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Summer’s Desire Episode 10

This is the shortest episode so far. But the superb display of acting prowess sure compensates the brevity! Peter Ho really nailed this one! I’m already looking forward to the next episode. Yepee!

Episode 10 Recap

So the episode opens with yet another emotional moment for Luo Xi. He has been totally consumed with the news of Ou Chen and Xia Mo’s marriage. Can’t blame him though, her girlfriend got stolen from him right before his very eyes.

Jenny and Xia Ge worries for his emotional state. Like adding insult to injury,   Xia Mo and Luo Xi’s projects together vanished from the public eye. And Luo Xi can only resolve on playing that one song that Xia Mo loves to sing. Can’t remember the title. It has something to do with diamonds. Anyways, when Xia Ge hears him play, he was surprised that Luo Xi knows the song. Jenny answers that Xia Mo taught him that. Another hint of Xia Ge’s big connection to Xia Mo’s life.

Just as Ou Chen promised, Xia Mo’s ill  media reputation is  cleared. And Xiao Cheng proves to be the happiest to hear about it. But then,  he continues to wonder why the wedding date is set in a hurry.  And Xia Mo answers him with a blunt lie, saying that she loves Ou Chen. Xiao Cheng remains confused. Didn’t Sister swear that she’ll never forgive Ou Chen? Xia Mo smiles, assuring that the past should be forgotten and Xiao Cheng should be used to have Ou Chen around since he’ll be part of the family soon.

Ou Chen visits Xiao Cheng frequently. Each time he brings lots of art books. At this particular day, he finds Xiao Cheng  sketching some drawings. He thus, warns  Xiao Cheng not to tire himself or Xia Mo will worry. Xiao Cheng can’t seem to resist though, and frankly inquires Ou Chen  about the abrupt marriage. Ou Chen is taken aback and asks if Xiao Cheng already talked with Xia Mo about this. Xiao Cheng affirms that he did and Xia Mo says  it’s  because she likes Ou Chen. Ou Chen is quite caught in a happy surprise. And so, Ou Chen casually jokes that why else would they marry if the didn’t love each other.

Next, we see Xia Mo thanking  Ou Chen for “cooperating”. Ou Chen is baffled, hurt that while he was being sincere, Xia Mo is just pretending everything. Xi Meng overhears the conversation and calls “somebody” to publish Xia Mo’s dark past.

And Xia Mo’s complicated family background is released for public exploitation. The  tabloid magazine seems to have discovered everything, exposing every nooks and crooks of Xia Mo’s past.  Shen Qiang is clearly pleased with the news and prods Luo Xi about it. Luo Xi, who always appears  nonchalance in front of her, scoffs at her unprofessional attitude towards a fellow artist. He angrily retorts that though Xia Mo may not be perfect, but at least she doesn’t bad mouth other people behind their backs.

Shen Qiang is enraged! She can’t believe it! After being betrayed, Luo Xi still chooses to defend Xia Mo? Luo Xi refuses to hear her abusive nagging and walks away. All the while, Xia Ge overhears everything and  appears troubled and confused.

Just when the issue on “gold-digging” is tidied, another rumour appears again.  Somehow, Zhen En finds  it suspicious that Xia Mo is always being targeted by this particular reporter, Hua Jin. It seems that Xia Mo also notices the odd concurrence and feels that Hua Jin knows her personally. However, she can’t quite establish some connection.

At the Ou Co. Head Office, Xi Meng finds Ou Chen sleeping on the couch.  Xi Meng covers him with his coat just to give him more time to rest, but this just wakes Ou Chen up.  Without beating around the bush, Ou Chen instructs Xi Meng to buy out Orange Newspaper and Bao Magazine. Well, these tabloids published the news about Xia Mo’s background, so definitely they should be eliminated. Despite Xi Meng’s protests, Ou Chen is settled on doing the process.

However, Xi Meng can’t contain it any longer and expresses disapproval in Xia Mo’s complex family background. Ou Chen simply retorts that still, her family is not as complicated as his. Of course, Xi Meng is surprised that Ou Chen can say such ludicrous thing.

And so, Ou Chen asks if Xi Meng already told his parents about the marriage.  Xi Meng counters that this matter is very important and has to be discussed in an official meeting. Ou Chen smiles and boldly declares that if  his parents oppose the marriage, then he can just give up being the heir.

