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Summer’s Desire Episode 8

This episode pretty much establish the common grounds, as well as, the major differences between Ou Chen and  Luo Xi. Now, we discover that both men suffers from abandonment issues and are equally obsessed, manipulative and madly in love with the ultimate heartbreaker, Xiao Mo.

The difference lies on how they deal with their insecurities and obsessive behaviour. While Luo Xi is overly dramatic about his abandonment problem, Ou Chen on the other hand, tries his best to keep it inside. I mean he was a lonely child too, but did he whine like a girl? Well, they are both control freaks, but at least Ou Chen can give Xia Mo what she needs.

Sorry for the delayed update. I decided to take a break for my birthday celebration. 🙂

Episode 8 Recap

After hearing Ou Chen’s malicious “hints”, Luo Xi is clearly upset (more like threatened). Again, with the insecurities! His foul mood is very obvious that even Xiao Cheng notices the hostility. Xia Mo decides to decipher the bad humour, teasing him that if he’s not in good mood and doesn’t want to talk about it, he should at least be discreet in showing his feelings.

And so, Luo Xi bitterly conveys the reason behind his sudden fit of temper.  He angrily scoffs that Ou Chen told him that Xia Mo made a deal so he can return to “Battle Flags”. He desperately wants to know what the deal is, but Xia Mo is quick to deny any of those crap. Just to make it clear, she didn’t agree to anything, but not entirely denying that she talked with Ou Chen though. However, Luo Xi appears too reluctant to believe her.

Not bothering to defend her self, Xia Mo tries to walk away but Luo Xi grabs her hand, trapping her in a hug.

Luo Xi: I believe you.

Xia Mo: Luo Xi, in the entertainment industry, it’s hard to tell what’s real. We don’t need our eyes or ears, but mutual trust. If you couldn’t do it, it’ll only be a matter of time before we break up.

Luo Xi: I’ll learn to trust you. *You better be!*

And the next day, everybody is shocked that Luo Xi backed out in the “Battle Flags” project.  So much for being discreet! When Xia Mo learns about it, she settles on supporting Luo Xi anyway.

Ou Chen, on the other hand, is mad. Undoubtedly, Luo Xi’s decision leads to some financial distress for Ou Corporation. And even if they’ll sue him for breach of contract, he’ll have the means to bail himself out. In short, they couldn’t pin the man down, even if he drops the project.

Xia Ge, is of course, displeased with Luo Xi’s impulsive and unprofessional deed. Luo Xi reasons that though he’s quite sorry for Xia Ge, he can’t possibly retract his decisions and promises to take full responsibility. And as the ever loyal boss, this sounds ironic, Xia Ge agrees to help Luo Xi all through out.  He even has  a counterattack laid down for Ou Corporation.

And the two most powerful showbiz groups collide.  Xia Ge and Luo Xi bets on the movie “The World’s Big Event” as oppose to Xi Meng and Ou Chen’s “Golden Dance”. Needless to say, the noticeable showbiz power struggle catches everyone’s attention. Imagine two major icons, vying for supremacy and popularity. It’s gotta be interesting, right? And raising the bar higher are the female leads. Shen Qiang for “The World’s Big Event” (you know her right?) and Xia Mo for “Golden Dance”.

Zhen En is quite in panic mode when she hears about the news. But good old Xia Mo, remains  calm. Of course we know that she’s been keeping all her emotions under wraps, ne? There’s a lot going on inside that cool and detached appearance. However, when Xia Mo heard about the rumour of her and Luo Xi’s alleged break-up, she gets totally worked up. Actually, I find the gossips too harsh even for ice queen, Xia Mo. I mean publicly announcing that she’s a plain gold digger isn’t right!

Xia Mo tries to explain but Luo Xi is too damn idiotic to listen. He doesn’t answer her calls and doesn’t bother to open the door for her when she went personally to his home. When he finally gave in, Xia Mo already left. That’s what you get from acting hard-to-get!

Luo Xi: You’ve always been like this. You come when you want t. Leave when you want.

All the while, Xiao Cheng worries for her sister. Zhen En advises that he stop watching the news cause it’ll make him more depressed. She then realizes that he’s sick. Xiao Cheng, however, convinces her not to say anything about his health.  And she readily agrees. Zhen En is becoming more and more stupid, don’t ya think?

