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Summer’s Desire Episode 7

Whoa! Indeed, Xia Mo is one hell of  a scary woman! And we get a taste of her deadly venom in this heartbreaking episode. She’s just the perfect femme fatale- icy cold and heartless.  But then again, maybe I’m wrong. 🙂

Summer’s Desire Episode 7 Recap

Episode 7 starts-off with a minor rewind.

Luo Xi fully expresses the depth of his insecurity. As it shows, he’s totally convinced that life will continue to play its cruel joke on him. Bit by bit his wall of confidence is starting to crumble into pieces. His fear of being forsaken is gradually creeping in.  Afterall, what is an abandoned orphan  compared to  the rich and powerful young master Ou Chen, right?

Meanwhile, at the Ou Company Head Office, Xi Meng continues to persuade young master to resolve the “Battle Flag” issues and let Luo Xi continue the filming. But Ou Chen won’t be deterred even for just a second. And so, Xi Meng has no choice but be frank. Xi Meng: “Is it because he is Yin Xia Mo’s boyfriend? It seems like if Yin Xia Mo is involved, young master’s emotion seems to fluctuate strongly.”

This earns a rather angry flare-up from Ou Chen. He is infuriated that not only did Xi Meng dared to hide something from him but now, he also questions his decisions.  Xi Meng defends that though he hasn’t reported everything to Ou Chen, he is still as loyal as he was from the very beginning. When Ou Chen accusingly asks him why he forced Luo Xi to take the lead role behind his back, Xi Meng reasons that it’s purely a business feat.

Just then, the receptionist calls informing that Xia Mo wants to discuss something with Ou Chen. To prove Xi Meng wrong, Ou Chen refuses to meet up with her. But Xia Mo is adamant to have the talk and says that she’ll wait for him no matter what.

It seems like Ou Chen just can’t ignore Xia Mo though. He decides to take a look at her. But his mind is still cluttered with what Xi Meng had said, and so he turns around and walks away.

He settles to take a “refreshing” drive. And as fate would have decide, Old Jiang (Xia Mo’s personal driver from long ago) happens to see Ou Chen and follows him.  Old Jiang is quite excited for the unexpected reunion, but Ou Chen has troubles in remembering him. Not knowing that Ou Chen lost his memory, Old Jiang notices the green headscarf tied on Ou Chen’s wrist and asks then why he’s wearing Xia Mo’s ribbon. Ou Chen can only stare at him blankly.

Knowing that Old Jiang has some answers to his long forgotten past, Ou Chen decides to have a chat with him. Old Jiang relays that he was the chauffeur hired by Ou Chen to drive Xia Mo everyday until she was in high school. Ou Chen then inquires why Old Jiang said that the green silk ribbon is Yin Xia Mo’s. Good thing that Old Jiang is willing to supply the missing pieces of the puzzle.

And the flow of flashbacks begin. First, the background story behind the green lace. I had a detailed recap about it already. Then the thing about the yacht. We learn that the yacht is actually named “Blue Bubble”. We’ll have to wait for the next episodes to know more about that. Then, the memory about the talent show that Xia Mo and Xiao Cheng participated in.

This is so sweet of Ou Chen. He was, in fact, there during the whole show. He acted so cool and uncaring, but the truth was he supported Xia Mo all the way. He saw that Luo Xi took Xia Mo’s hand and thus, his jealousy was set to greater heights.

And lastly, the time when Ou Chen drove Luo Xi away and when Xia Mo demanded that he send Luo Xi abroad instead.

And that ends Old Jiang’s recollection of the past. After that, Ou Chen suddenly disappeared and stopped caring about Xia Mo. Old Jiang, however, figures that it’s understandable since Ou Chen’s family is having a problem of their own during those times. When Ou Chen demands to know the details, Old Jiang could only provide vague explanations. Ou Chen is annoyed and leaves without saying a word.

All the while, Xia Mo is still waiting for Ou Chen until who knows when. Just when she’s about to go home, Ou Chen drives in.

This time, Ou Chen is already terribly suffering from stomach pains. It must have hurt badly now, considering that he has been enduring the pain since morning. Xia Mo notices his suppressed agony and volunteers to buy some medicine. It’s raining heavily and without any umbrella , Xia Mo decides to run under the pouring rain. When she’s about to step out, Ou Chen stops her and hands in his coat. Sweet. 🙂

Ou Chen: You left me cold-heartedly once. You won’t come back again. *Pitiful guy*

After buying the meds and some milk, Xia Mo rushes back to the car and offers it to Ou Chen. But he, ruthlessly rejects the concern and affection. Sometimes Ou Chen is just being impossibly arrogant. He angrily spouts that he’s not the same Ou Chen before who is easily fooled by her fake kindness and orders Xia Mo to get out of the car. Dude, it’s raining!