At the hospital, Xiao Cheng insists on going shopping. Though Xia Mo is  reluctant, she is forced to concede. Xiao Cheng then brings Xia Mo to a fashion boutique and shows her  the custom-made wedding gown he designed. He then lovingly promises to make her the prettiest bride.

Coincidence or not, Luo Xi and Shen Qiang are at the same boutique, surrounded by a swarm of paparazzi. Shen Qiang sees the gown and desperately wants to buy it for herself, even to the extent of paying for it in ten times the price.  Of course, the shopkeeper says that it’s not for sale coz it was designed by a costumer. And so, it was discovered that Xia Mo owns the gown.

Shen Qiang then insultingly sneers on the irony of Xia Mo wearing a simple gown when she’ll soon be married to a rich family. And the paparazzi switches gear and now crowds around Xia Mo and Xiao Cheng. The siblings try to escape and avoid media attention, but somehow Xiao Cheng trips.

As Xia Mo struggles to pull little brother up, Luo Xi tries to help them out.  But Shen Qiang convinces him not to interfere since Xia Mo already chose to leave him. But habits do die hard, and Luo Xi instinctively  saves Xia Mo and grabs the attention with an inclusive interview.

But then an ugly reporter butts in. He harasses Xia Mo and accuses her for   being the rumored child prostitute. No matter how Xia Mo denies and warns the ugly reporter, he just keeps on pushing the line. But when he gets to insult her mother, Xia Mo snaps and  slaps his ugly face. This got ugly reporter so riled up that he vows to destroy Xia Mo.

But Xia Mo doesn’t care. She knows no one will believe him.  He’s just a bastard who talks rubbish. He ends up insulting her more, saying she’s  the real bastard. Her mother even committed suicide for a man. Thankfully, Luo Xi comes to the rescue and coolly calls for security. He reminds the paparazzi of the interview and adds that he’ll be  treating them for coffee. Before he leaves, he warns ugly reporter not to tag along  for coffee and for other future meetings.

When everybody else leaves, Fang Jin Hua pops out of no where.  Like all antagonists, she says her antagonistic lines and swears to put Xia Mo down. I still can’t believe after all those years, she’s still ugly. I wonder why she didn’t resort to plastic surgery? Haha!

Just then, Ou Chen’s hired driver comes in and offers a ride. It seems that Ou Chen already anticipated this sort of things and have a driver follow them around just in case. Instead of going back to the hospital, Ou Chen instructs the driver to bring them somewhere else. To their old school? I don’t know, but Xia Cheng seems happy to be there.

Ou Chen has been waiting for them there . He then talks with Xiao Cheng about Xia Mo’s gown. Ou Chen kindly agrees to use Xiao Cheng’s design, and guarantees to hire the best clothes maker in the country. Apparently, Xiao Cheng is much ecstatic to hear the good news.  It seems that Ou Chen readily consents, but  in one condition. What can it be?

Next, Xiao Cheng is in the boutique waiting for Xia Mo. So, we assume that the wedding gown is already done. Xia Mo is surprised to see little bro and so he excitedly replies that he  doesn’t want to be late in seeing Xia Mo wear her wedding gown than Ou Chen. Ahhh, so the condition was: Ou Chen wants to be the first to see Xia Mo wear the wedding gown.

Too bad, this scene wasn’t exaggerated. I though they’ll be having this in slow-mo. Haha! Anyways,  Ou Chen is awestruck seeing Xia Mo in the gown.  Looking at her, it seems that everything is real. Soon, very soon, she’ll forever be his wife.

And completing the beautiful gown is one of his family’s treasured heirloom, an elegant necklace. He then carefully put it on her.

Ou Chen: Will you regret it? Xia Mo, whether you regret it or not, in this life you are still my bride.

Xia Mo: Why do you treat me so well when I treated you that way?

And then silence. Feeling like in some sort of a trance, Ou Chen tips Xia Mo’s chin for a spur of the moment kiss. But Xia Mo is still too uncomfortable for such intimacy and stops him. Another failed attempt for Ou Chen!

After the gown fitting, Xiao Cheng and Xia Mo prepares to leave. Xiao Cheng volunteers to go back to the hospital alone and give the soon-to-be-married couple some privacy. Little bro seems to get used to Ou Chen already. Yay! He’s even pretty excited for  the wedding and wants to invite his classmates to see her beautiful sis and brother-in-law. Of course, the word “brother-in-law” warms Ou Chen’s heart. It would be the first time, somebody actually acknowledged him as part of the family.

