Queen Not Getting Off Work (4 Gifts) Episode 5 Recap

I just knew this day would come. 😦

I regret to inform everyone that this will be my last entry for 4Gifts. To say it more tactfully, this just ain’t my cup of tea. Sorry.

Episode 5

All the while, JiaLiang assumed that RuoTian already forgot ShengJie. But then, he’s dead wrong. It hurts him so bad to know that the famous “outstanding” prosecutor is acting rather dumb and is still very much attached to her ex. She even hires somebody to gather info of his whereabouts. Disappointed and upset, he angrily tosses the info she needed and walks out.

Coincidence or not, there’s a woman who wants to commit suicide for the same lame reason that her boyfriend left her for another woman. And since RuoTian knows how it felt, she volunteers to persuade Suicidal Woman against the ridiculous feat.

And in doing so, RuoTian convinces Suicidal Woman to just accept her loss and move on. Besides, attempting suicide doesn’t really mean she loves the man. If she truly and whole-heartedly loves him, then she must give him her blessings and wish that he lives a happy life.

JiaLiang, however, finds RuoTian’s words somewhat contradictory, considering that she also can’t let go of ShengJie.

JiaLiang: I say that you should jump down right away! He has already changed his feelings! He won’t even shed a tear for you.
RuoTian: Tong Jia Liang what are you saying?
JiaLiang: You women are always talking about your needs! How you want to be independent and not depend on men! In the end, once the man leaves you start to go crazy! Every word you say is a bunch of crap! Living like that, you will never achieve real love!
RuoTian: If you men understand to cherish us women we wouldn’t be crying and go crazy to begin with! We do this because we care! You men don’t know anything about real love!
JiaLiang: Don’t be stupid! For one useless man you are hurting yourself, is it worth it?! Let me tell you, killing yourself for a man is such a waste. The man has left! The next one will be even better! Must you for one grass, give up the whole forest!

And the suicide negotiation becomes a lover’s quarrel. Thankfully, FunnyFriend didn’t pay much attention to the bickering and savedd Suicidal Woman from jumping off.

Though JiaLiang’s words really hit right through her heart, it definitely have some sense. And without patching things up, the couple walks their separate ways.

Office hours ended but still, there’s no JiaLiang. It’s apparent that RuoTian misses him terribly. She tried to call him, but can’t get through. She also went to his favourite bar, but he wasn’t there. In the end, she just tried his favourite meal, Oolong Noodles with whiskey. (Not sure about the noodles).

She went home late. And to her surprise JiaLiang patiently waits for her. He suddenly hugs her. Why do they always do that after every squabble? I mean, why not talk then hug, not the other way around.

RuoYi: This is love isn’t it? Even the most arrogant person, in the face of love is always humble. You miss him. You worry about him. You want to call him often. RouTian definitely never thought before that love would be so sudden. Just like how RuoWei definitely not thought that editing her article is annoying.

RuoWei is still mad that Editor-in-Chief mindlessly altered her article. But what really pisses her off is the fact that RenShao misunderstood the situation. RuoYi convinces her to reconsider the resignation. They all know that she loves working in La Citta. And besides, the problem may be resolved with just a simple apology; so basically, there’s no need to over react.

Meanwhile, RenShao’s assistant, K, also tries to shed light in this seemingly pointless tiff. In case RenShao doesn’t know, an arrogant peahen (RuoWei) doesn’t really tarnishes its own feather. And he isn’t angry because she wrote the article falsely, but because he trusts her so much.

And since RuoYi can’t stand the situation anymore, she bravely tells RenShao that what happened isn’t RuoWei’s fault. She didn’t even read about the changes until he went to insult her. And just for his sake, she resigned from her job.

After a night of serious deliberation, RuoWei finally decided to apologize to RenShao. She went to his office but he was out. She went to his house, but only Evil Girl ShuEr was there. And then, she went to La Citta, but can’t bring herself to talk with Editor-in-Chief.

RuoYi went to Josh and relieves some of her quandaries. Just then, RenShao comes to find RuoWei, but the latter isn’t there.

Yup, you can never remove the pitiful longing glances from a typical idol drama.

RenShao looks for RuoWei everywhere. It’s raining so hard and he starts to worry. Ironically, she’s just outside his house, soaking wet.

He dries her hair. Hmm, that’s a little intimae already. And because she’ll never wear ShuEr’s clothes, RenShao is forced to lend her his shirt. She says sorry, and he finds her humility impossibly entertaining.

And this is what happens next…

RenShao: Now what?
RuoWei: I’m famished.
RenShao: Really troublesome!

And then this…

The next morning, RuoWei went to La Citta and is utterly confused to see RenShao waiting for her. Clearly, he wants her NOT to quit her job.

Now, Editor-in-Chief is glad to see RuoWei again. She asks RuoWei to withdraw the resignation and promises never to change, add, delete or whatsoever in any of her future articles. Of course, RuoWei eagerly agrees.

Police Officers get ready for some action. It’s about time they catch TiaLiang (drug lord who escaped)! Of course, RuoTian is also there. This nature of her to butt in is starting to pester me!

JiaLiang knows she could get stubborn at times, so he agrees to tag her along. Just to make sure nothing happens to her, he takes off his bullet-proof vest and put in on her instead. And because of that, he got shot.

Thankfully, he put his lucky coin in his left chest pocket and thus, the bullet didn’t reach his heart. All the while, RuoTian is dreadfully worried.

Again, a typical idol drama should have this scene.

RuoTian blames herself for the incident. If she just listened, then JiaLiang wouldn’t have shielded her from the gun shot and he wouldn’t be in the hospital right now. RuoYi and RuoWei assures that no one’s blaming her.

Since  JiaLiang breaks the protocol, the Chief gives him appropriate punishment: reassigning him to table works.


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