Summer’s Desire Episode 13

For starters, I already cried a handful of tears while reading the novel recap, I never thought I’ll be crying some more when I watch this episode. I basically know what will happen, but my tears just kept on coming! It’s just too sad.

I’m glad they added Xia Ge’s scene. What could be more heartbreaking than a father’s pitiful cries of regrets? 😦

Episode 13 Recap

The couple was informed that Xiao Cheng collapsed, thereby, putting an abrupt halt to their much-needed dialogue. Putting their half- misunderstanding half-confession aside, Ou Chen and Xia Mo rushes Xiao Cheng to the hospital.

Meanwhile, we see a comeback appearance of Luo Xi’s awesome, top down luxury car. He prepares to leave and drives off. I guess this time, he’ll be gone for good. Blocking his way though, is none other than the infamous Shen Qiang.So, she really does love Luo Xi after all?! She’s even willing to give up her career. Too bad, it’s one-sided.

Xiao Cheng is finally awake. Now, we know something’s really wrong. His lips are pale and he can barely say the words. But despite his weakened condition, he tried to ease his sister’s obvious anxiety. In a small voice, he assures Xia Mo that he’ll be taking a nap only for just a sec, and will  surely wake up soon. Hearing his words, Xia Mo nearly faints. She understands what he truly means. She knows.

Xiao Cheng’s inevitable death is laid down for us to be depressed upon. The doctor explains  that though the kidney transplant was a success, it only extended Xiao Cheng’s life. His other organs are still deteriorating. At this point, surgeries and treatments won’t help. The least they could do is make him comfortable in his remaining months.

But the doctors are optimistic. Who knows? There migh be a miracle. Xia Mo is quite perplexed. Miracle? Does it mean that Xiao Cheng’s life only depended on this word? Just to convince herself, she reasons that since she never believed in fate and miracles, maybe Xiao Cheng will have all these. Ou Chen can only agree.

Back to Luo Xi and Shen Qiang. Well, they arrived safely at Luo Xi’s place abroad. But apparently, he’s a tad unhappy that she tagged along.

Ou Chen can’t seem to accept the doctor’s findings. He demands that they try even harder. But the doctors stood by their medical conclusions. Xiao Cheng can’t be helped, a hopeless case. It’s even a miracle for him to get this far.

Ou Chen: I don’t believe he’ll die. He’s only 20. How can he have no hope anymore?

He then instructs them not to let Xia Mo know about Xiao Cheng’s real condition. But  I’m afraid it’s too late. Xia Mo already overhears everything.

With Xiao Cheng’s fated death, the couple feels each others pain. Ou Chen maybe a rich and powerful Young Master, but he still has no power over death. In a short period of time, he already treated Xiao Cheng as family. He may not know Xiao Cheng as his half-brother, but he loved him as much.

All the while, Xia Mo chokes down her fears and pain. She’s actually scared. Xiao Cheng is the only she had left. He’s actually her strength to live. It was all for Xiao Cheng. He can’t die. He just can’t leave her alone. She hides in a secluded stairway and cries with all her heart’s content.

Ou Chen finds Xia Mo cheering Xiao Cheng up. Cheerily, she tells him not to worry coz  he’s just undergoing a temporary setback, and the doctors already found a solution. Though frail, Xiao Cheng agrees.  Their family will always be together. Xiao Cheng sees Ou Chen and calls out for his brother-in-law. Ou Chen forces a smile.

Xiao Cheng then asks that Ou Chen help sister tie their love memento, the legendary green scarf.  And Ou Chen willingly grants Xiao Cheng’s minor request. Just to talk privately with Ou Chen, Xiao Cheng asks his sister for some juice.

When they thought Xia Mo was already gone, which she was not coz she’s listening by the door, Ou Chen thanks Xiao Cheng. Hmm, I don’t why, but I’m guessing he is grateful that Xiao Cheng goes along with Xia Mo’s beliefs. Xiao Cheng smiles and says that he still has one more favor to ask. That is to help Xia Mo return to the entertainment circle. She has a talent for acting,  and Ou Chen Ge must let other people see it. Without thinking twice, Ou Chen consents and promises to  let Xia Mo shine.

