Flames of Desire Epsiode 14

I just have to post this pic. Hah!

Sorry for the late update. I came from an out-of-town semi-business trip and I can’t find the time to log-in. Funny thing. I wrote FoD episode 14 before I left and now I forgot everything. It’s really hard to remember the freakin’ details!

Scary reunions. Fateful goodbyes. Most-awaited phone calls.

Episode 14

Episode 13 ended with this dramatic scene… MinJae and InKi on the opposite side of the trail, talking at each other via phone. Of course, talking like this, we know something bad is coming.

InKi admits she likes MinJae. But since they’re sticking with the tragic Romeo-Juliet love story, she can’t be with him. Commence the silent and suppressed tears. Could their love end even before it begins? Nope, MinJae can’t let this happen.

He desperately struggles to talk with her in person… but bcoz this is a Kdrama, he’ll miss the only opportunity. She waves her hand for a “final” goodbye, just as another train passes by.  Cue music… then she’s gone. Seriously, train you have the worst timing! The next thing he knew, there’s a text message sent, InKi: “The answer to the question about purity is no. 3.”

NaYoung follows YoungMin to Ulsan, per President’s instructions. President probably wants the couple to have another child. NaYoung laughs at the notion. But somehow, it’s a good thing. She’ll have more time to execute her plans. YoungMin gets worried. He assures he’ll handle everything so she better stay away from his issues.  YoungMin: “Whether I win or lose, I’ll be the one to fight.”

NaYoung mocks at his growing confidence. Surely, he can’t win on his own. In fact, he already created a problem when he allowed YoungJun to do what he wants. Does he really believe that his brothers will keep their promises? NaYoung:”This fight will be over only when 2 of the 3 will die.”

Just as planned, InKi prepares for her Hawaii trip. On her way, MinJae sends her an SMS: “Answer is no. 4. We need to meet.” InKi closes her eyes in sheer frustration.

With InKi out of the picture, NaYoung can focus on her another recurring problem (InSook). NaYoung acts carefree and cheery, eager to have a nice long chat with her old chum. InSook, on the other hand, begins to feel nervous. Anytime now MinJae might just pop out of nowhere. But NaYoung seems unconcerned. Maybe, it’ll be convenient for everybody. Should they just tell MinJae everything? InSook begs. She can’t let her son know she sold him for money.

And so, NaYoung agrees to talk outside. InSook promises to keep their secret a secret until she dies. NaYoung has her doubts. As a mother, InSook can’t bear to just look at her son from afar. What if MinJae catches on? The moment his birth secret is revealed, his life will be over. He’ll be an outcast in an instant. InSook vows not to see MinJae again. But at least, NaYoung give her half a year to be emotionally prepared.

InSook: I know very well that you’ve had tougher times than me. To live your life hiding something. I never thought that MinJae is my son. I just gave birth to him, but never breastfed him even once. But as get older, I miss that child more and more.

In conclusion, InSook will stay for a few months. NaYoung changes the topic and asks how InSook earns money after the accident. InSook tells her that they caught the driver responsible for her accident. NaYoung feels a little dizzy.  Confused and baffled, she thinks to herself: Did she hit someone else?

When InSook went back to the coffee shop, she finds MinJae patiently waiting for her. The moment he saw her face, he immediately felt revived. He bids farewell , but then accidentally trips over his bike. InSook runs to him in worry. They obviously look happy. All the while, NaYoung stares at them with burning jealousy.

At the Kim’s, Ae-ri, SoonJa and Mother-in-law performs their daily word banter. Ae-ri can’t get over the fact that her in-laws are conspiring to corner her.

Ae-ri: Do you know what’s the scariest thing in the world? It’s ignorance. There’s no cure for ignorant people who keeps on insisting something. Though they do regret it after stabbing their own foot. But then it’s too late.

SoonJa won’t back down. She may not be smart but she knows how to play the game too. SoonJa: “Sister, in law then you must know this proverb. One falls for their own plots.”

Still against the shipyard construction, YoungJun tries his luck in persuading YoungMin to stop the project. But Little Bro is much more hardheaded than before. YoungJun knows too well that Father will be disappointed when he keeps on showing this side of him. YoungJun is tired. He had lived his entire life pleasing the Father.

YoungJun: That is why I was jealous of you. You lived freely.

