Summer’s Desire Episode 6

Owww, isn’t she pathetic?! I love this scene. Cry! Cry more! More!

Yes! I’m sooo back! And now, with reality out-of-the-way, I’m free to update this blog anytime, anywhere, anyhow! Bwahahaha.

Hmmm, I don’t really have much to say about this episode. I kinda expected the tiff and ruffs. If only I could fast forward the whole series to Ou Chen-Xia Mo scenes. *Sigh*

The Episode Recap

Finally, Xia Mo got pissed with An Hui Ni’s foul and lame ploys. Who wouldn’t be? Duh!

Xia Mo: Since patience and tolerance can’t solve this problem then we have to declare war. *Then she turns off the TV. Huh?! That’s it?!

After witnessing An Hui Ni’s obvious lies, Ling Hao frets. Thank God, somebody has come to his senses. He strongly disapproves of An Hui Ni’s fabricated stories. But, hard-headed Hui Ni still believes she’s damn right. She even defends her selfishness by bringing up gossips about Xia Mo’s so-called “seductive” ways. Arg! Girl, I understand that you’re being insecure but! Could you just please be more mature! She’s driving me nuts, really.

When Ling Hao asks if she was the one who sent the text message to Xia Mo, An Hui Ni didn’t deny nor confirm the issue and continues her illogical reasoning. With this, Ling Hao snaps. Without a word, he packs his things. An Hui Ni desperately tries to stop him, but enough is enough for a filled-up Ling Hao. Yah!  Dump that brat!

The news spreads and people believe An Hui Ni’s lies. And so, the management decides to suspend Pure Love Song’s filming. Some fans even protest against Xia Mo in front of Sun Agency. These people sure have free time, eh? Good thing Zhen En is prepared for battle, armed with props and stuffs for cover-up.

And so the lady boss is much riled up with the recent scandal. Xia Mo and Zhen En get some major scolding. Seems that everyone who are willing to help Xia Mo out of the mess meets some tragic end themselves. Their only hope, however, is Ling Hao’s statement of denial.

As the two friends prepare to leave, they are again in danger of being harassed by the fans. Question: How the hell did they pass through the crowd when they entered the office in the first place?

Unfortunately, the angry mob caught up with them. And Xia Mo must face the inevitable- the fury of overreacting fans. Despite Xia Mo’s continuous denials, the fans stubbornly believes An Hui Ni’s allegations. They start to throw scrap papers and eggs at her. These fans are impossibly prepared for the protest!

And then her saviour arrives. Ou Chen blocks everything, shielding her from all harms. He carries her away. But Xia Mo refuses his help and struggles to get loose. Sometimes, Xia Mo’s just plain stupid! Too preoccupied, Xia Mo didn’t notice the approaching car. And Ou Chen saves her yet again.

Xi Meng sees the accident and remembers the time when Ou Chen almost lost his life for Xia Mo (referring to the car accident five years ago).

Next scene: HOSPITAL. Heh? Ou Chen and Xia Mo shares the same room, so Xi Meng orders the nurse to transfer Xia Mo. But Ou Chen holds Xia Mo’s hand too tightly that the nurse can’t release his grips. Xi Meng can only rant in desperation.

Xia Mo is  the first to regain consciousness. Seeing Ou Chen lying next to her, she instantly worries for him. Xi Meng warns her to keep silent and further, threats that if anything happened to Ou Chen because of the accident, he’ll surely make her pay. Xia Mo calmly rebut that even she can’t forgive herself if Ou Chen is harmed for saving her.

When Ou Chen wakes up, he orders Xi Meng to go out. He immediately ask Xia Mo if An Hui Ni is telling the truth. Xia Mo, always reserved and distant, confidently denies everything. Ou Chen seems to have a hard time believing her, but Xia Mo bluntly replies that she doesn’t care whether the whole world believes her or not. So, Ou Chen reassure that he’ll investigate on the matter and if proven false, the company will help Xia Mo resolve the issue. And to avoid any mishaps (just like the accident they had), he’ll send 6 bodyguards to protect her. And that’s it. Ou Chen always has the final say!

Just when we thought that Xia Mo’s situation couldn’t get any worst, An Hui Ni (the total brat) strikes again. It seems that she feigns committing suicide by starving her self to death. It’s all over the news and that means Xia Mo is yet to face another storm.

