Flames of Desire Episode 4

A chip off the old block, eh?

Intensity is a bit low for this episode. Well, we can’t always have emotional outbursts every time. This is just one of those plain but then very much-needed character introductions. Expect for a tremendous catching up later on though.

Episode 4

NaYoung comes back and finds the apartment as messy as ever. Summoning all of her self-control, she manages to look calm and be passive about it. And then YoungMin snaps at her pretenses. He just can’t accept her manipulations or the ridiculous marriage anymore. NaYoung, however, assures that everything will be just fine as long as he follows her lead. She already called President Kim and told him she’s pregnant. She also talked with InSook and the latter agreed to give them the baby. And the problem is solved!

NaYoung: No matter who gives birth, that baby is mine.

YoungMin is enraged that she took the matters on her own hands. He hurriedly goes off to clear things up with InSook, but he was angrily driven away by her “brother”. Poor YoungMin. He’s been literally manhandled by his mistress and wife.

YoungMin is obviously heartbroken and disappointed. And so, NaYoung offers to leave just to end all of these. She says sorry for causing him the troubles. Since her father just died and her sister was raped, she was feeling lost, so she clinged on to him. YoungMin is taken aback and stares at her devoid of expressions. He then hugs her. I don’t know why, but I’m guessing coz it’s the logical thing to do.

Are those genuine tears? Now, I can’t determine the truth from lies. Arg, she’s good!

Later on, NaYoung relays that she won’t, or rather, can’t bear him children or else she might die. We know the real deal, right? She can’t have babies coz of the complications she had during childbirth.

JungSook visits an orphanage. She seems very interested to adopt this particular cute little baby. Hmmm, I have a feeling this is NaYoung’s child. We must still wait for a confirmation though.

This is definitely out of the ordinary! How can the mistress and the wife become the best of friends? Don’t worry. This is just an SOP to ensure that the baby will grow up healthy.

Per President Kim’s instructions, YoungJoon visits YoungMin and NaYoung. Of course, the couple is forced to act their charades. Just as YoungMin is extremely uncomfortable, NaYoung however, is so freakin’ relaxed.

Meet the pretty illegitimate daughter, MinJi.

One day, she was brought by President Kim from nowhere. We don’t even know if she really is his daughter or not. Mystery!

And when InSook was about to give birth, NaYoung comes to her rescue. It’s really funny that while InSook is already suffering from labor pains, NaYoung is still being overly cautious. She makes it clear that InSook knows what to do and lays down the drill. InSook must never forget that at this very moment, her name is Yoon NaYoung!

YoungMin thanks NaYoung for a job well done. And she answers him with indifference. She reminds him not to make a fuss coz in the first place, she also gained something- legal claim of the child.

But then again, NaYoung isn’t as heartless as we thought she is. Remembering her own child, she breaks down.

Meanwhile, JungSook was able to adopt the baby. Her name… HyeJin.

10 years later.

Meet the young MinJae and the young HyeJin.

The difference between their background is as vast as the Pacific Ocean. If HyeJin is living a carefree and uninhibited life, MinJae on the other hand, is bounded and constrained to abide by NaYoung’s rules.

NaYoung informs YoungMin that President Kim wants them to go back to Korea and help out in the family business. But he isn’t at all interested and refuses to return. Clearly, he doesn’t want MinJae to grow up like him too. He orders NaYoung to stop suffocating  MinJae. But then, NaYoung remains unyielding.

Living a life full of lies is hard, even for the ultimate schemer, NaYoung. Everyday, she fears that InSook would suddenly betray her and take MinJae away. And behind those supercilious smiles, she reminds InSook not to play tricks on her or she might become nasty. As if she isn’t already!

HyeJin grows up to be a notable bully. And her dream? Become a singer with lots of money! I’ve heard that somewhere before.

JungSook keeps HyeJin’s adoption a secret and further lies that her father died in a car accident. To satisfy HyeJin’s growing curiosity, JungSook is forced to show the child JoonGoo’s picture and claims it’s her dad. Of course, HyeJin is extremely happy and shows off the picture to everyone, not knowing that the person in the picture is actually alive and serving some prison time.

After so many years, JungSook decided to visit JoonGoo. This is actually the saddest scene in this episode. I must admit. JoonGoo really knows how to act.

JoonGoo: Until the day I die, don’t forgive me…
JungSook: I think that was all destiny. If only I have told father that I liked you and got married to you then nothing would have happened to my family. You wouldn’t have forced yourself on me and father wouldn’t have collapsed because of that either. And you wouldn’t have had to kill people for me. Therefore this is all destiny. So don’t be sorry towards me.
JoonGoo: Still… I’m sorry.

Day after day, HyeJin becomes more and more like NaYoung. And for me, that is enough to prove that the child is really NaYoung’s daughter. The mere thought of HyeJin becoming a replica of his real Mom got JungSook so worried. Who wouldn’t be? One NaYoung is already a nightmare. Just imagine if there are two!

PS: Trailer for next episode is awesome. Finally, we’ll be seeing InKi and MinJae!

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  1. thanks for the recap!!

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