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Summer’s Desire Episode 2

Yay! And the dangerous obsession continues…

Before I start my summary/recap,  let me recommend a nice, funny and amazing parodycap of Summer’s Desire from Sevenses. She’s just pure genius, unrivaled in many, many ways. Even I wonder where she gets her incredible wits, crazy ideas and most of all, extraordinary humour.  Where? Where?

Anyways, maybe it’s because of the genes. Some of us are just blessed with absolute awesomeness since birth, eh? Yeah, I guess it’s definitely the genes. Too bad for me though. Haha.

You may visit her blog @ sevenses.wordpress.com

Oh! Least I forget. I first wrote on my previous post that I’m going to have a summary– not a recap- on Summer’s Desire, but I’m feeling kinda lacking inside so I decided to make a recap. To be honest, I felt guilty not giving this drama enough credits that it rightfully deserves. Well, let’s just cross our fingers that I won’t change my mind or waver in this cause.

On with the recap…

Episode 1 left off with Ou Chen angrily driving away,  nearly knocking the  two love birds.Thankfully he didn’t cause any serious harm other than striking fear, or else we wouldn’t have episode 2, right? So now, Luo Xi and Xia Mo are off from being “siblings” and on for being officially lovers? Weird.

Everybody mulls over the “steamy Luo Xi-Xia Mo kiss”. And by everybody, I pretty much mean  Xia Mo, Luo Xi, Ou Chen, me and the rest of the viewing public. Xia Mo is rather confused and baffled. I bet shes thinking: “Gosh! Two handsome boys are obsessed with me. I’m so lucky! Yepee!” Oh, sorry! It’s just me getting carried away.

Well, I’m not really sure what’s running in Xia Mo’s mind, but I’m pretty certain that Luo Xi is very much pleased about it, considering he can’t help but smile by himself.

Out of the three, Ou Chen seems to be on the foulest edge. I can’t blame him though. He has no memory of the past, plus, he kept on thinking about Xia Mo, not even having the slightest idea why.

His assistant, Xi Meng, then disturbs his flow of thought and reminds him of the business engagements he has to comply. Okay, those stuffs? Boring. Maybe he shares my disinterest for he refuses to be bothered with any of those things. Instead, his priority is Company Hong Ou. From what I’ve understood it’s the entertainment wing of the Ou Organization.

Xi Meng is a tad reluctant of his Young master’s sudden decision. But with Ou Chen’s scary character who would be brave enough to oppose? Not me, I tell you.

Some cheesy moments ahead. But since it’s Huang Xiao Ming, then it’s okay.

That night, Luo Xi calls Xia Mo. He seems quite busy these days, so he won’t have enough free time to spend with her. Well, it’s understandable since he’s a star. Xia Mo then teasingly asks what a ‘star’ like him would possible be doing in his spare time. He honestly answers that all he ever wanted was to look at the moon with the one he loves. Xia Mo smiles at the thought.  He then requests that since he can’t look at the moon, she may at least look at it for him. So she goes outside and yeah, he’s there. Can’t just get his hands off her, ne?

It’s cute when he childishly ask  that she give him 10 minutes, then 5 minutes more for a hug. Awww.

Comes morning, Pan Nan sees Xia Mo and so they chat. It looks like Pan Nan got the first spot. And so the SUN Agency only needs 1 more artist to debut. After weighing the odds, Pan Nan boost up Xia Mo’s confidence and advises that she should just believe in her self.

Just in time, Zhen En pops in and excitedly handed over Xia Mo’s fan letters. She suspiciously notices Xia Mo’s glowing radiance and wildly guesses that she’s in love. Of course, Xia Mo denies and brushes the topic off. So, Zhen En then whines and grumbles about Wei An’s impossible tantrums. She complains and gripes, until she sees Jam walking away. Jam is the manager, or something, who was involved in the scandal with Wei An. Obviously, he’s fired.

Hmm, I’m having this gutsy feel that Yao Shu Er is behind the recent scandal. And with Wei An out-of-the-way, Shu Er has all the opportunity  to seize every damn projects, especially the Hong Ou commercial. I’m totally hating her right now. Bitch!

Anyway, Shu Er invites Xia Mo, Zhen En, and some random friend Ke Xin to go with her  to the legendary Ou Organization Main Office. Dun..dun..dun.. and the most anticipated reunion occurs.

BTW, Shen Qiang is also auditioning for the commercial, so she’s there. You may not be familiar with her yet but she’ll be playing as Luo Xi’s lover-wanna be later on.

And so, the Young Master arrives, complete with the red carpet and stuffs. Haha! This reminds me of Luo Xi’s grand entrance in the first episode.

