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Summer’s Desire Episode 5

A picture that says: I’m gonna eat you alive! Roar! And you won’t even know it! Roar! 🙂

It’s quite funny that I kept on telling everyone that I’m too busy, yet I can always post a recap every week. Well, I’m not a genius in making recaps so I really need time to make one. Anyhow, this episode is far better than the last. Lots of drama, lots of tension, and most of all, lots of Xia Mo-Ou Chen screenshots.

This episode also explores Luo Xi’s innermost fears- too much of THAT negative vibes and he’ll really get on my nerves! It’s nice that they try to show how the story happened in his own point of view.

And now the RECAP:

After An Hui Ni’s abusive slapping marathon last week, Xia Mo seeks comfort from Luo Xi. It’s kinda awkward how he puts the ointment though. :)Sorry can’t help but notice. He gently scolds her for not hitting An Hui Ni back, knowing that not retaliating in the same manner would make An Hui Ni meaner and angrier. Xia Mo explains that if she did that, then she’s just the same as An Hui Ni. Luo Xi can only smile and concede.

When Xia Mo asks if he also experienced being beaten up, Luo Xi answers that he had- but far more worst. He was even hospitalized for half a month because of 2 broken ribs. Good thing though that he covered his face during the assault. Or else he won’t be the superstar he is today with a warped face, right? Luo Xi spills that even though the stitches aren’t too deep and can be concealed with make-up, the stitches can still be felt when touched. Xia Mo then asks what happened afterwards, Luo Xi confesses that he gets even, bringing the person responsible to the same alley and breaking 4 of his ribs. Luo Xi teases Xia Mo if she thinks he’s scary. Xia Mo replies that he is, but if somebody taught that person a lesson earlier, he wouldn’t have beat Luo Xi.

Luo Xi didn’t expect her answer though, surprised that she didn’t condemn his selfish acts of vengeance. Xia Mo agrees that she didn’t like violence, but somethings can only be taken care of with special means. Then flashbacks: The time when Xiao Cheng was being harassed by some goons and Xia Mo hits the assailant with a brick. These scenes are just hints of what happened five years ago. We will learn about this later on the drama.

Her statements grasp Luo Xi’s interest. He worriedly asks what happened. Xia Mo, however, doesn’t want to talk about her past and so, Luo Xi can only concur. Xia Mo doesn’t want Xiao Cheng to see her injuries and decides to stay in Luo Xi’s place for 3 days. Of course, Luo Xi is too happy for the  good news.

Later that night, when Xia Mo lays sleeping on the couch, Luo Xi covers her with a blanket and watches her closely. Luo Xi: “I don’t want you to stay for 3 days, I want you to stay forever”.

If Xia Mo is too kind to let An Hui Ni go,  Ou Chen, on the other hand, is too intolerant and decides to take his own brand of vendetta. Looking at the show’s website, he gets an idea and commands Xi Meng to spread An Hui Ni’s dark exploits. Ha! Take that An Hui Ni!

And right on, the news about Xia Mo’s injuries hits the headlines. Xiao Cheng, needless to say, learns about it and worries deeply for her sister. Zhen En explains that Xia Mo doesn’t want to go home coz she didn’t want Xiao Cheng to fret. Which BTW, is already happening right now. Xiao Cheng gets a little dizzy and tells Zhen En to get his spills. Zhen En immediately searches for the meds and accidentally discovers Xiao Cheng’s hearing-aid and manuals. What? Now, he’s going deaf?

Everybody already knows about the news. Even Luo Xi tries to get hold of Xia Mo on the phone, but just like Xiao Cheng he can’t get through.

Silly as it may sound, but it seems that Xia Mo is the last to discover about the circulating headlines. The first  thing that she did is call Xiao Cheng and assures that she’s okay. She talks with Zhen En too and instructs her not to let Xiao Cheng see the pictures on the internet. Zhen En consents and swears that she didn’t upload the pictures online. Xia Mo believes her. She even has an idea who did it- Ou Chen!

After the call, Xiao Cheng begs Zhen En not tell Xia Mo that he fainted. Zhen En agrees but demands some explanation for the hearing-aid manuals. They leave this part hanging.