Xiao Cheng: If one day, I can’t stay by your side, you must help me tell sis not to be sad.  I didn’t leave, I will be by her side forever.

Ou Chen: Don’t say these kind of things to me. Listen, nothing will happen to you.

Xia Cheng: Brother-in-law, before I disliked you. I didn’t accept you. Please forgive me. From now on, I leave her in your hands. From now on, take care of sis. I know that you love her. When I leave,  the only person she can rely on is you. Sister isn’t as strong as she appears. I’m really scared. I’m scared when I leave.

Ou Chen’s tears fell. Cloaked with grief, he can only assure Xiao Cheng that  he’ll take care of Xia Mo really well. With Ou Chen’s promise, Xiao Cheng smiles contentedly. Outside, Xia Mo silently cries.

Back to Luo Xi and Shen Qiang (part 2). Even at the other side of the world, Luo Xi can’t seem to forget Xia Mo. He sings “their song”. Shen Qiang listens from afar. She knows she can never hold a special place in his heart. Well, not as special as she holds him.

The time has come. Xiao Cheng has yet another “setback”. The doctors rush to his aid, used the defibrillator even. But still, his vital signs are falling below normal. And as Xia Mo watches the whole fiasco, her hands tremble. When the heart monitor shows a cardiac flat-line,  time stops. There was silence.  After several failed attempts, the doctors decided to give up.  Xiao Cheng died. But Xia Mo, somehow imagines a different ending. In her disillusion, she sees Xiao Cheng wake up.

She comes to his side, smiles and lovingly strokes his hair. She sits him up and hugs him close.

Xia Mo: You finally woke up. I thought you died.

Xiao Cheng: I won’t die. I would never leave your side.

Xia Mo: Of course, I remember. Look, I didn’t even cry. I never believed in their lies.

Xiao Cheng: I won’t die. I can’t bear to leave you.

Xia Mo: I know you won’t die. God is fair. He will always give before He takes something away. He didn’t give you anything in the past, so He won’t take your life away.

Xiao Cheng remarks that with sister hugging him like this, he is reminded of the time when they were still young. She used to rock him to sleep. Sings for him and cooks his favorite braised chicken wings. Xia Mo then asks if he wants to eat some. But Xiao Cheng won’t let her leave.

Listening to Xia Mo’s delirious talk, Zhen En cries and Ou Chen can only look away.

Xiao Cheng’s death proves to be a devastating shock for Xia Mo. She doesn’t talk. She doesn’t sleep or eat. She chooses to lock herself inside. Little by little, her sanity is pushed to the edge.  It’s like she’s in a deep slumber. She’s physically alive, but emotionally dead.

Ou Chen can only opt to sedate her. With Xia Mo’s worsening mental condition, Zhen En worries exceedingly.  No matter how she tried to convince Xia Mo to talk, she only replies with a distressing silence. Zhen En is scared. If things continue like this, Xia Mo might die. Ou Chen tells Zhen to shut up and stop crying. When they were alone, Ou Chen worriedly caresses Xia Mo’s face. He decided to take her at their old place. There, nobody will disturb her moments of grief.

Ou Chen: Xia Mo, do you know that I’m scared as Zhen En is. I’m afraid that you would leave me. If you really leave, I will leave with you. I won’t let the two of us separate again.

Next , we see Xia Ge visiting the grave of his lost son.  This, I love for the simplicity of it.

Xia Ge: I now have the courage to face you. I have received your letter. At the time that your body was suffering the most, you actually wrote me a letter. But I couldn’t help you in anything. Son, dad is sorry.

Xiao Cheng’s letter for Dad.

Uncle Xia, hello. I am Yin Cheng. Even if you don’t know who I am, I’ve never forgotten you. I know that your business is doing good and I’m very proud of you. My health isn’t that great. Maybe, that’s why there’s no way I can’t protect mom’s most important possession. Mom, she sang a song entitled “Diamond”. She sang this song for you. So, I’m giving you the music sheets. Although mom left already, we all know she was seriously in love with you. So, we, as her children, didn’t forget you.

Okay, so it’s weird. Xiao Cheng actually recorded his and Xia Mo’s daily conversations. How did he do that?! I don’t know if it did Xia Mo any good, but all she did was listen to the recording. How could Xiao Cheng die? He’s just here. Talking. Smiling. Laughing like he used to. She remembers everything, his voice, his face. He was so real, so alive. He can’t be dead.

