Flames of Desire Episode 9

And while everybody are engaged setting their avaricious ploys in motion, MinJae is pretty much busy being the infatuated InKi-fanatic we’ll sure to adore!

Treacherous conspiracies. Entrenched secrets. Detrimental lies.

I’m really glad I took management units in college. Otherwise, it’ll be difficult for me to understand this intricate battle of promissory notes and shares of stock! Haha!

Episode 9

Ae-ri’s game plan: Gather as many shares as possible, acquire the bigger fraction of ownership, and accumulate the majority of voting rights.

In the simplest sense, the number of shares vary proportionately with the extent of influence one has in corporate decisions. And when Ae-ri succeeds in controlling the majority, she’ll have indisputable authority to manipulate Atlantic Ocean’s entire administrative set-up. She may even oust President Kim is she wants! Ya, that’s definitely it!

Of course, she’ll start getting robbing off shares from the weakest of links. Or that’s what she thinks. She’s done with mother-in-law, and now, it’s NaYoung’s turn. NaYoung goes with the flow, pretending ignorant and uninterested. These women acting nice and friendly makes me sick!

Ae-ri continues to nag convince DukSong in buying out Central Shipbuilding’s shares. And like any other businessmen, he consents but not after she signs an Agreement. By the way his eyes are popping out from its sockets, I can thereby say, he’s up to something. The Agreement may be a trap.

NaYoung waits for DukSong outside the art gallery. And the guy is actually scrambling to have a private talk with her. Heh! So they were just acting?

DukSong flirts with NaYoung, saying she’d gotten prettier and more sophisticated than before. NaYoung quits beating around the bush and asks about his relationship with Ae-ri. And his mood turns sour and he answers warily. He likes Ae-ri back in college, and now, they’re just business partners. NaYoung knows better. She’s aware of Ae-ri’s plans and persuades him to take her side instead. She’ll take this favor a payback of what he did to her in the past.

DukSong isn’t a bit guilty. The truth is he doesn’t owe her anything. She didn’t really loved him. It was all about his money. NaYoung didn’t bother to disagree. He’s right. Other than money, he has no redeeming qualities anyway. Just to nurse the hurting pride, DukSong threatens to expose her secrets. As always, NaYoung is ready to backfire and coldly tells him that he’ll be on the worst when it happens. DukSong laughs, incredulous that she hasn’t changed. He then asks about the baby. And she casually answers it died, using the ill-fortune to force him in joining her team.

NaYoung recalls the dreadful past… DukSong’s evil deeds… and the death of her child.

NaYoung (talking to the baby): Let’s meet in the next life… in more favorable circumstances.

Ae-ri meets with MiJin and YoungShik. And it’s really disturbing to see her pretenses. She just wants their shares that’s why she pretends to care! She assures that as long as they’ll agree, the future will be brighter. But then, MiJin won’t be swayed. She’ll never give her shares. Never!

President’s health is failing. Mother-in-law fears that even with proper medication, President won’t last long. NaYoung acts all worried, even shedding some tears. President smiles and tells her not to fret. He informs NaYoung  about his planned vacation at Ulsan. He’ll be staying there with Mother-in-law for a while. Along their conversation, President shows early signs of Alzheimer’s; like  he forgot when her father died and where he was buried. NaYoung appears to be skeptical though.

Something’s definitely not right! If President is so freakin’ sick, then how on earth could he move so fast and then busily reads some documents the moment NaYoung went out of the room?!

Assistant Unni (JinSook) rummage around Blackmailing Guy’s place in search of “the” CD. Blackmailing Guy (ChulMin) finds her then. JinSook is desperate. She demands that ChulMin stop sucking InKi’s money. But the guy is callously greedy. Why would he give up such an effective and most of all, effortless  means to earn money? JinSook: “Be careful at night”. Chulmin: “I’m already being cautious”.

SungJae is kind enough to help MinJae solve the rumour problems. He asks YoungJae to arrange a meeting between MinJae and the legendary Baek InKi.

Imagine MinJae’s surprise! Haha! Someone’s severely star-struck.

The other cousins leave MinJae and InKi alone.  And MinJae is starting to get panicky, nervous and overly conscious. Haha!

InKi says sorry for what happened and further informs that his mom already came to talk with her.  MinJae is obviously embarrassed. InKi confides it’s alright.  She explains how things went about that day. Reporters were bugging her about rumors that she’s selling her body. And MinJae voices out his disbelief. Surely, the accusations are groundless!

InKi laughs and admits it’s true! Haven’t he heard of her scandals? MinJae bashfully answers that he had, he just chooses not to believe any of it. And InKi laughs even more. Then why can’t he even look at her eyes? Maybe he finds her too disgusting to look at. MinJae stammers and says it’s not like that. Unexpectedly, InKi asks for his necktie. And MinJae guiltily fell silent.

A bit disappointed, InKi instructs MinJae to tell his mother she doesn’t like being in a scandal with him either. She has a long list of  negative publicities already, and rumours of corrupting minors wouldn’t do her any good. And then she leaves.

MinJae is clearly dismayed. SungJae comes back and reminds him  to be careful. InKi’s a veteran and an innocent guy like him is not a match for her. MinJae isn’t even listening. He runs after InKi and says that the necktie was burned. InKi didn’t let him finish. She gets inside the car and takes off. But MinJae is determined to explain and chases the car.

Moved by MinJae’s efforts, InKi decided to give him a chance.

He deliberately let his mom burn the tie bcoz he knows she won’t stop.  She’ll become very obsessed and won’t let go of the issue. Suddenly, she invites him to watch her film a movie on Sunday. And he eagerly answers yes. He asks where. But she just smiles and taunts him of the fact that his mom will never allow him to go.