Obviously, An Hui Ni is gnashing her teeth over the news and swears that she isn’t that mean! Yah, right! Ling Hao convinces her to apologize to Xia Mo and Zhen En since it’s pretty apparent she’s at fault. Of course, Hui Ni won’t ask for forgiveness, instead, she blames Xia Mo for everything. She asks then if Ling Hao is on her side, of which Ling Hao confirms that he is. Ling Hao mutters that she needs to adjust her attitude a bit. Hui Ni is quite insulted. She spits that it’s because of her attitude that he made it big in showbiz.

Ling Hao is a tad shocked. All the while, he thought that the reason he became famous is because of pure talents. Hui Ni scoffs that it’s definitely NOT the case. She’s the reason why he conveniently became star. Ling Hao is weakened with this revelation. Poor Ling Hao!

Luo Xi practically fears that Xia Mo will leave his house if she finds out about the news. He hesitantly rings the bell and panics when  he didn’t find Xia Mo inside.

Luo Xi: (In voiceover) Luo Xi, God always gives you some warmth first, then gives you endless coldness. Aren’t you used to it already? You’ll forever be alone. It’s your destiny.

And just when he has given up all hope, Xia Mo pops in. Luo Xi runs and gives her a hug. It seems that Xia Mo cooked his favorite food and he heartily eats the meal. They chat casually, and along the way, Xia Mo shares that she went home and already knows about the news. All of a sudden, Luo Xi gets mad.

Luo Xi: Since you already found out, why didn’t you tell me? Since you already went home, why did you come back? Why did you cook for me? You know, when I was on set, I was scared and kept on calling you thinking that you didn’t know. I thought that we can still be together.

He walks away, leaving a troubled Xia Mo behind. Bipolar much!

Frankly speaking, I don’t know what’s the big connection between washing your face and realizing some things, but it did work out for Luo Xi. He kinda sort things out and stops being a jerk.

Luo Xi: (Again in voiceover) After what happened, she didn’t leave and came back to cook for you. You should know, with Xia Mo’s personality, to treat you like this is very hard. What do you still want? You want to keep her or drive her away?

He finds her washing the dishes and hugs her, clearly anxious if she left.

Xia Mo: I know a sense of security is hard for people like us. We are afraid to lose it and we want it too badly. We live in fear. I came back here because I want to cook my best dishes for you. I want to see you today. It’s that simple. We choose to be together. We choose to trust. Don’t use guesses and tricks to hurt each other okay?

Luo Xi couldn’t agree more. And now they’re good? What’s this, a roller coaster ride of emotions?

Luo Xi takes a “friendly” visit to Ou Chen. This is gonna be exciting! He already suspected that Ou Chen did all that commotion for Xia Mo and thanks him for that. Ou Chen goads and asks if knowing that Xia Mo is being bullied and can’t do anything make him feel bad. Luo Xi counters that only rich and powerful young masters would use such tactics to get closer to Xia Mo but sadly, it won’t make her accept him. Ou Chen rebuts that he misunderstood, as a boss he will always protects his employees no matter who it is, even if it’s Luo Xi.

Luo Xi wouldn’t want to be indebted to Ou Chen so he suggests that if Ou Chen still wants the  property (Xia Mo’s foster home), he’s willing to give it away. But Ou Chen refuses to accept.

Ou Chen: I don’t need you to give me anything. Just take care of what you have.

Luo Xi: Don’t worry. I will take care of MY Xia Mo. *Arg, She’s definitely NOT yours!*

With the news of An Hui Ni’s bullying, Xia Mo gets more and more popular. The fans give her gifts, they demand that Hui Ni apologize to Xia Mo in public and wanted the producers to ban Hui Ni on the show. Zhen En is overly happy with everything and Xia Mo is humbled. She tells Zhen En to extend her thanks to the fans and asks that they don’t spend a lot of money just for her.

When Zhen En and Xia Mo are practising some lines, Ling Hao comes in and asks that Xia Mo go over the scenes with him. For all I know, this is just an excuse to talk with Xia Mo. Zhen En is quick to turn him down, but Xia Mo agrees. After discussing the scenes, Ling Hao says sorry in behalf of Hui Ni. He explains that she isn’t that bitchy before, but since she’s been in showbiz for a long time she became insecure. Xia Mo assures that she didn’t mind the past.

