My Favorite Book is FACEbook?!

This is just a random post.

Nothing personal. Purely rants and raves.

A deviation from the usual Asian Dramas I write about. I just have to prattle about this issue bcoz seriously, this is going round and round my head lately that I can’t think straight!

So here’s the thing…

I was watching TV the other day… a leisure activity I don’t often enjoy nowadays. I was scanning the cable channels when this particular show caught my attention.

The scene involves a question and answer portion of a certain beauty contest. One of the contestants was asked- “What is your favorite book?”

And her answer really caught me off my guard- “My favorite book is Facebook! Thank you.”

Huh?! What?! That’s just plain silly!

Yah, I understand it’s suppose to be a joke. I was watching a comedy show, duh! But somehow it frightens me. What has become of our reality anyways?!

I told the disturbing news to my sister… and she only laugh her heart out. What?! Am I the only one who believes this line of thinking is alarming?!

I have nothing, I repeat nothing, against Facebook. I’m in my early 20’s, of course, I have an FB account. I mean, who hasn’t? Even my mom got one! But then, unlike other people I know, I’m not that into social networking.

Now, if people are already that addicted to Facebook like what the show portrayed… I just can’t imagine what will the future be for the rest of humanity!

With that I rest my case.

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