Down with love Episode 11 Recap

This episode is quite intense for me. And you may call me wicked, but oh! I loved how Hui Fan cried her heart out. She really is pathetic! And she deserves every cutting word . Serves you right, you selfish brat!!! I’m kinda sad with how this episode ends…but still I’m hoping for the best! Some scenes were kinda “typically Korean” for me but it doesn’t matter. I still loved this drama.

The previous episodes showed how desperate Hui Fan is to reconcile with Yu Ping. Literally, she tried almost everything- not evertything though. I wonder when she’ll try the “I’ll-kill-myself” scheme?!. But seriously, when will she get the idea that she’s totally dumped?! I’m happy that despite Hui Fan’s evil ploys, Yu Ping remained grounded for Yang Gou. Maybe, this is why I loved this drama so much, there are no complicated see-saws of emotion but just a downright stick-to-the-point romance. Well, for the male lead only that is.

The episode starts with Hui Fan patiently, or may I call it desperately, waiting for Yu Ping in the basement. You know, in some culture, when a person follows somebody everywhere it’s called STALKING! Yeah, how desperate can a gal get, eh? When she sees Yu Ping, she readily unsheathes her claws and angrily asks him when will he give up- referring to Yu Ping’s relentless efforts to help Yang Gou.

In exasperation, Yu Ping coldly says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about and walks away. Hui Fan stops him midway and insists he is only pretending not to know. She angrily reminds Yu Ping that Yang Gou is already Ke Zhong’s girlfriend and everything he does is useless. Ignoring Hui Fan’s rants, Yu Ping continues his stride.

Desperate to get Yu Ping’s attention, Hui Fan threatens that she’ll make Yang Gou suffer . The foul statement did get Yu Ping’s attention though, turns back, faces Hui Fan and asks her what she meant.

With much haughtiness, Hui Fan warns that if Yu Ping will continue getting involved with Yang Gou, she’ll ask Ke Zhong to break-up with Yang Guo. Too startled to react, Yu Ping asks her if it’s a threat. Hui Fan angrily replies that she’ll do whatever it takes to make Yu Ping give up on Yang Gou. Yu Ping assures her that Ke Zhong will never let happiness go by and walks away.

Hui Fan, being the evil ex-girlfriend that she is, provokes him further saying that she’ll definitely make Ke Zhong choose between her and Yang Gou. This is the last draw for Yu Ping. He slowly walks towards Hui Fan and looks at her with contempt.

Yu Ping: “Ding Hui Fan, don’t you think you’re being really pathetic. In the past you’ve missed up on a relationship that you ought to have spent more effort on because of your career. And now, because of love, you are using friendship that you ought to cherish as a bargaining chip?! If all you can see in your eyes is yourself, you’ll end up with nothing one day.

Hui Fan refuses to listen and childishly covers her ears in desperation. Yu Ping tries to leave but Hui Fan hugs him, shamelessly begging for forgiveness and for another chance. But, thankfully Yu Ping remains unmoved.

Yu Ping: I’m begging you too… don’t let the feeling of disgust be the only feeling I will have left for you.

As if burned and disgusted, Yu Ping slowly removes Hui Fan’s hands and left. Ouch! Now that hurts! Too dumbfounded and defeated, Hui Fan unsteadily goes to her car and cries like crazy.

Meanwhile, Ke Zhong and Yang Gou have just finished watching the hockey game with Ke Zhong’s friends. Yang Gou totally earned the friends’ approval as they shower her with praises . The friends were absolutely impressed that Yang Gou knows a lot about hockey. (If they only knew!) :p

So the friends went their separate ways, leaving Ke Zhong and Yang Gou alone. Ke Zhong still couldn’t believe that Yang Gou studied hard about hockey for him. He jokingly asked if she became a hockey critic in such a period of time because of Yu Pings “magic trick”. Yang Gou, afraid that it will make Ke Zhong jealous, just smiled guiltily. Ke Zhong hugs her and reassures it’s alright since she put up much effort for him. Ke Zhong, being too moved with Yang Gou’s efforts, suddenly feels like in a trance and nearly gives Yang Gou their first ever kiss. Yes,!I said nearly simply because the kiss didn’t happen. Alas! evil Hui Fan appears just in time. Ke Zhong sees her instantly and pushes Yang Gou away.

