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Down with Love Episode 16 Recap (Final)


Just like any other romantic-comedies out there, DWL ends with a happy ever after. And for that, it deserves some applause. It ended  quite well- unexpected but really really nice. But!

Don’t get me wrong mina-san. I’ve  adored this drama from the start, and I find their son  super cute, but dude! How come I felt that DWL ended  in a sudden rush! And for my biggest disappointment: Why didn’t Yang Duo and Zhi Hao ended up together? Why? Why?

I’m so freakin’ tempted to make a recap in reverse or better yet, just start with the epilogue. I demand some justice!

A simple rewind: In episode 15, Yu Ping insists to give Yang Guo a job in the his firm. A more or less precautionary measure to keep her under his nose at all times if you’ll ask me.

He introduces her with much seriousness and excitement, and so, the rest of the staff presupposes that they are about to meet a rather famous lawyer from the overseas. Haha! Yu Ping laughs at the absurd remark as he knew that they are about to realize the folly of their missed anticipation.

Dun..dun..dun…And so, the staff meets Yang Guo. This, of course, earns an overly negative response from Yang Duo.  As frugal as ever, she voices out that if Yang Guo’s going to answer calls, serve drinks and photocopy documents, then he’ll be just wasting money coz she’s doing those stuffs already. Yu Ping casually brushes off her concerns and assures her that Yang Guo is on for a more important task- cross out pages! Haha!

Yu Ping tries to be as serious as possible: “There are some very important confidential documents in the office. If we are not careful and it gets recycled the wrong way, we might be in trouble. The company will rely on you.”

Actually, Yu Ping finds this set-up rather funny but he is much determined to keep Yang Guo under his protective radar. Yang Guo, on the other hand, resents the job, and the idea that she’s being totally dependent on Yu Ping, but is forced to abide by his stanch resolves.

All the while, Yang Duo continues her rants and protests against  the noticeable “injustice” seen in the huge wage difference. She grumbles on the fact that her salary is not even half  of Yang Guo’s and yet her workload is ten times bigger.Yu Ping tries to calm her down, defending that Yang Guo is already receiving a higher salary before, when she was working as Yu Ting and Yu Fei’s nanny. Yang Duo still revolts, considering that it was a totally different work. And besides, being their nanny requires that she risk her life and she’s the only one who could do it. Haha!

Before they could continue, Yang Guo comes in and hands over the documents that she crossed. Yu Ping is quite surprised that she finished crossing out papers in no time. Lost for any workload ideas, Yu Ping suggests that she serve water.

And so Yang Guo’s first day proves to be as disappointing as it is dull. Well, for Yang Guo that is. Everybody seems to pay her extra attention- to the point that they called her lady boss. This is awkward because she’s just doing the most trivial thing. Yu Ping is very much pleased, and proud,  with everything though.

The couple then goes for a date. And Yu Ping seems to be more hyped up, stuffing Yang Guo with 4 portions of each dish. Of course, Yang Guo is embarrassed and scolds him for being too much and for calling her his girlfriend in public. Yu Ping seems undisturbed and says that he already waited far too long to openly introduce his girlfriend. He is even delighted when his staff called her lady-boss.

Sensing that this is the right time to voice out her concerns, she hesitantly tells Yu Ping that she better find another job coz, obviously, she’s not suited to work in a law firm. Though unwilling, Yu Ping gives up the idea and suggests that she work in a friend’s place instead.  But she declines coz she doesn’t want to rely on relationships either. Yu Ping grows a bit frustrated but Yang Guo assures him that even if she finds another job, she’ll send him messages every day or call each other often, even spend weekends together. Yu Ping is still apprehensive and uneasy, but then gives in.

Meanwhile, Yang Duo and Zhi Hao is on for their own movie date. Hmm, busy night, eh? Somehow, they can’t find something to talk about. And so, Zhi Hao ends up talking about laws and stuff. Yang Duo can’t share his enthusiasm though, and in voice over says: “What? Am I working over time in a cinema now?”.  *Sigh

With the sisters out for their dates, Dad Yang eats dinner alone. Just then, Qi Ma Ma pays the Yang’s a  personal visit, hoping that Yang Guo will forgive Ke Zhong and give him another chance. Though Ke Zhong told her everything already, as a mother she can’t seem to just give up.