At times like these, a loving brother sure comes in handy. Xiao Cheng showers her sister some support and promises that whatever the world may say ill about her, she’ll forever be  pure and upright in his heart. Awww. I love Xia Mo’s teary-eyed but smiling face.

Still, Xia Mo and Zhen En tries hard to contact Ling Hao, but the  good-for-nothing-wimp won’t even turn his phone on. When Xia Mo did get a hold of him on the line, Ling Hao could only apologize but refuses to clarify the issues himself. You little coward! Xia Mo then decides that they’ll have to convince him in person and implores Zhen En to go to Ling Hao’s place.

Ling Hao, still mulls over with what has happened with him and An Hui Ni. I guess he does love her. Zhen En comes over his house and persuades him to tell the truth on Xia Mo’s press conference. To go or not to go?

Like I’ve thought, Hui Ni is just faking everything. She’s quite enjoying the frenzy. Her happy disposition is then put on hold when she saw the news about Xia Mo’s conference with Ling Hao. Unexpectedly, Xi Meng calls her along with some instructions.

And now we’ll witness a comeback appearance. Guess who’s the girl on the right? She’s Fang Ji Huang,. Remember her? She’s the girl who got beaten up in high school and vows to take revenge on Xia Mo.

Apparently she’s one of the reporters now and she’s quite determined to bring Xia Mo down with her “photo evidences”. Xia Mo is way too cool for her though and uses the picture for her own advantage. With the unexpected development, Ji Huang then switches tactics and tries put pressure on Ling Hao instead. Just when the wimpy Ling Hao is about to answer the queries, An Hui Ni pops in.

Forever the drama queen, An Hui Ni steals the spotlight and announces to everybody that she mistakenly assumed that Ling Hao yielded to Xia Mo’s dirty tricks. In the end, she learned that he didn’t. As proof, she shows the “engagement ring”. She’s totally dumping all the blame to Xia Mo alone.

Always composed and reserved, Xia Mo knows what the bratty girl is up to. She congratulates the ‘newly’ engaged couple and passively ask Ling Hao where he bought the said ring. Of course, Ling Hao wouldn’t know where and is caught speechless. Gotcha!

An Hui Ni tries to keep all her lies under wraps and reasons that Ling Hao is poor in memorizing details. Everybody knows that there ain’t no logical sense in what she’s saying, right?  So Xia Mo insists that an important thing like that won’t be forgotten too easily, unless he didn’t really bought it- implying that Hui Ni is again making this all up.

An Hui Ni is quick to come up with another set of excuses though. She  knows that she’s in deep trouble and feigns fainting- LAME! Trapped in An Hui Ni’s web of deceptions, Ling Hao could only play along and say sorry to Xia Mo and walks away with Hui Ni.

Determined not to let the real culprits go, Xia Mo stops them midway.

Xia Mo: Ling Hao, don’t tell me that by saying those three words I’ll willingly make me your scapegoat? An Hui Ni, don’t tell me that the main role is so important to you? Because I disagreed with you, you hit my manager. Because I took your place, you purposely hit me during the filming. Because you can’t accept it, you actually said that I seduced Ling Hao.

An Hui Ni: What did you say? You think that you can actually take my place? Do I need to fight with an unimportant character like you?

Xia Mo then diverts her attention to Ling Hao, challenging him that if it’s true that she seduced him then he just have to describe how. But still, Ling Hao keeps his silence. Ling Hao: All I can say is “I’m really thankful for An Hui Ni and I’ll cherish our relationship forever”.

An Hui Ni becomes overly violent and aims to slap Xia Mo. Zhen En prevents the brawl and the press goes crazy. Now, it’s Hui Ni’s turn to taunt Xia Mo in bringing an evidence to prove her innocence. Just then…

the “control freak” arrives.

Luo Xi: I’m her evidence. Yin Xia Mo is my girlfriend. I can’t stand it anymore, letting her go all through these hardships. Let’s just announce this. We are in love right now.

All the while… Ou Chen watches the scene via TV and is on for a unpleaseant surprise. His emotion mixed with anger and despair.

