Recaps @ CPop: Wanna join?

Last Monday (Oct. 11), CPop Access officially announced their plans to venture in the wonderful world of drama recaps. Yay, that’s super good news! Who knows? CPop may even reach Dramabean’s status! So I’m thinking, we’ll have Dramabeans for Kdramas (Korean) and CPop for Tdramas (Taiwanese). Now, all we need is another awesome blog which will cater Jdrama (Japanese) recaps. Amazing!

Their first project? Gloomy Salad Days! I’m actually happy and excited. I was planning on making a summarecap (a word I made up which means: not just a SUMMARY but not entirely a RECAP, hence, summarecap) for Gloomy but since CPop’s doing the job, I’ll just drop it off and focus on Flames and Q10. There will be a lot of interesting dramas next year, so this may be the nicest news ever in the Tdrama world.

They’re recruiting for interested writers. So, if you wanna have a first-hand experience in recaps or just looking for a different kind of pastime, why not join their team? As for me, well, I really wanted to but then, I believe I can’t. My hands are already full as it is. Maybe next time though. Nevertheless, I’ll be looking forward to their recaps.

Here’s the ad:

Hi guys! Guess what? We’re looking for drama recap writers!

If you’re:
  • interested
  • has undying passion for Taiwanese dramas, and
  • willing to join me as I wear a boiler suit in search of that precious gem (yes, I just won’t let go of that metaphor. Heh)

…then let us know here: cpopaccess (at) gmail (dot) com. We’re excited to hear from you!

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