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Summer’s Desire Episode 9

The table is drastically turned! The once composed and calm Xia Mo is now filled with unfathomable fear and anxiety. The famous super star who always flaunts his arrogant smile, now cries with tears of dejection and hopelessness. Young master Ou Chen, who was merely a bystander before, now steps forward to reclaim his throne.

Episode 9 Recap

The Episode starts off with a straightforward continuation of the last scene. With Ou Chen’s absolute refusal, Xia Mo can only desperately beg. She’s quite distraught. Why can’t Ou Chen understand? What happened in the past is not Xiao Cheng’s fault.  If someone deserves some revenge, it has to be her. Ou Chen simply retorts that it doesn’t matter if she thinks he’s doing this for revenge or not, all he wanted is to hurt her the same way she wounded him under that cherry blossom tree. (Then flashbacks of the heartbreaking scene in Episode 7)

And under such terrible state, with Xiao Cheng badly needing a kidney transplant, Xia Mo swallows her pride and humbly kneels, begging… pleading for Ou Chen. Even with this, Ou Chen remains unmoved. Outraged, Xia Mo cannot think of anything else. She has nothing to bargain and he has nothing to lose…Unless… she dies.

Xia Mo: Since I’m the one who owes this debt, I should be the one paying. Or. Will you only be satisfied if I die? Is that the condition you want?

Ou Chen can’t think straight. Xia Mo can’t die! He’s even frightened with the slightest of possibilities. And now, here she is, boldly saying she’ll give up her life just to have that blasted kidney?

Ou Chen: Are you threatening me?… Marry me. Marry me and I’ll give my kidney to Yin Cheng.

Xia Mo walks away with Ou Chen’s proposal still bugging in her head. Will she take the offer? Is she that desperate?  Her serious daydreaming is then cut short when she saw Luo Xi waiting for her.

Acting cool and passive, Luo Xi asks why Xia Mo didn’t bother to contact him nor answers his calls. He tentatively probes if maybe, just maybe, she’s mad because of his scandal with Shen Qiang. Xia Mo smiles and assures she’s not minding the gossip at all. She knows it’s not true. But Luo Xi pushes her patience a  little more and implies that the gossip may not be fake afterall. Xia Mo has no time for such drama, so she brushes the topic off.

Luo Xi: Are you so confident that other than you, I won’t fall with another woman? Or to you I am someone who you don’t care about, so you’re so indifferent?

Xia Mo: Is it wrong to trust you?

Luo Xi mockingly smiles. Xia Mo explains that she’s just busy with some stuffs, and  thus, wasn’t able to pay much attention to the scandal. Luo Xi continues to flare up, tipping-off that she’s just playing around with Ou Chen. And so Xia Mo spills that Xiao Cheng has been sick these past few days.

Though worried for Xiao Cheng, Luo Xi still lingers on the fact that she talked with Ou Chen. Dude, give the girl a break! Her brother is dying! Xia Mo defends that she has some business with Ou Chen and swears that they have nothing to do with each other.

Luo Xi reveals the pictures of Ou Chen and Xia Mo (the one she threw away during the awards night), and the issue on trusting-not-trusting is again brought into argument. Xia Mo reasons that she picked it up just to avoid media controversies. But insecure little Luo Xi misunderstood again!

Luo Xi: Let’s break up! It’s always me that’s being abandoned. So, this time it’s my turn to take the initiative.

Xia Mo: But I like you.

Luo Xi: I don’t believe you. Yin Xia Mo, you think that I can’t live without you?

Without even looking back, Luo Xi left, leaving a brokenhearted Xia Mo behind. He practically gives her away! Someone’s going to regret this someday!

The news about Luo Xi and Xia Mo’s break-up spreads like a virus. The speculations on Luo Xi and Shen Qiang’s blooming relationship, and even rumours of marriage, have been circling around.  The funny thing is, Luo Xi just sets the gossip off, never clarifying or denying anything. Xia Mo is neither deaf nor blind, so basically she knows what’s going on, but still Xiao Cheng comes first. There’s no time to deal with some self-centred jerk, and his bratty self-confessed girlfriend!