Ou Chen continues his powerful stride. And the rest of the staff bows in astonishment. Nyahaha! Xia Mo, on the other hand, is much perturbed. She fixes her gaze on the ground, avoiding his sight and seeing only the green scarf on his hand. Moments from now, maybe she’ll run and scream like crazy. Of course, it didn’t happen coz Ou Chen just passed by her.  She’s rather relieved, and at the same time, distressed.

But somehow, Ou Chen remembers her (through flashbacks) and immediately went back to look  intently at her face. Xia Mo can’t take the immense pressure of actually facing “that” person, so she walks away. Definitely, not a very good idea if the one you’re going to dispose is the heir to one of the world’s richest families.

Of course, he tries to stop her and demands that she tell him who she is. This caught her rather off guard, but coolly answers that she’s an employee of SUN and is just there for company matters. She’s a bit insulted, thinking that Ou Chen is doing it on purpose- his own idea of revenge.

The ever bitchy Shu Er, tries to steal the spotlight and sweetly says that Xia Mo’s  her assistant and inquires what could he possibly want from her. Fortunately, Ou Chen didn’t pay her any attention at all.

Ou Chen: Your name…Yin Xia Mo.

Xia Mo: If you knew my name why did you ask? What are you planning to do? If you want to play games, I don’t have time for that. *shoves his hand*

Oh no, she didn’t?! Yeah, she did!

Ou Chen, now calmed and in control, asks about Shu Er and Shen Qiang’s business there. Xi Meng answers that they’ll be attending the audition. Ou Chen then, casually remarks that Xia Mo is best suited for that. Shu Er and Shen Qiang are dumbfounded. Oh! Someone’s pretty angry right now! Shu Er, I mean!

Xi Meng seems too concerned for the recent development. He talks with Xia Mo and explains that Ou Chen lost his memory in a serious car accident, and in result, he can’t remember her and the pain she caused him. Xi Meng: “You hurt him so cruelly. It only proves that you didn’t actually loved him”. Guilty and grieved, Xia Mo promises that she’ll stay away from Ou Chen as much as possible, but at least he give her a fair chance at the audition.

News really do travels fast. Luo Xi already knew about the fateful meeting and remarks that Xia Mo’s expression is rather blank, neither agitated nor sad, just like the first time she saw him. Xia Mo counters that he must be disappointed because of her bland reaction. She knew very well, that Luo Xi has always wanted revenge from the moment she drove him away at the airport. And so, he manipulated everything- from their first meeting to his rushed proposal to be his lover.

Luo Xi: What I like is this smart Xia Mo. All the details are printed in her head.

Xia Mo: The person who can’t forget everything is you. I completely understand that you can’t forgive me, and him.

Luo Xi: You liked him.

Xia Mo: When?

Luo Xi: In the past.

Xia Mo: I’ve long forgotten the past. *And the flashbacks continue*

~Beginning of Flashback~

After 5 months, Ou Chen finally went back to school. This causes a buzz and the first thing he did was find Xia Mo.

All the while, Luo Xi secretly flares his evil glints.

Eventually, Ou Chen flew back because he learned of Luo Xi. Straightforwardly, he asks Xia Mo if she likes Luo Xi. without batting an eyelash, she answers no. He asks again if she hates him then. Xia Mo laughs but also answered no. She teases him for being too petty, behaving childishly and displaying  ridiculous jealousy. She changes the topic and asks for her present.

Ou Chen hands her a box with a green headband.

Ou Chen: In the future, tie this on everyday. You can only let your hair down in front of me.

Xia Mo: You’re really overbearing. I have always  answered your calls no matter how late it is. You always have Old Jiang follow me everywhere. Now even you have to care about my hair?

Ou Chen: That’s right! Because you are mine.

Xia Mo: From the first time I met you, you’ve been this overbearing.

Ou Chen: What? So you really like that person called Luo Xi?

Xia Mo: The one I like is you. I’ll tie this green lace on everyday. But you have to trust me. If not, your bossy attitude will make me feel like suffocating.

Ou Chen: I can trust you. But for one month you have to eat dinner with me every night.*walks away without another word*

As she turns, she sees Luo Xi and his almost evil smirk. Creepy!

It turns out that the green lace was personally sewn by Ou Chen for 1 whole week. Awww. But then again, he’s just too conceited and arrogant, so don’t be smitten by him just yet!

