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“High School Debut” Movie Adaptation?!

What?! My super favorite manga “High School Debut” is  going live?! Where was I these past few days?! My eyes nearly popped out when I read the news, and the funny thing is, it’s been all over the internet since August 10! I’m so freakin’ outdated!

Here’s the article from Tokyograph.


The hit manga series “Koukou Debut” (“High School Debut”) by artist Kazune Kawahara will come to life in a movie adaptation, it has been announced. This month’s issue of Bessatsu Margaret revealed that a film is in the works, but details such as the cast and release date are still unknown.

The original manga ran in the magazine from 2003 to 2008 and was printed as 13 collected volumes. It tells the story of a young girl named Haruna who was completely absorbed with softball during her middle school days, but now that she is in high school, she decides to completely redo her lifestyle and focus on falling in love. In order to increase her popularity with boys, she convinces a good-looking upperclassman, Yoh, to become her coach. Although he makes her agree to not fall in love with him, she naturally does.

More details about the movie will be announced at a later date.

I, so love the manga. And I, so love Haruna. The girl is  just downright funny. In fact when I remember her crazy ideas, I can’t help but smile (and laugh). I’m totally excited to watch a “human” version of her. And speaking of which, I just have the perfect girl in mind, my other obvious favorite, Shida Mirai.

I just adore this girl. With her funny facial expressions,  amazing comedic timing and undeniable charm, I know that she can play Haruna’s character well.

It’s a bit tricky for the male lead though. Yoh’s character is just way too perfect, if not  too complicated to be “personified”. But if you’ll ask me, I want “him” to be Kanata Hongo. Seriously, I really-really miss the SHINATA love team, and right now, I’m just using every probable excuse for them to be together again.

Yeah, I know. Kanata doesn’t really fit Yoh’s image, but would it hurt to wish.

So, here I am. Zealously, fervently, eagerly waiting for the movie’s next update. 🙂

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