As she listens, flashbacks begin. Xia Mo says sorry for hitting him and asks if he’s mad.  Xiao Cheng smiles. It’s absurd. How could he be mad at sister? He tells Xia Mo to stop saying sorry or he’ll be sad. He then happily relays that he is taking up fine arts, just like what sister likes. And he will definitely make sister proud.

Ou Chen sees Xia Mo and listens as well.

Flashback again. This time, Xiao Cheng and Xia Mo laughs at their childhood pictures. Xiao Cheng was small back then. Xia Mo was even afraid he won’t grow up. But now, he’s taller than her.  Xiao Cheng tributes that it’s because of sister. She always gives him good food.  And he remembers that he used to stick to her like a glue. She always protected him.

Zhen En is overly outraged at the circling news that Xiao Cheng died, and Xia Mo is  going insane. She’s quite appalled that Jang Jin Hua still managed to publish the report, even though Ou Chen already blocked any media leaks. Pan Nan then asks if  the reports were true. Though reluctant, Zhen En confesses that Xiao Cheng is gone. Knowing this, Pan Nan demands to see Xia Mo. But Zhen En is resolved. It’s useless. Xia Mo still believes that Xiao Cheng is alive. She still cooks dinner for him everyday.

Pan Nan can’t believe Zhen En’s words. Xia Mo has always been so strong. She then tries to inform Luo Xi, but Zhen En talks her out of it. Xia Mo is already married. And seeing how Ou Chen loved Xia Mo, she is touched. What Xia Mo needs right now, is Ou Chen.

Meanwhile, Ou Chen tries every possible way to solicit some response from Xia Mo. He brings her to an empty movie house, fulfilling their plan to watch movies together as a family (Episode 12). He carefully sits the zombie-like Xia Mo, saying that they’ll be watching Xiao Cheng’s favorite movie.  And next time, they’ll watch her fave. But still, silence.

As the movie plays, Ou Chen remembers Xiao Cheng’s last favor. Help sister return to the entertainment circle. He then calls Xi Meng and asks for some help. He’s quite desperate now. He knows that his favor isn’t easy, but he’s willing to try whatever it takes just to make her better. What could it be?

Then, we revisit Luo Xi. He reads about the news. I really don’t get it. Do newspapers travel abroad too? Anyhow, he won’t be stopped now. He’s going back! ASAP! Shen Qiang, sees his sudden backpacking and is completely confounded. She notices the newspaper and reads. Xia Mo again?! Now, Shen Qiang had it. Enough! She finally decides to stop the fruitless feat. Shen Qiang: “Promise me one thing. Let me leave first. At least, let me feel that you didn’t give up”. As Shen Qiang walks off in tears, Luo Xi can only look at her receding back. Luo Xi: “Shen Qiang, in my heart you are still a very important person”.

Pan Nan asks Zhen En if Xia Mo is getting better. But it’s quite the opposite.  However, Zhen En assures Pan Nan not to worry, since she already think of something to wake her up.

And the brilliant idea? Throw away the chicken wings. And when Xia Mo notices that there were no more chicken wings, she panicked.  She ransacked the whole ref and without saying a word, tries to go out and buy some. Zhen En stops her. With Xia Mo’s mental instability, she’s not safe to go out.  Zhen En spits that Xiao Cheng is dead and no matter how many chicken wings she’ll prepare, he won’t come back. But Xia Mo seems not to hear anything. She continues her stride. So, Zhen En offers to buy the chicken wings herself. Good thing, Ou Chen shows up and catches up to her. Just when Xia Mo opened the door, Luo Xi was there.  He was literally stunned seeing Xia Mo in this state. He stood there unmoving. But, it seems she didn’t see him at all. She walked pass by him. Ou Chen holds her tight and pulls her close.

With some more convincing from Zhen En, Xia Mo is finally calmed. Luo Xi prepares to get in, but Ou Chen blocks him. However, Luo Xi is now determined not to be set aside. He helps Xia Mo prepare the chicken wings. It was then that Xia Mo smiles. Ou Chen wonders, Can Luo Xi wake her up?