MinJae is rendered speechless. InKi smiles triumphantly. Huh! But nothing’s going to bring MinJae down.  If InKi won’t tell him where, then it’s time to search the internet! Haha!

YoungJun asks Ae-ri about her plans. She answers him vaguely, saying that whatever it is, it’s all for him.  There are gossips that she’s forcing the President to retire.  And Ae-ri reasons that it’s inevitable. There’s nothing a senile man could do anymore. The President knew it too. That’s  why he went to Ulsan.

YoungDae is fuming mad that YoungMin let Dad flee to Ulsan, intentionally letting YoungJun and his wife win.  He’s insulted that YoungMin chooses YoungJun over him. And that just proves, YoungMin’s not considering him as part of the family. Even SoonJa accuses NaYoung for betraying her.

Ae-ri meets with Lawyer Hong. And she’s not contented with the number of promissory notes he secretly bought from Central Shipbuilding.  It’s not even enough for the shipping company to surrender its shares. She directed the lawyer to buy every promissory note on the market. Time is of the essence as she’ll be meeting with the shareholders within 4 months. As for the funds, he doesn’t need to worry bcoz she already finalized it with the banks.

Basically, a promissory note is a binding legal contract made by one party to make a stated payment in full by a certain date. More promissory notes means greater demanding power for the holder. As I’ve understood, Ae-ri will be using the notes to force Central Shipbuilding in selling its shares (capital stocks).

NaYoung followed President to Ulsan, and MinJae is utterly relieved. YoungMin notices his son’s ecstatic mood and asks if MinJae had to go somewhere he can’t tell Mom. MinJae confesses and says that sometimes people wants to keep secrets. Dad is cool with it and asks if he likes someone. MinJae hurriedly says no. But Dad is rather doubtful. MinJae clears the air and says that he just likes the idea of hiding something from Mom. Whenever he looks at her eyes, he always end up telling her everything. There are even times when he is forced to tell lies Mom wants to hear.

MinJae: I’m sorry dad I’m a professional liar. Lying is more comfortable.

YoungMin understands his son’s dilemma and reminds MinJae that Mom loves him very much. MinJae is feeling good, knowing that this is the first time they had a serious Dad-Son conversation.

President mulls over the idea of retiring. It seems all he just did is build castles in the sand. He apologizes for not doing something for NaYoung. She then kindly refutes. Allowing her to be his daughter-in-law is already a chance of a lifetime. President insists that she  has every right to be one though. Bcoz of her, YoungMin gave up on the girl (InSook) and became a man. NaYoung is surprised that President knows about InSook. Duh! Of course, he does. He planned it all!

Look who’s back! It’s him! InSook’s despicable brother, Song JinHo. He is recently released from prison. And the first thing he did is call YoungMin and arrange a meeting.

JinHo tells YoungMin that he had been imprisoned for 20 years at the States. InSook, not even once, visited him. He originally thought that she hated him so much. But later, he found out that she was in a car accident. And the very person who run into her was none other than YoungMin’s wife herself, NaYoung. YoungMin refuses to believe him. He then throws a bundle of money at JinHo. Throwing money?! Why do they always do that! It doesn’t mean that he believes him though, he’s just being sympathetic toward InSook.

MinJae went to InKi’s movie set. But then no one’s there, he starts to feel gloomy. Until…

And so they went on a date. I think.

The rides get bumpy, giving them opportunity to “accidentally” hug each other. Haha! This is why I love Kdramas. They always have accidental hugs.

MinJae smiles. And from what I want to believe, InKi feels a bit confused. They stayed hugging there for a minute or two. That’s way too long for an “accidental” hug if you’ll ask me.

InKi flashes him a teasing smile. And he actually looked embarrassed! You sneaky little MinJae you.

Actually, the date is just a set-up to take more pictures of them together.

JinSook asks if InKi wants her to post some of the photos online. But InKi somehow gets a sudden change of heart and tells her to wait for a while. JinSook convinces InKi to marry MinJae. InKi just smiles. Of course, MinJae’s family won’t let that happen without a fuss. They might even make a background check on her and expose her secrets. JinSook guarantees to help her out then. But InKi is resolved. She wants JinSook to delete the photos. JinSook can hardly belive that InKi will give up just like that. There are many chaebol’s son out there! And she has so many to choose from.

Inside her room, InKi thinks of her past… the time JinSook left her at the orphanage.

NaYoung went to visit JungSook. She sees the old people and the scene disgruntled her. She asks why JungSook didn’t show up in the villa. JungSook’s answer is quite funny. She did come. But no one’s there and she doesn’t know how to open the gate. Heh!

They went inside JungSook’s room and NaYoung sees JoonGoo’s picture. JungSook tries to hide HyeJin’s picture too, but NaYoung gets a clear look at it. Darn! NaYoung notices her resemblance with the kid. Of course, she would! And JungSook lies it’s basically the reason why she decided to adopt HyeJin. She looks exactly like NaYoung. Thankfully, NaYoung drops the topic and asks about the old people and volunteers to help JungSook with the finances. JungSook refuses to accept the offer simply bcoz helping seniors give her satisfaction.

NaYoung finds JungSook’s idea of satisfaction absurd. JungSook laughs and says that NaYoung is still the same after all.

NaYoung is still troubled. HyeJin undeniably looks like her in every possible way.  The growing suspicion is hard to contain. She asks JungSook if the baby really died during birth. She knows deep inside that the child is alive. The girl JungSook adopted is her daughter!



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