Without second thoughts, Xia Mo prepares to leave. But Ou Chen immediately stops her and grabs her hand. Ou Chen! Make up your freakin’ mind!

Ou Chen: Does he mean that much to you? Did you come to beg me because of him? Why don’t you say something? Why don’t you beg me?!

Xia Mo: Do you want me to talk? *Shoves his hand.*

The rain has stopped. Hehe. Everytime they talk about serious stuff, it’s either outside or inside the car. This time around, it’s outside.

Calm and composed, Xia Mo confronts Ou Chen for his not-so subtle ways of disposing Luo Xi. She advises that he should have been more secretive just like when he arranged that she win the New Comer Award and the video leak that exposes An Hui Ni’s slapping exploits. She knows that Ou Chen made it to a point the she’ll come and beg for him. She pleas that Ou Chen directs his revenge on her and leave Luo Xi out of it. But Ou Chen blames Luo Xi all the same.


Xia Mo receives the dreaded news. Her parents died on the car accident and his little brother, Xiao Cheng, is on the verge of life and death. Old Jiang then comforts Xia Mo. She, on the other hand, still appears as unruffled as ever and boldly declares that if Xiao Cheng dies, then she’ll just have to die with him.

When Ou Chen learns of the unfortunate accident, he immediately went to Xia Mo. Little does he know that he’s about to experience a heartbreaking mishap himself. He faces Xia Mo’s uncontainable wrath. Needless to say, she blames him for planning the first step of ruining her life.  Ou Chen reasons that it’s all a misunderstanding and never did he imagine that his decision would lead to such tragic ends. But Xia Mo simply doesn’t care anymore.

Ou Chen: In your mind, am I such a despicable person?

Xia Mo: Do you really want to know what I think? There is something that I wanted to tell you a long time ago. You dare want to hear it? I have never….loved you.

Ouch! It pains my heart. Stop! Please stop! But the ice queen just won’t be barred. She cruelly spits that the only reason she’s with him is for the sake of her parents and Xiao Cheng. With them gone, then she has nothing to worry about and can finally break up with him. She’s even quite happy that he forced Luo Xi away. When the time comes, in the future, she’ll certainly be with Luo Xi. Ou Chen fiercely refuses to believe those nonsensical things. He even sincerely apologizes for his misdeeds. However, Xia Mo mercilessly throws his humility aside.

Xia Mo: Apologize?  Those two words. You think it can solve this tragedy?

Ou Chen: So what can I do to satisfy you?

Xia Mo: There’s nothing you can do. I will never forgive you. I will never like you again. I will forget all my memories which are related to you.

Like  a defeated soldier, Ou Chen can only lower himself more. The arrogant and overbearing young master chooses to kneel and beg. But despite this, Xia Mo cruelly refuses to give in.

Ou Chen: What can I do to make you forgive me? I beg you. No matter what price I need to pay. Don’t leave me. I beg you. Don’t go.

Xia Mo: You want me to forgive you? Unless… you die.

And Xia Mo kills the remaining hope for Ou Chen. Merciless! And the skies seems to take pity on Ou Chen, as it rains heavily- matching his grief and misery.

~End of Flashbacks~

Ou Chen’s gastric pains are getting worst. He already finds it difficult to stand straight. Xia Mo gets the medicine for him to take. But Ou Chen still wants answers. He is determined to know if Xia Mo cruelly break up with him just because of Luo Xi.

Xia Mo find his attitude absurd though. Afterall these years, Ou Chen can’t fully understand the true meaning behind everything. They are simply from two different worlds. For him, she’s just a toy who will accompany him in his loneliness. Ou Chen retorts that she’s as lonely as he is.

Xia Mo agrees that she is indeed lonely and thus, she tries her best to hold her happiness at any price, even clinging to him like a vine. Unfortunately, he destroys her happiness with his own bare hands. And with that she thought, she must solely depend upon her own strength to protect her happiness. She understands that Ou Chen didn’t plan the car accident, but back then she’s in too much pain that she poured all her anger out on him.

Ou Chen and me see some light. Only anger?! Could it be that Xia Mo said those cruel things just to rouse Ou Chen. But Xia Mo can’t seem to answer the damn question. Ou Chen continues to speak out his concerns. He knew right from the start that she attached herself with him only because of the security and privileges he can give. And so, he trapped her in his world, hoping that if Xia Mo could only see or hear him, then she would truly fall in love with him.

Ou Chen: Xia Mo. Have you ever loved me before?