Ou Chen: Isn’t he suppose to be in Japan? Who is it that made him leave? Poor guy… He’s supposed to be Xia Mo’s hero. Drat! He already prepared everything!

Luo Xi spills the beans and reveals that they kept their relationship in secret because Xia Mo doesn’t want to ruin his reputation. But since it has gone too far, he couldn’t just stay on the sidelines.

Luo Xi: An Hui Ni. How can Xia Mo let go of me and be with your Ling Hao? Your threats on Xia Mo, I will let my lawyer take care of it. In court, you’ll see that the lies you’ve created are evidences of Xia Mo’s innocence.

Xia Ge, Luo Xi’s boss (more like closest friend) reminds him not to forsake his career just because he already publicly announced his relationship with Xia Mo. Xia Ge is quite surprised that Luo Xi knows how to truly love somebody and right then realizes that Xia Mo is Luo Xi’s one great love. Luo Xi couldn’t agree more.

Meanwhile, Ou Chen waits patiently outside Xia Mo’s house. Poor, poor guy! He’s waiting for someone who’s not coming. Only if he came earlier, he could have saved Xia Mo himself.

Xia Mo’s staying at Luo Xi’s place for the night. Though Xia Mo is grateful for Luo Xi’s help, she’s worried that it would have an adverse effect in his career.

Xia Mo: In your heart, what kind of person am I? What kind of person should I be so that I won’t be a burden to you?

Luo Xi: How would I know? You are always so cold. Everytime I help you, you always coldly throw me aside.

Luo Xi’s honest mumbling somehow strikes a chord in Xia Mo’s ice-cold heart. She apologizes for treating him blandly. Luo Xi can only laugh at her instant display of emotion. It’s so not Xia Mo to complain, say sorry and pout!

It seems that the scandal made their bond a little closer. Sorry! But I am still a major Ou Chen-Xia Mo fan. So, definitely I’m not that happy!

Luo Xi: Then from today on you are mine,  and I am yours. Let’s never separate from each other. Never betray each other.

And with that, Xia Mo can only compensate Luo Xi’s affection and promises, just as he says: that they’ll never separate nor betray one another.

Everything’s running smoothly now. The two bestfriends, Xia Mo and Zhen En find sometime to chat freely. Zhen En is happy with Xia Mo’s love life, though she’s a bit hurt (and jealous) that Xia Mo didn’t tell her the truth. She’s really a good friend, letting the matter go- even giving Xia Mo some of Luo Xi’s picture during their high school days and a pair of couples T-Shirt.

Luo Xi then pays Ou Chen another visit . This kid is sure  made of “goading” jelly, eh? He really likes to annoy Ou Chen more and more. Though he says that he’s there to apologize for his unprofessional behaviour (pertains to leaving Japan without orders), we know that he’s there for something more wicked.

He shows Ou Chen a video clip where he and Xia Mo plays some kind of couple’s game. The couple needs to answer some questions that will allow the audience to know how deeply they knew each other. The question: Where did they had their first kiss?

Xia Mo answers the “airport”. But Luo Xi answers differently. He shares that before that “overplayed” airport scene, he secretly kissed Xia Mo under the cherry blossoms.  But, Xia Mo was dead drunk to remember.

The clip and Luo Xi’ evil grin, thus, stir Ou Chen’s anger and protective instincts. In conclusion, this battle is completely won by Luo Xi.

As expected, Pure Love Song’s filming resumes and successfully ended. Ling Hao is still apologetic for what had happened. Too bad though, he’ll be having a tough time to recover (emotionally and career-wise). Xia Mo extends a handshake for a job well done, but deep down we know it means farewell. Good riddance, ne?

So, we see that everything’s high and up for Xia Mo. But, it’s another story for Luo Xi. Well, that’s the price he  has to pay for provoking the young master. His movie “Battle Flags”  stopped filming and he’s to be replaced as the main actor because of “poor acting”.

When Xia Mo learns about Luo Xi’s situation, she takes some time to visit him at home. Coincidentally, Xia Ge is there as well. They were introduced to each other. And Xia Mo listens quietly to their conversation.

Xia Ge guesses that Luo Xi offended somebody in the Ou Company that’s why they are seriously bringing him down. Luo Xi admits that he did offend an important person in the company.

Luo Xi: To pin me to death is his method of doing things.