Remember the girl who dared challenge Xia Mo? Well, she gets beaten up. Haha!  Xia Mo, stops the beat-up session, but the girl felt too ridiculed to be grateful and vows that she’ll give Xia Mo twice the humiliation she had. BTW, the girl’s name is Fang Ji Huang. I’ve got a feeling that it’ll be helpful to remember.

After the commotion, all the other student’s rush towards Luo Xi. Who, by the way, sings the same song everyday. I love how Ou Chen looks at Luo Xi. Grrrr…the first  indication of anger.

The royal underlings then, follow their young master everywhere, even during his fencing time. There, the geeky guy in eyeglasses, Yang Min, speaks ill about Luo Xi, being an orphan and a son of a prostitute. He continues to make spiteful comments, saying that  Luo Xi is a thief and was imprisoned. Other students remark that orphans really do have a dark side and so their very existence is like trash. Xia Mo, overhears the rude comments and decides to leave. Ou Chen, tries to stop her but she casually turns him down. Too pissed off, he throws the mask to the geeky guy. Haha!

It seems that Luo Xi has been in a fight with the backbiting geeky guy and is being gravely accused by the disciplinary officer.  Foster Dad tries to negotiate, saying that the officer should have at least investigate on the matter. But, the officer refuses and so Xia Mo butts in and helps. She assures Dad that she’ll settle this on her own so it’s better that he leaves with Xiao Cheng.

After Dad and Xiao Cheng take off, the officer remains unyielding and mockingly asks how the hell would she settle it. Xia Mo confidently answers that if the school wouldn’t investigate then she’ll have to. She further goads that if she prove the issues wrong, then the officer should be ready to apologize. She grabs Luo Xi’s hand and walks away. She’s much preoccupied with the situation, so she didn’t notice Ou Chen pass by. And this adds to Ou Chen’s already fuming temper.

Young Master seems to be throwing a tantrum at Xia Mo. She, on the other hand, knows very  well how to soothe the ranging tempest and threatens that she’ll just have to disappear in his life forever. This,of course, is unacceptable to Ou Chen and is forced to admit that he got worked up, seeing  Xia Mo held Luo Xi’s hands. She just take it as a joke and teasingly wipes her hands with the towel.

With his worries set aside,  Xia Mo asks for his help with Luo Xi’s case. Of course, she was already confident that he’ll help her. Needless to say, he already had his hands on the matter but didn’t forget to remind her. Ou Chen: “In the future don’t be too close to that Luo Xi. Xia Mo, you’re mine”.

At home, Luo Xi arrogantly asks why Xia Mo helped him. He’d rather have her hate than her pity. Xia Mo clarifies that she doesn’t feel even a bit of pity for him, and besides, there’s nothing to pity about.

She relays the truth and tells him that she and Xiao Cheng are also orphans. She mocks his stupid reaction to the geeky guys horrid remarks, when in fact, she was called far more harsher- a whore. Luo Xi can only laugh at the shocking discovery, realizing that all this while, she’s rather similar to his kind.

Xia Mo: I’ve seen children like you at the orphanage. They put on a perfect, flawless facade, and act like an angel to those who were adopting. But no matter how good others are, you just pretend to smile and be grateful, but in your heart, you chunk all this care and concern into the bin.

Luo Xi: What about you? How are you different from me? You act better than me. You’re so gentle and lovable in front of that Young Master. You’re naive and cute in front of Dad. But in reality, you’re a much colder person than I am.

Xia Mo: That’s right. But I’m not as stupid as you. Pretending that you don’t want the love of others when you’re desperate for them.

Luo Xi tries to intimidate her but she’s juts too much of a fighter. She leaves, saying that it would be the last time that she’ll help him.

And so with Ou Chen’s help, Xia Mo had the chance to talk with the geeky guy’s mom. It was settled then that the real culprit was the geeky guy himself. Xia Mo recorded the whole conversation and so Luo Xi was cleared. Geeky guy, then publicly announces his apologies.

~End of Flashback~

Xia Mo, again insists that she has long forgotten the past. Luo Xi is still reluctant, knowing that her family loved Ou Chen, so she must have loved him. Xia Mo assures that it doesn’t matter anyhow coz her parents died a long time ago.

Luo Xi is taken aback. Xiao Mo relays that the day she sent him at the airport was the same day her parents died in a car accident. They were desperately trying to get to them and hold Luo Xi back. So their death was partly because of Luo Xi. He is  moved by that fact but still puts all the blame to Ou Chen.

He asks then if she’ll consider Ou Chen’s offer in signing her for the lead actress in the commercial. Xia Mo won’t let this opportunity pass by so, of course, she would hold on to it. Luo Xi remarks that she’s still the same, after all these years, it may seem that she doesn’t care but deep inside she’ll never let it pass by. And so Xia Mo asks back that isn’t he just the same.