Luo Xi is quite angry. Outside, he punches Ou Chen. Clearly, Ou Chen’s way of protecting Xia Mo isn’t enough. He firmly declares that he’ll be seeing her often, and Ou Chen better not try any tricks to stop him.

Lady Manager, I really forgot her name, informs Zhen En that Director Wu (a famous international director) wants Xia Mo to audition for his latest movie. Zhen En is quite apprehensive. On any given days, this could have been a good news.  But the Xia Mo right now may not be suited for the limelight. Lady Manager is suspicious. Is Young master hiding Xia Mo? They haven’t heard of her after the wedding. Maybe it’s true that Xia Mo is crazy. Of course, Zhen En denies the reports and condemns the media people for writing such a terrible lie.

Luo Xi serenades Xia Mo with the immortal song “Cat named Milk”, but still Xia Mo remains silent. He desperately convinces her to talk to him.  Luo Xi: “I won’t selfishly keep you. As long as you live happily, I will be satisfied”. So, Luo Xi can’t persuade her either. Ou Chen just listens outside the room.

Just then, Zhen En arrives and shows Ou Chen the script. Initially, she thought to reject the offer right away, but Director Wu insists to get Xia Mo and once she read the script herself, she’s convinced that this may just be the key to break Xia Mo’s shell. The plot is just freakishly similar to Xia Mo’s life. It’s like it’s made only for her. Ou Chen remains  composed and replies that he’ll think about it.

Luo Xi overhears and strongly disapproves of the project. The media will only hurt her. But Ou Chen argues that the film maybe be an effective therapy for her. This angers Luo Xi some more. Xia Mo isn’t an item. She’s not a guinea pig that can be used for Ou Chen’s little experiment.

Zhen En refutes. This story is quite special. It’s about 2 siblings. The younger brother is an extremely talented artist named Xiao Cheng.  During his art exhibition, he was attacked by some thugs and died. After the sister knew about the incident, her spirit was broken. She only stares at his painting whole day. One day, a miracle happened. Xiao Cheng came alive and they live happily. Xia Mo, who seems too oblivious with her surroundings, seems to miraculously hear Zhen En. Her tears fell. And Ou Chen right then, felt this film might be the only way to save her.

Audition Day. Everybody’s quite busy. Wei Ann, Shu Er, Shen Qiang and even Hui Ni aspires to take the role. Ou Chen isn’t about to give up this chance either. He dresses her up and takes her to the nearby room.

One by one, the aspirants deliver the lines.  Each having their own touch. At the room, Xia mo passively listens through a TV monitor. The audition is about to end, but still, Xia Mo didn’t react. Ou Chen is really disappointed. Maybe, this is pointless. As he slowly drags Xia Mo away, she shoves his hand and walks straightly down the hall.

Suddenly, the door opens, and Xia Mo walks in. She delivers the line as if it was her own.  Zhen En helps her and reads out the script. Zhen En: “On that day, Xiao Cheng died. When the doctors said the treatments were not working, he already died”. Xia Mo fell silent.

Xia Mo: He died right? Back when he didn’t come to eat the dishes that I’ve made. Why is it that I’m the only one still alive? Xiao Cheng, no matter where you are, I will definitely find you.

Then Xia Mo suddenly the weariness, as reality crosses her mind. Her knees feebly shakes and she slumps to the floor. Ou Chen then catches her. Xia Mo finally spoke! Even if she still seems to linger in her shell, he is hopeful.

Everybody witnessed Xia Mo’s convincing portrayal of the role. They felt the pain, her pain. Needless to say, Director Wu was impressed. When, Ou Chen asks if she wants to accept the offer, she slowly nods.

Next, Ou Chen takes Xia Mo to a nice picnic. He patiently talks with her, saying he already marked her lines. And if she has time, she may take a look. He then leaves to gave way for her friends (Pan Nan and Zhen En).

Pan Nan and Zhen En cheerfully chats, but it’s as if she returns to her own world and won’t talk. Zhen En happily reports that people are already talking about her, and Luo Xi  already agreed to play Xiao Cheng. But the problem doesn’t lie on the issue about filming with Luo Xi but Ou Chen. Pan Nan drags Zhen En and reprimands her  for the candid remarks. Zhen En worriedly spurts that with Ou Chen’s personality, he might not permit Xia Mo to act. While they were busy talking, Xia Mo enthusiastically reads the script. Ou Chen sees this improvement and is quite relieved.