Dad is a bit saddened but then must be honest, least he give her some false hopes. He explains that the issue is not about forgiveness but rather who Yang Guo really loves, thus, it’s rather impossible to hope for any reconciliation.

With a heavy heart, Qi Ma Ma bids her goodbyes and says sorry for disturbing his dinner. Dad Yang assures that she’s not interrupting anything  coz he’s just eating ramen for dinner. Qi Ma Ma is quick to disagree: “Eating meals should never be taken lightly just because you’re alone. The worst thing of being alone is loneliness”. Sensing her sadness, Dad Yang invites her to dinner. Is this the beginning of a love affair?

Next, we see Yang Guo having another job interview. Since she’s applying for a sales assistant, the manager requires that she knows some basic conversational English. It’s funny that the only English words she knows are: Yes, Hello, I love You,  Yes and I know. Haha!

And so, for the 10th time she flanks the interview. Embarrassed, she sees the foolishness of assuring Yu Ping that she’ll  find a job on her own. In desperation, she cries and calls to the heavens: “When will the economic slump  end? Oh God!”

Right then, Yan Ling calls and recommends a “fantastic” job opening at Duna Panzi Romantic Restaurant.  The  job only requires 4 Hours of work a day,  6 working days a week, day offs every 5th day of the week, three months off every year. And the most tempting part: salary is NT$35, 000 a month! Hmm, even for me this is kinda too good to be true!

Yang Guo seems to doubt if there’s really a job as amazing and trouble-free as that and skeptically asks Yan Ling why she didn’t just grab the opportunity herself. Yan Ling dubiously answers that it’s because she’s too attached with her current job.

Just as I thought, Yu Ping staged the whole set. He asks Yan Ling if Yang Guo buys the offer. Yan Ling confidently confirms that she did coz ya know it has been established that Yang Guo is easy to fool. :p

Yu Ping waits inside the restaurant way too long. Even the chef wonders if Yang Guo’s going to come. So, Yu Ping calls her and is enraged when he knew that she already found a job at a Maid Cafe. Haha! All those work for nothing!

Yang Guo explains that the job Yan Ling suggested is  impossibly great and thinks that maybe it’s a group of swindlers on the works. Yu Ping is annoyed and blurts: “What would swindlers possibly want from you?” Haha! But Yang Guo is much happy in finding a job on her own, leaving Yu Ping with no choice.

Yu Ping still fumes for the outcome. He searches for the Cafe’s site in the net and is bothered seeing the provocative pictures. Yang Duo sees the screen and teases him for liking that kind of things. Yu Ping is obviously embarrassed and explains that it’s not like that. Yang Guo however, still hovers on the topic and voices out silly comments. Yu Ping reacts: “Miss Yang are you crazy?!” Haha!

After the  funny talk with her boss, Yang Duo bumps into Zhi Hao. He invites her to dinner, of which she automatically refuse saying she has another appointments. He tries to reset the schedule, but every time he did, Yang Duo finds every excuse in the book just to avoid their dates. And so,  Zhi Hao leaves with a gloomy expression. All the while, Yang Duo can only feel sorry for him. Poor, poor Zhi Hao. Huhu.

Zhi Hao is really desperate to make his relationship with Yang Duo work that he asked Yang Guo for some help. He asks her for some hints on what Yang Duo likes so that they’ll have something to talk about.Yang Guo however, proves to be of little help and only knows that her sister likes interior design. She gets hyped up and suggests that they ask Ke Zhong for help.

And so, to avoid having the same misunderstanding they had (refer to Ep. 15) Yang Guo asks permission from Yu Ping to meet with Ke Zhong. Yu Ping is still not over with his unusual jealousy streaks and repels the idea.

Yu Ping: So you’re saying that, in order to help Zhi Hao, you want to go see your ex-boyfriend?

Yang Guo: Why are you putting it like that? It’s just it’s Ke Zhong we’re talking about. You could refer him as your bestfriend Ke Zhong. Or you could refer to him as Mr. Qi, interior designer. So, why do you have to put it that…

Yu Ping: His identity is relative here. Because, although he might be Mr. Qi interior designer for the world and my bestfriend Ke Zhong, he’s still consider an ex-boyfriend to you. If I say anything out of place, you’re more than welcome to raise any counter arguments. I’ll give you three seconds to respond. 1, 2 ,3. I’ll take your silence as a tacit agreement.

