping, huh? It’s more like InKi-hunting. After a train ride and some extra hikes, MinJae finds InKi. He is sincerely happy that she came back. But then if she didn’t, he might just as well fly to Hawaii. He even bought a plane ticket scheduled that very day. Aw. Our MinJae sure is sweet. InKi feels a bit guilty for making him spend so much money for the ticket, but then he’s just too pleased to mind the cost. In the end, she kept the ticket as souvenir.

First thing’s first, even though she agreed to meet with him, they must start off as friends. And since she’s older, he must call her “Noona”(elder sister). MinJae remains silent, apparently not agreeing with her proposal. It’s okay to be friends but he doesn’t need a “Noona”. InKi considers his sentiments. Fine. Then their relationship should be as a fan and an actress. But MinJae has other things in mind. He’s much more comfortable if they’ll be like a paparazzi and a star and begins to take snapshots at her. For an actress, she’s freakin’ camera shy.

MinJae apologizes for everything. Actually, he already suspected that his Mom drove InKi away to Hawaii. If not for him, she wouldn’t be hiding in this secluded place. InKi refutes his suspicions. She went to Hawaii for a commercial shoot and she’s hiding bcoz media people won’t leave her alone.

Walking down the path of tall (pine?) tress, InKi has this prompting to play the “Happiness Game”. The game basically entails recollection of the happiest memory in their lives. But then again, she’ll sure to lose bcoz she doesn’t have too many happy memories to share. MinJae cheers her up and says he doesn’t have that many happy memories either.

MinJae then begins to passively narrate his happiest memory. InKi tells him he’s not playing it right. He must close his eyes and think of that happiest memory. And he did just as that. Funny, his happiest memory was about the young girl (HyeJin). Just as he was doing it right, InKi suddenly breaks in tears.

InKi: I never once succeeded. I never found the happiest moment in my life.

Poor girl. MinJae can only look at her in empathy.

Night time. It’s cute how MinJae tries to conveniently hold her hand. Haha!

Loving her reaction. Quizzical but succumbing. Loving his reaction more. Shy but urging.

When he succeeds to hold her hand, he moves closer to her side. Then puts his arm on her shoulders. Then… she shoves his arm away. Haha! She’s not playing hard to get, she just doesn’t want to put malice in their innocent love affair.

InKi asks what was his happiest moment. And he answers the time when he met this girl who looks exactly like her. InKi: Whoever she is , she’s lucky to be your first love. MinJae looks at her in intent.

MinJae: I’m going to make happy memories now… I’m going to fill my head with our happy memories.

In the spur of the moment, MinJae makes his move for a kiss. But she insists on keeping some distance.

InKi: I don’t want our happy memories to start like this. You need to protect me. I don’t want to live my life dreaming of nightmares anymore… so you need to protect me.

MinJae nods and settles for a hug.

Back to Ulsan, NaYoung and YoungMin are having their regular couple’s argument. NaYoung is angry that YoungMin still hasn’t gotten rid of InSook. He always act nice, when in fact, he was the one who abandoned InSook first. From the very beginning, he has no intentions of taking care of that woman. He’s just a coward who can’t decide on his own.

YoungMin: That’s right! Like you’ve said I’m a coward.But I didn’t abandon Yang InSook and married you because I was afraid of Father. It’s bcoz I didn’t love Yang InSook. I was that lonely.

The person he was really afraid of was his Hyung, not his father. That’s why he kept on hiding abroad. He already knew what InSook was up to. When NaYoung helped him “dispose” InSook, he was so happy he could dance with joy. NaYoung won’t listen. She drives off, desperate to find MinJae.

Next thing, NaYoung was involved in a car accident. She isn’t terribly hurt, just shock. Hmm, am guessing this is one of her charades. YoungMin worriedly looks for his wife and immediately brings her home.

If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time we see NaYoung cry in front of YoungMin. It’s kinda moving. Now we know, she has a heart. She just expresses her love in a crazy, obsessive kind of way though. She knew she was over-speeding but she can’t stop. She kept on thinking that MinJae already knew something.

NaYoung: Everyone will be happy when I’m gone…you… MinJae and that woman too.

YoungMin wipes her tears. Why is she thinking such foolish thoughts?

NaYoung: The moment I thought I was going to die, I thought of you.

The eyes! I knew it. She’s even using death.

The next morning, there’s an obvious reversal of events. Just last night they were arguing. And now, breakfast in bed, a hug and a rare good-morning kiss? C’mon! Just in time, MinJae calls. YoungMin tells him that Mom was in a car accident and he must come home ASAP.

MinJae feels deflated. So much for spending a few more days with his beloved InKi! She sends him off and teasingly remarks that at times like this, he should have an excuse for leaving her.

MinJae: People that love each other don’t make excuses.

Thanks to NaYoung’s accident, YoungMin is compelled to talk with InSook. She knew what he was aiming at. But then, she can’t just leave. He need not worry bcoz  the doctor says she can’t live longer anyways.  Oh my! She’s dying? YoungMin is as shock as I was.

MinJae has returned and NaYoung is once again, in high spirits. MinJae, however, is pissed. He won’t be fooled. He knew the “accident” was setup to bring him back. He already told her that he needs to keep some secrets, but she just can’t get it!

MinJae: I feel naked in front of you. You look right through me. Do you know what that feels like?

Wow! Never expected the outburst. Way to go MinJae.

In anger, she runs off to confront InSook. She’s ready to explode but got taken aback to see her husband and InSook talking. Ha! InSook notices her and smiles. Yeah, she smiled, which infuriated NaYoung even more.

As for our new couple YoungJun and JungSook (ok that’s just weird), well, they’re getting more and more familiar with each other. JungSook helps YoungJun in getting her fellow villager’s consent and he in response, invites her for a meal.

And then Ae-ri wrecks the lovely vibes when she gives her hubby a surprise visit. Being the smarty-pants that she is, she immediately senses the awkward, disappointed looks and catches on. Incredulous it may seem, but her smart and sharp husband is falling for a country girl. But then again, he better not do something stupid (like divorce) bcoz no matter what, she’ll never ever consider giving him any.

Out  of habit, MinJae went to InSook’s and they had lunch together. He is having such a nice time eating and so InSook can only stare at him fondly. He prepares and serves InSook his own version of bibimpap. She is so touched that she nearly cried. Minjae wonders at her reaction, and she reasons it’s just bcoz the gesture made her remember her son. He then starts to get nosy and asks series of questions about her “son” and so she resorts to leave.

Meanwhile, YoungMin tells NaYoung to give InSook some more time with MinJae, relaying that she’s already dying and all. NaYoung is enraged, obviously it’s a lie. She can’t take the pressure anymore and went to give InSook a nice talking-to.

NaYoung is so flared-up that she kept on yelling at InSook. Why is she saying that she can’t live that long? Is this another of her tricks? And then… the most unexpected thing happened… MinJae overhears everything! (or maybe not). Next episode please.

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