After the nice talk, Ling Hao seems to get friendlier. EH?! Is he falling for Xia Mo too? We are about to find out…

Next are lovey-dovey scenes: Luo Xi and Xia Mo read about each other’s gossips. Luo Xi then takes a picture of them together and uses it to cover the tabloid photos.

The next day: Zhen En and Xia Mo is caught in a pleasant surprise. The producers decided to extend the drama from 16 episodes to 30 and there will be a major change in the storyline- Xia Mo’s taking the lead. This makes An Hui Ni more and more upset. She displays some temper, walks out and shoves Zhen En and Xia Mo.

Xia Mo doesn’t want to cause further disputes so she tries to make the scriptwriter change her mind. But the scriptwriter is too adamant to reconsider what has been decided.

And the tantrum continues. An Hui Ni is bursting with anger and threats that she’ll have a strike. Ling Hao calms her down, convincing her that it’s just logical to replace her as the female lead coz Xia Mo and Ling Hao’s scenes have higher ratings. He recommends that Hui Ni think of it as a break. Hui Ni is too prideful for that and sways Ling Hao to go on a strike with her. But Ling Hao declines. Hui Ni, now in full fury, asks if Ling Hao really likes Xia Mo. Ling Hao refutes and says that he only likes her attitude. This is the last draw, An Hui Ni slaps Ling Hao. What’s with this girl? Is she a slapping monster?!

Okay! This is an important scene. Somebody texted Xia Mo that Ling Hao needs some help, so she takes time to visit. She smells some liquor and advises him not to drink too much cause they have some filming to do. Just then a camera snaps! This is going to be bad! She then bids farewell.

Meanwhile, we find Luo Xi sitting under the same cherry blossoms tree, then his assistant tells him that his schedule changed and thus, he must go to Japan for some promotions. Luo Xi knows the real reason behind it.

Luo Xi: He wants to send me outside the country again. Can I not go?


Five years ago, when Papa Yin tells Luo Xi that he’ll be sent away. This scene was shown already, but I like to post this screenshot because it wasn’t shown the last time.

After hearing the sad news, Luo Xi went to his room and packed. He stared at Xiao Cheng’s drawings (picture of him as a gallant knight and Xia Mo as a princess). So, I guess he really did like her a long time ago. He tore his picture and threw it in the bin. Then the airport scene. I’m not going to recap that. It’s been replayed for 3 times already!

Girlbonding time: The girls talk about Ou Company’s sudden decision to take over the SUN Agency. They find it weird that a huge company would want to venture in the entertainment industry, and much more than that, to a smaller agency like SUN. Zhen En even jokes that maybe the owner secretly loves somebody in SUN. Haha! And she’s right. But Pan Nan and Xia Mo just laugh at her “stupid” speculation.

And the SUN Agency girls (Pan Nan, Shu Er, Wei Ann and Xia Mo) are reunited for the special meeting. Wei An congratulates Xia Mo for being a superstar and honestly says that though she’s jealous at her fast-paced career, she needs to give Xia Mo some advise. She tells Xia Mo to be very careful since there’s nothing free in this world, she gets some and lose some. Bad luck will surely come. Xia Mo takes her advise in mind.

Shu Er also cheers on her popularity and admires her good luck. Pan Nan defends that it’s not just Xia Mo’s luck, but also talent that puts her on top. Shu Er then reminds Xia Mo to watch her back cause Hui Ni is known for her harsh tricks.

And the master has arrived! I like that the music is extremely ecstatic. I felt like something big is really going to happen every time Xia Mo and Ou Chen meet. When Ou Chen cuts the cake, he is intensely looking at Xia Mo. C’mon, can’t he do something without swooning over her. He then shakes hand with the artists. First with Wei An, then Shu Er, then Pan Nan, and lastly Xia Mo.

Trust me this is awkward. If only Xia Mo could avoid facing Ou Chen, she’ll definitely would. She extends her hand, but keeps her eyes down. Ou Chen, on the other hand, holds his disturbing gaze steadily at her. As their hands touch, Xia Mo immediately takes her hand away. Awkward! Xi Meng, breaks the intensity, informing Ou Chen that they should hurry up for the next meeting. Way to go old man!