Yang Guo: My sister was right. Dating a lawyer is like going to court all the time. Fine, I’ll admit it okay? So can I meet my ex-boyfiend for that?

Yu Ping: Although I don’t approve it since you  said that you were dating a lawyer, I’ll let it go this once.

So, it’s settled. After thorough deliberation, Yu Ping agrees with the meeting. Yang Guo makes it sure that he won’t follow her like the last time. He’s quite defensive and mockingly replies that he doesn’t have the time to do such things and orders her for a cup of drink.

As soon as Yang Guo prepares the drink, Yu Ping is left to pray that she remain unyielding. Haha!

Yang’s residence: Yang Guo looks for her sister’s favorite design book but can’t seem to find it. She asks Dad about the book but he’s too busy talking on the phone with some girl (Qi Ma Ma) and is annoyed for the disturbance.

Right on time, Yang Duo comes home. Yang Guo excitedly greets her sister and tells her that she has something to say. Yang Duo, however, thinks ahead of herself and worriedly asks of Zhi Hao called. Yang Guo and Dad Yang are a tad confused on what is really going on between Yang Duo and Zhi Hao. Yang Duo complains then that she’s sick being stared at by Zhi Hao everyday. Basically, she’s grumbling for too much attention. Oh girl! How can you be like that?! Argg!

Dad Yang finds Yang Duo’s concerns and complains odd. Considering, he’s in love as he is. He advises Yang Duo to appreciate the love and be thankful of the feelings and affection. He continues to talk and talk and seems to be in a world of his own. Yang Guo stares at him disapprovingly, putting a stop to his own downpour of sentiments.

So, Yang Guo asks her sis for the book, giving an excuse that she’ll be using it for the cafe’s renovation. Yang Duo readily replies that she threw the book away. Yang Guo is shocked that her sis easily threw her most important possession. Yang Duo seems to reconsider and gets the book under her pillow. She gives the book to Yang Guo and says: “Interior design has been my dream since childhood. It’s difficult to throw it away”. She then acts nonchalance and tells Yang Guo that she may just keep it.

At the office, Yu Ping notices his staff having a serious chat. It seems that they are consoling the heartbroken Staff C (Kevin). To give a short background, Staff C’s girlfriend contacted her ex for something and when the two meet, they kinda rekindle the old flames. Staff C is just so trusting to notice the changes in her. And so, before he could grasp the real scenario,  the girlfriend comes running back to her ex.  This is somewhat a familiar set up, isn’t it?

Some random staff, now I can’t even tell who he is with so many of them just popping around, blames Staff C for being an idiot in  believing that there can be a platonic relationship between the eves. Upon hearing the story, Yu Ping develops an excessive anxiety issue and calls Zhi Hao for some final  instructions.

Ke Zhong, Yang Guo and Zhi Hao are already in the meeting place. Yang Guo starts the conversation, apologizing for taking up Ke Zhong’s time. Ke Zhong says it okay as long as there will be no misunderstandings with Yu Ping.  Yang Guo assures that she already told Yu Ping about the meeting and he agrees with it. But then suddenly, Zhi Hao gets a phone call. He excuses himself and leaves the two exes alone.

Ke Zhong asks Yang Guo about her relationship with Yu Ping. She honestly answers that they always have fights coz of Yu Ping’s excessive interference and over protective attitude. Ke Zhong remarks that even if that’s the case , to argue with someone you like is also a type of happiness and thus, she must view those moments precious and worth the while.

When Zhi Hao comes back, he suggest that they exchange seats for better communication.  Hmm? Yang Guo agrees and explains everything. Hearing her story, Ke Zhong warns that Yang Duo’s understanding of interior design is not that basic. And it would be difficult for Zhi Hao to reach  her level for such a short period of time.

Yang Guo is still hopeful and shows her sister’s favorite book to Ke Zhong. He is then both amazed and confused as he recognized his book.

Right on cue, an office staff notices them and excitedly calls their attention. He’s quite wound up for the coincidence that her lady-boss is also there. Busted!

