Summer’s Desire Episode 4

I’m so busy and my schedule is so freakin’ hectic but still, I get to insert this recap.  Nyahaha! Should I get an award, ne? Even I’m amazed how I did it! Ahhh, the things I do for this blog.

Is it just me or this episode is rather short and somehow, slowed down a bit? Anyways, it’s expected coz the drama hits a transitory phase, where new characters are  being introduced and new conflicts are being weaved, so basically it needs to tone down some notch.

SD episode 4 continues where Episode 3 obviously left off last week:  Xi Meng personally tries to convince Luo Xi in accepting a Ou Hua Company project. And Luo Xi answers him with a mocking smile and rude words.

Next: Luo Xi takes Xia Mo to their old house (their foster home), which he bought by the way. I loved that Xia Mo somehow felt something. They reminisce the good old times and Luo Xi cheers her up on her acting debut.

Even with Luo Xi’s encouragement and support, Xia Mo still acts like a lifeless zombie during the shoot. And so everybody’s getting irritated and annoyed. The director snaps and throws insulting remarks. Even Ling Hao nags about her poor acting skills. After a few more takes and re-takes, the director called it a day. Xia Mo is left feeling dejected, humiliated and torn.

Zhen En calls and asks whether the filming went well. Xia Mo can’t afford to make her friend feel upset, so she lies and says it was okay. Right then,  Luo Xi’s personal assistant came by and informs her that Luo Xi wants her to go to his house first for some  celebration.

When they arrived, Luo Xi is already asleep, too tired because of his busy sched.  The assistant takes off first, leaving Xia Mo to take care of everything else. It seems that Luo Xi is having a rather troubling dream- about her mom. And Xia Mo wakes him up. Luo Xi then acts as if nothing happened and moves on to the celebration.

Sensing Xia Mo’s odd and disturbed behaviour, Luo Xi guesses that she’s having a tough time in the shoot. And  so he suggests that they practice the lines together. Xia Mo however, declines coz she’s worried that he’ll tire himself out. Luo Xi is moved, but still doubtful, that she actually cared.  Xia Mo then assures that she really did think about his welfare. Now that’s a change! And so Luo Xi smiles and gives her a quick kiss.

When Xia Mo asks what they are celebrating about, Luo Xi laughs and confesses that he just made it up so he’ll have a reason to meet her. And then he gives her his house’s key.   Xia Mo is troubled and won’t accept, but Luo Xi just won’t take no for an answer.

Luo Xi: It’s okay if you don’t want it. You can even throw it away after you leave. Just don’t let me know. Let me believe that you have it so I’ll think that there are two people in this house. And even in the middle o f the night ,when I’m asleep, I can feel…there will be someone with me. Aww. So sweet.Too bad I’m rooting for Ou Chen.

Meanwhile, at the mafia underground-looking office, Ou Chen mulls over the new discoveries. It’s funny that almost every time he opens a scene, he drinks some liquor. He calls his loyal butler, Xi Meng and demands that he help him out in putting the puzzle together. Xi Meng , of course, is distressed and uneasy.  And so he reluctantly asks if Ou Chen already remembered everything. Ou Chen replies that he only remembers how he met Xia Mo and learns that  he paid for Luo Xi’s tuition fees. He also finds out that Luo Xi bought a part of the land that the Ou Co. planned to develop. Ahh, so that was the lurking secret in Episode 3. The yellow envelop Luo Xi’s assistant handed over on the last scene.

Xi Meng is still not convinced that his young master should relive the past, knowing that uncovering the whole truth is unbearable. But Ou Chen is rather unyielding.

Ou Chen:  I may have lost before, but the war just started. Destiny linked us together then, let it completely tie us. I’ll get back everything that I own.

Back to Luo Xi and Xia Mo. Xia Mo thanks Luo Xi for teaching her how to act. She remembers the time when Luo Xi also taught her how to sing. Luo Xi laughs that she considers him a performing teacher.


Luo Xi teaches Xia Mo and Xiao Cheng the song (I think the one he kept on singing everyday. The one with black cats and milks in the lyrics.)They are going to sing the song in a talent show. It was Xiao Cheng who wants to perform on-stage for their foster parents, and as the ever-loving sister, Xia Mo concedes.

Next scene: Ou Chen invites, but more like commands, Xia Mo to ride horses with him on Saturday, which she refuses coz that was the day they have to perform. Ou Chen is getting annoyed by the minute. It’s been established that he hates the word, “No”.