Xia Mo is busy finding other ways of getting a suitable kidney, and somehow she has one person in mind. Who could it be?! Mystery waiting to be solved, ne? Fortunately, Xia Mo might get hold of that person in an upcoming party. Without second thoughts, Xia Mo grabs the chance despite Zhen En’s reminder that Luo Xi and Shen Qiang will surely attend.

At the party. Xia Mo immediately looks for that important person. Pan Nan and Shu Er worries for Xia Mo’s presence in the party though. With the reporters around, the scandal surrounding Luo Xi, Shen Qiang and Xia Mo may blow out of proportions. But Xia Mo doesn’t care. Somebody, please just give her the freakin’kidney!

And now, we witness another dramatic entrance from Ou Chen. Haha! This guy sure knows how to grab attention! It seems that the party is hosted by Ou Corporation. And of course, he’ll be there!

An unexpected and unwanted intruder then visits the party and makes a scene. An Hui Ni,this girl never learns! Ever the scene-stealer, she attacks Xia Mo with spiteful words. But Xia Mo just smiles, unaffected and uncaring. She advises Hui Ni to stop the nonesense. Instead of bickering with Xia Mo, she must focus on redeeming her career. An Hui Ni walks off, but not forgetting to spatter some drinks on Xia Mo of course. Ah, the classic antagonist move.

Now, this is the perfect time for Ou Chen to rescue Xia Mo, who doesn’t need rescuing if you’ll ask me. He drags her away and instructs his assistant to get a new dress for her.  When they were alone, Ou Chen frankly questions her decision of leaving her brother at the hospital. Xia Mo  defends that she’s just attending the party for Xiao Cheng. Ou Chen is quite confused. Obviously, she’s not there to see him, so who could possibly help her now? Xia Mo admits that she’s rejecting his proposal and she’s there to see Xiao Cheng’s biological father, Yin Xia Bo aka Xia Ge. Yes, Luo Xi’s manager. Small world!

Now properly dressed for battle, Xia Mo re-enters the party in another dramatic entrance with Ou Chen. Haha! Ou Chen informs Xia Mo that the person she’s looking for is already there. He further offers to make the introductions. Xia Mo is confounded. Why is he helping her? He knows that when she could secure the kidney from Xia Ge, she will not agree on marrying him anymore. Ou Chen remains silent and extends his arm. Xia Mo then takes the  generous offer. On the other side of the room, Luo Xi looks alarmed and clearly upset.

Question: Didn’t Xia Mo and Xia Ge already met? Luo Xi already introduced them, right? After the necessary introductions, Xia Mo instantly requests for some time alone with Xia Ge. However, Shen Qiang keeps butting in and won’t allow for some private talk. Things are getting out of hand as Xia Mo desperately wants to have a conversation and She Qiang keeps on opposing. Thankfully, Luo Xi decides to drag Shen Qiang away.

With Shen Qiang gone, Ou Chen opens the topic about Xia Ge’s health. It seems that Xia Ge is already suffering from minor kidney failure and thereby, can’t donate his kidney for Xiao Cheng. Learning about this, Xia Mo is both disappointed and frustrated. Back to square 1!

Just then, Xia Mo receives a panic-stricken call from Zhen En. Xiao Cheng fainted! Without delay, Xia Mo leaves the party and Ou Chen chases her. Seeing Xia Mo’s reaction, Luo Xi knows something is not right and follows after.

Luo Xi searches for Xia Mo, but she’s already gone. Pan Nan sees his downhearted mien.  She can’t understand him at all. It’s a fact that he loves Xia Mo, but why does he purposely pushes her away with those rumours? Luo Xi then realizes his faults. But sad to say, it’s too late.

Meanwhile, Xia Mo cries nervously in Ou Chen’s car. Ou Chen feels for her, but can’t really figure out  why she just can’t accept his proposal.

Ou Chen: Didn’t you say before, for Yin Cheng you can give up your life. Is getting married to me even harder than death?

But Xia Mo can’t  hear anything. Her mind is completely filled with fear.

At the hospital: Xia Mo is greeted by a terrified Zhen En.  But Xia Mo is more horrified. Her brother just can’t die! Good thing, Zhen En is only overreacting. She’s much frightened that she called Xia Mo hysterically. The doctors say that Xia Cheng’s condition is stable for the time being.

