Flames of Desire Episode 10

To love or not to love? That is the question.

Life-changing revelations. Crazy hysterics. Blossoming love.

This show never runs out of gangsters and blackmailing dudes! Where on earth do they find these kind of people?!

Episode 10

It’s an understatement to even say that NaYoung is ragingly  furious or frenziedly enraged or radically apoplectic. Her anger is beyond words.  Her emotion unfathomable. All bcoz JungSook lied that the baby died.

JungSook: Then what else could I do? She’s a child you can’t raise.

NaYoung: Do you have an idea how guilty I am? Whenever I think of the child I can’t breath properly. I am a mother who killed her own child just to survive!

Had JungSook told her the truth, she wouldn’t have married YoungMin. She would have raised the child with her bare hands. She wouldn’t have done things she even resented.  How can she even face her daughter now?

JungSook cries in shame. That time, she really thought it was the right thing to do. NaYoung hated the child and HyeJin would have been a burden to her. NaYoung: “What do you think I am Unni, an animal? I couldn’t possibly want my own child dead!”

But then, NaYoung doesn’t need to worry anymore. HyeJin’s dead. She committed suicide. And if it would ease NaYoung’s pain, JungSook assures she didn’t tell HyeJin anything. The child grew up knowing she was her mother. NaYoung calmed down a bit. There’s no point in dealing with the past now. HyeJin would have been tormented if she knew she was abandoned by her own mother anyway. The funny thing is NaYoung always thought JungSook hides something from her. She just chose to keep silent and  suffer the guilt… alone.

With one last look, NaYoung tells JungSook not to see her again.

YoungMin reproves NaYoung in fighting Ae-ri. The brothers are already doing something about the problem and there’s no need for her to interfere. NaYoung laughs. They don’t even know Ae-ri’s real scheme. She isn’t targeting YoungDae but President Kim. YoungMin finds that impossible to believe. And even if that’s the case, YoungJun will stop her. NaYoung: “Of course, for you, he’s always the hero”.

But business matters aren’t YoungMin’s main concern right now. He tells her that InSook’s brother, who was imprisoned for 20 years, came to talk to him. NaYoung acts surprised. Then that brother didn’t even know InSook died in an accident? This somehow confirms JinHo’s accusations. Why does she know that InSook died? NaYoung abruptly rejoins that she already told him about it. If she hadn’t, then she’s telling him right now! Just to satisfy his suspicions, InSook died after they returned to Seoul.

YoungMin knows that NaYoung was paying InSook behind his back. NaYoung pretends to be offended. If he knew all along, why is he talking about it now? YoungMin honestly answers it’s bcoz he’s afraid she’ll do something to InSook.

YoungMin: Because you’re a woman who’ll do anything for MinJae.

NaYoung: Go ahead. Believe it. Yang InSook didn’t die from accident but was killed by Yoon NaYoung.

The day proves to be the most nerve-racking day ever! NaYoung learned that her daughter was alive… but was dead. Huh?! And worse, YoungMin is slowly discovering her secret.Darn! Her happy place is little by little breaking into bits.

MinJae can’t still get his mind off InKi. InSook isn’t blind not to notice that infatuated look. MinJae explains he’s just interested with InKi as an actress. InSook smiles. There’s no need to be too defensive, she already know about his rumors.

Imagine InSook’s dread when her degraded, detestable, good-for-nothing brother visits her.  I really hate this guy! I even hate him more than Ae-ri.

Well, the lazybones is undeniably happy to report that he already found a new milking cow. (YoungMin). And while he’s feeling so darn lucky, InSook fears the world came crumbling down upon her. Didn’t JinHo promised to disappear when she agreed to use her insurance money? Heh? You mean they actually benefited from her alleged “death”?

JinHo casually tells her that it’s not his fault money kept on bringing them together. He gives her half of the money he “earned”, but InSook refuses to even touch it. JinHo: “And now, I just need to find Kim MinJae”.