And Saturday has arrived. Xia Mo and Xiao Cheng’s performance  went well. Until, Xia Mo’s stage fright creeps in. She stood there scared stiff and frozen. And so, Luo Xi, again, comes to the rescue.

That night, Xia Mo and Luo Xi had a drinking session. They laugh at what happened. This is where Xia Mo tells Luo Xi that she doesn’t hate him. It’s just that he reminds him of her past (as an orphan). Some sflashback scenes were already shown in the past episodes, so I will not elaborate on those scenes. This is an example.

Xia Mo is rather happy with her latest successful endeavor. She relays the fun experience to Ou Chen, who apparently doesn’t share her enthusiasm. He hates that she performs in front of a crowd and he hates it more, when Luo Xi is always by her side.

Eager to end a worthless argument, she decides that she’ll just quit the show. Ou Chen, however, childishly goads her further and reveals that he’ll be going back to France coz Xia Mo spends more time with Luo Xi and she doesn’t want to be with his domineering attitude anymore. Young Master is throwing another tantrum, eh?

Xia Mo is getting really annoyed with his immature behaviour and insists that there is nothing between her and Luo Xi. Ou Chen, however, is just being  his arrogant self and scoffs that he doesn’t want to hear Luo Xi’s name and declares that he’ll resolve the issue himself. Xia Mo is confused on what he meant, but Ou Chen left off without explaining anything.

As it turns out,  what Ou Chen meant is making Luo Xi disappear. Dad delivers the bad news and everybody is caught in a surprise. Luo Xi is clearly enraged, but acts as if unaffected. Poor dear. Am sure he’s feeling betrayed and abandoned right now.

Xia Mo is quite convinced that Ou Chen manipulated everything. She tries to talk him about it but he already went back to France. She then demands Xi Meng that Ou Chen call her ASAP.

Cold and detached, Luo Xi bids the family his last goodbye. He went away without even looking back. When Ou Chen called, Xia Mo treats him with pure iciness. She then convinces him to send Luo Xi abroad to study than back to the orphanage.

Xia Mo gets what she wants, and Luo Xi goes to study in England. This scene was already played in Episode 1.

Xia Mo says that she’s sorry for what happened. Luo Xi sarcastically rebut that he’s rather fortunate for being able to study in England. When he asks if it he were Xiao Cheng, would she just send him away like this, she instantly answers that she won’t.

Luo Xi: Yes, you won’t leave him coz you love him. But I’m just a stranger passing by. The kid who grew up in an orphanage should not want too much. What qualifies you to get other’s love when your birth parents left you?

Xia Mo: We are the same, maybe I thought of defending myself against you, but I never thought of hurting you, and please believe that Xiao Cheng, mom and dad really like you.

Luo Xi: Like me? Really like me? Because they like me they send me back to the orphanage. Mrs. Song also said she like me, and because of that she watched me being taken away by the police. My mom  said she like me too. Because she like me she left me at the playground waiting for her for 2 days and 2 nights. This kind of liking is too cheap.

Xia Mo: Yes, I can only do these cheap things for you today. You don’t have to forgive me. And you can hate me. You can think I’m selfish and I hurt you. If you hate these people who hurt you, then try hard and be strong. COme back and make us regret for what we did.

She gives her an ATM card, where she deposited the prize money from the talent show and wishes that they’ll meet up again when he comes back.

Luo Xi: It’s because he’s afraid that you’ll fall in love with me, right? Ou Chen wants me to leave because he’s afraid you’ll like me, right?

Xia Mo: Yes.

Luo Xi: Then, so you like me?

Xia Mo: It’s not you. As long as a guy is close to me, Ou Chen will get mad.

Luo Xi: You don’t like me? Then, if I leave will you miss me?

Xia Mo: I don’t have time to miss you.

Luo Xi: So realistic. So cold.

Xia Mo: I’m really sorry about what happened to you. But I don’t want something like this to happen again, so I have to make myself strong and protect the people around me. But making myself strong, will need a lot of hardwork, so I won’t have time to miss you.

Luo Xi: I don’t know what it’ll be the next time I see you. Maybe you’ll be so strong, I have to look up to you.

Xia Mo: I just want to protect my family.

Luo Xi: Then what should I do? I don’t want you to forget me, although I don’t like you, but being forgotten makes me feel bad. *Leans closer* I want you to remember me forever.

And like we don’t know what will happen next, duh! He kisses her.

Luo Xi: Why didn’t you hit me? Usually, when a girl is kissed by force, she would slap the guy.

