First Impression: Hammer Session

With all the buzz and positive reviews about “Hammer Session”, I was curious to watch and see for myself  if the hypes are true.

Here’s an article from Tokyograph:

Namoshiro Tanahashi’s manga series “Hammer Session!” is being turned into a live-action drama, starring Mocomichi Hayami (25) and Mirai Shida (17). TBS will air the series next season.

The popular comic was originally serialized from 2006 to 2009. In the drama version, Hayami plays a genius swindler who escapes from a prison transport vehicle and assumes a new identity as a high school teacher. He conducts his classes in an extreme style known as “hammer session,” forcing his students to become stronger.

Shida plays one of the students. Although she was celebrating her birthday at the show’s press event on Monday, her fellow cast members surprised her by throwing her into the swimming pool.

The rest of the cast includes Jingi Irie (17), Manami Higa (23), Kaoru Sugita (45), Naomasa Musaka (56), and Fumiyo Kohinata (56). The series will premiere this July in TBS’s Saturday 7:56pm time slot.

For starters, this drama almost has the same plot as Gokusen. Well, that’s as far as reforming delinquent students is concerned. If you’ll ask me if it’s a good thing, I’ll definitely answer a booming YES! As I’ve said over and over again, I love Gokusen. Ow, least I forget, Hayami was also in the Gokusen series! Ahh, the good old days.

Yankumi will always be my favorite jdrama sensei, but I can’t deny that  Otawa No. 4’s character has it’s own special appeal. Well, he’s got this admirable wits. And I can’t believe I’ll be saying this, but he takes swindling into the next level. I mean, it’s not everyday that a teacher uses some swindler’s tricks to teach his students, right? No doubt, I liked the concept.

One more reason for me to watch this jdrama is the casting.  I’ve always had high expectations for Mirai Shida-san. I’ve seen her do lots of stuffs, from a 14 year old mother to Shokojo Seira. By that, I know she’s good. And she already paired-up with almost all cute bishies! Muira Haruma, Yamada Ryosuke, Kanata Hongo, Hayashi Kento. This girl is quite lucky!

As for Mochomichi Hayami, well, he’s definitely not  just your typical eye-candy. He already improved a lot! Hope he’ll get many more projects in the future.

It’s too early to tell if it’s good. But if you loved Gokusen and other school dramas, it’s a Go-Go. If not, then it’s a simple No-No. If only they’ll add more humour, then it’ll definitely be a complete package. 🙂

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