For some Ou Chen scenes: He’s been thinking about what driver Jiang said.  Xi Meng joins his solitary reminiscing and informs him that his “fake” parents wanted him to go back to France. He brushes the topic off and commands Xi Meng to come with him to a place.

Next, we see young master and Xi Meng looking at the “Blue Bubble”. He recalls the time when he  intentionally asked for  the yacht as a birthday present just to get his parent’s attention. And to his disappointment, his parents actually bought the yacht without even worrying for his safety. Good thing though that Xia Mo liked the gift.


I just have to include these screenshots. The kids are too adorable to be left out. Kyaah!

Young Xia Mo is quite happy and excited riding in a yacht. She even cheerfully mutters that Xiao Cheng should have been there to see  the nice view. However, Ou Chen looks sternly at her, as if angry that she even mentions Xiao Cheng. But young Xia Mo already knows how to handle arrogant young Ou Chen and pouts, prodding if he’s jealous at Xiao Cheng. Of course, young Ou Chen denies it. And so she continues to show her displeasure and ask that he avoid looking too formidable and strict all the time.

He diverts the topic and ask what does young Xia Mo receives as birthday gifts.  She then gladly answers that every year her Mom bakes her a  cake and later on the family goes to the cinema together.  And so, Young Ou Chen offers to lend one of their family owned cinemas if she wants to watch a movie. Young Xia Mo is quite baffled. She defends that the celebration is not about the cinema or the movie, but about the family loving each other and spending the time together.

~End of Flashback~

Back to the present, Ou Chen casually remarks that since he remembers everything now, Xi Meng must be relieved that he won’t purposely hide anything from him anymore. However, Xi Meng seriously wishes that Ou Chen won’t  linger on the past since he has a bright future ahead of him. Ou Chen then apathetically declares that he won’t be going back to France nor attend the annual meeting and orders Xi Meng to attend in his behalf. Xi Meng then volunteers to stay with him. But Ou Chen strongly disagree. It’s about time he gets rid of the butler. And then Ou Chen left!

With the exemption of Xia Mo, Zhen En and Wei Ann, the rest of SUN Agency gathers for  Ou Chen’s surprise birthday celebration. Cai Ni figures that every year Ou Chen rents a cinema all by himself and watch alone, so she plans to assemble the staff and artists to accompany young master. Hahah! Next are funny moments.

When the group happily sings the birthday song, Ou Chen just shoots them with his death glare. It was awkward and embarrassing at the same time. Hahah!

Meanwhile, Luo Xi is still acting down and grumpy. Duh! Shen Qiang sees him and tries to engage him in a friendly conversation. I don’t really like the girl so I won’t be too detailed when she’s on the scene. In the end, Luo Xi informs her that he already wrote a song for her. Guess what? Yeah, the song he’s been singing  in high school, the one with black cat and milk.

Unexpectedly, Xia Mo visits the set. The media people swoon over her, asking her about the alleged break-up. Luo Xi then come to the rescue and  kisses her forehead, a supposed evidence that they’re still together.  Shen Qiang can only stare at them with disbelief and jealousy.

Next, the lovebirds are alone. Xia Mo casually chats about the fruits she brought and some sushi she made. All the while, Luo Xi acts cold and nonchalance. I don’t really understand Luo Xi at all! He already said that she trust her, but now?! Argg!

Luo Xi: Xia Mo. Do you know that I fear that one day you’ll be especially nice to me. Once there was a person, who gave me a big and sweet popsicle, but after I ate it she disappeared. It seems that every time when happiness reaches its peak, the nightmares will start again. Translation: Don’t be nice to me!

Xia Mo hugs him and promises that he won’t leave him. Still, Luo Xi is hard-hearted and says that he doesn’t trust her anymore. Xia Mo insists that the reports aren’t true and she didn’t lie. Luo Xi, however, coldly counters that though she didn’t lie, she chose to mislead him. She didn’t agree to any deals but still, she went to see Ou Chen. Xia Mo reasons that’s its unavoidable coz she work for the man. The issue stands that she broke her promise on not meeting Ou Chen. She even accepted the “Golden Dance” offer in a blink of an eye. He even suspects that she met with Ou Chen for her own selfish reasons and not because of him. He spits that in her heart, there is no love, just the drive to succeed. Xia Mo doesn’t want to hear those hurtful words and walks away.

