Flames of Desire Episode 11

Tears fall like rain. We definitely need buckets!

Answers. Deliverance.  Hope.

Expect a shocking reversal of events!

Episode 11

We’ve been officially scammed! President Kim isn’t weak or vulnerable or senile like what we thought! Goodness, he may even outlive us all.

As it seems, the President won’t be retiring any time soon. But like Ae-ri, General Nam (Ae-ri’s fearsome eldest uncle) wants the President to give up the chairmanship too. President: “You filled your stomach well and now you’re stealing from the table too?  Don’t you have any conscience?”

The General is infuriated. Who wouldn’t be if your greatest nemesis played a game on you? President still has the last laugh after all.

After the frantic call, NaYoung dashes into action. And while she’s busy preparing everything and all, YoungMin just stand on the sides, clearly not even interested on going anywhere near Ulsan.  NaYoung irritably asks why he’s being so hardheaded all of a sudden.

The reason is quite simple. He can’t go against his hyung. And if going to Ulsan will cause a misunderstanding between them, he’d rather stay. NaYoung: “Either way, you’ll take separate paths. Between the two of you, only one will survive”.

YoungMin convinces YoungJun to come with him to Ulsan. But  big bro is stubborn as a bull. He won’t help the old man. If President can’t fulfill his promise, then his done solving the problems for him. When YoungMin asked what the promise was all about, YoungJun dismissively evades to answer.

Luck is definitely NOT on Ae-ri’s side. Asking help from her eldest uncle is indeed a bad, bad idea.  Adding to the series of unfortunate events is DukSong, who is very much eager to collect his sum of money. And if I were Ae-ri I wouldn’t mind strangling this pervert for a minute.

Despite YoungMin’s snobbish remarks that morning, he still went to Ulsan and check on things, especially to keep an eye on his beloved scheming wife.

Though NaYoung already denied having a part in InSook’s accident, YoungMin is nevertheless suspicious. NaYoung is fed up with his husband’s seemingly unending doubts. She finds him too ridiculous to understand. She already told him she killed InSook (in a mocking and sarcastic way), but he didn’t believe her either. What does he want then?

For the last time, she has nothing to do with InSook’s “death”. Yes. She tried to talk with InSook before they left for Seoul, but she didn’t find the chance to meet up with her. She only heard of the accident later on. She asked InSook’s former employer about her condition, but the employer had no idea whatsoever.

NaYoung: The only crime I committed was raise MinJae and protect him from that woman!

He just wants to hear that she wasn’t at any rate involved. If she says she wasn’t then he’s satisfied.

NaYoung: I don’t care if you love me or not, but please don’t steal MinJae from me.

YoungMin is perplexed. No one will steal MinJae from her. NaYoung is unhinged. His suspicions are enough to frighten her. She suddenly feels nauseous and speedily dashes out of the room. And then… She falls dreadfully, and painfully, down the stairs.

The cousins are out for their partying pursuits. InKi joins the fun, flirting  the night away with SungJae. Amidst the revelry, InKi still feels lonely and sad. Of course, MinJae wouldn’t miss the sorrow beneath her masked happiness. He can’t take her obvious dejection anymore and drags her out. InKi struggles to break away from his grasps. She told him before. She isn’t a nice person.

MinJae: This isn’t your true self. I know what kind of woman you are. How you’ve been hurt and what kind of pain you’re living in, I know.

InKi: How can you know?

MinJae: Because I’m exactly like you. I’ll save you InKi. Whether you’re in a sludge or hell … I’ll save you.

But she doesn’t need a hypocrite like him. What she needs is a person like SungJae. A person who lives carelessly, who just eat 3 meals a day and chases women around.

InKi: Should I tell you the reason why? But even then, you wouldn’t understand.. bcoz you were never abandoned like me.

The pain-coated words render MinJae speechless. InKi’s manager and some bodyguards comes in and yank MinJae away. He tries to go back inside but the whole building is locked. Heh! You never lock out a chaebol’s son. That’s illegal!