And so, Yang Guo discovers that she is again being followed. Yu Ping, however, continues to feign innocence and acts casually. Yang Guo is really really pissed the second time and stares at Yu Ping heatedly.

This expression is priceless. Haha!

Yu Ping glares at Zhi Hao. When Yang Guo demands some explanation, Zhi Hao sidesteps and guiltily confessed that it’s not his fault. Yu Ping can only glare at him some more. And so, Yu Ping talks with Ke Zhong, forcing some laughs, acting as if he’s not in the wrong. But, Yang Guo is far more annoyed to play along.

This time, Yang Guo is twice as mad. She can’t seem to comprehend why he spied on her again, even when she already told him about the meeting. Yu Ping admits that he’s wrong but reasons that it’s only because he’s worried that Yang Guo won’t be  strong enough to resist Ke Zhong’s charms and takes his staff’s recent love life disaster as an example. Yang Guo is quite insulted that he didn’t trust her enough.

Yu Ping: Couldn’t we just agree that we won’t let this happen again from now on? Whenever you want to meet with that gentleman, let me at least arrange it so I can be on the side to… *Yang Guo cuts him off.

Yang Guo: Hey! What gentleman? That gentleman is your friend. Xiag Yu Ping, I’m also a person with personal needs. It’s not like I have put electric shackles on you, and even if I had, I still have the right and freedom to meet up with my friends.

Yu Ping: I know.

Yang Guo: No, you don’t! Because if you really knew you wouldn’t be making so many unreasonable demands. I’ve had enough already. You’ve been behaving nothing short of a disciplinary officer since we started dating, trying to control this and that. And now, you even want to control which friends I meet up with?! Fine. Let me ask you then. Are you planning to control every single breath I take from now on too?

Yu Ping: So, being with me is making you feel so uncomfortable?

Yang Guo: That’s right! And I’m quickly going out of my mind!

Yu Ping: Fine. I understand. I’ll be a more mature and sensible man from now on. I’m sorry. *walks away.

At last, a normal lover’s quarrel.

Yang Guo goes home, freshly pressed from the argument. She finds her sister and  pours out her complaints. Along her rants, Yang Guo slips that she handed over Yang Duo’s favorite book to Ke Zhong. Of course, Yang Duo is outraged, panic-stricken even.

The next day, Yang Duo continues to be bothered about the book and reassures herself that she didn’t write anything embarrassing on it. By some random flips of nature, she sees Ke Zhong reading the book in the  park. She is gathers up the nerves and joins him.

Yang Duo says sorry for not returning the books earlier. Ke Zhong seems not to mind the loss and marvels on how she patiently fix the ripped pages. She voices out that it’s because she somehow knew that she’ll be able to find the owner one day and asks Ke Zhong if he really can’t remember anything.

He tries to recall and  remembers that he helped a little girl find her way out of the forest on a rainy day. He lends the book to the girl to shield from the rain. Ke Zhong then puts the puzzle together and realizes that the little girl is Yang Duo.  She remarks that it’s quite funny how  fate keeps on linking their lives. But he is totally apathetic about it and gives (return) the book to Yang Duo, saying that he never really treasured the book anyway. Ouch! Yang Duo is left, somewhat broken-hearted.

Yu Ping and Yang Guo continues to mull over the quarrel, both refuses to wave the white flag. I kinda like this scene- silly but genuine.  Unlike the cutesy and lovey-dovey scenes they had, this brings about a more personal and familiar hints of what it’s like to be in a real bf-gf relationship. A battle of the sexes if you ask me. :p

Yu Ping’s right hand seems to have a mind of its own and stubbornly tries to pick up his phone. All the while, he desperately, and may I add ridiculously, tries not to give in. On the other hand, Yang Guo thinks things over and realizes that she did went overboard. She’s about to call, but then again, her fear for Yu Ping’s anger prevails, stopping her.

To avoid the temptation of calling her first, Yu Ping hids his cellphone inside a cabinet and vents his anger to a Yang Guo looking flower-pot. Haha!

Yu Ping: Don’t you know how to call and apologize to me, huh?! What’s the big deal of calling me first? Do I have to call first all the time? I’m a famous lawyer!

On the other end… Yang Guo argues.