Hui Fan sees the intimate scene and says sorry for the interruption. (Oh, really?!) Hui Fan tries to impose guilt in Ke Zhong by telling him that she has no one to turn to other than him and it’s her fault that she caught them that way, blah..blah…blah and all that drama. Arggg! Like a guilt-stricken kindergarten, Ke Zhong runs after her, leaving Yang Guo shocked.

Yang Gou seeing the excessive display of concern in Ke Zhong, is schocked, since, it is pretty obvious that Ke Zhong cares about Hui Fan far more than her. To save her self from further embarassment and hurt, she volunteers to go home alone and let the two for a nice chat Seeing Yang Gou’s sad and gloomy face, Ke Zhong tries to stop her. Of course, it was to no avail.

Yang Gou walks home alone, broken-hearted and feeling lost. Adding insult to injury is Ling Ling, who calls to ask her if Ke Zhong already kissed her. Irritated, Yang Gou tells Ling Ling to stop talking about those things, saying that there are a lot of things a couple must do besides kissing. Ling Ling on the other side of the line, explains that normal couples would kiss. Now, Yang Gou becomes even more annoyed and cuts the line. She gets another phone call, now from Yu Ping, also asking about the progress between her and Ke Zhong. Yu Ping asks if the information he gave her was useful and comments that after what Yang Gou did, Ke Zhong will be touched. Yang Gou agrees that her efforts touched Ke Zhong nd immediately cuts the call short. Sensing Yang Guo’s distant and dull, Yu Ping suspects that something is wrong, tries to call Yang Gou back but she isn’t picking it up. Yang Gou can’t contain her tears any longer, breaks down and cries in the middle of the alley.

Worrying about Yang Guo,Yu Ping calls Yang Duo (who is playing a some sort of raffle) and asks if she’s with her sister. Yang Duo answers her sis is already out for her date and suggests he must call Yang Guo directly. Yu Ping says that he can’t get a hold of her through the phone and she sounded weird when he called. Yang Du dismisses the idea that something is wrong and tells Yu Ping to be optimistic, saying that maybe the two are just busy enjoying their time together. Yu Ping remains troubled but let it go anyway.

After the phone call, Yang Du resumes playing and was disturbed again by her dad. He asks her to listen to his prepared speech. This scene is kinda funny. I didn’t expect that the speech Yang Du’s father was eagerly preparing was for Yang Gou’s wedding ceremony! Hahaha… The father is just too fastforward, isn’t he?

Yang Du reacts violently to her father’s outrageous behaviour and reminds him that Yang Gou and Ke Zhong just barely started their relationship. And a wedding is too far-fetched to dream of just yet. Obviously, dad was too overwhelmed that a young and handsome man like Ke Zhong would fall for their Yang Gou.

Just in time, Yang Gou arrived. She immediately hugs dad crying. Seeing Yang Gou’s puffy eyes, Yang Du asks why she’s crying. Yang Gu simply says that she missed dad so much. Yang Du didn’t accept the lame excuse and demands the real reason. Dad asks if Ke Zhong bullied her and angrily declares he’ll talk with him. Yang Gou insisted that Ke Zhong has nothing to do with it and bids goodnight. Yang Du and Dad couldn’t be fooled and are still convinced that something happened between Yang Gou and Ke Zhong.

The next morning, Yang Du is having a heated argument with Dad on the phone. Obviously, dad is reminding Yang Du to resolve Yang Gou’s issue. Yang Du annoyingly assures dad that she will deal with the matter, and reminds him that she couldn’t just scold Ke Zhong because they owe him NT$1 Million!

