Queen Not Getting Off Work (4 Gifts) Episode 2 Recap

This is such a promising episode. Loving the interaction. Loving thehumour. Loving the drama. Loving it more than Episode 1. 🙂

Episode 2 Recap

ShuEr continues to pester RenShao with her questions, and so the latter had no choice but be frank. Choosing her as the model has nothing to do with Irene, it’s just that among other models, she had the smallest breast. Eh?! He further explains that her “unique” quality provides a feeling of mystery. Double Eh??!! Needless to say, his straight-to-the-face insult annoyed ShuEr, who in return, acts like a brat. But then, RenShao ignores her childish ploys.

At the Zhang’s- RuoTian, RuoWei and RuoYi demands some explanations on ShaSha’s sudden decision of moving out. Girls, the reason is quite obvious! You forgot to tell her about Dad’s AWOL incident. If that’s not an obvious disregard, then what is it? But then this issue proves to be the least of their concerns as ShaSha declares she already quit school. The elder sisters nearly went insane and ask her why, but little sister would rather tell the reason to Mom than them.

Since today is Mom’s Death Anniversary, the sisters went to Gudy’s (Josh’s flowershop) to get the camellias. The other sisters must have noticed something special between RuoYi and Josh, and so they teased RuoYi all throughout the trip. Despite RuoYi’s denials, the sisters won’t stop. RuoWei even contends that it’s impossible for that guy to be just a friend coz he didn’t look at her (the Beauty Queen) with the usual admiring gaze.

RenShao goes to a hospital (more like a Mental Ward) and there, he sees a man throwing a tantrum. It turns out that the man is his little brother, XiaoBin. As RenShao talked with the hospital director, we learned that their mom heartlessly left the 5-year old XiaoBin there and never came back.

The Zhang family and YuXiang (RuoYi’s friend from Episode 1), visits Mom’s grave. Though suffering from Alzheimer’s, somehow, Dad can’t forget the pain of her death. The sisters then shares some of their life updates to Mom. RuoTian boasts about the crime cases she solved and happily reports that she may even become the Chief Prosecutor this year. RuoWei proudly declares herself as the reigning Fashion/ Beauty Queen and with her accomplishments, she’ll surely become the next Editor-in-Chief. RuoYi is far more humble than the two and relays that she’s still the same. And lastly, ShaSha… well, once again shocked everyone when she announces her marriage to YuXiang.

RuoYi’s narration: Blessed God, thank you for giving us a strong heart. Since morning, we’ve been through a lot. From Shasha’s mistaken suicidal attempt, to moving out of the house, and now getting married! This little devil really wants us to breakdown with her devastating bombs!

As usual, RuoTian is fuming mad at ShaSha’s extremely absurd exploits. YuXiang confesses  that they  fell in love with each other a long time ago, but couldn’t find the courage to tell RuoYi about it.  And with that said, RuoTian blames RuoYi for being too busy with Josh and not noticing the two youngsters dating. Just to relieve some stress, RuoYi blows bubbles in her drinks.

Back to the hospital, someone is also blowing bubbles- RenShao. He tries to have a serious conversation with XiaoBin (about unchanging brotherly love and stuffs), but then Little Bro isn’t a tad interested. Instead, he mutters: “Mom, I miss you. Mom, I’m waiting for you”. Listening to his brother’s pitiful words, RenShao suddenly feels exhausted. RenShao: “Mother won’t be coming. But brother is here. Brother won’t leave you again”.

RuoYi is at Gudy’s, answering the phone and entertaining the client (Mr. Zheng). Josh then tells her that Mr. Zheng is a long-time customer and has always sent flowers to a girl on her birthday. RuoTian admires the client’s dedication and is quite jealous with the girl coz in  truth, she hasn’t even receive any flowers before. And her revelation clearly shocked Josh.

RuoYi conveys that unlike RuoWei (who is pretty, generous and talented), nobody notices her. RuoWei has always been the more popular among the sisters. Everybody who sees her, likes her in an instant. Josh, however, insists that RuoYi has great traits too- she can mop floors, answers phone, and cuts cakes. Haha! Kidding aside, Josh points out that she’s the best when it comes to filial devotion. And the only reason that she’s not in a relationship is because she takes care of her family problems first.

Josh cheers her up and promises to take care of her. He even volunteered to be her boyfriend when she turns 40 and still, nobody wants her. And in return, she must help him with the girls. They ended the deal with a pinky swear.

RuoYi’s narration: Josh is my best friend. I always feel safe when I’m beside him. Too bad, we don’t have chemistry.