Xia Mo: No. I have never loved you. *Damn, she’s mean*.

The harshness of truth threatens to break Ou Chen’s remaining physical strength. He feels the pain much more. When Xia Mo, tries to call for help, Ou Chen grabs the phone and throws it away.  He still believes that Xia Mo chooses Luo Xi over him, so he dares Xia Mo to completely beg or else he will kill Luo Xi’s career. And so, Xia Mo definitely has to concede.

Ou Chen: If I tell you as long as you are willing to come back to me, only then will I let him go. Will you agree?

Xia Mo: It’s impossible. We can no  longer go back.

And that drains Ou Chen’s residual consciousness. Xia Mo brings him to the hospital and there she gets another huge tick off from Xi Meng.

Meanwhile, Luo Xi tries to contact Xia Mo but can’t get through. Buddy, she’s with Ou Chen! Don’t bother!

Just then, Xia Ge appears and informs Luo Xi that he’s filing a suit against  Ou Corporation. Luo Xi is rather in good mood and doesn’t mind the crisis he’s on to. Luo Xi: “The game has just began.”

Back to the hospital, Xi Meng recalls another flashback. His mind filled with the Old Master’s words. Now, we see a different side to the story.  Looks like being desperately in love runs in the family as Yin Xia (Ou Chen’s mom) also shares the same devastating fate. She tries to abandon the wealthy life, take baby Ou Chen and find the man she love. In the end, she deliberately took her own life for the love she cannot have.

Old Master then uses his power to erase any trace of the appalling incident. He practically created a new life for Ou Chen. He hires a couple who would pretend to be Ou Chen’s mom and dad.

~End of another flashback~

Ou Chen regains consciousness. It seems that he doesn’t know about her real mom. When Xi Meng announces that the corporation is willing to back him up in changing Luo Xi, Ou Chen just then admits that he did make a wrong a decision and agrees to proceed with the filming.

The next day, the news spreads that the issue about changing Luo Xi as the main lead in “Battle Flags” is just a groundless rumour. But then again Xia Mo is a bit reluctant of the sudden change of breeze. Xia Mo: “The weather is clear today. But we don’t know when it’ll start to be stormy again”.

Luo Xi receives the report but is playing hard to get. He agrees to continue the filming on one condition: Ou Chen should apologize in public.

Press Conference: Surprisingly, Ou Chen agrees to Luo Xi’s condition. Well, we know the real deal, right? And when the media people requested to take a picture of them shaking hands, it resulted to the most awkward handshake in history. Trust me, they look as if they’re about to exchange punches.

Luo Xi is feeling good and victorious. He takes it that life is becoming more and more fair. He shares his exuberant mood to his boss Xia Ge. That’s right Luo Xi, capture every morsel of happiness, you won’t be having more of it in the future. I’m sorry. Still you are destined to be left out. 😦

Next scene: Xiao Cheng having his regular check-up. Argg…I can almost see another heart-rending scene. His health condition seems to be far more worst than he expected. The doctor advises that he bring her sister along with him for the next check-up and they’ll discuss the matter.

Unexpectedly, Ou Chen visits the set of Battle Flags. Luo Xi then tries to annoy the young master, who BTW is too cool to be annoyed. Ou Chen spurts that he’s just there to make sure Luo Xi’s doing fine. But Luo Xi is not yet done provoking.

Luo Xi: It must have been hard on you at the press conference yesterday. That must be the first time you apologized in public.

Ou Chen: You seem to have a little bit of misunderstanding. To “Battle Flags” you are insignificant. To Ou Corporation, you are even more insignificant. To me, you are just also an insignificant part.

Luo Xi: Really? But even the insignificant little me is able to make young master lose his dignity? To bow his noble head in public, I’m truly honored.

Ou Chen can only smile in Luo Xi’s somehow overconfident demeanor. He clarifies that first and foremost, he didn’t did those things for Luo Xi. It’s just that somebody (Xia Mo) begged him to let Luo Xi go. Luo Xi, however, strongly rejects the notion. Now, it’s Ou Chen’s time to goad. Ou Chen happily retorts that he doesn’t care if Luo Xi  believes him or not, just as long as ‘she’ agreed to the bargain. Anyhow, Luo Xi assures that Ou Chen will not succeed in breaking his relationship with Xia Mo. Too late! Too late! Ou Chen successfully planted the seed of mistrust!

Luo Xi: Ou Chen, everybody has the right to choose. Even though she used to be with you, but now the one she likes is me. She… is mine. You can’t steal her away.

Ou Chen: Goodbye.

As Ou Chen walks away, Luo Xi can only watch his retreating back filled with the mixture of anger and pain.

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