InKi proudly admits it was all an act. She’s just using him for her plans. And if she thinks MinJae would hate her for that, then she’s dead wrong. MinJae: “It doesn’t matter how we met”.

She tries to end the conversation right away, but MinJae won’t let her. And so she confesses she needed (to marry?) a third generation chaebol  to put all her scandals to rest.  MinJae smiles and calmly answers: “Then LET’S  put them  to rest”. Okay, so that’s like proposing marriage already!

MinJae is seriously making things worse for InKi. If he’s not insane then he’s plain stupid. She isn’t the nice girl every mother wants for their son. MinJae: “I’m not nice either. Want me to tell you why?”

Haha! I so love MinJae’s innocent arrogance in here. InKi is forced to act Noona-ish then.

InKi: Don’t be naughty and return to your mother Kim MinJae!

MinJae: I said I didn’t care about your past.

Everything seems not to work. And so InKi draws the I-don’t-like-your-mother card. She’s flattered to know that an heir to one of Korea’s richest families like her, but then she doesn’t want to be insulted by his mom. That sure pulled down MinJae’s confidence a little.

MinJae:  I already said sorry for that.

InKi: And I said it’s okay. If  I were your mom, I won’t probably let my son date a woman like me either. It would have been nice if we’ve met under different circumstances.

She walks off, but MinJae runs after her.

And the two ends up discussing things over again.

MinJae starts by defining the word PURE. There are basically three meanings. (1) Free from contamination, Clean; (2) One’s heart being free of selfish interest and desires, Clean; (3) No intercourse with the opposite sex.

And all InKi could say is: “Huh, you memorized all that?”

That was funny. Anyways, back to MinJae’s theory.

The problem lies in No. 3. The man and woman must be both virgins to be considered pure. His mom told him that if a girl losses her virginity she becomes dirty. But that’s wrong! It’s not the definition of purity anymore.

Definition No. 1 (Free from contamination) actually refers to a person’s feeling. For example, he loves somebody, but then after some time they broke up. The purity of that feeling is gone. But if he falls in love with another person, does that feeling remain unclean? Of course not!

MinJae: Purity is formed the moment two people love each other.

InKi: Like laundry?

I believe this theory is striking a sensitive spot. (Refer to Episode 7)

InKi: You’re an interesting person MinJae.

MinJae: What I’m trying to say is that no matter what the world thinks of you InKi. None of that has to do with me.

InKi: So you like me?

MinJae answers he hasn’t reach a definite conclusion of his feelings just yet. But he is sure he wants to see her often. She doesn’t need to answer him immediately. But InKi is resolved. She doesn’t need time to think bcoz she’s sticking with definition no. 3.

This wraps up everything. She says her goodbyes and offers to pay for the bill. But then…

She suddenly signals MinJae to join her in the counter. Thinking InKi changed her mind, MinJae beams in delight.

Imagine his disappointment when InKi tells him she forgot her wallet so he must pay up the bill instead. Haha! InKi blurts out a teasing laugh.

InKi then goes to the talent agency and alas! A group of gangsters awaits.

It seems marrying to one of the Kim’s isn’t a choice but a necessity. There’s this group of thugs who forces InKi to continue stirring up scandals with MinJae. They even beaten up Manager and JinSook just to get the new photos.

Despite the threat and danger, InKi refuses to abide by Gangster Leader’s rules. Nope! Not this time. She agreed to their every demands before bcoz those people deserved it. But not MinJae. Why don’t they look for other prospects instead? Gangster Leader won’t compromise. It must be within President Kim TaeJin’s family.

JungSook still hopes HyeJin is alive. Seeing InKi just proves that fact. She’s 100% sure. It can’t be a coincidence. That actress looks exactly like HyeJin!

JungSook went to talk with NaYoung about the discovery but then little sis is still angry.

JungSook: Alright, at least you should have a good life. You must have a good life.

Ae-ri is throwing a temper. She learned that President re-claimed all of the family’s shares. Ha! She demands that President give all of the shares to her, saying she’s using it to make his dream of having a shipbuilding company come true. But President would rather die than let her have it.