Shooting day. Ou Chen tenderly feeds Xia Mo her food, and thankfully she didn’t throw up. Ou Chen continues to shower her with love as he carefully changes her shoes at the shoot. And when it was time for the camera to roll, she diligently  delivers the lines.

When filming, Xia Mo is noticeably too absorbed to play her part. But right after the director signals a cut, she automatically turns silent and impassive.  She’s like this, day in and day out. Luo Xi notices her odd behavior and smiles in torment. Hurt that he can’t do anything for her.

Young Master never once left Xia Mo’s side. He’s like her shadow. Always following. Always looking at her in a mixture of concern and relief.  That night, he remarks that she’s quite happy meeting Xiao Cheng again. He bids goodnight and informs Xia Mo that he’ll be preparing some of Xiao Cheng’s paintings as props. She then suddenly holds his hand. He smiles and apologizes that he overlooks putting Xiao Cheng’s recording back.

Then another flashback. Xiao Cheng complains that he’s classmates demands too many autographs from sister. Maybe, she’s already tired. But Xia Mo assures it’s such a small thing, as long as they kept him accompanied. She notices that all his classmates who wants some autograph were females, and teases that maybe, among that crowd someone only uses her as an excuse to get closer to him. Xiao Cheng chokes. And Xia Mo laughs. He spills that there is one new classmate who shows some signs and then he instantly goes out, forgetting the autographs.

Meanwhile, Luo Xi is troubled. He deeply worries for Xia Mo. It’s like she splits in two different person. One is seriously engrossed, the other lost in a daze. As days pass, he’s becoming more and more scared. Xia Mo devotes herself with this movie. And he’s afraid of what will happened to her if they finish filming. But Pan Nan is more worried for him. Is he alright seeing Xia Mo?

Luo Xi bitterly smiles. Once, he badly wished to forget Xia Mo. He wished that he never met Ou Chen. Wished he never existed. But right now, he’s satisfied seeing Xia Mo alive, breathing and talking. Pan Nan then observes that Luo Xi has changed. He became a different person.

Ou Chen is struggling on his own. He wants his Xia Mo back. Her slow progress is a good sign, but he deems it’s not enough. He hides all his woes at Xiao Cheng’s room and  looks at  Xiao Cheng’s picture. He badly wants to ease her pain. What could he possibly do so  she’ll not re-live the pain of loosing a loved one anymore? And as he searches over Xiao Cheng’s things, he finds a letter. What’s inside?! Tell me. Tell me. Guess, we’ll  to wait awhile longer to find out.

Seemingly lost, Xia Mo looks at the sea. Her expression, bare. Her face,  blank. The winds blows strong, but she didn’t notice.  Ou Chen sees his wife, and takes of his jacket to keep her warm. When he was about to go near, but Luo Xi comes to her first. Luo Xi can’t take it anymore. Xia Mo’s depression is consuming her inside out. He then shares his favorite lines, which helped him in his desperate times.

Luo Xi: May God bestow upon me a peaceful heart, so I can accept those things I cannot change. May God bestow upon me courage, so I can change those things that cannot be changed. May God bestow upon me wisdom, so I can differentiate the two. Everything that could have been done for Xiao Cheng, you have done already. It won’t change anything, so accept it. For the sake of Xiao Cheng, could you please bravely live on.

Ou Chen quietly listens on the side. He then instructs Zhen En to call Luo Xi coz they’ll have something to talk about. Zhen En, with her over-the-top dramatic glands,  pryingly asks if  Young Master is going to punch Luo Xi and reasons that the two are seemingly close right now because of the movie, so he doesn’t need to get too jealous. But Ou Chen seriously retorts, “No”. He has other things in mind.

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  1. I gave up watching this drama. It’s too draggy 😦

  2. I love this drama so much.
    Really love it.
    I hope in real life, Peter adn DaS will be together ever after 🙂 as in Summer’s Desire.
    I will share yours to my friends.
    Might I do that ??

  3. Personal preference 🙂
    I’d wait 😀

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