Though relieved, Xia Mo still greatly worries for Xiao Cheng. She knows this is not the end.  Without the kidney, Xiao Cheng’s health will continue to deteriorate. She can’t risk it anymore. She held his hand, crying. All the while, Ou Chen looks at her distressed state.

This would be the first time Zhen En sees Xia Mo with such nervousness.  Xia Mo has  always been composed. Something must be wrong! But no matter how Zhen En prods, Xia Mo assures that Xiao Cheng is fine. Somehow, Zhen En just can’t believe her. Something must be really, really wrong!

Ou Chen can’t take it any longer. He can’t bear seeing Xia Mo looking lost and burdened.

Ou Chen: I’m willing to give up the condition I suggested. Did you hear  me? I’ve lost. I don’t want to be the devil that tortures you. I take back the condition I set. I’ll do what you want.

Xia Mo: I promise you. As long as you’re willing to donate to Yin Cheng, then let’s get married.

Luo Xi, who has been wandering around looking for Xia Mo, finally catches after her. But unfortunately, he overhears the conversation.  On the other hand, Zhen En, who follows Xia Mo, is overly shocked.

Now, this is the perfect time for Luo Xi to emote, ne? Brokenhearted and emotionally drained, Luo Xi goes back to his house. He reminisce the happy times. I hate to say this, but it’s your fault!

Xi Meng is back, armed with new strategies to break Ou Chen from Xia Mo’s clutches. He introduces the idea of finding a suitable marriage partner for young master, of which the latter just laughsand takes it as a joke. Ou Chen already decided, he’ll definitely marry Xia Mo. But Xi Meng can’t just stand there and allow young master to suffer again. He’ll even prevent this tragedy to happen.

Ou Chen: Tragedy? Do you know I want to end my life’s tragedy that’s why I’m marrying Xia Mo. I’ll never allow anyone to control my life anymore…including you.

After, witnessing the terrible scene, Luo Xi lays sick for 2 days. When he woke up, Shen Qiang  brags that she took care of him all these time. She frankly tells Luo Xi to give up on Xia Mo and shows the newspaper about Xia Mo’s marriage with Ou Chen.

The news breaks that Xia Mo is just marrying Ou Chen for money. Xiao Cheng reads about the news and asks Zhen En of what is really going on. He knows that his sister will never marry for money. Masking the  truth, Zhen En lies that Xia Mo wants to marry coz she loves Ou Chen.  Afterall, he is her first love. But Xiao Cheng remains reluctant.

Meanwhile, Ou Chen accompanies Xia Mo in buying books for Xiao Cheng. This scene is cute. He even volunteers to carry the basket for her. Aww..that’s something young masters  don’t usually do nowadays. He’s just too sweet. 🙂 Somehow,  Xia Mo accidentally reads about the negative news, and her expression didn’t escape Ou Chen’s watchful eyes.

Back to Luo Xi. So, basically he got so riled up with the news and decides to wear himself out with projects. Xia Ge, however, isn’t convinced about this and advises Luo Xi to talk things over with Xia Mo. Luo Xi won’t waver and stubbornly replies that he learns about the news directly from Xia Mo. Xia Ge contends that maybe all of these are just misunderstandings. Maybe, Xia Mo wants him to be jealous, just like the scandal with Shen Qiang. But still, Luo Xi won’t yield.

And Xia Ge ends up telling what really happened in the past. He once met and fell in love with a special woman before. Her family was rich and is against their relationship. One day, she saw him talking with a bar hostess and misunderstood. She just walks away. It was clear  that her family orchestrated everything, but he was also angry so he never explained. He was confident she’ll never leave him. But from then on, he never heard of her again. He doesn’t want Luo Xi to suffer from the same mistake, so Luo Xi must definitely patch things up.

I have a feeling, Xia Ge is talking about Ou Chen’s mom. Ahhh… so that’s why Xia Ge, Ou Chen and Xiao Cheng have the same blood type! So Ou Chen is really Xiao Cheng’s brother?! This is getting more complicated. Anyways, for sure Ou Chen and Xia Mo aren’t siblings.