Things are getting trickier for Ae-ri. DukSong is blackmailing her.That’s a relief! He basically wants re-funds for the money he invested.  And Ae-ri can’t say no bcoz it’s written in the Agreement she hastily signed.

Note to self: Try to read the contract before signing.

Ae-ri gets pissed but then there’s nothing she can’t do about it. She asks what could she  possibly do to stop this nonsense. And the pervert actually suggested that they get into a more intimate relationship.

All the while, YoungJun listens to their banter. Ae-ri gets super mad and slaps her secretary for not telling her YoungJun arrived.

YoungJun plays it cool and tells her not to vent her anger on other people. Ae-ri then asks for his help.

YoungJun: In this fight, you lost against father.

YoungJun couldn’t or wouldn’t help her. But if she really do wanted to win, there’s only one person she could turn to- her eldest uncle. Ae-ri goes like are-you-insane? By doing that, the company will be divided. It’s like declaring war. But then it’s that or she lose.

The brothers talked about the issue. YoungMin suggests that since things has come to this, they must help Ae-ri in convincing other members to issue their shares as collateral and buy Central Shipbuilding’s promissory notes.YoungDae says some unnecessary remarks. YoungJun gets angry. The tension builds up. And then they argue.

YoungJun remains unyielding. They won’t buy out Central Shipbuilding bcoz they need to create a  proper shipbuilding company!

The cousins plan to go to a party… except MinJae.

The poor boy wants to go so he defies mom’s decision. He can’t really comprehend why she won’t let him. It’s just a party for Pete’s sake. Mom still insists. She won’t consent until she finds out when, where , whose and  what kind of party it is. MinJae declares he’ll just go back to America then. It’s a far more better place than here. He wants freedom. Since birth til now, Mom has always decided everything for him. It’s time for Mom let him run his own life.

NaYoung gets angry. She risked her own life just to give birth to him and this is all she gets?!

After a few moments of pondering things, MinJae says sorry to Mom. He promises not to disobey her again. NaYoung then tells MinJae that lately, she’s been visiting the hospital bcoz of depression. MinJae is confused. What worries does Mom have? And NaYoung says it’s bcoz of him. She’s always worried for him. She can’t eat or sleep. Everyday she fears that he’ll get in an accident.  MinJae is appalled. How can his Mom live fearing that the world will end?

YoungMin sees NaYoung drinking. And he finds it odd. NaYoung tells him that she started drinking for a while now. At night or on early mornings, while he and MinJae are sleeping, she’ll come out to the terrace and and drink. Of course, he wouldn’t know bcoz he doesn’t care.YoungMin apologizes for being so insensitive.

NaYoung: I’m scared, have regrets and see my future pitch black. Bcoz of you. No! Not just because of you. I went crazy on my own. Without your love, I shivered in fear on how MinJae and I are to live on in this house. That’s how I went crazy.

YoungMin: Let’s start again. No. Since we never even started. Let’s just start from the beginning. I promise you from now on. I will take care of you and MinJae.

NaYoung: I already gave up on you a long time ago. I erased you from my heart.

YoungMin: Give me another chance.

NaYoung: Honey… let’s just live it the way we are.I’ve gotten used to liking this.

And then she vomits. Huh! She’s pregnant?!

The next day, NaYoung is in a very good mood. She even agreed to let MinJae join the party. And MinJae goes super shock.

YoungMin jokes that bcoz of MinJae’s scandal, he’s gotten popular and people keeps on asking for his autograph. MinJae defends that InKi isn’t that bad. She’s actually nice. Good thing, NaYoung isn’t paying attention with that remark.

NaYoung receives a frantic call from GeunHwa, telling them that suspicious looking men appeared out of nowhere and that they should come to Ulsan ASAP. It seems Ae-ri’s eldest uncle came to talk with President. Ae-ri’s Dad continues to convince President to change his mind, but he sure is stubborn.

And the most unexpected thing happened…



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