Yang Guo: But whyshould I be the one apologizing? I didn’t do anything wrong! He was the one who broke his promise. What a weirdo! I don’t care! You are the one who should call first.

Back to Yu Ping.

Yu Ping: Why can’t you just let me win this time..”*then excitedly picks up the ringing phone. Haha!

Nope. It wasn’t Yang Guo but Hui Fan. Huh?! Hui Fan? THE Hui Fan?

Yes, the caller is indeed Hui Fan. She wishes Yu Ping and Yang Guo the best.  Now, she’s more like a friend and not the annoyingly desperate ex-girlfriend. Yu Ping can’t help but sigh, which didn’t escape Hui Fan. She wonders why he seems unhappy when he already got what he wanted. Yu Ping reluctantly relays that they had a fight coz he followed Yang Guo when she met with Ke Zhong.

Yu Ping: You know very well that I’m not like this before. It’s just that I…

Hui Fan cuts him off, finishing his sentence: “Love her so much”.

Yu Ping: Perhaps, I didn’t understand before that liking someone could be so hard. But now, every time I want to be nice to her, or when I’m scared that she’ll be sad, even when I’m jealous, I find myself doing everything so sneakily. I’m becoming less and less myself.

Hui Fan invites Yang Guo for  some girl bonding time.  She thanks Yang Guo for forgiving her. It seems like she’s plotting something again. She’s turning a new leaf so I guess, she wants to help Yu Ping  work things out.

Hui Fan offers Yang Guo a cup of coffee and casually lies that she talked with Yu Ping the whole night. She practically incites Yang Guo’s jealous tendencies, telling Yang Guo of the times she spent with Yu Ping. Yang Guo seems to be in daze. She got so worked up, that she  didn’t bother to count how many sugar cubes she used on her coffee. Hui Fan, somehow notices and gets Yang Guo’s attention. Keeping her dignity intact, Yang Guo pretends that she likes sweets. Haha! But the coffee is too sweet and so she ends up looking like this:

Hui Fan can tell that Yang Guo is indeed a bit worried and uncomfortable. Actually, Hui Fan is quite happy that Yang Guo somehow knows how Yu Ping feels. And advises that though Yu Ping is at fault, he needs more patience and time to change.

Hui Fan: Someone like him, who never really sacrificed for love’s sake before, needs more time to learn how to love someone properly.

Yu Ping, however, is busy preparing his own plot- proposing to Yang Guo. Huh? This sudden?! Anyway. He asks the sales assistant to recommend a ring that a girl would really like. The assistant inquires what type of girl would he give the ring to. Daydreaming, Yu Ping fondly replies: “She’s a naive, outgoing and innocent girl. Who can be happy all day just be eatng some of her favorite sweets. So, those who meet her can’t help but wanna alleviate all the burdens for her shoulders”. The assistant comments that if her boyfriend use those words to describe her, she’ll be the luckiest girl in the world. Yu Ping, however, laughs it off: “The way I see it, the luckiest one is me”. Awwww.

It seems that Yu Ping didn’t know that Yang Guo is at Hui Fan’s suite. He practically panic. He composes himself and reasons that it was Hui Fan who invited him to come. Yang Guo isn’t a bit bothered coz Hui Fan already told her. Yu Ping is intrigued to know what they talked about.

Yang Guo: Of course we talked about how bad you are.  How despotic, overbearing, unreasonable, ill-tempered, and hateful you are. And we both agreed that you are by far the worst boyfriend we’ve ever had.

Of course, Yu Ping is embarrassed and says that she shouldn’t believe Hui Fan.

Yang Guo: I shouldn’t believe her? But she also said that…*okay what could she possibly say more to hurt his ego. Haha!

Yu Ping: She even said more?

Yang Guo: She said that although you are despotic, overbearing, unreasonable, ill-tempered, and hateful that’s only because you love me so much. So, she hopes that I can give you some time so that you can slowly learn how to truly love someone. Are you sure I shouldn’t believe her?

Yu Ping: That’s quite accurate actually. Of course you should believe her. *Haha!

Yu Ping then confesses that though he is a lawyer, he is sometimes  unreasonable-so unreasonable that he even gets mad at himself. Yang Guo assures that there’s no need to get mad. He just have to take it slow since they have all the time for him to change.