After the movie, Shu Er gives Ou Chen a bouquet of flowers, but once again he dismisses her with the death glare. And so, the rest of the staff went out and leave the young master on his own.

Ou Chen is thinking by himself when Cai Ni suddenly pops in, informing him about the company meeting. He then orders to push it for an hour. Damn! He’s waiting for Xia Mo to come. But our little heartbreaker is too uncaring to bother, so don’t wait Ou Chen! Again alone, he sees himself as the young Ou Chen on the screen and he laughs bitterly. Young Ou Chen:  “You’ll always be alone”. Then cue music: Peter Ho’s, I remember I once loved. 🙂

Luo Xi is still not getting over his trust-not-to-trust issues. So when Xia Ge invites him for some merriment, he agrees to go along.

Then we spot Xia Mo going home, still worried about her conversation with Luo Xi. Just then, she finds Xiao Cheng lying on the floor. Argg..so many scene editing.

Back to Luo Xi: He Constantly thinks of Xia Mo. He even imagines her singing on stage. Shen Qiang then sneakily gets into the picture. I just hate that kind of flirt. So unladylike! She tries hard to get his attention but she earns nothing but cold treatment. Luo Xi offers to take her home but she refuses and stops him midway.

She begs and angrily sprouts at the same time. She demands that Luo Xi notice her and break-up with Xia Mo. But Luo Xi just confidently insists that they won’t ever break-up. Shen Qiang is quite appalled that Luo Xi would choose Xia Mo when in fact she knew and loved him first. Okay, another An Hui Ni moment.

Luo Xi calmly and arrogantly retorts that the time of knowing each other doesn’t entirely affect the depth of relationship. Now enraged, Shen Qiang spits: “The feelings Yin Xia Mo has for you, can’t even compare to one tenth of what I feel”. Luo Xi is now annoyed with her revelations. I think because it has some truth into it.

She then proves her overflowing feelings and forces a kiss. Girls in this drama sure are violent. It wasn’t long ago when An Hui Ni nearly raped Ling Hao. And now… Shen Qiang? Girl, just so you know, this method has zero-success rate.

And then Luo Xi is gone from annoyed to furious. He’s quite alarmed that the media people would make a feast  out of it.  And that means, he’ll be having lots of trouble with Xia Mo yet again. But Shen Qiang is still not finished. She screams and yells. Damn! She’s sure getting all the attention now.

Shen Qiang: For you, I can give up my fame. Can she do that? every time it is you, who saves her. What has she ever done for you? She’s only using you for your status in the entertainment industry so she can get famous!

Luo Xi can only walk away from her immodesty.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Xia Mo is burdened with another crisis. This time, it’s serious! Not about Luo Xi’s self-centered dilemma. Xiao Cheng is going deaf (as it shows, it’s because of Xia Mo’s slap). And to make matters worse, his kidney is fastly deteriorating. Without a kidney donor, it’ll be impossible for him to live for more than 3 months. Since,  Xiao Cheng’s blood type is quite special, finding an appropriate kidney proves to be difficult. Xia Mo is caught in a dead-end. This will be the very first time she showed deep concern and fear. I think.

When she went to see Xiao Cheng, she acts as if nothing terrible has happened. Xiao Cheng assures her that his illness is not that serious and there’s no need to panic coz he’ll definitely regain good health quickly. He even jokes that he can still live healthily until he’s 80. Xia Mo smiles and says that she’ll only stop worrying  if he rest and sleep. Xiao Cheng then insist that there’s no need for her to take care of him coz he can be by himself. But  Xia Mo is also persistent to be by his side and has already decided to cancel 3 days of work.

Zhen En then pays a visit to Xiao Cheng. And forever the bearer of bad news, she accidently drops the newspaper with Luo Xi and Shen Qiang’s scandal. Xiao Cheng and Xia Mo caught a glimpse at it. Xia Mo acts as if not bothered, but Xiao Cheng is clearly curious about the news. He worries for her sister and Luo Xi’s relationship but Xia Mo just shoves the topic off.

It seems that Xia Mo is also resolved in declining the “Golden Dance”. Zhen En is quite stunned that Xia Mo would want to throw away a very important project and probes if her abrupt decision concerns Luo Xi. Xia Mo immediately refutes and says that she just wants to take care of Xiao Cheng.  And since Xia Mo has already expresses her refusal, Zhen En can only concede and support her. When Zhen En ask about Xia Mo’s opinion on the rumored relationship between Luo Xi and Shen Qiang, Xia Mo casually answers that the press just  have to ask the parties themselves.