While on the phone, a well-dressed, young looking cuttie came. Seeing the hostile way Yang Du talks on the phone, he was taken aback. After the call, Yang Du acts courtly towards the young looking cuttie, thinking that he was there as a representative of a company. When the young looking cuttie tells he’s just looking for for Lawyer Xiang. Yang Duo feigns kindness and courteously asks then if he had an appointment . He replies he has none. Thinking he is just a small-time fish ,Yang Du suspiciously looks at him and asks if he was there to sell insurance. When he didn’t answer, she further asks if he was there to do car repairs. The young looking cuttie shook his head. And out of the blue she ask if he was there to sell bananas.Hahaha! The young looking cuttie can’t help but smile at the silly question and insists heis there for personal reasons.

Finding the idea absurd, Yang Du tells him that he is better off working in a Tuition agency and advises him to take Mandarin classes to improve his pronunciation. The young looking cuttie starts to protest but Yang Duo isn’t bound t listen and ushers him towards the door. Just in time, Yu Ping sees the commotion calls the young cuttie by name, Zhi Hao. (At last, the young looking cuttie has a name!)

Yu Ping introduces Zhi Hao to the rest of the staff, saying that Zhi Hao is a brilliant lawyer from Hong Kong who specializes on trademarks and patents. Yang Duo is taken aback and realizes she just made a poor judge of character in Zhi Hao. Yu Ping then assigns Yang Duo to show the new lawyer around and help him familiarize the area. She gives Zhi Hao a grudgingly awkward smile.

Outside, Yang Duo gives Zhi Hao an effortless and passive tour. When she tested Zhi Hao if he remembers everything she told him, Zhi Hao couldn’t quite get everything right and she scolds him for that. (Poor Zhi Hao!). Yang Duo then uses the free time to come to Ke Zhong’s office and talk to him.

At the office, Ke Zhong tries to make coffee for himself. He keeps on thinking of Yang Gou and her reaction last night. Me thinks, he’s kinda feeling something real for Yang Guo already. He takes a sip of the coffee but casts it aside cause it tastes different from Yang Guo’s special coffee. Flashbacks continue and he imagines Yang Gou sitting on her desk, smiling, and gladly asking him if he would like to have coffee.

Yang Du arrives at Ke Zhongs office, leaving Zhi Hao on his own. She confronts Ke Zhong and asks why Yang Guo is such in a sour mood after their date, saying it was pretty obvious that Ke Zhong has something to do with it.

Ke Zhong humbly admits that he is indeed at fault. But before the confrontation continues, Ke Zhong got a phone call from Yu Ping, saying that he’s coming over to talk about something. Ke Zhong then warns Yang Duo that Yu Ping is on his way. Yang Du stops her ranting and went on panic mode. She runs about the office, not knowing what to do and decides to hide under the table. Ke Zhong suggests she hide in the other room.

It’s quite funny that when Yu Ping arrived, he immediately looks for Yang Duo. Hahaha…How could Yang Duo forget about Zhi Hao?. She’s already busted right from the start. Yang Duo eyes Zhi Hao angrily. Zhi Hao ezplains that because she said she’ll only take 20 minutes, so he decided to wait outside.

Minutes later, Ke Zhong and Yu Ping are outside, drinking light beer, enjoying the breeze and recollecting memories from their college days. Yu Ping asks Ke Zhong, if he and Yang Guo had a fight. Ke Zhong just smiles, saying that the scene is rather familiar only it feels the other way around- referring to the times when he would talk with Yu Ping and persuades him not to fight with Hui Fan. He adds that Yu Ping is minding too much of other’s realtionship. Yu Ping just smiles back meaningfully and tells Ke Zhong about Hui Fan’s threat. Obviously, Yu Ping takes Hui Fan’s threat seriously and wants to confirm Ke Zhong’s stand for the matter.