RuoWei is busy thinking of some ways boost up sales with the Editor-in-Chief. In the end, they settled on writing about the “Occupational Iron Mulan” and the Chief already had the perfect candidate in mind- Zhang RuoTian. RuoWei is not a bit thrilled but still has to concede. And since RuoTian lives at KaohSiung, RuoWei forces RuoYi to come along.

KaohSiung Cat Motel.

JiaLiang and his troops are out for another night of crime busting. Before they continue, he asks FunnyFriend ManTuo (At last! I knew his name. But I still prefer FunnyFriend though) if they won’t be dealing with annoying prosecutors this time around. FunnyFriend confirms and replies that surely they are  not that UNlucky. But it seems they are, coz RuoTian suddenly joins them. JiaLiang tries to out talk her but she silenced him with a simple: “If you’ll continue talking like that, I’ll sue you for gender discrimination”.

Due to some unfortunate mixed-up, the troops raided the wrong room. And to JiaLiang’s surprise, he sees ShuEr lying on top of the bed. But it is RuoTian who receives the most destructive blow when she stared faced to faced with ShengJie. That good-for-nothing two timer!

Terribly stressed out, RuoTian goes off in a huff and comes across with the criminal Yang JinLong. Good thing, JiaLiang catches up to her. But then, the criminal holds her hostage (yet again!). Dude, doing that to a girl who just got the shock of a lifetime is not really a brilliant idea. Her reflexes takes over and the criminal falls on his knees in pain. Told you so!

RuoTian: Yang JinLong , you bastard! You already have a wife and you’re still doing this?! You men can only think of the lower half of your body. You’re worse than pigs and dogs, you perverts. You’re mom is better off giving birth to a washboard!

The poor criminal is clearly dumbfounded. While JiaLiang and FunnyFriend could only stare at each other in complete puzzlement. Haha!

When things calmed down, RuoTian and JiaLiang confronts the adulterous couple.  ShuEr arrogantly answers back, defending that there’s  nothing wrong with booking a room with someone. Yeah, right! All the while, ShengJie prefers to keep his silence and walks away. ShuEr also tries to escape but JiaLiang won’t let her leave.

At the Police Station, JiaLiang grants ShuEr that one permissible call. And of course, she phones RenShao and complains about an abusive officer who illegally detains her there. At first, RenShao doesn’t even bother to care, but when he learned  that she’s referring to JiaLiang, he was taken aback and his memory flashes to the time he first met  JiaLiang.

At home, RuoTian is quite confused to find ShengJie  fully packed and ready to leave. She tries to stop him, but ShengJie won’t be barred. And just to make it up to her, he says sorry for what he just did.  Still, RuoTian refuses to let him go. She forces ShengJie to fabricate any excuses (like going to a bathroom that badly or being kidnapped) to justify his actions. ShengJie remains unmoved and chooses to stop living like a leech. Yeah, I’d prefer that too!

RuoYi’s car suddenly broke down in the middle of nowhere. They should have moved on with the trip a long time ago though, but then RuoWei is too proud to hitch-hike with unfashionable trucks. Thankfully, a good-looking car approaches and much to their amazement, the driver is RenShao! RenShao offers a lift and off to KaohSiung they go.

During the ride, RuoWei acts all too friendly and nice, which somehow scared RenShao. RuoWei assures that he’s being paranoid. RenShao notices RuoYi silently listening at the backseat and tries to have a conversation. RuoWei joins in and proudly tells him that RuoYi is a superb events manager and if he knows better, he’ll hire RuoYi for his future projects. RenShao readily agrees.

FunnyFriend is curious on why JiaLiang detains ShuEr, when obviously she’s not part of the JinLong’s Case. JiaLiang merely answers that he has his reasons. FunnyFriend couldn’t accept the vague explanation and wonders if he’s doing  this to help the Prosecutor get her revenge. If so, then he should at least  be subtle. JiaLiang rejects the idea and reminds FunnyFriend to hurry up coz his wife is already waiting.

JiaLing sees ShuEr, indecently slouching with  legs stretched out on the tabletop, in the Interrogation Room and so, he immediately shoves her legs off. She threatens to sue him for  abuse of authority. But he doesn’t give a damn and straightforwardly asks why she was at the drug dealer’s party (in Episode 1). Caught off guard, ShuEr jolts in a panic.

RuoWei thanks RenShao for the ride and shrewdly squeezes some info about his  love life. Unsuspectingly, RenShao laughs and  admits that there is indeed a girl  that he can’t seem to let go, even though she’s giving him a lot of headaches.

Noticing RuoWei’s ruse, RuoYi asks if she’s disappointed to know that RenShao has a girlfriend.  RuoWei is appalled. Why would she feel disappointed? If she wanted too, then she’ll be his girlfriend in no time. She’s just interested to know what his girlfriend is like. Considering his status, he’ll go with the extremes- if she ain’t the absolute best, then she’s absolutely common.