Next scene: Zhen En informs Ou Chen of Xia Mo’s  decision to decline “Golden Dance” because of her brother’s deteriorating health. But no matter what Zhen En says, Ou Chen is still mulish to continue the filming. When Zhen En went away, he calls someone to investigate about Xiao Cheng’s medical records. Dun…dun…

There are some filler scenes here. Just about Luo Xi’s insecurities and Shen Qiang’s flirting galore. No need to be too hyped up with it.

Some bro-sis moments: Xiao Cheng says sorry for not telling her of his condition. He knows she’s angry at him and is  quite remorseful for that. Apparently, she’s hurt that Xiao Cheng hid something as crucial as his illness. She fears that he won’t  pull this situation through,  and when it happens she has nothing to blame but herself for not taking his health seriously.

Xiao Cheng reasons that he has been a burden to her since he was young, and he  reckons that by not telling her, she wouldn’t be too burdened anymore. He even wishes that Xia mo can smile happily like Zhen En. Xia Mo gently scolds him, saying that she’s already happy when he’s with her and she can’t possibly be angry at him. If there’s someone to be angry at, it’s her. She made his condition worse by entering the entertainment circle and she’s the reason why he’s going deaf. Xiao Cheng consoles that it doesn’t matter coz he already memorized her voice in his mind. Awww. He promises to get better and have an exhibition of Xia Mo’s portraits in the future.

Xiao Cheng then reminds Xia Mo to call Luo Xi. As she’s about to press the call button, the nurse arrives for Xiao Cheng’s hearing aids. On the other end of the line, Luo Xi decides to call her himself, which of course is not answered coz she already took off with Xiao Cheng.

And then the good news and the bad news arrive. The good news: They already find a suitable donor for Xiao Cheng. The bad news (well, not so bad!): It’s Ou Chen.

Without any other options, she gathers up her courage and went to meet Ou Chen.

Xia Mo: I beg you as long as you’re willing to donate one of your kidneys to Xiao Cheng, I’ll agree to whatever conditions.

Ou Chen: No matter what conditions? What do you think you still have, that’s worth it for me to exchange one of my kidneys for? Could it be that you think that after being betrayed by you like this, I would still like you? And would give up my health for you? Yin Xia Mo. You think highly of yourself.

Xia Mo: Please tell me what your conditions are. No matter how much money you want or whatever you want me to sign, even if it’s taking on “Golden Dance”, I’m fine with it all.

Ou Chen: Indeed, in your heart, Yin Cheng is always the most important. For Yin Cheng’s sake, even if it’s competing with Luo Xi’s  new film you wouldn’t mind, right?

Xia Mo counters that Luo Xi wouldn’t mind if she do those things. And so, Ou Chen pushes her a little further and dares to set conditions that Luo Xi would mind, like kissing her perhaps? And yes, he did try to kiss her, which she avoided. And since she can’t even consent to a simple kiss, Ou Chen drives her away. So Xia Mo decides to give in and kiss him. Just when she’s about to, her phone rings. Haha! Talking about wrong timings. Xia Mo disregards the phone call, and there’s a momentary awkward moment.

Xia Mo: Even if I really kiss you, you still won’t agree to donate a kidney to Xiao Cheng right?

Ou Chen: Yes.

Xia Mo: Then what should be done so that you will agree?

Ou Chen: If I tell you, no matter what you do, I still wouldn’t would you believe it?

Xia Mo: No.

Ou Chen: So confident.

Xia Mo infers that he has been waiting for her to come. He knows that he’s a suitable kidney donor for Xiao Cheng. And knowing that, obviously he needs something.

Ou Chen affirms that he already knew she’s coming, but even so she can’t agree to he wants. I think being with him will be a more decent way of saying it. They were talking about mature stuffs in this scene. Well, he just confidently thought that she wouldn’t agree too easily, that’s why he was shocked when she goes along with it.

Ou Chen: Such a noble sister, but you guessed it wrong. I’ve waited for you to come, just to tell you that no matter what you do, I will not give my kidney to Xiao Cheng. I waited for you to come, just so you could hear me say this.

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