Flames of Desire Episode 6

Take a deep breath… exhale… inhale… exhale… then let out fangirly squeals! Weeeeee!

As of to date, this episode is definitely my personal favorite. Not only because we finally get to see Seo Woo and Yoo SeungHo, but also because it revealed another twist in this already twisted  makjang. I so love the dialogues! I so love the scenarios! And the ending is just so freakin’ random  that it caught me off guard!

Episode 6

It’s getting late and NaYoung decided to cut her visit short. JungSook, however, wants her sister to at least see HyeJin, but then the troublesome troubled child is nowhere of sight.

So it happens, our little brat is on top of the hill.

Pour in the rain and flash that lightning! Come witness HyeJin’s death and rebirth.

HyeJin: I am going to die here! And then I’m going to be reborn! Not as a daughter of a murderer, but as a daughter of a great man! I’m going to be reborn! In that world, I’m going to be a singer. I’m going to make a lot of money! And I’m going to live well and people will admire me. Watch and see..I’m going to be reborn!

Dead worried, JungSook looks everywhere for HyeJin. She came upon the hill and to her horror, she sees HyeJin’s abandoned shoes, leaving us the presumption that HyeJin actually jumped to the sea.

NaYoung tells MinJae of her plans in sending him abroad… alone! Just the mere thought that there might be other NaYoung’s out there gives me the creeps. What mother in her right mind would send off their 10-year old son in the US, anyways?! That’s like throwing a baby in the wilderness!

NaYoung: The world gives you back the same amount of effort you put into it. If you try to live comfortably here because it’s hard being alone, then you can’t outshine others.

MinJae practically begs NaYoung to let him stay with them. He even promises to do whatever she wants. But mom won’t be swayed.

NaYoung: The world is cruel. Only the strong ones get what they want. I just want to give you this world…a world without tears and sadness.

Present day.Ulsan.

It’s President Kim’s 70th birthday.

The family appears to be in good relations. But don’t be fooled! The in-laws yearn for Atlantic Ocean more than ever. Even I’m amazed how they put on a happy and well-natured demeanor,when they are actually pinching for the old man to just die. And the funny thing is, they know what the other one thinks!

Outside the function hall, the grandchildren waits for the go-signal to come in with the birthday cake. Of course, MinJae being the favorite grandson, is also there to celebrate.

Suddenly, a girl in black leather jacket and animal-printed hat comes running and drags MinJae away. They kept running and running, until they got cornered. Mysterious Girl then tells him to help her out and pretend to be her boyfriend for 10 minutes. MinJae is so shocked, he can’t even say a word. She hugs him for a full minute or so, enough for the paparazzi to get a clear shot at them. While this was happening, Mysterious Girl smirks. Ahh, I’ve seen that evil smile before!

It seems that it wasn’t such a coincidence after all. Mysterious Girl signals some people to come (probably her assistants). And then gives this woman, not one but two deafening slaps. Again, MinJae is shocked!

She turns to MinJae, who is still traumatized to say the least. She asks for a pen, but MinJae has none. So, she used her pink lipstick instead and writes her name, along with a kiss mark on his necktie. She gives him a groping look and smiles.

Mysterious Girl: You’re cute.

Meet our Mysterious Girl, Baek InKi- an actress with lots of hate mails and antis. But InKi doesn’t give a damn. She’s arrogant and rude. Definitely, not your typical goody two-shoes actress. She doesn’t like sympathy. Most of all, she hates being weak.

When she was asked if she ever cried, she just looks at the reporters with obvious smug.

InKi: I didn’t even have the time to cry. To me, even shedding a tear is luxury. Aren’t tears like sweet temptations because you receive comfort for your misery? But what difference does it make? It’s not like anybody cares about my tears.

At the car, InKi looks at the pictures and laughs. It seems she dragged the wrong guy.  Apparently, she’s targeting SungJae (YoungJun’s son) and not MinJae. Huh?! Thank goodness for that mistake!

Back to the birthday party. President Kim delivers his speech. Nobody were really paying attention, until… he throws the bomb! (not literally) and declares that he has no intention of giving his ownership rights to any of his children. And to prove his point, he calls for his lawyer and demands to change his will that very moment.

And the crowd went crazy. The lawyer can’t believe the President’s abrupt pronouncement. Suddenly, the President falls unconscious. Being the caring and meek daughter-in-law, NaYoung immediately runs to his aid.

NaYoung was the only one allowed to take care of the President. Inside his quarters, President Kim tells NaYoung his reason for letting her marry YoungMin. Her mother happens to be his first love. And fortunately, she looks just like her. He further adds that among the kin, she’s the only person he could trust. Hmp! If you only knew!

Because of the President’s sudden health problems, the brothers had an urgent family meeting. I don’t know why Ae-ri is there though. I really find her extremely annoying! And to settle the business affairs, YoungJun tells YoungDae to take over the chairmanship and demands YoungMin to quit his job at the university and start working for Atlantic Ocean.

Meet the 3rd generation chaebols. Okay, so the first two from the left (MiJin and YoungShik) belongs to the 2nd generation, but since they’re illegitimate children, they were kicked out of the family meeting.

Ae-ri is fuming mad that YoungJun decides on the matter all by himself. Well, it’s quite understandable that he told YoungDae to help out coz he isn’t that big of a threat. But YoungMin? It’s a fact that he’s the favorite son! And sooner or later, they may wake up one morning deprived and robbed out of their rightful thrones. However, YoungJun remains silent as his wife nags him to death.

Meanwhile, SoonJa reminds her husband not to be too confident and play the cards well.  Judging from the looks of it, his brothers and in-laws won’t just give him the company that easily.

The Kim brothers sure know how to find uniquely greedy women!

It seems Inki is not only an actress, but also an “escort service provider” as well. I dunno if that’s even the right term. Anyways, I hope you get the picture.

The customer (a senator) walks out and we know something went wrong. The manager blames InKi for blowing this up. Isn’t this what she wanted? InKi sadly agrees and admits she still has a long way up.

InKi: If you surrender to destiny then you’ll be the loser. Whatever my destiny is I’ll never surrender.

InSook’s “death” still haunts NaYoung’s dreams. Drenched in sweat, she wakes up from the dreaded nightmare.

That night YoungMin can’t sleep. He can’t still fully grasp the day’s shocking events. NaYoung sees him lurking in the dark and joins his solitude.

He shares that never in his wildest dreams did he imagine working for Atlantic Ocean. He had been contented living behind YoungJun’s shadow.

NaYoung urges YoungMin to stop being such a faggot and fight. It’s about time he competes with his brothers. She already prepared everything, and for sure, he will win this game. YoungMin is surprised that she still had “that” in mind. It’s so like her. Nothing has changed.

YoungMin: But do you know. You, not changing makes me very happy.
NaYoung: Because you want it too… to be the owner of Atlantic OCean.
YoungMin: Yes… that might be it.

Nooo! Not you too?!

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