Inside, the poor girl is crying her heart out.

After a while, InKi comes out, drunk and overly woozy. She sees MinJae waiting for her and sits right next to him. The real reason why she keeps on pushing him away is bcoz she knows he could never help her. Saving her means declaring war against wicked people. And there’s a whole lot of them.

InKi: You can’t do it with your own strength. You can’t do it even with your mother’s power. For me, stop dreaming that you can be my knight in shining armour. Got it MinJae?

NaYoung wakes up in the hospital. YoungMin sincerely says sorry for suspecting her. He  then thank her for raising MinJae. YoungMin’s sudden tenderness makes NaYoung uneasy. She tells him to stop acting  weird. She’s much more comfortable when he’s neglecting her.

YoungMin confesses that when InSook’s brother told him that she was in a car accident, he was relieved. He had always feared that their secret would be revealed. He knows he wasn’t suppose to think like this but he can’t refrain from feeling happy.

NaYoung: Now, you and I are the same people.

The Doctor informs YoungMin that NaYoung is pregnant. But bcoz of the accident, the baby died. Mr. Doctor advises him not to tell his wife or it might just upset her even more.

NaYoung is feeling much better now. Even all those nausea were gone. She then wonders if she’s pregnant. And YoungMin stammers on telling her it’s impossible. She said she can’t get pregnant. NaYoung denies saying that and cheerily tells him she wants to bear him a child. Heh!

JungSook was informed that an orphanage in Seoul took in a girl who looks like HyeJin years ago. Without wasting time, she confirms the news. The orphanage manager indeed recognizes the girl in the picture, but somehow something’s wrong. The little girl’s name wasn’t HyeJin but MiYoung.

The next morning, InKi’s having a hangover. It must have been a very terrible hangover bcoz she keeps on prattling about her mom all of a sudden. What would she feel if after a long, long time she sees her? Maybe she’ll be happy. Maybe she’ll  hate her too. Often, she wonders what her mom looks like, why she was abandoned, what situation she went through.What would happen if they meet? It’s funny. Probably, her mom would deny everything. No woman will admit of abandoning her own daughter.

JinSook tells her to stop looking for her mom. Who knows? Maybe that mom would only use her for the money she earns.

InKi: I have a lot of money Unni. Even if that’s the kind of mother, I still wish she’d come and find me. I’m going to give her everything she asks bcoz even if she was a bad mother she’s still my mom. Even if she’s that kind of woman, I would like to have her with me…I want to see her. The face of the woman who comes before me and kneels asking for forgiveness. I really want to see her. When I meet her, I want to beat her as much as I want until she’s bleeding and bruised. Then I’ll feel more peaceful right? Isn’t that right Unni?

JinSook takes InKi for a drive when suddenly… JungSook appears out of nowhere. Fully convinced that InKi is HyeJin, JungSook asks that they talk for just a sec. But InKi feigns on not knowing the ahjumma, unwillingly shedding some tears. JungSook cries in silence. She is HyeJin!

InSook forces InKi to stop bothering about her past life. She doesn’t have a mom. Her life started the day she arrived in the orphanage. But InKi is adamant. She must find her mom. She must have her revenge. It’s the only reason why she kept on living.

All three brothers are now at Ulsan. President talks about Atlantic Ocean’s history and many other stuffs. In conclusion, he wants them to join forces and work as one since many people are dying to overtake Atlantic Ocean.

President: And once this fight is over, only one person will remain and the two will leave the company. If all of you will remain, a rivalry will break out.

They are forced to concede. When YoungJun and the President left, YoungDae had a private talk with YoungMin. As what he understood, the President has only YoungMin in mind. But YoungMin insists he’s not interested in company affairs.

YoungDae: I fear you more than YoungJun. I mean… I fear your wife.