Luo Xi didn’t bother to answer but boldly state that she’ll surely fall for Ou Chen again. She asks back if he’s scared, of which he didn’t deny one bit. He’s afraid that she’ll leave him and return to Ou Chen’s side. He finds her hands and showers it with kisses. But Xia Mo pulls away.

Xia Mo: Luo Xi don’t invest any feelings in me. In my heart there is no love. What I want is success. In order to succeed, I can do anything. To me, love is not important. Today, I can like you. I can be next to you. If I like someone else, I’ll be next to them. *Argg.Brutally frank!*

Luo Xi: But now the one you like is me, right?

Xia Mo: Yes. I like you.

Luo Xi: Then that’s enough. You’ll love me more and ‘more. Until the day I die, you will still love me. *then kiss Xia Mo’s forehead*

Luo Xi still seems to be troubled. Yeah, he really is afraid. He calls Pan Nan and asks that she oversee Xia Mo in the audition.

Remember Shen Qiang? One of the models who wanted to  audition in Ou Hong’s Commercial? It’s really not clear how close she is to Luo Xi, but this scene pretty much gives a clue.

Shen Qiang, somewhat disturbs Luo Xi’s solitary moment, declaring that she’s   not taking the auditions anymore coz Xia Mo is Luo Xi’s friend. She boldly voices out that she feels uncomfortable when Luo Xi shared a song with Xia Mo, and not with her. Luo Xi assures that they’ll definitely have the chance to work together. All this time, he appears bored and keeps on checking his watch. Why? It’s AUDITION DAY!

So everybody’s quite busy, frantic and hyped up. But someone is kinda  threatened of Xia Mo’s presence in the audition and alas! She was kidnapped.

Thankfully, Ou Chen instructs a  driver to send Xia Mo to the studio and call him as soon as the driver completes the task. It’s a good thing really, coz the driver sees the kidnapping and followed the goons.

Xia Mo is running rather late, so Zhen En grows anxious and frenzied by the minute. Thankfully she’s smart, and knew right then that something is amiss. She tries to ask some help from Young Master Ou Chen- the only person who could actually do something!

She tells him not to eliminate Xia Mo just because she’s late. She defends that Xia Mo is never tardy and it’s quite odd for her to let this chance go. Of course, Ou Chen goes into panic mode and calls the driver. And so, Zhen En is right! The driver confirms that Xia Mo is really in trouble. Ou Chen rushes to the rescue.

Because of his awesome sports car, Ou Chen is the first to arrive at the abandoned dilapidated building where Xia Mo is kept hostage. He singlehandedly brawls and rumbles the two goons and successfully pushed his way in to save Xia Mo.

All those time, Xia Mo desperately tries to escape. She even uses a rough stone to cut the ropes, injuring herself in the process. So, when Ou Chen sees her she’s already wounded, bleeding, weak and free. It’s kinda funny that she did all those attempts just to come home to Xiao Cheng. She really loved her brother the most. I feel pity for Luo Xi and Ou Chen.

Seeing  her injuries, Ou Chen tries to get her to the nearest hospital, of which Xia Mo refutes and insists that he drive her to the studio instead. Ou Chen demands that she take care of her body first. But she’s too persistent for her own good. Ou Chen can only give in to her whims.

Ou Chen ends up carrying Xia Mo. Of course, Xia Mo is uneasy and demands that he let her go. This time, her whines are in vain because Ou Chen is too determined to have his way. In voiceover she says: “With barely enough memory, he’s still him”.

~Then Flashback~

Back to the first time they met. A young  Xia Mo bravely trying to stop young Ou Chen’s car. She naively stood her ground as the car fastly approaches. And out of pure shock, she fainted. Young Ou Chen, right then is captivated by both her courage and strong will, and carried her to safety.

When young Xia Mo wakes up, she immediately see young Ou Chen sitting beside the bed. He then asks why she was there, waiting for his car. And so, Xia Mo explains that she wanted to talk with the chairman and beg that he reconsiders his decision of firing her foster dad. Without her dad’s job, she and her brother will surely be returned to the orphanage.

Young Ou Chen then agrees that he’ll grant her wish as long as she does what he wants- stand in front of the target board with apple on top of her head. Yeah, the same stunt he pulled with the “girlfriend”.

Xia Mo proves to be as crazy as he is coz she willing concede. She didn’t run away, didn’t cry and her legs didn’t jitter even for a few seconds. And when Xi Meng tries to shoo her away, she remains steadfast. Young Ou Chen is much impressed with her brave display of love for her family.