Yu Ping disagrees that it’s the best solution though. Yang Guo is irritated with his reply. Yay! The most awaited proposal! He drops the ring in the goblet and offers it to Yang Guo as a peace-offering. Seeing the ring, Yang Guo is surprised.

Yu Ping: Marry me. I know that I have many flaws and I’m far from being a perfect boyfriend. But I really love you very, very much. So much that if I could, I’d glue you to my side so that you wouldn’t look at anyone else but me everyday.

Yang Guo: But we’ve only been together for a month.

Yu Ping: The amount of time we’ve been together is not a problem. It’s enough.

Yang Guo: You want to hold on to me that much.

Yu Ping: Yes. I have no choice. I just want to hang on to you and never let go, baby. *Huh? Baby?

Yang Guo is amused hearing it and asks where he learned it from. Yu Ping answers Yan Ling taught him that girls like hearing that- Baby?! He then ask if she’ll marry him.  And Yang Guo nods in approval.

Hui Fan congratulates to newly engaged couple and reminds them that they should inform her of the wedding date and she’ll surely come.

The couple then informs Dad Yang. Dad is much happy to hear the good news and inquires when will they plan to set the wedding. Yang Guo says not just yet. But Yu Ping contradicts that it’s a soon as possible.

Yang Guo timidly voices out that she’s not yet ready to get married, she’s young and  has many things to do first. But Dad and his son-in-law seems not to hear her and sets the date on their own. Yang Guo tries to slow them down but they are way too energized. Haha!

Just then, Yang Duo and Zhi Hao comes in. Dad excitedly relays the good news that her sister is getting married next month. Yang Duo is surprised and remarks: “That fast?!”. Yang Guo replies that it’s true: “Indeed, that fast. And at the rate they’re going, it seems that I should be giving birth a month after that. And it’ll be a son, of course.” Haha!

It’s kinda cute that Yu Ping throws a pillow at Yang Guo when she acts as if in labor. Haha!

Dad Yang then asks Yang Duo if she’s also giving him some good news. Yang Duo goes gaga and Zhi Hao laughs knowingly. Dad retracts and says that he understands that they need more time but comments that it’s best that they all get married in a single day. Haha!

Zhi Hao takes the edge off Yang Duo and assures that she shouldn’t take Dad Yang’s comment to heart. He knows that they just barely begun dating and she haven’t started to like him yet. But, she need not worry coz he’ll definitely try hard to reinvent himself  and be a man who could make her happy. He proudly shows her a design book, complete with notes and highlights. Awww. He’s been studying interior design for her. Arggg.

Yang Duo can only look at him with pity, rueful for forcing him to learn things that he’s not even interested on. She further adds that because of her family’s situation before, she was also forced to run nonstop and work hard all day. She didn’t even like figures and numbers but put up with it just the same. At the cinema, though she thought he was boring, she was moved by his passion for law. It made her realize that everybody have worked hard for their own dreams. But all she did is look from afar, not knowing how to take a single step toward her dreams.

Zhi Hao then asks what her dream is. Dreamy-eyed she tells him that she wanted to build a huge house for her family. Blissfully, she shares tahat she wants to design every little thing in that house. Zhi Hao excitedly suggests that they can fulfill her dreams together.

Yang Duo: I’m sorry but I don’t want to rely on someone for this. Zhi Hao, I think it’s better for us to remain as friends.

Zhi Hao: Just give me a little more time, okay? I will not disappoint you. *Argg. This is heartbreaking!

Yang Duo: Feelings can’t be forced. My sister and I have already proven in our lives the veracity of this fact, haven’t we? I’m sorry. You’re a great guy and I don’t want to hurt you.

Zhi Hao: Do you really like Ke Zhong that much?

Yang Duo: Hmm…I really like him. But I realize that he has never liked me. I feel that if I don’t give this a try, I’ll end up regretting it. Just like if I don’t ever go out to buy a brick, how will I ever start building my house? It’s just the same principle,.

Zhi Hao: So I don’t even stand a little chance? *then smiles. How can you still smile? Huhu. He extends his hand and wishes her the best. He walks off but stop midway: Miss Yang, please remember that, unless I find someone better than you, I’ll just keep waiting for you.