Ae-ri waits for YoungJun at home. She’s angry and sourly rolled into one. YoungJun must be happy that things went his way. YoungJun argues he’s not thinking like that at all. No one’s laughing at her. It’s not yet too late. If only she’ll apologize to the President, this would be over. Ae-ri is too proud for that. She gives YoungJun an ultimatum. He must decide if he’s on her side or not. If not… then they better get a divorce. Ae-ri: “In father-in-law’s mind, there is only YoungMin”.

Her demands are too much for him. YoungJun: “Whoever father chooses, it his decision.” As far as Ae-ri is concerned, that’s not always the case. If only YoungJun will help her, she can make him the next president.

Back at Ulsan… cue music… add some rain and lightning. Heh! I already saw this scene before.

NaYoung: I’m not going to lose. No matter what fate blocks my way. I will not back down. I’m going to fight and win. I can win. I will win. For my husband.. for MinJae… No. For  yourself. Remember the days of poverty, NaYoung. All the humiliation, deprivation and despair you went through. You need to take revenge, NaYoung. Don’t care about the methods. That’s right pretend you’re the lightning and shout. Tear apart the hearts of all people you hate. Cover the earth with your tears.

MinJae is spending his free time at InSook’s. She volunteers to read his palm. The left hand is for his past. And so, he shows his right hand. Since he already knows about his past, he’s more interested about his future. InSook then tells him that he’s in love with someone. Baek InKi? MinJae sadly relays  it doesn’t matter since it’s over. It hasn’t even had the chance to start. InSook disagrees. According to what’s written (in his palm), his love story is still on the process. MinJae gets all hyped up. All the while, InSook gets teary-eyed for finally having the chance to hold her son’s hand.

And then JinHo comes by to ruin the mood. Darn! His very face annoys me! InSook hauls him out. She promises to  do whatever he wants as long as  he won’t linger around MinJae. JinHo pretends to be hurt. He just wants to see his nephew. Of course, he won’t tell MinJae about her secret. That will just ruin everything for him.

MinJae concludes that the guy who just walk in is a bad man. InSook denies. But MinJae is sure. She doesn’t need to make up excuses since he knows a bad man if he sees one and volunteers to take care of him. InSook looks worried though.

The doctor assures that the President is in good health but they still need to be careful bcoz of his old age. YoungMin then asks if a person who had  vasectomy 20 years ago could, in the slightest possibility, still impregnate his wife. Of course, he was referring to himself. The doctor laughs and affirms he could. Vasectomy isn’t permanent and effective as most men thought. After a couple of years, somehow the body has its own way of undoing the process. I don’t really quite understand the technical terms in this scene. Anyways, YoungMin is quite happy to know that!

YoungMin gets a call from JinHo. And this time, he’s fuming mad. JinHo lied to him. His wife didn’t kill InSook! JinHo defends that he did it only bcoz he needs money to live. If he just had a big sum, he could go back to America and won’t bother them again. YoungMin is calmed. He tells JinHo to meet with him the next day.

Meanwhile, NaYoung is also busy talking with DukSong. I’m guessing that he intends to blackmail NaYoung using their past affair and the rape incident as tools. But NaYoung is cool as ever. She knows a time like this will eventually come and she’s prepared. She won’t be taken advantage by a guy like him anymore! So what if he tells her in-laws? Then, she’ll just tell his wife that she’s raising his child. Ha! Now, that scandal will sure bring him down the grounds, dirt poor!

NaYoung: I still remember what you did to me. Even when I was beaten up by those thugs, I still protected my body until the end.  You know why?  I thought you would abandon me if I dirtied my body. I’m a woman who once hit rock bottom. I went to hell’s door. So what would I fear?

DukSong raises the white flag. Haha! Tsk. Dude, you’re way too amateur. NaYoung still thank him. If not for what he did, she wouldn’t have learned so many “skills”.

And while she’s smiling at her recent success, YoungMin watches from afar.

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