Before they could leave, an unfortunate news report flashes on the screen. Ou Chen turns the TV off, but Xia Mo stubbornly turned it on again. With that, Xia Mo is once again haunted by the cruel past.  Five years ago, she was detained for injuring someone and was sentenced to at least 3 years imprisonment. Somehow, because of some connections, she managed to be pardoned. Even her records were erased, except for the personal items collection form.

Ou Chen then guarantees to take care of the fake news. But Xia Mo is already outraged, her hatred towards Ou Chen takes control.

Xia Mo: Perhaps you haven’t really fully recovered your memory?

Ou Chen: I don’t understand. Unless… you were really….

Xia Mo: Weren’t it all arranged by you or have you completely forgotten?

Xia Mo grabs Xiao Cheng’s hand and walks off, but Ou Chen blocks their way. He’s totally confused. He demands that Xia Mo tells him what really happened and why on earth is she blaming him again.

Xia Mo: Reclaiming the house. Chasing us out. Weren’t those arranged by you? You even  got those kind of people to humiliate me.

~Then Flashback~

Xiao Cheng survives the car accident. But somehow, the death of their foster parents isn’t the only tragedy the “siblings” has yet to face. With Xiao Cheng’s hospital bills, they are now completely broke. Worst, Ou Corporation issues repossession of their house and the court rules for immediate evacuation. That’s just great! They’ve already been orphaned for the 2nd time, they have no money and later, will have no house to stay! Xia Mo struggles to keep her composure intact. She can’t breakdown now. She knows Xiao Cheng needs her more than ever.

When they got home, some goons are already packing everything. Xia Mo is quite furious. They still have 1 more month to evacuate!  But the goons sure are ruthless and claims that all these were ordered by Ou Corporation.  When the gang leader callously harasses Xia Mo, Xiao Cheng tries to rescue her. The siblings finally succeeded to get away and run, but soon after, Xiao Cheng’s condition is getting a hold of him. He  looses his footing and the goons catches up to them.

This time, the goons try to hurt Xiao Cheng. Xia Mo then pleads to let Xiao Cheng go and promises to let them have everything. But gang leader refuses and  wants  Xiao Cheng instead. This can’t be! Xia Mo  stumbles upon a brick, and whacks gang leader in the head.

~End of Flashback~

After hearing the story, Ou Chen insists that he won’t do something like that. He may not remember everything, but he knows he will not do something that will hurt her. But all his denials fall in deaf ears. Xia Mo won’t waver.

When Xia Mo and Xiao Cheng were gone, Ou Chen immediately demands some explanation from Xi Meng. And without second thoughts, Xi Meng admits that he was indeed responsible for everything. Ou Chen is quite disappointed. Why would Xi Meng exert such efforts to hurt a pitiful girl?

Now, Ou Chen finally understands the logic behind everything. It was Xi Meng who pushed Shu Er to kidnap Xia Mo.  It was Xi Meng who instructed  Hui Ni to ruin Xia Mo’s reputation. And he even agreed to publish those negative write-ups! Xi Meng planned it all. Xi Meng doesn’t even bother to make up some excuses and lies. He did all those because  he didn’t like Xia Mo. She hurt Ou Chen in the past and doesn’t want her to be in his life again.

Ou Chen is beyond infuriated. All these time, Ou Chen has been giving Xi Meng chances, but still he didn’t tell him everything. Xi Meng still sets up so many things behind his back. Not only with Xia Mo, but also with the thing about his “family”. It seems that when Xi Meng was away, Ou Chen made an investigation on his family’s affairs.

He guesses that when he was sick, his “fake” parents used the time to escape. He found out that his “father” was a gambler and his “mother” has a lover. They were becoming a burden to Ou Co.  so Xi Meng drove them away. His “family” has already been destroyed a long time ago.

He reckons that his birthday presents and letters were just obligatory tasks and they’ve already lost their love for him. Xi Meng reasons that they just don’t know how to treat him. But Ou Chen angrily retorts that Xi Meng doesn’t have to do those things cause a love that has to be pleaded for makes him more pathetic. Xi Meng then is forced to tell the truth.