Ke Zhong casually replies that he’ll talk with Hui Fan about it and he has no reason to explain anything about his relationship with Yang Guo and excuses himself. Midway, Yu Ping calls for him and says that whatever is happening, Yang Guo is innocent and thereby, should not be used an a tool hor Hui Fan’s revenge.

At home, Yang Guo is still thinks about the latter events and just stares at the ceiling. Dad sees her and ask what she’s thinking. From which Yang Guo replies it was nothing, and she’s just staring into space. Dad jokingly says that its not a good sign because when elders stare into space it’s called dementia, but when younsters do it’s letting the imagination run wild. Yang Guo opens up and reminds Dad about the magic ball he gave her as a birthday present. She then asks if it really could make all wishes come true. Dad replies that sincerity brings about effectiveness. Yang Guo then wishes that she has her magic ball with her so that she’ll know whethe her last wish (finding someone who could truly love her ) came true or not . Dad gives fatherly advice and says it’s better to look for answers herself because she knows better if that person truly loves her more than a magic ball. He adds that quarrels are just normal for couples, but as long as they can feel love, they’ll know that soon after there will come sunshine (meaning: everything will be alright). This lighten up Yang Guo’s mood and Dad decides to invite her for a shaved ice.

Just when they opened that door, Yu Ping is there standing with some summer treat- guess what? Shaved ice! Yang Guo and Dad laughs at the coincidence.

Inside the living room, Yu Ping asks Dad if Yang Guo is alright. It’s kinda sweet, since Yang Guo was there also but he chose to ask the dad. Dad replies that she’s not and leaves the two to chat. As Dad went away, he muses why Yu Ping is there instead of Ke Zhong (the boyfriend). He then remembers the scene when he sees Yu Ping having a ridiculious argument with a kid over a candy. Dad laughs knowingly. (I think Dad is being perceptive and now knows the real deal! Nice job Dad!).

When they were alone, Yu Ping acts as the mediator and lies that Ke Zhong is truly sorry for what had happened . Yang Guo tells him that it was all a misunderstanding in her part and she had always known of Hui Fan’s positin in Ke Zhong’s heart. By then her phone alarms , reminding her that it was Da Shan’s birthday.(Da Shan is the special child that Ke Zhong adopted as a godson). She sweetly asks Yu Ping to give her a ride. Of course, Yu Ping couldn’t refuse.

Yang Guo and Yu Ping arrives at the center and sees Da Shan looking so sad and gloomy. The teacher says Da Shan threw a tantrum after hearing that Ke Zhong is going to be late in taking him to Taipei 101. Yang Guo volunteers to take Da Shan herself, making Da Shan happy. Feeling a little bit uncomfortable, Yu Ping recommends Yang Guo to call and inform Ke Zhong about her plan. Yang Guo agrees and got the go signal from Ke Zhong.

Yang Guo invites Yu Ping to join them but he politely declines.

Yang Guo and Da Shan are having a great time together, eating candies and playing games . Yang Guo buys an orange ballon for Da Shan but unfortunately Da Shan looses his grip and it flew. Looking sad, Yang Guo offers to buy another one but Da Shan refuses , demanding that he wanted that same orange balloon. With that, Yang Guo then tells Da Shan to wait while she retrieves the ballon herself. (Stupid balloon!). When she came back, Da Shan was not there. Panic seeps through her as she can’t find Da Shan anywhere.

Upon knowing the news, Ke Zhong hurriedly went to the park. He blames Yang Guo, shouts harsh words at her. Yang Guo cries from hurt and guilt.

Meanwhile at the office, Yu Ping can’t seem to focus on his work and complains that while others are happily dating, he’s there working. He grumbles that afar from working, solving other’s people problems and earning money he has nothing to do. Out of exasperation, he accidently shuts down his laptop and wooosh… wasting the 3 hours of work. Just in time, Yang Guo calls asking for help. Like a knight in shining armour, Yu Ping rushes hurriedly to save her damsel in distress.