At the office: Ke Zhong wonders why he can’t make a milk latte that tastes the same with Yang Guo’s. Yang Duo then answers that it’s because of the water. He has to use lesser water so that it’ll be thicker and more fragrant.

She informs him that she already resigned and now wants pursue her dream of being a designer under his care. Ke Zhong is a bit reluctant, telling her that there are a far better designers out there.

Yang Guo, however, talks him over, saying that she has talent and motivation. Plus, she can do the most trivial things and can handle everything from accounting to tackling customers.  She’s even willing to work without pay, if that’s the only way to fulfill her dreams. And so needless to say, Ke Zhong agrees.

6 Years Later…

Now, we see Yu Ping having a silly argument with some kid. It turns out that the kid is his son, who is celebrating his 5th birthday. This scene is über funny! The kid is so like Yu Ping! Haha! And notice the fly away. Like Yang Guo, right?

Yu Ping: Why did you do that?

Kid: *arrogantly looks the other way

Yu Ping: Do you think that remaining silent will help you? Well, let me tell you it’s useless. Where’s the cane?

Kid: My teacher said that you can’t hit little children with the cane because that’s considered domestic violence and I could dial 113 for the police. *then again looks the other way. Haha!

Yu Ping: 113? Not even dialing 119 for the fire department will help you now! Parents have the right to discipline their underage children and hitting you with my bare hands doesn’t constitute domestic violence, do you hear me? This method doesn’t work on me!

The little kid seems to be in  a shaky edge so he seeks mom for some help. And the pregnant Yang Guo comes right on cue, a bit annoyed for their loud argument.

The kid throws the blame to dad. And dad childishly retorts that it’s because the kid was vandalizing the wall. The kid defends that dad has no evidence.  And so, Dad warns the kid to stop talking nonsense or he’ll hand him over the police. Haha!

Mom seems to find this scene amusing and leaves the boys to handle their own mess. Dad and the kid then continues their silly banter.

Just then, Dad Yang joins the celebration. And Yang Guo grumbles that Dad Yang spoils the kid too much with his gifts and all. Dad Yang seems not to mind and looks for the kid. He is a bit appalled seeing that his grandson is receiving a harsh punishment-facing the wall. Haha!

The kid continues to fight for his rights against domestic violence. But Yu Ping is far more shrewd for his age. Tsk-tsk!

Dad Yang rescues the little child. And then, the rest of the crew joins one by one. First, Zhi Hao with his “matured” look. Then Yan Ling and Xiao Lei. And lastly, the long-haired Yang Duo and Ke Zhong.

Dad Yang, plays with the kid. And everybody seems to have their own conversation. Yang Guo urges her sister to take a step closer with her relationship with Ke Zhong and she’ll definitely gain her own happiness. It seems that after 6 years, they’re just contented to stare at each other.Their sisterly talk was put on hold when Yang Duo got a phone call.

Zhi Hao then finds an opportunity to talk with Yang Duo. He admires her for being “more” beautiful. Emphasizing that, though she surely looks good before, she seems to be prettier with her radiating confidence now.

Yu Ping notices how friendly Zhi Hao and Yang Duo are to each other. He provokes Ke Zhong and warns that if he won’t do something Zhi Hao and Yang Duo might develop a more intimate relationship. Ke Zhong feigns apathy. Yu Ping, however, insists that if he’s not at all concerned then why does he look uncomfortable and offers some help. Eager to change the topic, Ke Zhong reminds Yu Ping to start the party already. Argg! My heart is breaking! Is this suppose to mean that Yang Duo will end up with Ke Zhong?! Noooooo. Re-match! Re-Match!

Then Yu Ping delivers his speech. Thanking everybody for coming and admiring his wife for giving him a cute and intelligent son. He calls for Yang Guo to join them on “stage”. Everybody requests for a kiss. Yang Guo is overly ready to oblige but Yu Ping jokingly hits her forehead. She then complains that it hurts. Yu Ping tries to wipe her pain away. But no! Yang Guo is in a far more hurtful pain. She’s in labor!

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Them K-Pop and K-dramas though.


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K-drama, K-movie reviews, K-pop and other monkey business

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Novel Translations

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Reviews on Korean and Asian Dramas