Of course, she won’t! She’s Xia Mo the ice queen, remember? So she just wipe her lips as if it’s dirtied with his kiss and plays it cool.

Xia Mo: I’m afraid I’ll hurt my hand.

Luo Xi: I’ll come back. Tell that Ou Chen, all the things he’s afraid of, I’ll make him pay double.

She promises that she’ll take care of Milk (the cat) and gives him the guitar. Luo Xi is far more hurt to be consoled with that, so he left the guitar. And then Xia Mo receives the unfortunate call.

~End of Flashback~

Back to the present: Zhen En complains about the make-up artist’s visible bias. Xia Mo, however, doesn’t mind and says to let it go. Zhen En is calmed and so she suggests that they use their make-up instead and hurriedly gets the set in the car.

Outside the dressing room, Ling Hao (with An Hui Ni) is just being the  big jerk again and warns Xia Mo. He scoffs that Xia Mo should at least show some humility by not dragging them down with her. Zhen En hears the rude remarks and counters that he’s the one without humility. Being the more experienced actor, he should just support Xia Mo.Out of nowhere, An Hui Ni then slaps Zhen En.

An Hui Ni: Yin Xia Mo, remember newcomers don’t have the right to yell in front of senior actors. That’s a rule. Teach your manager, otherwise she’ll get you into trouble later.

Xia Mo: Newcomers have no right to be impolite but you are qualified to fight with others? Apologize to Zhen En.

An Hui Ni is a brat, so, of course she won’t apologize even if  the sky will collapse. And for that Xia Mo makes a bargain. If she can  pass the scene in one take, then An Hui Ni should apologize. But if she can’t then, she’ll let An Hui Ni do whatever she wants with her. And just like any protagonist, An Hui Ni confidently takes the deal.

And miraculously Xia Mo nailed the scene. Even Ling Hao is stunned and dumbfounded on Xia Mo’s acting prowess. All credits are given to Luo Xi, ne? Well, it isn’t too surprising for me coz, basically Bing Tong (Xia Mo’s character) is just like her in real life- passionate but cold. Huh? The irony!

The director praises Xia Mo for a job well done. Losing the bet, An Hui Ni  then looks like this:

Zhen En is so happy with the results. She even became more forgiving and wants to let go of what happened earlier.

And so the drama is phenomenal hit. The ratings are good and Xia Mo becomes an in demand actress. She even outshines An Hui Ni in every possible way, who BTW becomes more bitchy each day.

And the scene where Ah Hui Ni has to slap Xia Mo finally comes. I’ve been waiting for this! Weee! She’s just too keyed up to dig her own grave, this Ah Hui Ni! She uses every possible excuses to slap Xia Mo repeatedly. And every strike is as forceful as the last. The director even supports her. Darn that director!

It’s a good thing that Ou Chen is there. But alas! He didn’t stop the slapping session. Well, he could just easily wipe off An Hui Ni , but because he knew that it isn’t what Xia Mo wants, he just stands there watching painfully. This is why I like Ou Chen, he’s not selfish, he just knows her far more than anybody else.

Seeing An Hui Ni’s wicked scheme, Zhen En tries to stop the shoot and get Xia Mo out of there. But Xia Mo, won’t give up and assures her that she’s okay. With all the earth-shattering slaps and hand marks, yeah, she’s okay!

Somehow Xia Mo’s body can’t take it anymore. She feels dizzy and falls in a faint. Thankfully, Ou Chen catches her. And then… 10 minutes break.

Zhen En cries and convinces Xia Mo to go to the hospital. But Xia Mo still refuses and says that she just needs ice. Zhen En immediately gets some ice, and meets An Hui Ni along the hallway.  She begs that An Hui Ni slaps her, instead of Xia Mo, but the latter denies that she’s doing it on purpose and walks away.

Meanwhile, Xia Mo cools her self off. Ou Chen watches her from afar. He really is concerned for her, so he comes up with little payback plot- role swap!

After the  break, the staff starts to film the scene again. But this time, An Hui Ni complains that she can’t get into her character. And so the directors tells Xia Mo that she should help her out and tries An Hui Ni’s character for a sec. An Hui Ni is outraged coz that means Xia Mo will have the chance to slap her back. It’s time to settle the score! Bwahaha!

And because she’s Xia Mo, she didn’t hit her. Instead, she acted up on a totally different approach, more real and touching. After the scene, everybody is moved, even some cries for the beauty of it. I think this is a more painful slap for An Hui Ni. Sweet taste of revenge!

Dun…dun…dun…see you next episode. 🙂

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