Yu Ping sees Yang Guo crying alone on the park’s stairway. She rumbles over her own stupidity, worrying that Da Shan maybe kidnapped or is really really scared. Yu Ping gives her a soothing hug and says everyone is bound to make mistake once in a while. He even shares his own mistake- the time when he was just starting off as a lawyer and lost his client’s title deeds. He further shares the story of a judge who set a criminal free cause he couldn’t recognize the criminal when he grew a mustache. The story was meant to ease her from guilt, but she couldn’t quite comprehend becase of her state. Just then, Yu Ping receives a call the police, informing them that Da Shan is already found.

Ke Zhong immediately came after to look for them. Because he blames Yang Guo for what had happened, Ke Zhong gives her a cold shoulder. Seing the hostility in Ke Zhong’s action, Yu Ping asks if it’s necessary for him to be apathetic at Yang Guo, when in fact, she’s more worried than him. To avoid further arguments, Yang Guo tells Yu Ping that it’s okay since it was her fault afterall. Ke Zhong says nothing and went off, leaving a very annoyed Yu Ping and a crying Yang Guo.

Later, Ke Zhong is drinking alcohol at a bar, contemplating and momentarily has flashbacks of the time when Yang Guo told him that being able to be with him is the greatest thing that has ever happened to her and the time when he asked Yang Guo to make a new sweater. Yu Ping finds him alone and pats his shoulders. Ke Zhong already knows the reason why Yu Ping was there and straightforwardly tells Yu Ping that he is not in the mood to talk about Yang Guo.

Yu Ping was angered by this and warns Ke Zhong not to use Yang Guo as a diversion only when he’s in good mood. Irately, Ke Zhong counters that whether Yu Ping only acts as a long time friend or a former boos, he has no right to be so concerned about Yang Guo. Without pretentions, Yu Ping calmly laid the cards straight and tells Ke Zhong that he is concerned because he likes Yang Guo.

Yu Ping: I never knew that I could like someone to this extent before, I like her so much that I can’t even begin to undestand myself. I’m sorry..but now I undestand your attitude back in the days when Hui Fan and I were together.

Ke Zhong: So what? You want to use the same exact tricks to try to take Yang Guo away from me too?

Yu Ping: What are you talking about? I’ve always felt bad with you because of what happened with Hui Fan because although you guys never dated, I knew you really liked her.

Ke Zhong: But in the end she chose you.

Yu Ping: That’s right, she chose me. But didn’t you decide to wish us the best then?I’ve always been thankful to you for that. It’s the same here. Now that Yang Guo chose to be with you, I also want you to be happy.

Ke Zhong: What about Hui Fan then. Can you give her another opportunity in exchange of all the concessions I’ve made over these years?

Yu Ping can’t believe what Ke Zhong just said and asks if Ke Zhong still loved Hui Fan. Ke Zhong stammers and couldn’t answer. Yu Ping tells him that if he had any hope to be with Hui Fan, then he shouldn’t have started dating Yang Guo. Ke Zhong replies that he has no such hope cause Hui Fan has never change her love for him and all he hoped for was for Yu Ping to stop making Hui Fan feel sad.

Yu Ping declares that it would be the last time that he’ll talk with Ke Zhong about Yang Guo and warns him that if he still treats her badly, he has no choice but snatch her away. Ke Zhong just stares at him blankly.

At the office, Yang Duo is being frugal and stingy once again, scolding one of the staff of his over-the-top expenses. The rest of the staff, jokingly remarks that her stinginess would get really worst since she had only begun. Zhi Hao finds Yang Du rather cute and smiles secretly. Another lawyer over hears and advises the other staff that the only way of avoiding Yang Du’s overly scrutinizing nature, is to overcharge the meal expenses just a little bit. Just then, that same lawyer was scolded for declaring NT$2600 for a business trip.Hahaha! Nobody escapes from the penny-wise Yang Duo.