Then flashbacks of the time when the contract came about. It’s quite silly really. Every minor detail is put into writing. The bonding time, the vacation time, the living conditions. Huh?!

The truth really hurts. For a moment, Ou Chen can’t utter words. He  then asks who  his really mother is. Xi Meng is kind enough to show him the picture of the real Ou Xing Ya.  Xi Meng fondly relays that Xing Ya always tied on a green lace since her teens. It was her trade mark.And he never thought the Ou Chen would also make a green lace.

But sadly her life was a tragedy. She never accepted proposals of wealthy men, and fell in love with a Casanova. When she gave birth, she kept on trying to escape. In the end she took her own life, making Ou Chen the only heir to Ou family line and successor to Ou Corporation. And for Ou Chen to grow up happily, Old Master and Xi Meng arranged a fake family for him.

Ou Chen bitterly laughs in disbelief.

Ou Chen: This is the most ridiculous thing in the whole world. In order for me to get your so-called happiness, all of you lied to me?!

Xi Meng: We just don’t want you to grow up feeling alone.

Ou Chen: Since I was young, I felt something was strange,  I had so much, but I always felt so empty. My life is merely a contract penned by you. There is no highly regarded Ou Family. No Old Master and Madam. There isn’t even a family!

And to fully disclose the whole charade of lies, Ou Chen asks who is his real father. Even with Ou Chen’s pained expression, Xi Meng can’t seem to tell him. Though he’s terribly sorry for what he did, he still promised Old Master that he wouldn’t let Ou Chen know his biological father or acknowledge his presence.

Knowing the extent of how unreal his life has been, Ou Chen walks off and goes for an evening drive, only stopping at a seemingly isolated  site under the bridge. There, he lets go of all the suppressed  emotions.  He breaks down, helpless and fragile.

Young Ou Chen: I never though that I would become like this when I grow up. Ou Chen I really pity you. You’ve work so hard. But in the end, you’re still so tragic. You have no friends. No family. You even had to use underhanded means to get your wife. Why is your life so fake? So empty? Perhaps this is your destiny. You’ll forever live in a lie. You’ll never be happy.

Just to make things right, Xi Meng clarifies things with Xia Mo.  He spills the beans once and for all, owning up that everything was his decision. Xia Mo find it hard to believe him though. But Xi Meng insists and tells  her  that he saw what she did to Ou Chen the night they broke up. Ou Chen waited for her outside for hours.  And when he realized that she’ll never change her mind, he insisted to drive and later, got in an accident. Xia Mo is too shocked to comprehend. So, the accident  was not plainly a coincidence?

Xi Meng frankly tells her that she was the reason why Ou Chen almost lost his life.  Xi Meng adds that when Ou Chen met her, he also like her a lot. She changed Ou Chen. With her, Ou Chen started to smile. He always looked forward to meeting her and made small gifts. But that night, she was cruel and cold.  Ou Chen was in coma for 2 months and almost died.  So Xi Meng, decided to make her pay for what she had done. But somehow, he didn’t expect that his decisions will  cause  dire results.  Though it may be late to apologize, still he wants to extend his deepest regrets. He takes full responsibilities for what he did and begs that she believes Ou Chen won’t take revenge on her. Ou Chen loves her with all his life and wouldn’t   or rather couldn’t, cause her pain. So she must treasure his feelings and not hurt him again or he  won’t be able to stand it any longer.

After pouring out all emotional burdens, Ou Chen finally decides to come home. Xi Meng anxiously waits for him.  This time, Xi Meng knows that he couldn’t stay with his Young Master any more. Xi Meng, gives Ou Chen the key to his mother’s dance studio,  where the last of her memories remain. But Ou Chen just throws it away. Ou Chen  appears indifferent and casually accepts Xi Meng’s  resignation, and gives him his last assignment: bring his parents back immediately.

Meanwhile, at a bar, Luo Xi drowns himself in liquor.  Shen Qiang continues to pester him and sneers at his silly antics, saying that Xia Mo isn’t worthy to be depressed about, since she just used him, just like she used Shu Er and Hui Ni. The only difference is, Luo Xi’s the most pathetic of the three.  Luo Xi can’t even find the strength to defend himself and walks away.