And next is a classic cheesy moment. The green scarf somehow looses its “tight” knot and is carried by the wind, right to Xia Mo’s grasps. Told you it’s chessy! Ou Chen retracts his steps to get the scarf. Xia Mo wants to simply return it, but Ou Chen demands that she ties it on his wrist herself. Then a paparazzi takes a shot. Xi Meng notices and tries to get the photo, but Ou Chen stops him. Ou Chen wants the news to spread. You naughty Ou Chen, you!

At home, Luo Xi informs Xia Mo that he’ll be away for a month for his Japan promotions and movie shoots. He then asks if she’ll miss him. Xia Mo is spacing out and didn’t hear his question, so Luo Xi gets her attention and gently scolds her not to daydream when she’s with him. Xia Mo smiles and asks if he already packed his luggage. Luo Xi says he did, but Xia Mo wants to be sure and checks it for him. Luo Xi is overwhelmed with happiness. Xia Mo discovers that he didn’t bring any medicine, so she reminds him to take care of his health.

Luo Xi then childishly asks if she’ll fly all the way to Japan when he gets sick and misses her terribly. Xia Mo finds that scenario almost impossible cause he always travel often and is surrounded by people. But Luo Xi insists that she answers if she’ll give up everything if she learns that he’s sick and is on the verge of death. Xia Mo just stares at him blankly and so he concludes that he’s just asking a stupid question.

Xia Mo, however, assures him that it’s not stupid but rather too serious. She guarantees that she’ll be by his side, and even if he drives her away, she’ll be with him forever.  Of course, Luo Xi is content to hear her answer. He lays down the ground rules: Always turn her cellphone on. Don’t meet with Ou Chen. Don’t talk with him. Don’t listen to what he says. Okay! Those are the most difficult tasks. Dude! She’s working for the guy!

In Japan, Luo Xi jogs the memory lane and remembers the time when he was in England and being attacked by thieves.

This scene is already introduced when Luo Xi and Pan Nan had their drinking session in Episode 2.

I included this screen shot only because of Pan Nan’s weird hair. As we know it, Pan Nan took care of Luo Xi when he was running a fever after the incident. And it was also Pan Nan who helped Luo Xi get Xia Mo’s picture back.

Present time: Luo Xi looks at Xia Mo’s picture longingly. Duh! All that drama just for that freaking picture!

Who would have thought that tying somebody else’s scarf on that somebody’ else’s wrist could make it to the headlines! And take note: the news also reached Japan! Luo Xi is troubled. He instructs his assistant to book him a flight back to Taiwan ASAP.

Back to Taiwan, Zhen En reads about the news online. She’s quite happy about the publicity and agrees with the fans that Xia Mo is a good match for the young master. Xia Mo finds the news groundless though. When Zhen En asks if they’re back to being gf-bf’s, Xia Mo speedily proves it false. Zhen En still believes that Ou Chen still feels something for her, considering that he looks at her with so much love. And Zhen En also notices that  Xia Mo looks at him in a weird way. Xia Mo is still consistent and persists that she wants nothing to with him. Zhen En then asks why the hell not. Xia Mo refuses to answer. And so Zhen En realizes that she already went overboard and apologizes. She worries that Ou Chen will keep Xia Mo out of work in the future. Xia Mo thinks positively and assures that there will always be a solution for everything.

On the way to the studio, Ou Chen and Xia Mo, once again, meet on the way. This time, Ou Chen just passes by her and Xia Mo only nods in acknowledgment. Zhen En frets over Xia Mo’s cold reaction and declares she’ll be suffering from headaches and heart attacks if Xia Mo continues to display her emotionless facade.

An Hui Ni is still on a self-declared hiatus, and so filming is cancelled. Xia Mo asks Ling Hao if An Hui Ni’s okay, but Ling Hao couldn’t answer.

I super hate you An Hui Ni! The bitch had a press conference and tells made-up lies. She fishes for some pity and falsely weaves that Xia Mo flirts with Ling Hao. She pretends to be the ultimate victim, and says that Xia Mo deserves every slap. You believe her?! That’s just lame!

With the issue getting out of hand, Xia Mo seems to be too calm. She calls Xiao Cheng and explains that it isn’t true. He just have to believe her and everything’s going to be alright.

Xia Mo: I declare war! Well, it’s not how she said it. But, we know that she’s a fighter. So it pretty much means the same thing. Haha!

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