Preview: Magkaribal

The most anticipated Fdrama for the second quarter, MAGKARIBAL (roughly translated as The Rivals), finally, sets its airing date this June 28.

I really have high hopes for this drama and I, too share the hypes and anticipation. Dubbed as the first ever fashion series in the country,  the drama is truly one of a kind and revolutionary in its genre. I’m crossing my fingers that it wouldn’t lose its charms along way though.

Seriously, a fushion of high fashion and  intense drama? It’s gotta be interesting, right? I rarely watch Filipino (Tagalog) dramas (coz Fdramas tend to be unnecessary long and too emotionally draining), but somehow I  feel that this drama is really promising.

Watching the teasers, I can sense that the drama has enough angst to keep the viewers comin’  and, not to mention, a very, very intriguing plot. And not to forget, the a stellar casts!  Hopefully, Magkaribal would do justice to the recent buzz.

Here are two of the many teasers. After 2 excruciating days of mind-boggling unraveling  sessions, I finally finished decoding the whole two teasers and is able to offer an English translation.

Gelai: I wear the dream to be a famous fashion designer.

Victoria: I was born to design. I’m not the best…I’m THE one.

Gelai: I will not only be your match. I’ll be greater.

Victoria: You want war? I’ll give you war. Just tell me where and when, I’ll be there… wearing my red stiletto.

Gelai: I am Gelai.

Victoria: I am Victoria.

I wear the dream to be known and be accepted.

I wear the  strength to fight and be recognized.

I wear the right to be chosen and uphold.

I wear the courage to save the one I love.

I wear the heart that will never give up and fight.

I wear the love that can give and let go.

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