Zhi Hao is quite impressed in Yang Duo and comments that she is really competent. The staff finds his comment amusing. They even joked that Yang Duo should have worked as a tourist guide and sit right next to a Bamboo viper and other venomous snakes because she solicites the same ghastly responses from the people around her. (This implies she is rather scary!) Zhi Hao still thinks highly of Yang Duo and says that he feels something familiar about her because she reminds him of his mother. Of course the staff were appalled and took pity on him. Zhi Hao asks if she had a boyfriend. The staff laughs and tells him that the only boyfriend she got is money. Zhi Hao was actually happy hearing that and smiled on his own.

The next day Yang Guo reports in the office and greets Ke Zhong. He is obviously still angry with what happened, acts distant and cold. Yang Guo tries to lighten up the mood by surprising him, wearing a minnie mouse face mask. Ke Zhong just blankly stares at her. Hahaha! Before they could have the most needed talk, Ke Zhong gets a call from Hui Fan. And of course, like a mindless robot, Ke Zhong tells Yang Guo to wait for him and rushes out.

On the meeting place, Ke Zhong overly worries that she looks pale, asks maybe she wasn’t resting well or eating meals. Hui Fan says she’s okay and wants to talk about Yang Guo. Ke Zhong asks if what Yu Ping told him about the balckmail was true. Hui Fan turns around, confirming it was tru. Ke Zhong asks if she wasnts him to break up with Yang Guo. Hui Fan anwers she doesn’t know but only finds herself pathetic and stupid, and shameful. (Thank goodness she knew!) Now, we see she’s loosing a bit of her confidence in getting back together with Yu Ping.

Hui Fan: I never really suffered a setback before, so i didn’t know it would hurt so much. Ke Z hong, you really have no idea of how very much in pain I am right now. Whenever I think about the fact that YP does not longer love me I feel so much pain, so much so that as if I’ve gone insane.
Ke Zhong hugs her. Hui Fan says sorry saying it was her fault that she pushed Ke Zhong to date someone he doesn’t like and used the relationship to blackmail Yu Ping. Ke Z hong says it was not her fault, as he did it on his own and infact it was he who should be at fault because he thought Yu Ping is best for her but after seeing how she tormentted she is, realized he is wrong. Finally, Ke Zhong put a little sense to Hui Fan by telling her to stop, let go and find somebody who will truly love and protect careof her (Giving a hint that he was the one giving her that)

Hui Fan tells him that she only loves Yu Ping and can’t look for somebody else. Ke Zhong apparently looks hurt and defeated. Guility, Hui Fan says sorry. Weakly, Ke Zhong replies that he undestands, smiles half-heartedly and jokes “why people always fall in love with the wrong person and land on sorrowful flights and who invented such self-tormenting games?” Hui Fan answer and just stares at Ke Zhong.

Yang Guo waits for Ke Zhong in the office, obviously she wanted to clear things with Ke Zhong. When she sees Ke Zhong, she asks if Hui Fan is fine. Ke Zhong nods and she starts her speech.

Yang Guo: To tell you the truth, being with you has been the luckietst thing in my entire life. And although, I’m very happy and glad about that, everything is very clear for me. I could never match up to such a great person like you. Anyway, I still wanted to thank you for being so good to me.

Yang Guo hands Ke Zhong a gift bag, inside was a hand-knitted gloves. She continues talking, saying that she was so afraid she can’t finish it on time, she forgot to take the measurements of his hand ending up with one pair bigger than the other. Ke Zhong, is moved and suddenly hugs her, telling her that he was the one who doesn’t match up with her and being with her made him realize how weak he really is. Through voice over he adds, “sorry for being too selfish by keeping you”. Arggg, Ke Zhong is just plain mean.