YoungMin: Do you think I was different from you?

YoungMin remains firm. YoungJun must get the villager’s consent within two months!

What’s this? Ha! If the current love teams aren’t complicated enough, let’s add a new couple to spice everything up, YoungJun and JungSook!

YoungJun was moved by JungSook’s speech. He shares her sentiments. He too doesn’t like to destroy a beautiful village. He promises to find ways to solve this predicament. JungSook assures it’s okay. It’s inevitable anyway. Besides, the project isn’t too bad since it would create new job opportunities.

She brings him to her special place. The only place she could call out her father’s name. Yup, another kdrama cliché.

JungSook: Since I was young, whenever I was having a hard time,  I come here. After watching the large ocean, the world seems nothing. Even if I’m sad, I can bear with it and live on. When I was having a hard time, I thought to myself that other people have it harder than me. So I felt better, to me this is an important place.

NaYoung is quite busy ironing the details. Since she can’t force InSook to just go away, she considers hiring Gangster Leader to scare the wits out of her. Gangster Leader is uncertain. Scaring someone is much harder than actually beating the person.

Guess who she meets after. Yeah. DukSong! It’s funny how he warns her not to deal with Gangster Leader when, in truth, she already concluded a shady business with him.

YoungMin is apparently furious that Jun made him wait all day. YoungJun reasons out that he’s just having a close interaction with the villagers.  Well, technically he was only interacting with one (JungSook), scratch the “s” in villagers. He continues to convince YoungMin. The village isn’t a place for shipyards. He’s an environmental engineer, right? He’ll  definitely understand what he’s talking about if he just take some time to look around. YoungMin won’t be swayed. He’s the one to make the decision. YoungJun’s supposed to be there to help him. If he won’t, then he better back off.

NaYoung and MinJae meets for dinner. MinJae, like always, says sorry for making his obsessed Mom worry. To ease her doubts, he assures he isn’t interested at Baek InKi like a woman. She’s just different from the other he met. That’s all. And then, Mystery Caller calls. Basing upon his reaction, I’m guessing it’s Baek InKi. Yeah, so much for not seeing her as a woman!

MinJae sends Mom to the train station. She sweetly asks him if he really, really loves her. He gives her a thumbs up. NaYoung appears overly content. In return, she promises to trust him from then on.

And yes, I guessed it right. Mystery Caller is indeed InKi. She wants to meet with him tomorrow! Who’s the happiest guy?! Who?!

Thanks to Manager Jang, InKi is safely back in Seoul. He then conclusively remarks that InKi must have really liked MinJae a lot for her to just give up everything. And she nods in agreement. She had always thought of starting a new life. She just needed a turning point. And then, MinJae comes into the picture. It seems he keeps on whispering at her to “start anew bcoz this isn’t the life you wanted”.

When alone with JinSook, InKi wonders what could have happened if Unni didn’t take her out of the orphanage. JinSook sadly admits that there are times when she regretted  to bring InKi in showbiz. InKi is starting to become more optimistic. Yes, so many things happened, but thanks to MinJae she’s slowly changing to a different person.

InKi: I don’t care how it is. I like it that way. Whatever happens in the future, even if I become more and more miserable, I don’t care.

NaYoung angrily tells YoungMin that she went to meet InSook. But then, he probably knew already. Just like how he knew all along that InSook was alive!

YoungMin admits it’s true. He knew InSook was alive. She called him after the accident. He couldn’t just ignore a person who was hospitalized for four months so he helped her. He even paid for her hospital bills and gave her monthly allowances. Thinking through, all is in the past now. They must all learn to forget everything.

But how can NaYoung forget when that woman is stealing MinJae away from her?! YoungMin insists on handling the situation alone. He caused this mess, he’ll be the one to take care of it.

YoungMin: InSook is a woman who love and care for MinJae like you… though you don’t want to acknowledge it.

NaYoung knows that. It’s basically the reason why acts like a freakin’ lunatic.

NaYoung: It should have ended back then. Either I should have died… or at least one of us should have died back then.

In anger, YoungMin walks off. Realizing how things might turn out, NaYoung catches up to him.

NaYoung: Don’t got to Yang InSook. If something goes wrong, she’ll tell MinJae everything.

Ha! Now she’s scared!

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  1. Min Jae really too cute ❤

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