~End of Flashback~

And we get back to the scene where Ou Chen is carrying Xia Mo. Okay, so this is quite embarrassing, and awkward, coz he carried her all the way to the studio-with all the people and staff looking and gawking. Finally, he remembers to put her down and so she prepares for the audition.

Shu Er is the first to perform. Pan Nan and Yan Lung (Shu Er’s manager) watches through the TV, all the while, commenting that she sang well. Yan Lung adds that Shu Er indeed has the ability but has no luck. She pretty much gave everything in the audition, and he fears that she’ll be upset with the outcome.

Now, it’s  Xia Mo’s turn. Determined to succeed, Xia Mo gives her best. She didn’t even mind the pain and smiles as if nothing happened. Ou Chen, on the other hand frets, looking at the bleeding wound.

Mo’s performance is far better than Shu Er’s. She even incorporated two extreme emotions in one song- happiness and sadness. Pan Nan further comments that Shu Er poses on the pitiful look but  Xia Mo’s performance has more depth.

The audition proves to be a success for Xia Mo. Zhen En even feels proud for her best friend. When Pan Nan momentarily leaves to get her car, Ou Chen suddenly appears and forcefully carry Xia Mo in his car. Pan Nan sees everything and calls Luo Xi.

At the overly nice hospital suite, Ou Chen continues to display his overbearing attitude and demands that Xia Mo stay for a while when she insisted to go home. He won’t let her leave until she finishes all exams. In voiceover (again) Xia Mo says: “Still overbearing. If he puts his mind on something, he won’t accept any explanations, just like five years ago. Haven’t you change five years later?”  Noticing the way she knowingly looks at him, Ou Chen knows that she’s the key to his past.

Ou Chen: We know each other right? What was our relationship? You were in my life five years ago, right? That’s why, from the moment I saw you I can’t forget you . We were in love before, That’s why I lose control when I see you. Even in front of my employees.

Xia Mo: (Still in voiceover) Did you really lose your memory? Then why do you exactly talk the same way as before. Even the way you look at me is exactly the same.

Ou Chen continues to pour out his emotions, saying that he kept on dreaming of a girl who won’t look back at him, even when he calls her name. He then concludes that the girl is Xia Mo.

But Xia Mo isn’t about to leap in dangerous grounds, she remembers her conversation with Xi Meng and her promise to stay away from Ou Chen.

Xia Mo: (Voiceover. Yup, lot of voiceovers. Sorry) Let the past be past. Maybe it was my fault. Maybe it was your fault. But if you’d forgotten everything, then forget it completely.

She smiles sarcastically and coldly says that she doesn’t know him. But Ou Chen can’t seem to believe what she’s saying and insists that she’s just lying.

Xia Mo: Why should I lie to you? If I lied then I would have said that I know you. You loved me and I loved you. Wouldn’t it benefit me more from that?

Ou Chen: I thought that I definitely found the answer to my past. In the end, it was all my imagination. Do you really not exist in my life?

Xia Mo: Yes, it’s a pity I don’t know you.

Ou Chen: Then from now on, stay by my side. *kisses her hand. This is almost an Ou Chen trademark*

Xia Mo: Is this the way Young Master Ou chases after girls? Dont tell me that you let me audition for the commercial just to chase after me? Pity. I’m only interested in the commercial.

Ou Chen: Go out with me. If you can’t still fall in love with me, I’ll give you the right to break up with me.

Xia Mo: Impossible!

And so, Ou Chen demands for a reason. Luo Xi butts in…

Luo Xi: Because she already has a boyfriend.


Hi there!

I’m really at a loss right now. With SD’s finale episode lurking around the corner, I am now scouting for a new drama to recap. Well, I find “recapping” a little tiring but it sure helps me eliminate some stress. And to be honest, the activity grew on me.

With that said, please help me find a good drama/ project. I’m thinking Playful Kiss or Sungkyunkwan Scandal but I have a hunch that the Dramabeans  team will be doing recaps for those Kdramas, so that leaves me no choice but find some other prospects.

Anyways, I’m also considering Endless love (Wilber Pan and Sandrinne Pinna)  or Queen not Getting Off Work (comeback drama of Nicholas Teo), whichever is better between the two. Sad to say, I can only recap one at time. I tried doing multi-tasking but it just didn’t work.

Please…please help me decide. And if you have a good drama in mind, feel free to suggest. It’ll be appreciated, really. I am not an expert recap artist, but I’m desperately trying to write decent articles. To those who encouraged me all through out my “recapping” endeavors, thank you very much.

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