At the car, Ou Chen guarantees to take care of the rumour. Xia Mo assures it’s okay. She already anticipated it. She’s just surprised that  the news came too early and apologizes for demanding too much from Ou Chen. He’s not a relative, but still she forces him to donate his kidney.  Ou Chen is silent for a while. Is she warming up to him? He then suggests to postpone the wedding date. Maybe, after Xiao Cheng’s operation or after she truly accepts him. Xia Mo kindly refutes. She already agreed, and besides the wedding preparations have been set.

Watching Xia Mo walk towards the hospital, Ou Chen mulls over things. Could it be true? Is this real? Is she really going to marry him?

Xia Mo greets Xiao Cheng with her usual smile. But she senses something odd. Zhen En just stands there, looking nervous and disturbed. As she turns to see, Luo Xi is there sitting comfortably. It seems that this reunion is inevitable.

Luo Xi says sorry for not visiting earlier and says he’ll definitely come by often for Xiao Cheng. However, Xia Mo firmly declines. Luo Xi is furious. Is she afraid that he’ll bump with Ou Chen? Without another word, he walks away.

But he can’t just throw this opportunity away. He stops midway and again apologizes. He casually relays that he met with producer of Super Star earlier.  He tries to remind Xia Mo of the happy times and sings the song they sang together. I still don’t know the title for that song!

Xia Mo smiles at the thought. Luo Xi turns serious and sadly wonders why after all the things he’s been through, even now, he’s always the one being given up. Xia Mo gently replies that he was the one who wanted to break up. Luo Xi smiles and answers that it was only a lovers quarrel. He only said that out of anger. She shouldn’t have taken it seriously. He knows he’s at fault and just to end it all, he clarifies that the scandal isn’t true.

Xia Mo: Say that I believe those photos with her were fake but you hurt yourself. Maybe we really shouldn’t be together. You need someone who will love you with all her heart. Who will cherish you. Who will be jealous when you come home late. Who will worry and get angry.

Luo Xi: You won’t do it?

Xia Mo: I can’t do it. I won’t be jealous. If I believe you, I would make sure those photos were fake. If I didn’t, I would leave you. And in my life, there are too many other things that are more important than love. You aren’t my main focus.

Luo Xi: Then what is your focus? Is Xiao Cheng the most important to you?

Xia Mo: Yes.

Luo Xi: What else is there? Your work? Your friends, Zhen En? Pan Nan, Even Yao Shu Er? Wei Ann? They are more important than me, right? It’s alright. I can accept it all. I know that what I said before hurt you. I apologize. Xia Mo can’t you not be angry at me anymore? Can you not say the words “let’s break up” in anger? You’ll forgive me, right?

Meanwhile, Ou Chen decides to push the wedding date. He  then goes back to the hospital after buying the book that Xia Mo wasn’t able to buy for Xiao Cheng.

Luo Xi: Xia Mo could you forgive me? It was my fault. I liked you too much. I cared  for you too much. I really didn’t want to lose you that’s why I said those words the other day. But it’s the first time I made a mistake and still have a chance, right?

Xia Mo: I’m sorry. Even if you didn’t want to break up, I would have brought it up too.

Hearing those words, Luo Xi snaps. His anger doubles in intensity. She can’t break up with him! Ou Chen must have threatened him or she’s just mad because of the scandal. He can’t believe her. They won’t break up. But Xia Mo already made up her mind.

Luo Xi: You know how much pain is in my heart. This cruel woman, what  you said right now ,they are all lies right? My Xia Mo, you acted very well.*Then forces a kiss*.

Ou Chen sees the scene. Without any hints of emotion, he just looks at them.

Ou Chen walks steadily towards Xia Mo. He stares intently on her face, and she can only look away. Ou Chen then wipes her lips, as if its been dirtied. He casually informs that their marriage has already been booked and they’ll have it at the end of the month. Luo Xi just fell silent on the side. Ou Chen then puts his arm around Xia Mo’s shoulder, pulling her away from Luo Xi.

Luo Xi smiles bitterly. This time he knows, he looses this fight

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