He requested Xia Ge to push his schedule. Xia Ge readily agrees, but there’s one scene he must re-shoot for  the movie “The Worlds Greatest Event”  on the 25th. Luo Xi finds the  odds amusing. Why on the 25th? It’s set on the same day with Xia Mo’s marriage. Xia Ge apologizes for imposing and advises on not thinking about the dates too much. Luo Xi then, brushes the topic off and passively remarks that maybe the 25th is such a lucky day, both for filming and marriage. He takes the leave and walks off. Shen Qiang tries to follow after, but Xia Ge stops her: “some wounds needed to heal on its own”.

Alone, Luo Xi remembers Xia Mo’s lines about violence. That time, he didn’t get to know what really happened in the past.

Luo Xi: (In voice over) So you were detained. With your level of tolerance, you were really forced to hit someone. I want to see you. I want to know what happened.

And now for the moment of truth, Xia Mo comes by and tell Ou Chen of her decisions.

Ou Chen: If you came today because you can’t forgive me for the past, and you want to cancel the wedding, I won’t agree to it. I’ll compensate you for all the hurt I caused. I’ll make you happy. I wont’ let you be scared, sad or cry. I’ll do my best to make you the happiest person. *And then hugs her. Awww* So don’t cancel the wedding. Dont push me to hell just when I’m  finally within grasp of  a happiness that’s real in my life.

Xia Mo tries to pull away, but Ou Chen won’t let her. And so she tells him that she actually came to apologize.  She knows the truth and is sorry that she misunderstood everything. Ou Chen lovingly adds that the past is not important. She must only remember that he’ll do his very best to make her the happiest person in the world and promises that their happiness will remain real. Ou Chen’s pre-wedding vows somehow moved Xia Mo’s almost cold heart and smiled. But then again, she still lingers to her promises with Luo Xi and her smile suddenly vanished. Can’t get over with it, ne?

The next day (or the next scene), we find the fake parents feeling nervous and awkward facing their “son”.  He frankly tells them that they are already relieved from the contract and can now begin living their own lives. As for Xi Meng, though he did those cruel things, Ou Chen still thanks him for saving Xia Mo from detention.  He won’t arrange for  Xi Meng’s employment coz it’ll just be a humiliation to him. With Xi Meng’s ability, he’s sure that in no time they’ll meet  again in the business world. It really broke my heart when Ou Chen leaves and walks away. Argg, the controlled feelings are just unbearable.

The night before the wedding, Pan Nan greatly worries for Luo Xi and calls to check if he’s alright. Luo Xi sarcastically asks  if he says he’s not, will she accompany him tomorrow. Of course, she can’t. She’ll be attending the wedding of the year! But still, Luo Xi persists, begging that he just doesn’t want to be  alone. And so Pan Nan, reminds Luo Xi that he’s just out of love. It’s not like it’s the end of the world. Luo Xi sadly asks:  “What if it is? What if tomorrow really is the end of the world?” Then hangs up.

Back to the Ou mansion, Ou Chen sets for a solitary target shooting. Just to clear his mind for the wedding, I guess. Then he sees Xi Meng leaving. This separation is quite painful for Ou Chen too. Xi Meng has been a good mentor and “friend” since he was young. He may even be the only person he considered a family.  When Xi Meng’s car drove off, Ou Chen sadly stares at the car, looking disappointed and regretful.

Wedding day! Everybody’s pretty hyped up. Xia Mo looks glamorous as the blushing bride. Pan Nan and Zhen En, the ever supportive friends, are of course present for the big day. Xiao Cheng joins the group and happily wishes big sister a happy marriage.

Meanwhile, Xi Meng comes by the office for some last-minute check-up. Just then, a random employee hands over some stuffs, included is  a wedding invitation. It seems that despite everything, Ou Chen still looks up to him as a teacher and wants Xi Meng to witness the happiest moment of his life. Xi Meng can’t believe that Ou Chen can easily forgive him and cries in regrets .

Back to the Nagging again! Shen Qiang still plagues Luo Xi with her endless rants . She’s so worked up after knowing that the court  already issued the order for Luo Xi to pay the damages when he rejected the Battle Flags. Xia Ge  consoles that they should just think of future cooperation and projects.

But Shen Qiang isn’t as optimistic. This may just wipe everything that Luo Xi worked for.  But the thing that she’s most angry at is Luo Xi’s relaxed and serene expression. She tries to put some sense in him and spits that he must deal with reality,  sacrificing won’t make Xia Mo change her mind. She is even going to be married to Ou Chen today!

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