Flames of Desire Episode 7

This girl is painfully bitter, immeasurably hurt and bitingly cold that she needs help and serious rehab!

Unforeseen comebacks. Manipulative wives. Disturbed youths.

I consider this episode a prelude to madness. Bits and pieces of the elaborate puzzle are slowly but steadily sticking together, forming and suggesting dangerous enmities ahead. I can already imagine the perplexity of it all!!!

Episode 7

MinJae had this craziest idea of travelling on the countryside by bike… alone! Of course, NaYoung dismisses the silly thought ASAP. But MinJae sure knows how to reason out and negotiate.

Brothers YoungMin, YoungDae, and gang leader YoungJun converge and meet with President Kim for the proposed shipyard construction project. But then, President is clearly unhappy with the proposal and angrily orders them to buy out a decent shipyard instead. YoungJun speaks out and insists on proceeding with the construction. President gets so riled up that he throws the documents right at YoungJun’s face. YoungMin comes to YoungJun’s defense but then immediately receives major tick off himself.

NaYoung overhears YoungMin’s futile attempt to go against the President and comes in before the scene gets worse. Meeting adjourns and NaYoung sees to it that YoungMin behaves accordingly in front of President. She informs him of MinJae’s little escapade, hinting that he should talk MinJae out of it. But YoungMin thinks otherwise. In fact, he wants MinJae to experience freedom and a little hardship in life.

NaYoung: When you live in a world of hardships you’re the first to breakdown. I’m going to spoil MinJae.

Young Min: If you’re going to spoil MinJae, he’s going to end up like me!

NaYoung: Only people who have eaten bread with tears know the world? That’s a lie. How can starving people know the world? You didn’t grow up knowing how miserable starving is. You said that I’m a shallow woman right? Whenever you don’t know what to say, you always say that to stop me from doing anything. Fine, I’m shallow. I’m a terrible woman. You know why? It’s because I’ve been in all terrible things while growing up. I’m going to raise MinJae as the happiest person here on earth. I’m not going to let him shed tears until he dies. That’s why you need to win. You must defeat your hyungs and become the owner of Atlantic Ocean.

MinJae talks with President and bids his farewell. President then asks about his future plans. And MinJae honestly answers “nothing”. President laughs and says it’s pretty normal for a young man like him to get a little confused. Ever the eavesdropper, NaYoung overhears and is clearly appalled at his son’s reply.

And since, nothing no one could stop MinJae from going, NaYoung reluctantly agrees. And just to ease her worries, he promises to talk with her via video phone.

Mother-in-law, GeunHwa, comes home and NaYoung excitedly asks about the “meeting”. It seems these two are planning an arranged marriage for MinJae. Heh?!

In preparation to his adventure in the wild, MinJae buys coffee from the nearby shop. And guess who the owner is? InSook! She’s ALIVE! I just knew it! She’s been hiding in the shadows all these time. She offers free coffee and gives him modest gifts. A mother is a mother after all.

InKi’s assistant (don’t know her name so I’ll call her Assistant Unni) complains that HyeJin slaps her too hard that she might even get sick. InKi says sorry and reasons it had to be realistic so they’ll hate her and curse her even more. Assistant Unni asks if that’s what she really wanted. To be hated by everyone? InKi smiles and says no. But then, even if she acts nice, still, people won’t believe her.

InKi: I always wonder. People are like dirty clothes that need washing and cleaning. When I was young, whenever I saw the clothes my mom washed in the front yard, I become happy. Every time the wind blows, I can smell the sweet scent.

She closes her eyes far too long and Assistant Unni starts to worry. InKi playfully smiles and asks if she delivered the lines well. The brat is just rehearsing drama lines?!

InKi asks about the rumour she herself spreads online (about her and MinJae). And like she predicted, the scandal blows out of proportion. She then wickedly asks if she should just date MinJae. Maybe that way, the family will be so annoyed that they may even try to kill her.

A glimpse of JungSook’s whereabouts: She’s still being the angel we knew ten years ago. She helps old people now and let them stay at her home. She’s still living quietly with the 2 ahjummas and ahjusshi. And by the looks of it, she can’t still get over HyeJin’s death.

Wearing a disguise, InKi goes to “who knows where” and meets with “who knows who”. She gets all hyped up when she sees nobody home. She hurriedly looks for something, a CD. But  then it’s like searching a needle in a haystack. She tries to watch one though, but suddenly, a man appears behind her back.

The man (I’ll call her Blackmailing Guy) stays calm and insultingly asks if she think he’s too stupid to hide “it” in plain sight. InKi throws a bundle of money at his face. Blackmailing Guy threatens to expose her dirty secrets if ever she tries to outsmart him again, reminding her that he’s got the upper hand . Blackmailing Guy: “Do you think it’s easy for you to live at the bottommost pit after living so comfortably?”