JiaLiang spots RuoTian angrily walking towards the Police Station, wearing a scary I’m-about-to-kill-someone look. He drags her in a “more” secluded place to calm her down and put some sense into her. Well, that’s if you consider a bridge a secluded place. JiaLiang warns not to use her position in dealing with personal issues, but RuoTian retorts that she’s just there to interrogate ShuEr like any other suspects.

JiaLiang snaps and frankly tells her to stop acting like a desperate wife who clings to a husband who already ran away. His words pierced through the wound, and she slaps him with all her might.

RuoTian: You’re right! I am an abandoned wife! So you’ve guessed it right. Should I confer an Order of Merit to you?

JiaLiang: I didn’t mean that.

RuoTian: What else do you mean then? Are you afraid that I’ll be like a crazy woman, raising hell and brimstone inside the police station? Do you think I care? After last night, you guys must have laughed behind my back for  a few hundreds of times. If an eight-year relationship can collapse in a single blow, then how could I speak of self-respect? Could you just please mind your own business!

RuoWei is beyond infuriated when the guards refuse to let them stay at the Prosecutor’s Office. She complains and rants about violating her human rights. And so, RuoYi patiently explains that it’s a given coz RuoTian is doing a fieldwork and a Public Prosecutor’s Office isn’t a waiting place.  But RuoWei still feels harassed coz it’s the first time somebody dared to  turn her down. RuoWei: “Since the beginning of time, this face has always granted me a right of passage!” Haha!

As the two sisters pass over the “Love River”, some fans excitedly takes some picture with RuoWei. RuoYi smiles at the sidelines and thinks to herself.

RuoYi’s narration: It is said that worms have an amazing healing ability. Then RuoWei must have been a worm in her past life. I’m not insulting her. Rather, I admire her. She easily accepts the admiration of people like she rightfully deserves it. It’s as if the hurt she suffered from the Prosecutor’s Office just a moment ago never happened. But perhaps to RuoWei, the warmth of her admirers is the best medicine and tonic.

The storm has passed and RuoTian regains her cool. Before she leaves, she warns JiaLiang not to tattle about her little fit of temper or she won’t let him off. JiaLiang just smiles and asks what she’s talking about. With JiaLiang’s silence secured, RuoTian leaves much more relieved.

JiaLiang: She must be feeling terrible. I knew I shouldn’t have been too straightforward with her.

The time for the much-needed reunion has come. We are given hints of previous misunderstandings  between JiaLiang and RenShao as the former demands a long overdue explanation about something. And then flashback: Irene confesses her love to RenShao, but then he is clearly struggling to cast her feelings off. She accuses him of being a coward and guesses that it’s because of JiaLiang. Back to now: RenShao coldly answers that he doesn’t owe him anything. ShuEr wickedly smiles, sensing the tension and walks off. RenShao follows her trail. JiaLiang guarantees that he’ll definetely finds the truth.

After hours of looking for Big Sis, RuoWei and RuoYi decided to wait outside the Prosecutor’s Office. When an officemate passes by, they introduced their selves as RuoTian’s sisters and asked him where she might be. Officemate is actually glad that they came to accompany RuoTian in this tragic time. The sisters are oblivious to what happened and Officemate willingly retells the incident at the Motel.

RuoYi worries that Big Sister may be secretly crying somewhere and worst, may have lost her senses already. RuoWei optimistically assures that this crisis may just be an opportunity for them to let RuoTian know that there are other men out there. And besides, with RuoTian’s attitude, she’s more likely to vent her anger to somebody than cry alone. Just then, RuoYi  overhears their conversation and next, is a very awkward family meeting.

ShengJie actually had the guts to do his “crime” again! He and ShuEr tries to continue the  “act” . And before they could, JiaLiang burst in the scene and threatens to sue ShengJie  for corrupting a minor.  ShuEr stubbornly counters that she is almost 20 and could already be considered an adult. JiaLiang only eyes her with disgust and tells her to dress properly. Annoyed to be caught in the same mess again, ShuEr walks away.

With ShuEr gone, ShengJie dares JiaLiang to cuff him then. JiaLiang is much angrier now and asks if he ever thought how sad RuoTian would be if she finds out about this. ShengJie is perplexed. Why is she sad? Because he left? That just means she could be with someone better. JiaLiang wouldn’t want to interfere with somebody else’s lives and tells ShengJie to face his problems upfront. ShengJie angrily snaps and retorts that if JiaLiang really cares about RuoTian, then he could have her then. JiaLiang nearly gives him a beating, but restrains himself.