Xia Ge wants to know who it is, but Luo Xi refuses to drop names and arrogantly declares the he doesn’t give a damn what that person plans to do.

Luo Xi: What he wants, I absolutely will not give him. *looking at Xia Mo*

Luo Xi even casually state that he’ll go as far as retiring from showbiz. This earns an enraged response from Xia Ge. But Luo Xi arrogantly guarantees that he can’t be defeated too easily.

Luo Xi: I am no longer a weed but a big tree that wouldn’t be brought down by thunder or storm. Unless I myself will give up, no one can take me down.

These confident lines are just enough to assure Xia Ge of how determined Luo Xi is to keep his career. He bids farewell and left off.

Time for some heart to heart talk: Xia Mo resolves that since it’s  her fault Luo Xi is experiencing a rough road, then she’ll fix things up with Ou Chen. This doesn’t sound too nice for Luo Xi though. It angers him to say the least.

Luo Xi: How will you fix it? Get back with him? Beg him to let me go? Yin Xia Mo, in your heart he is always high and mighty. The young master who is able to control life and death. And I, will always be insignificant, unable to stand a single blow, right?

Luo Xi looses control and breaks the cool arrogant exterior, and tosses  the newspaper away. Xia Mo picks it up and accidentally reads about Luo Xi’s forgotten past. Then follows quick flasbacks where young Luo Xi waits for his mom at the park for 3 straight days and when he was found he was already severely dehydrated.

Xia Mo gets all anxious. Luo Xi, however, tears the newspaper and insists that the news are all lies.

Next: Xia Ge confronts Xi Meng for replacing Luo Xi in the movie. Xi Meng, like his young master, shoves the topic off easily. Xia Meng is a very unique element in this drama. You can’t possibly know if he’s against the leads or not. Well, I guess it depends on whose side are you on. One thing though, he doesn’t like Xia Mo!

Xia Ge and Xi Meng’s scuffle continues.  But for me, Xi Meng has the edge. He seems not to care about Luo Xi’s issue while Xia Ge is already exerting too much emotion and effort.

Just in time, Ou Chen appears and now it’s his turn to face Xia Ge’s increasing fury. Xia Ge asks Ou Chen if the reason why he’s out to destroy Luo Xi is because he didn’t agree to sell off his company. Ou Chen refutes, saying that Luo Xi is being unprofessional so he must be cut off.

This angers Xia Ge more and so he heatedly concludes that Ou Company is just an enterprise that specializes in making traps. He reveals that Xi Meng forces Luo Xi in taking the project and then in the end, makes impossible demands. Since, Ou Company is declaring war,  Xia Ge has  no choice but face the battle head on.

Ou Chen is infuriated with the revelation. He throws angry outbursts towards Xi Meng. He hates it that Xi Meng kept the whole blackmailing thing in the dark.

Back to Luo Xi and Xia Mo.

Xia Mo patiently puts the pieces of the newspaper together while Luo Xi is taking a nap. Her attention is caught by Luo Xi’s cries. He is again having a nightmare. Xia Mo wakes him up.

It’s quite obvious that the news is indeed true. He was abandoned by his mom.

Then the complete flashback: The day when mom left him all alone. It started to be the happiest day for young Luo Xi. Little did he know that it would also be the loneliest. What Luo Xi experiences is really sad. Now, we know why he’s so freakin’  insecure.

Back to reality: Luo Xi continues to play the part of a pitiful orphan who was abandoned by his own biological mother. Xia Mo soothes his pain, saying that though he had such a tragic life, he should just forget about the past.

Luo Xi: Forget it? This is my fate. How can I forget?

Xia Mo: This is not your fate.

Luo Xi: No. I am a person who, from birth, is fated to be abandoned. That is my fate. Time after time, I am abandoned. Being thrown out like garbage. You will one day abandon me gain, won’t you? One is a rich, born grand prince. The other is a poor orphan.

Xia Mo: Are you looking down on yourself? So what if  you’re an orphan? We rely on ourselves. Everything we gain is from our own efforts. Is that embarrassing? And haven’t we gone through the worst already? Why do you  have to say things that will make people feel bad? Promise me in the future, don’t say things that will make yourself and other people feel bad, ok? I beg you.

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