InKi: I know. That’s why when I go down, I won’t go down alone. (Something like that)

He gives InKi a CD, “a partial installment” he says. Outside, InKi breaksdown. The poor girl always acts tough but inside, she’s so freakin’terrified!

Meanwhile, MinJae is having the time of his life.

Ae-ri meets with NaYoung. These greedy women definitely know how to play the game. At first they were civil. But Ae-ri can’t just act nonchalance anymore. She knows NaYoung is up to something.  NaYoung laughs it off and jokingly retorts that she has nothing to hide. Besides, what could she do? It’s not as if she had the education and skills like Ae-ri.

But, Ae-ri doesn’t believe her at all. It’s quite obvious. She never let other people (especially her) get near President Kim. NaYoung defends that it’s just pure coincidence. Ae-ri just happens to visit President at the most inconvenient times.

Ae-ri:  Do you think just bcoz you came from a poor family and without proper education , I’ll let my guard down?

Ae-ri further warns that if NaYoung will get on her way again, she must prepare for the worst. NaYoung acts all humble and innocent but then… scary!

Ae-ri is quite busy. She talks with YoungJun and demands that he follows President Kim’s orders. YoungJun, however, stood his ground and warns his wife not to interrupt. Ae-ri couldn’t care less. She isn’t even a bit threatened.

YoungDae and his wife talks about Ae-ri and her devious plans of overtaking the company. But SoonJa is much more interested with NaYoung. She seems nice and all but something’s different. YoungDae laughs at her wife’s intuitions. It’s  impossible. NaYoung doesn’t even have the prominent family background like Ae-ri. SoonJa insists. That’s exactly the point! Even without a family backing her up, NaYoung still had her ways and was able to marry YoungMin.  And  with the wives continuously glaring at each other, she wouldn’t be too surprised if troubles arise between YoungMin and YoungJun.

MiJin visits the President and Mother-in-law is utterly pissed. She then warns NaYoung to keep an eye on YoungMin or he might end up like President Kim (with lots of extramarital affairs and dozens of illegitimate children). After all, the Kim’s blood takes after the President. NaYoung laughs and says that YoungMin  is different bcoz he just knows how to study. Mother-in-law concludes that it’s the reason why they only have MinJae and advises NaYoung to bear another child or it might be too late. NaYoung is uncomfortable with the issue and excuses herself.

As it turn out, MiJin is acting all sweet and bratty bcoz she wants the department store. And so, President promises to comply with her demands and assures she won’t be left out since she’ll have the  store and distribution channel plus company stocks.  MiJin is overly happy while NaYoung looks irritated on the side. Ah, another competition!

MiJin bumps into YoungShik and tells him to make his move now or he won’t get  even a dime when President dies. YounShik, however, assures that he’ll live well using his own strength.

With Mother-in-law’s words still in her mind, NaYoung opens up, suggesting that they try mending their relationship and act like what normal married couples do. But YoungMin rejects the absurdity. What more could she asks from him? They were fine living like this for more than 20 years and he doesn’t find the reason to be “intimate”. Man, that’s cold. NaYoung angrily walks off.

She finds comfort in talking with MinJae. But then, since MinJae has been waiting for her for more than  an hour, his battery nearly runs out and thus must log-out. Accidentally, NaYoung reads about the online rumours between MinJae and InKi courtesy of SungJae. She sees the tie (the one with InKi’s name and kiss mark) and gets super furious .

The rumours seem to be all over the news too. One of the Ahjummas living with JungSook notices InKi and remarks that the actress looks exactly like HyeJin. Just when JungSook bothers to look at the TV, the news changed, missing the chance to see InKi.

InKi watches the CD. And this reveals her infamous past, drinking, drugs, stealing, lots of horrible stuffs. Assistant Unni comes in and offers help if that man bothers her again. InKi looks at her intently and asks if she really means what she said. Could she really kill the man for her? Assistant Unni fell silent. And InKi, using her own manipulative techniques, remarks that surely Assistant Unni could do even more severe things than that just for her.

Alone, InKi reminisce the good old-time. The time when she was still a homeless street rat.

Still bothered with the discovery, NaYoung talks with SungJae. And SungJae assures the rumours are groundless. Despite that, she still hires a lawyer to talk with InKi’s manager and confirm the issue. The Manager refuses to comment though and says he has no idea with his talent’s personal lives. And hence, the lawyer advises NaYoung to stop bothering about it bcoz it’s a pointless fight anyways. No one ever wins over the internet. But since NaYoung is NaYoung, she won’t let go of this “petty”  mess and is very much determined to talk with Baek InKi in person.

This isn’t happening. The wicked daughter-in-law, Ae-ri, and the obnoxious ex-boyfriend, DukSong?  Yeah, they knew each other.

We don’t know the plan, but definitely Ae-ri is up to something as she demands money… huge amount of money from DukSong.


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