RuoTian is acting weird and lost, but RuoWei still proceeds with the interview as usual. RuoTian is quite offended that her sister doesn’t even care to ease her pains. And then, dead silence. RuoYi could only look worriedly at her sisters.

RuoYi’s narration: RuoTian, has always given so much effort in everything, but when it comes to love, she’s still inept.

RenShao gives ShuEr some scolding and forbids her from seeing ShengJie again. He knows too well that when the feeling is gone, she’ll be the one to suffer the most. ShuEr stubbornly contends, saying that she wants to embrace this feeling- just like him and JiaLiang. RenShao tries to change the topic as it makes him a little uncomfortable. However, ShuEr still has the last say and tells him that being hurt is so addictive and that forbidden love cures every woman’s pain.

The next day, RuoYi calls YuXiang. He is then startled when ShaSha showers him with light morning kisses. Hearing the clatter, RuoYi gets worried and assumes that something happened to Dad. RuoYi’s anxious reaction wakes RuoTian and RuoWei up. And so they knew that YuXiang slept at their house and of course, not happy about it. But then ShaSha is too stubborn to have her own ways and cuts the call.

RuoTian has been informed about a robbery case, and she speedily prepares to leave. RuoWei sneakily follows Big Sis, still dragging poor RuoYi along. In the end, it was just a false alarm. RuoTian notices the other police officers’ knowing smiles and presupposes that JiaLiang told them about yesterday. JiaLiang reasons that since she came like a madman yesterday, everybody couldn’t possibly missed her little performance. But RuoTian won’t accept his explanations at all.

Direct your attention to the yellow balloon. RuoTian gets irritated with the balloon and pulls it away, so it flew. And out-of-nowhere, a little child cries.

JiaLiang: Little kid, don’t cry. That inhumane auntie isn’t yelling at you. Don’t be scared. Don’t cry.

RuoTian: Little brother, has mommy ever told you not to listen to strangers? You’re crying?  If you continue crying, then this uncle will arrest you and lock you up at the police station!

Little child cries even more. And JiaLiang struggles to hush him. FunnyFriend offers some help and buys the little child some balloons. Proud that he saved the day, and demostrated an awesome fatherly gesture on top of that, FunnyFriend then begins to flaunt his own baby’s ultrasound pictures. Before they get trapped with the gibberish talks, RuoTian and JiaLiang immediately escapes.

JiaLiang: If I see that picture again, my eyes will get sick.

RuoTian: If I see that picture, I’ll just use Law 235 (Distributing and Selling Inappropriate Objects). Haha!

And they both laugh. The scene turns serious as RuoTian asks JiaLiang about his relationship with ShuEr. Before he could answer, RuoYi’s phone rings, and thereby, getting RuoTian and JiaLiang’s attention. Since they’re caught, RuoWei just go with the flow and asks JiaLiang for an interview. And he agrees!

Because of Dad’s health issues, RuoYi and RuoWei are forced to go back to Taipei ASAP. RuoWei remarks that since they’re going back, RuoTian must learn to take care of her love problems alone. RuoYi tries to stop RuoWei from talking about “it”, but RuoTian is curious on what she’s going to say and dares the “know-it-all who was never rejected by men” to name an ideal man then. RuoWei answers in a rush: Tong JiaLiang. He’s got the brains and the brawns, and in men, he’s definitely a top prize. RuoTian just laughs. That weirdo?

RuoWei is rather serious and advises that sometimes, RuoTian must also listen to her little sister’s professional advice. RuoYi is intrigued. Isn’t her profession about fashion? RuoWei clarifies that fashion is her career, but love is her profession.

At the office, RuoTian thinks and smiles to herself. “That weirdo is a top product? In what way is he special? Did RuoWei like his hairstyle or his muscle? How laughable”.

FunnyFriend: Boss, why does the Prosecutor continuously look at you and then stupidly smiles? She likes you!

JiaLiang: Please! Don’t give me nightmares!

JiaLiang can’t stand the awkward scenario anymore and asks if the report is okay. RuoTian resumes the cold and strict facade and tells them that she still needs to interrogate JinLong.

Just then, FunnyFriend receives a call that JinLong got away. And so they rush to the hospital. There, the Police Officers confirm JinLong’s escape. RuoTian rashly storms out. Why? To find JinLong! I must admit, this idea is absurd as it is silly. Thank goodness JiaLiang talks her out of it. Their argument is then interrupted by RuoWei’s call. RuoTian is so pissed with the untimely disruption and immediately hungs up. Since RuoTian doesn’t entertain her calls, RuoWei drops all of Dad’s hospital issues to RuoYi.

RuoYi can’t seem to say no and accepts the responsibilities. She’s surveying this hospital when XiaoBin gets fascinated with her bag accessory and snatched her bag. RenShao comes running and apologizes.

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