Thinking about his hasty confession, Yu Ping worries about Yang Guo’s reaction if she gets to know about it from Ke Zhong. He diverts his agony by sharpening an already too sharpened pencil. Hahaha! Just then, Yang Du submits a report and Yu Ping casually asks her of her family’s “situation”, getting a little bit of information. Yang Duo says it was really good last night.

Yu Ping asks the question again, now a little demanding, if there isn’t really anything that is peculiar last night. Now, Yang Du ridiculously remembers “something” and relates that her sister made a big crack on their bathtub that it makes creaking noises. She even jokes if he is willing to buy them a new bathtub. Yu Ping just mockingly smiles. Just then the phone rings. It was from Yang Guo, happily telling him that everything is already patched up between Her and Ke Zhong and excitedly adds that she feels that Ke Zhong even loved her a little bit more. Yu Ping says he’s happy about it and smiles sadly.

Later that night, Dad meets up with Yu Ping to pay his debt. Dad says he wasn’t really proud of what he did (being a con artist) but at least Yang Duo and Yang Guo learned what it takes to work hard and seeing how his daughters worked hard encourages him to do the same. He thanks Yu Ping for helping him.

The drinking session begins. Dad confidently says that he became a skilled feng shui con artist not only because of his convincing power but because of his observant eyes. Of which,Yu Ping agrees readily.(I don’t know why Yu Ping kinda act drunk already when they just barely started drinking.) Dad wonders why a shrewd lawyer like Yu Ping would willingly help an old man like him and came up with two possibilities: (1) He is Yu Ping’s real father. or (2) Yu Ping is thinking to make him his father. Hahaha! It’s kinda like the 2nd possibibilty though. Dad is amazingly bright!

Yu Ping suddenly bacame quiet and then laugh it off. Hahaha.. busted!

Dad obviously roots for the 2nd possibility, asks Yu Ping who among the sisters does he like, Yang Duo or Yang Guo?

Yu Ping refuses to answer and suggests to change the topic. Dad agrees and asks Yu Ping’s thought on whether Ke Zhong would really make Yang Guo happy.Yu Ping then changes the topic and says that he wants to call him dad just for the night. Dad agrees more than willingly.

Yu Ping got really really drunk after and Dad ends up carrying him all the way to their house. Seeing her boss’ drunk state, Yang Duo suspected that Dad got Yu Ping drunk to borrow money. Dad denies and says he being kind to his son. Hearing that Ke Zhong and Yang Guo arrive, Dad closes the bedroom door, and the three of them overhears Yang Guo and Ke Zhongs conversation.

Thinking that Dad and Yang Duo were not yet home, Ke Zhong bids farewell and says sorry for the misunderstanding with Hui Fan. Yang Guo readily forgives him and says its ok, because she also knew it’s diffcult to forget somebody you like., reassuring Ke Zhong that the past is not important and they must work together for the future. Ke Zhong holds her hand and ask her to give him some more time to forget Hui Fan.

When Ke Zhong left, Yu Ping tries to go home, but stumbles on his way to the door, coming face to face with Yang Guo. Yang Guo was surprised and Yu Ping’s initial reaction is to pinch her cheeks and congratulates her for the new found happiness. Yang Guo was too stunned to react though.

The next day, Yu Ping suffers from hang-over. He sees the crystal charms Dad gave him not so long ago (for luck in love), stares at it with longing and resignation. He gets an empty box, and hesitantly puts the pink crystal charms and candy wrappers inside. His phone rings but it seems he’s not interested to answer it and through voiceover he says: “Sorry Yang Duo, I cannot be your Daddy-long-legs anymore. HUHuhuhu. Don’t give up just yet Yu Ping!

PS: I’m getting pretty lazy in posting screenshots. :p. Maybe I’ll add some more, next time.

PS: I only ” copy-pasted” this entry from my blogger account

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